7.50 – Accept your fate

ScreenshotJames’ POV

The snow melted. The flowers bloomed. The sun burned. The leaves fell. The snow coated the landscape.

And the cycle began again.

The cold snow became water that seeped into the dirty landscape surrounding our small home. When Rocky came running inside he’d coat the floors with mud and I’d spend a good time chasing him out. Then the sun came out in its full glory and the mud dried into dirt. Grass grew again, and so on and so forth.

Basically, life went on without one visit or even a word from Velor. It was like he’d never existed all over again.

Even though I would’ve preferred never leaving the house, life caught up to me when I got an email from Raph saying she was pregnant.


I couldn’t not go see my big sister. So Kyxa stayed home to watch over Assaria and the Weapon while I went to pay Raph a little visit.

Raph and her husband, Isaia, lived in a small cabin in the woods and they seemed really happy. Pretty carefree actually.

Raph admitted that things had gone a lot easier for them after the werewolf clan almost got decimated by Velor. Isaia’s parents weren’t constantly pushing him to do what they wanted anymore.


Speaking of Isaia. I had the startling surprise to see firsthand that he could transform completely into this dog/wolf. At first I didn’t want anything to do with the guy. My first impression of him wasn’t the best. He seemed like this shy, awkward, hide behind Raph, type of guy. I dealt with it, but then he morphed into a dog, which just worsened my view of him.

But my dislike of him, quickly turned into a mocking amusement when I discovered, that even if he was technically a human, there were some dog needs he couldn’t resist. Raphaele was kind of angry whenever I exploited that though.


I even got to see the birth of my little niece, Mariella!

But as happy as I am that my big sister got the family she wanted, I visited rarely, and when I did I didn’t stay very long. Not just because I didn’t like being away from Kyxa for too long, or leaving her alone with Assaria and the Weapon, but also because Mariella reminded me a bit of Xavier.

And when I saw Raph cooing her daughter, I just wanted to ruffle my son’s hair and watch his little face portray thousands of innocent expressions.

I hate thinking about Xavier.


Raph isn’t the only one who’s life evolved in the years that followed. My twin younger siblings aged up into adults.

I didn’t see much of those two however. I got news from them: Nix ended up deciding to be a journalist, and Alec…actually I’m not sure what Alec went off to be. His emails are a lot less frequent than anyone else’s and it’s usually only to get news about how I’m doing.

I could’ve gone to visit them, since they still live with mom and dad, but that’s the problem: they live with mom and dad. Ever since they came to visit, and since mom finally realized I lied and wasn’t actually going to university, I haven’t dared even entertain the thought of going over there.

The emails mom and dad sent were more than enough to show that they believed something was going on with me, and they were going to dig until they figured out what it was. Dealing with them was going to be way too tiring.


I didn’t get much news from Aliska or Lance either. Lance emailed me about as frequently as Alec did. And when he did, he never mentioned the Weapon. His latest email had actually been about the serial killer in the town next door. They said they’d found more victims. He also decided to share the fact that all the victims were vampires and then promptly asked if I knew anything about it. Let’s just say my emails to my big brother are about as frequent as his to me.

Aliska on the other hand, stubbornly refuses to answer my emails. And if by some miracle she does it’s usually to say “STOP SPAMMING ME JERK” or “I PREDICT YOU WILL FALL IN A HOLE AND DIE.”

I think I can safely assume she didn’t like me controlling her.


In the last few years, I’ve taken up a hobby I probably shouldn’t have. Normally, when Kyxa was in town or asking for some individual free time, I’d fill my own time up by spending it with Xavier.

Obviously I couldn’t do that anymore, and I couldn’t quite remember what it was that I used to do on my own. So I went to the basement to pay visit to my prisoners. At first it was merely to entertain myself by laughing at Assaria. Mocking her and reminding her she was under my control.


But at some point it became something else. I started to glean information out of her. At first she wasn’t very happy about it, but soon enough I didn’t even have to force her to talk. She was like an old woman talking about her past.

She told me this outrageous tale about a whole other world and about the Reaper. I completely denied it in the beginning, but then I remembered my meeting with the Time Keepers, something that still seems a bit like a dream. I started to believe her words, but it all still sounded way too out of this world.

It was a strange idea that Reaper was actually god, and even stranger, that he had been a normal man before. But it was hard to doubt she was saying the truth, or at least that she herself believed it was the truth, when I was controlling her.

Hearing stuff like that made the matter of Velor seem petty in a way…



I need better entertainment. Why don’t we have a t.v.? I should go into town and get myself a free flat screen t.v.

Rocky held my stare, barely even blinking. I doubt I’ve ever seen that dog, or any dog for that matter, blink before. I made a move to stand up to see if I could scare him into looking away, but he sat still.


He even tilted his head at me! I swear if I didn’t know any better I’d think this dog was amusing itself with the fact that I couldn’t bring myself to do anything else than stare at it. Cause if I stopped staring it’d be like declaring the dog had won, and that’s the last thing I want to do.

We ended up both breaking our stares as Kyxa came in the living room.


“Jaammmesss…” Kyxa said, drawing out my name as she leaned on the couch. I have a bad feeling. “How do you feel about having a kid?”

There, it had come. She’d broached the subject of kids. I knew it was going to happen eventually, and to be honest I definitely could see myself having kids with Kyxa…but not now. Velor is still at large, he was laying low, but he’d proven that he could come out at a moment’s notice with a new surprise for us. On top of that, I’d given up Xavier because I knew I couldn’t be the father he needed. I’m not going to have another kid now.

‘Why do you ask?’ I signed.


“Well,” Kyxa said, flying onto my lap. “I actually want to have kids, and I kind of want you to be their father.”

