7.49 – Painful reminders

ScreenshotKyxa’s POV

I woke up to the sound of James walking up. I opened my eyes slowly and simply watched him as he sat down on the side of the bed.

He’d been doing that every morning now. He’d sit there for a few minutes, trying his best not to look at the empty crib. He’d end up staring at his hand, almost as if it held answers he was looking for. Then he’d get up and take a shower.


After he’d get out he’d be his normal self again, almost as if he’d washed his sadness away and it had tumbled down into the drain.

He’s been doing that ever since he gave Xavier away at the adoption agency. I wish he hadn’t, and it was obvious he didn’t really want to. I tried arguing with him, but he seemed determined in his decision. And I didn’t dare push too hard. Xavier isn’t my kid.

But sometimes I wish he was. I never even thought about having kids before but seeing James with Xavier had made me want his kids. But it seems I’m going to have to wait till he’s ready.


Probably also after we’ve gotten Velor. We’ve got him cornered. That man’s obviously realized he can’t win a one on one fight with James. The last ambush was an attempt to test out the artifact and to see just how strong we really were.

We’ve proved to him we’re not easy to beat. It took him one year to decide to ambush us, I wouldn’t be surprised if it took him another to come at us again. I’m not saying we should let our guards down, but I think we can relax a bit now.


When I got downstairs James was already cooking pancakes. It was always fun to watch him cook. He used to suck at it. He’d burn eggs or boil water so much it would overflow and cover the stove.

But he eventually learned how to be a decent cook, just like I slowly started learning sign language, and now he treats it almost like it’s an art.


James must’ve heard the door open because he suddenly casually flipped the pancake in the air, catching it expertly as if it was no big deal.

“Wow, looks like we’ve got a talented man over here.” I grinned.


I walked over and kissed his cheek. “Good morning.” I said.

Sometimes I think James and I might have gone a little fast. I mean, only a few weeks after meeting each other we were already living together in a home I had left to rot. But I always remind myself our circumstances were a bit special. Plus, I don’t regret one moment. Sure there were a few times I was afraid our relationship was going to go rocky but…I love James, and I know he loves me too. So until this love fades, I want to make the most of my man.


Apparently he wasn’t okay with just a peck, because just as I was pulling away he spun around and pulled me in for a deeper kiss. I let out a small chuckle as I returned it, feeling all giddy again. Even after a year, James can still make feel this way. Which is why I think we’ll last for a long time.

James was the one who ended up stopping the kiss before the pancakes started to burn.


The door slammed opened as Rocky came running in. James flinched and threw a quick glare in Rocky’s direction.

“Over here boy.” I said bending down and calling Rocky over. I hadn’t really needed to since I’d apparently been his original destination.


I tried to pet him, but he pulled back and went to run out back to where he’d come from. When he saw I wasn’t following, he walked back to me barking to get my attention.

“What’s wrong Rocky?”

He glanced back the way he’d come, barked one more time, and then sped back towards the living room. I didn’t need to be told twice.


I followed Rocky and checked out the window to see if someone was on the lot.

And indeed a head of blue hair was.

“James! Your uncle William is at our doorstep!” I called out. I heard the stove click shut and I headed for the front door.


But just as the visitors knocked on the door, James came rushing past me gripping a kitchen knife in his hand. Rocky followed him eagerly, but I was halted a bit in shock.

James’ back looked stone cold and I could practically feel the murderous aura coming off him.


It’s a good thing I rushed forwards to stop James as he swung the door open.

I can’t blame James for killing people, since I’ve killed a whole lot more, but there’s a difference.

There’s a difference between killing people you know, and people you don’t. And the ease with which James goes to kill sometimes…scares me. I’m scared for him.


James swung the door open and brought the knife up without hesitation, aiming straight for his uncle’s chest. I got there just in time to hold back his arm.

“James!” I said harshly as a warning. I felt his body tense as he fought between listening to me and stabbing his uncle anyways.


And then his uncle had the stupid of idea of laughing.

What kind of greeting is that?” He asked chuckling.

That simply sent James right back on the thought of killing him. I tightened my hold on his arm as he went to stab his uncle again.

“James.” I hissed.

Finally, with a scowl, he brought his arm down.


Just to be on the safe side I took the knife from James and forced him to go inside.

It is understandable why he’d want to kill his uncle though, apart from the fact that he seems like a natural jerk. Carla had revealed that Velor had stolen the artifact from William, which in the end led to Xavier’s life being threatened. And when it comes to Xavier…

“James? What the hell?” His sister, Aliska protested. She went to get in, but I stopped her.

“Woah now. You guys aren’t coming in. What do you want?”


“What do you mean not coming in? I don’t care if you look strong, I’m going to see my brother. James get your ass out here.” Aliska demanded. I could almost see James rolling his eyes, and him not moving from his spot was more than enough to convince me I was doing the right thing right now.

We’ve come to discuss the Weapon.” William said over Aliska’s complaints.

I scoffed. Is this guy for real?


“You just got your discussion. That’s about as far as this conversation goes. You really are dumb for coming here. What did you expect after giving that artifact over to Velor?” I said, practically spitting at his feet.

It’s not like we wanted to give it to him. He stole it from us. But it’s just two out of five. It’s no big deal.” William said, his voice wavering almost as if he was changing personalities as he talked. This guy is a nut job.

Wait a second. Five of those artifacts!?

“Can you let me pass through now? James are you actually hiding in there?” Aliska tried again.


“Five?” I inquired.

Yes. He was probably just pissed I stole them from him in the first place. But don’t worry, he’d have to be really desperate to take one for himself. Now about the Weapon…

True, if Velor was something it certainly never was desperate, but I had feeling we couldn’t go ruling out the possibility he’d take one for himself just yet. And if he did then we’d really have to be on our guards. James wouldn’t be able to sense him coming, just like he couldn’t with Carla and he can’t with me.


James decided to jump back into the conversation. He leaned in the doorway, barely even giving his uncle a look.

Oh, look who’s come out of the shadows. Very nice, very nice.” His uncle said. I couldn’t tell if he was complimenting himself or James. Either way, it was creepy.

James casually gave him the middle finger, before controlling his sister Aliska. Something I was surprised to realize.

“Let’s go.” Aliska said as she tugged on William’s arm.

But weren’t you the one that…Oh I see. Couldn’t control me so you decided to control your sister?” William teased. Did he take one of the artifacts for himself?

I noticed James hand tightened and I realized if I’d left the knife with him, he would’ve stabbed William right here. And that time I probably wouldn’t have stopped him.


“Don’t tempt me. I will take the bait.” Aliska threatened at William. “After all, your fellow Timekeepers told me I was supposed to either imprison you or kill you. Maybe I should make that become reality right now.”

William chuckled to himself. “Alright, alright I get the message. We’ll leave you alone.

I was a little surprised. It all seemed a touch easy, and almost as if William was mocking James. He didn’t come here just to ask about the Weapon right? Had he come to test out the artifact…?

True to his word, William left along with Aliska.



James’ POV

“James, why?” Mom pleaded to know. Her and dad had decided to drop by for a surprise visit…to see Xavier. I hadn’t yet told, well really anyone that I’d given Xavier to an adoption agency. In retro respect, I probably should’ve to avoid this situation.

‘It’s none of your business.’ I signed at her. I was already annoyed that I was forced into thinking about Xavier.

“You didn’t even consult us before giving him away. Why did you do that James? Did something happen?”

I sighed avoided looking at mom. I didn’t want to talk about it, and I think I’m old enough that I don’t need to consult her for every little thing no? My chest constricted again as Xavier’s absent-minded face came to mind.


“If you didn’t want the kid, you could’ve given him to people he knew already.” Dad harshly intervened.

“Simon…” Mom warned in a quiet tone. But dad wasn’t going to shut up about this.

“No, no, I want to know just how goddamn idiotic our son is.” Dad said, giving me a harsh stare.

I narrowed my eyes at him. I didn’t want to get into a fight with them right now, hell all I wanted was for my parents to take the plane back home. But if dad wanted a fight, that’s what he was going to get.


Seeing my challenging face, dad responded in anger.

“Did you only think of yourself in all of this!? If you really didn’t want to keep him, you could’ve sent him with us, people who know him instead of dropping him off to get assigned to strangers!” Dad said.

I was getting pissed at him for assuming things.

‘I do want to keep him.’ I signed angrily. I wasn’t going to let my dad start saying I didn’t love Xavier or miss him.

“Then why? Why the hell did you give him up!?”


‘None of your business.’ I signed again, clenching my teeth.

“Unbelievable!” Dad exclaimed. “Our son the idiot can’t even provide a real excuse.”

At that mom slapped him on the arm. “Simon stop it!” She then turned to me, an innocent look on her face. Almost as if she was playing good cop and dad was playing bad cop. “James, you have to understand, he’s our grandchild you can’t-”


Oh no, I was not going to listen to them list out what I could and couldn’t do. I dove into their minds and took control of them, successfully shutting them up. A look of betrayal passed through mom’s eyes, but I didn’t need to worry about it, she’d forget any of this ever happened soon enough.