I gave her a small reluctant smile.

“Oh come on James. You can’t do this to me. We’re reaching two years now that Velor hasn’t bothered us. You can’t let him control your life, that’s what you’re supposed to do to him.” Kyxa argued. I shook my head, she won’t be able to convince me otherwise.

Kyxa sighed.

“Well too bad for you, you don’t have much choice in the matter.” She declared. I frowned at her. “James. I’m pregnant.”

Pregnant? No. No.

“Don’t act too surprised, after all vampires are known for their fertility.” She grinned.

I inhaled sharply through my nose, before signing a simple word at her. I cradled my arms as if I was holding a baby, and then with my right hand I faked grabbing something from my left hand and throwing it away.


Kyxa was on her feet and angry in a matter of seconds.

“An abortion!? Really James, that’s your first response!?” She shouted.

I tried to sign my reasons, but she stopped me halfway.


“No, no, I don’t want to hear your reasons for giving up Xavier again. I didn’t interfere with that, because he wasn’t my kid, but sometimes I wish he was James.” Kyxa said. “That way maybe I could’ve stopped you from making that mistake.”

Mistake? She didn’t have the right to say that. No matter how much I wanted to, I couldn’t keep Xavier, and if she convinces me otherwise I’m going to end up hating myself.


I tried to sign at her again, but she refused to acknowledge it.

“This time James, it’s my kid. I have about as much authority on it as you do, and I’m not, in any circumstance giving this kid up like you did Xavier.”


“Basically, you have no choice in the decisions concerning whether I keep this kid or not. But I still need to know…are you going to keep acting like an a** about this or are you actually going to accept your fate and deal with it?” She said, waiting with a determined stare for my answer.


I couldn’t help myself, I burst out laughing.

“James? This is serious.” Kyxa said, trying to fight the smile spreading on her face.

I don’t know what it was…maybe it was the irony of the situation. Last time I learned I was going to be a father, I was the one against the abortion.

Maybe it’s just the relief of knowing I actually had no choice in this. And if I didn’t, I could finally indulge in the happiness I actually felt of knowing Kyxa was pregnant.

Whatever it was, I couldn’t contain it.


I grabbed her in my arms and swiftly kissed her.

“Well, I certainly like this reaction better.”


What is this? You two annoying little supernaturals. I gave you the perfect set to have one hell of a fight that could last a good few chapters and what do you do?

Make up at the end of the chapter!

Goodness sakes, what am I going to do with this couple?

Also, This is officially the end of Arc 7, next up is the intermission you all voted on and can still vote on, and then we begin Arc 8 😀


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7 Responses to 7.50 – Accept your fate

  1. magpie14031983 says:

    Aaargh stop voting for Alec! I wanna see what that dumbass Aliska is up to! Soph, if they all out vote me can I please get a sneak peak of Aliska?!? Just sneak it over to my email addie steph.cornelius@gmail.com 😀

    See, now if I was James, I’d use the fact that Kyxa is gonna have a sprog as an excuse to go and get Xavier back from the State services! I miss Xavier and his toddler cuteness, although he’s probably a child by now!

    Kyxa, if you were any more forceful, I’d have to vote you to take over as heir when James snaps and goes postal… Please, what am I saying… I’d ALREADY vote you in! *whispers* just in case you haven’t noticed: Kyxa is my new favourite, you burnt your bridges here, James my boy!

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Lol, since you’ve been commenting on every chapter I might actually send you something XD

      Ahhh I miss taking pics of Xavier 😦

      Lol, good to know XD Kyxa is definitely worthy of lots of love 😀


      • magpie14031983 says:

        Squeeee thanks Soph! I just find it hard to believe that Aliska with all her supposed powers of pre-sight doesn’t have some clue as to what that nefarious Will-Liam is up to! She can’t be THAT dense, I mean Zyla and Simon were her parents so you know she got some measure of intelligence genetically!

        I’m still pissed at James 😦 depriving us all of Xavier when he should have foreseen that Kyxa wouldn’t have an abortion or give her kid up if she got pregnant! And considering what they’ve been up to on a regular basis, her getting pregnant was definitely on the cards! Dumbass male!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. ivaneluna says:

    Finally!! A Kymes vampfaeboo! And good on Kyxa for standing up to James! Ha!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Weird that James was “okay” with that so quickly. I mean of course Kyxa was going to have that baby no matter what, but I was surprised that he was rapidly joyful about it. Puts a sour taste in my mouth about him giving up Xavier to strangers. Well then. I just have to hope whoever Xavier is with is treating him well and loves him to pieces.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. *Mpart* says:

    I just…I think James’s reaction at first was understandable. The one I see at fault here is really Kyxa. James was mourning the fact he had to give up the rights as a parent towards his son and I believe that Kyxa could have been like a mother-figure towards Xavier. In some ways, It think he was both of their kid. I just don’t think she cared about him honestly. James had just given up Xavier and the way she forced him to be a father like that…I just lost my respect for her.

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Kyxa cared for Xavier. She cared for him a lot, as much as a real mother would. Which is why she was always rather low-key pissed at James for giving him up. She supported James though, and in the end it was HIS child, so it was his decision to make and she respected that.
      But Kyxa is proud, she believed they would be enough to protect Xavier. She believed they were strong enough.
      So when she learned she herself was expecting, she put her foot down. She had a say in the fate of this one and she was not going to have James convince her to get an abortion or give it up as well. It was hers to keep, and she more than believed she was strong enough to protect it. God forbid anyone who dared to try.
      So in the end, Kyxa wasn’t trying to FORCE James into being a father, but rather protecting her right to be a mother.


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