I found the memories I wanted and I crushed the idea that Xavier ever existed from their minds. I took every single image, email, touch from and obliterated it. It was a surprisingly long process, but from now on, they’d never met Xavier and never would. For good measure I made them forget that I’d controlled them as well. That would just give them another reason to nip at my heels.


When I was done I forced my want for them to leave onto them. They gave their goodbyes, with a few confused looks on their faces, and then they left. Finally leaving me alone.


Once the door had closed shut, I went to the sofa with Kyxa where she invited me to lay down on her lap.

I happily obliged letting out a content sigh as she gently scratched my stubble.

“Was that really okay?” She asked.

‘No, but I did it anyways.’ I signed.

Even though I’d just controlled my parents, something I never dared even think about doing before, I couldn’t keep the smile off my face. It’s probably the satisfaction of standing up to my parents…

Or it’s maybe just the fact that I’m lying in Kyxa’s lap. Something I never cease to enjoy.

Either way.


Nix and Alec grew up! I’m so happy!

 alec beforealec afternix beforenix after

 nix & alec

Yes I needed to do a few before and afters so that I can laugh repeatedly at the results. More on these two in the future…


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20 Responses to 7.49 – Painful reminders

  1. magpie14031983 says:

    Wow James really needs to get a handle on the abusing of his power! He had no right to alter his parents memories just because he didn’t want to explain his reactions or deal with the aftermath of them…
    Soph, you know I adore James, but he’s starting to become a little tyrant… Its the case of power corrupting but absolute power corrupting absolutely… If he doesn’t change his ways soon I’m gonna have to start wishing the next heir will take over sooner rather than later, which is really sad since James is (used to be?) My hunny!
    I guess its a testament to your skill as a writer that I can go from loving James and condoning his reasons for doing things (like killing Carla to save his son) to now really being disgusted with him (atering his parents minds just cuz he’s too much of an arsehole to explain himself)… Cuz that’s what it boils down to… If he thought they would talk over his signing, he could have just asked Kyxa to explain for him, but no, he doesn’t want to explain, cuz he doesn’t want to think of it cuz it still hurts and he wants to be a big baby and hide away from it, so let’s stuff with my parents’ minds cuz you know I roll that way!

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      James, James, see what you do?
      If only you could remember your mother’s moral teachings, even if they were severly tilting in one direction.
      I’m so fascinated with where this character is going, I’m hoping, just as you are, that he finds his way back to a more stable mental situation, but…Guess we’ll have to see.


  2. ivaneluna says:

    I’m so angry at James right now. It’s terrible for Xavier that he’d erase all memory of the child from his grandparents’ minds. What if someone goes after Xavier, because heck… people still know that he’s James’ kid. And nobody knows who Xavier is. O_O Sheesh… I love you, James, but I don’t like you right now.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Livvielove says:

    I look at the comments and I guess I’m the only one cheering James on here…
    Zyla and Simon went from being crappy, negligent parents to being absolute horrid parents in my mind. They deserved what they got.
    What? So they can barge in and think they’re suddenly all happy-good parents and call James names because…?
    Who’s the idiot here? The man trying so desperately to keep his son safe… or the parents who “just want their kids to get an education” by shipping them off for all of their lives… ignoring pleas for help… and generally just ignoring their children in general? One email a day or a week is not the same as contact with their kids.
    I feel that, while I think Xavier should’ve stayed with James… I completely understand his reasons. I think he’s a fantastic person and the world keeps shoving him closer and closer to the ledge.
    Screw Zyla and Simon. They weren’t there for James as a child so why do they think they can make judgments about him now?
    (Puffs up chest)

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      *practically crying*
      This comment made me so happy.
      I mean I love Zyla and Simon, course I do, but maybe not as parents much…
      And James’ decision was already so hard as it was!
      James in general *tears up*

      Liked by 1 person

      • Livvielove says:

        Don’t worry. I got you. I got your back… and James.
        Maybe it’s because I’m empathetic to James’s situation. He’s lived his whole life isolated… and his parents run around with this… fake smile and cheery happiness like “look at our perfect lives.”
        Ships their children off to school. Ignores warning cries when their kids have problems. James went to his mom about his mind control powers and she did what? “Don’t use it! If you start getting good grades I’ll know! Teehee!” Like… good talk. Mom of the year (/sarcasm). I did like Zyla.
        I really did.
        But as a parent… she’s not good.
        Nothing wrong with that, of course. Not everyone is cut out to be parents… but this… *pretending* to be a good parent gets on my nerves. Especially from Simon too.
        Who calls their son an idiot? Who really and honestly does that?
        I’m all out of sorts here on James’s behalf. I’m going to go down fighting these crazy strong-James-h8rs (yeah, text speak engaged).
        (Takes deep breath)
        I’m calm. I’m cool. I’m collected. I just… I get James. I do.

        Liked by 1 person

        • blamsart says:

          He needs fans
          He needs so many fans

          James did the best with what he was given. And in my opinion, he didn’t do that bad of a job.
          He’s such a perfect example of being bad and good at the same time. Oh James.
          (you know how you have your ‘Oh Quinn’ when he does something Quinn-like? Well I have my ‘Oh James’ but imagine that in a sad yet loving tone)

          To be honest, before you started commenting I hadn’t really looked in much at Zyla and Simon. I kind of shrugged at them and their desire to stay in their happy little mansion all the time, but I’d never really sat down and realized how bad they’d been. And now I’m wondering where they were, but really were, when Nix was cutting, when Alec was thirsting, when Aliska was having a crisis…


          • Livvielove says:

            I think I’m sympathetic because Majnun is similar to me. He’s easily portrayed in a good light, but people don’t often see his bad side – though he shows it a lot to people when I’m not focusing on him.
            To me… Zyla was nice and all, but she just shows off the flawed “goody” attitude. “We’re going to be pacifists and not drink blood and everyone will be happy and no one will use mind-control…” and to me… James is the *product* of that. Someone who’s morally gray but I would argue he’s Robin-Hood-Esque, so perhaps more Chaotic good? I don’t know for sure. He’s fantastic either way and I really like his development from where I am.
            Don’t feel bad about Zyla and Simon. Honestly, you want to know a little secret? My original generation 4 I lived in a bubble. I won’t spoil anything, and besides, things will be different in my rewrite. I was trying out some storylines and I wanted something special for my little pirate generation growing up. I had set up generation 4 with the entire intents of giving generation 5 that pirate life… so they had to have a rough start, but I thought things were good. I just… never realized how bad things were until I actually looked at my darling Edward’s point of view. It was heartbreaking to watch him have an emotional meltdown on his own and realize he internalized everything and never let anyone in because of his really crappy childhood.
            It’s beautiful in a way, to see when writers can actively capture that.
            I just live under no delusion. Zyla was a crap parent. It doesn’t make her a bad person… in fact, there’s another person living in my head right now…(stares at him intensely) who is *also* a bad parent.
            “Don’t you dare look at me after what you did.”
            I never said you didn’t do the best with what you had… you just were a crap parent but that’s ok…
            (coughs) Ahem. Point being, half the fun for mpart and I is exploring the psychological conditions of our characters. Looking into what makes them “tick” which is why I often examine their childhoods very thoroughly… and subsequently when reading stories like this I look into it there too subconsciously. It’s fun to me because I was (somewhat) able to understand where James came from better than most.. because most just see Zyla and Simon and think “oh, they’re good parents, James is bad” and don’t quite connect those dots in the same way… (shrugs).
            That and I have way too much time on my hands.
            That too. XD

            Liked by 1 person

            • blamsart says:

              Yeah, I do see the similarities with Majnun.

              Surprisingly, I don’t feel bad about them at all.
              Making lovable characters who are too perfect is easy and dull. I like knowing I can access all aspects of human nature.
              I love that you can make those connections, and make me see things I hadn’t even seen! My characters continue to surprise me!

              Liked by 1 person

              • Livvielove says:

                =D That’s half the fun of writing is when a character catches you by surprise! I still think James is amazing. Probably always will. I love flawed characters though.

                Liked by 1 person

        • magpie14031983 says:

          Actually, my dad has called me an idiot many times… Usually when we’re fighting or when I don’t blindly agree with an ingrained belief of his… That being said, he is actually a very good dad (mine, not Simon!)
          Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

          Liked by 1 person

          • blamsart says:

            Emotions tend to make anyone, parents included, do/say things on the fly.
            It’s human, though some people have more self-control.
            If I sound like a fact machine sometimes I blame it entirely on gen.9 right now.


  4. I’m fucking screaming. He had NO right! None at all! Taking his parent’s memory all because HE wanted to avoid a conversation he found difficult. James, you’re a fucking coward. He could have simply said he did it to protect Xavier, which is the truth, but noooooooooooo telling them that would have apparently made him uncomfortableeeeeeeeeee so he resorted to this instead. Coward. Coward. Coward! Ugh, I’m so mad. He’ll easily slice someone open, but have an emotional conversation? No, no, not James. Ugh! I hate him, lmao. Love his story of course, it’s the most complex seen so far and I can’t even begin to imagine how it’ll all end, but James himself? Lmao. I don’t even care what happens to him anymore, just as long as his family (AND JANE) stay safe. I’m angry at the moment so that could, of course, change, but for now, lmao. God, James. No.

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      All this hate on my beloved James is oddly refreshing! Because it’s all justified.
      Ha, it’s so enlightening to read this. With everyone loving james as much as I do, I’ve become blind to that point of view!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hahaha, well, I’m very glad you see it that way because I was trying to resist at first, knowing how much you love him, but after a while I just…couldn’t anymore, lol. I don’t like him at all. His story? Absolutely. It’s wonderful. Him? Lmao. No, bye. I’m really trying to find redeeming qualities, but he keeps pissing me off and that’s making it hard, lmao. Well, I have a few more chapters to read and I’m sure I’ll continue to see him even after this generation so…we’ll see if that changes XD

        Liked by 1 person

  5. *Mpart* says:

    “No, no, I want to know just how goddamn idiotic our son is.” Dad said, giving me a harsh stare.
    Okay, this pissed me off. James made the right decision in the long run and his parents are selfish enough to want James to take care of Xavier when he couldn’t? For pete’s sake, he’s been through a lot of shit and he doesn’t want to drag Xavier into it. Idiotic, Simon? No, you’re the asshole. He did what was best for his child, not the idea of a “perfect family” that Zyla and Simon can’t get out of their heads. His parents aren’t the type you can have a serious emotional conversation with. They are stubborn and stick to their ideas even if it isn’t the truth. They live in ignorance. Sorry, just really mad here.

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Simon was abandoned as a child so this hit close to home – and for him it was worse that his OWN son who knew this, had done such a thing.
      His experience and Xav’s are nothing alike though. Simon’s mom dropped him off at a random orphanage and ran off. James made sure Xav was going to be taken care of.
      But like you said, Simon and Zyla’s stubborness goes hand in hand. In their desire to stick to ‘peace’ and avoid conflict, they’ve isolated themselves in their ideal world, and alienated most of their children by doing so, considering practically all of their children ended up having a major role in what was going on out in the real world.


    • Livvielove says:

      I knew you would understand me, mpart (sniffles and wipes away happy tear).


      Liked by 1 person

  6. Duiricloud13 says:

    So, I tried posting this on the last chapter, but my internet on my phone was being rude, to say the least, so I’ll just ask here:

    Okay, maybe this is just my mind thinking outside of the box and stuff, but James had a good option other than just giving up Xavier if he didn’t feel like he could keep him for the time being. And that option is…wait for it…Raphaele!

    I figure that, since Raphaele runs with wolves and all, that would be the last place that Velor would look for him, especially if James could steal the rest of those beads from Will, Liam, and William (damn, that sounds weird out of context lol…), because then he could give one to her and one to…Isaia was his name?? And one for their kid when they have one, and that cozy cabin out in the woods would serve as a safe haven for Xavier until James trusts himself enough to be a dad again. Plus, he wouldn’t have had to go through the trouble of making Zyla and Simon forget!

    I dunno…I tend to think outside of the box a lot XD and that was just one of the thoughts that occurred to me throughout the last chapter and this one. *shrugs*

    As always, love your work!

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      That’s a very interesting idea, and it’s true that it was a pretty neat possibility. There were lots of other options James could’ve taken as well, but another reason James gave Xav up to complete strangers is because he was hoping he could give Xav a chance to choose, instead of being born into all this nonsense.
      It’s important to consider as well that James knows he’s strong. He’s more than capable to protect his son than Raphaele and Isaia (you got it right!). It’s during an attempt to be ‘normal’ and not constantly ‘isolated’ that Xav’s life was put at risk.
      Apart from feeling unworthy, James doesn’t want Xav to be raised in a stressed supernatural environnement of the sort. Raphaele and Isaia were experiencing their own troubles their way anyhow. They both ran away from the pack because Isaia’s parents expected the impossible from their son. And though Xav would’ve been safe, he still would’ve been ‘isolated’ and that’s not what James wanted.
      Plus well, let’s not forget that if he were to entrust his son to anyone who knew him, they’d constantly pester him and judge him for not keeping Xav and he just couldn’t deal with that right now. He just needed to know Xav was somewhere safe, happy, and far from all the crazy. He’d already gone through so much before he’d even been born.
      In the hope that that made sense heh XD


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