7.51 – Stolen goods

Oh boy, something unexpected happened! We had a tie for Alec and Aliska! So, for this intermission we’ll have Alec, and I’ll add in Aliska somewhere inbetween the next few chapters…

Result: Alec

ScreenshotAlec’s POV

I leaned on the fence as I waited patiently for my uncle to come. It’s not that I trust him or anything, but I don’t hate him as much as James does. And I can at least know a good deal when I see one.

Meeting the man was very unexpected. I heard nice stories about him from Aliska, and some pretty downgrading ones from James, but I’d never actually met the man.


Sure I was completely and utterly weirded out by the simple unstableness the man radiated, but after a few minutes of talking to him, he actually didn’t seem that bad. He didn’t try any of the family crap James kept complaining about and that Aliska got fooled by, he went entirely business like. Basically, I really felt like he was talking my language.

He offered a deal, a fair exchange, and I didn’t see the bad side of it all so I accepted.


All I have to do is supply him with artifacts from the basement.

William, without even saying hi, headed straight for the…thing and messed around with it. He must’ve pressed a button or something because it suddenly lit up, electric lights zapping to the orb in the middle.

Haha! It really does work!” He exclaimed.


As always, a great delivery. Your parent’s basement has some great unused treasures down there.” William said, nodding in satisfaction.

“Okay, I didn’t really care that much about the beads, but this thing is a lot bigger and spews electricity. I think I ought to know what it does.” I demanded. I’d tried figuring out at home, but I hadn’t even been able to activate the damn thing.


Speaking of the beads…” William pulled out a small plastic bag with one of the golden beads in it and gave it to me.

“This kind of defeats the purpose of me giving it to you.” I said, taking the small bag nonetheless.

These things protect against mind control. If you want extra protection just swallow it, of course it completely blocks your own mental power. Still wondering why we gave it to you? It’s simply cause we like our nephew.” He said.

I shrugged it off. I have absolutely no use for it, but I’m not going to start arguing with someone who speaks in third person.


“You know, I was just wondering, I’ve never heard of magical artifacts anywhere else. It’s kind of weird that only our family has some.” A thing I actually liked about my uncle is his liking to talking, A LOT. I just need to ask and he won’t mind babbling on and on about a subject.

It’s a pretty simple answer. Those magical items were made by one family, hundreds of years ago. Nobody knows how they even did it, they just did. Pretty sure the Gold family robbed the Hans family of all the artifacts too.


“The Hans family?” I questioned. The name sounded oddly familiar.

Yes, and believe or not the famous Hans who built all these artifacts was a medical doctor of all things. Actually, most of the Hans tend to be doctors. There are rumors the Hans’ were actually alchemists.” My uncle explained.

“Alchemists?” I’ve never heard of those before.

Yes, alchemists tend to be more of a legend…there were some in earlier times but they should’ve died off. The Hans family could be the descendants of a few alchemists who kept the tradition going.

Sometimes I’m actually put off by how much he knows. Makes me wonder where he learned all this stuff.


“So what? Alchemists make magical items?” I asked.

Well…it’s actually pretty unclear what alchemists do.” My uncle replied. “Anyway, Aliska had a premonition she wanted to hand over.

He gave me a small folded piece of paper, and my shoulders sagged when I read it.

Sorry boy, some relationships just aren’t meant to last.

At least I could mentally prepare myself.


Now, as promised, I’ve found a way to get the vampires to stop nagging your family. It’s a very simple plan. There’s been a rumor circulating about your brother being unbelievably powerful so several vampires are already naturally turning towards him to be the ‘vampire king’. But they’re all too afraid to approach him since he’s practically batting them off with a stick. My plan is to help spread the rumor so that all the vampires go to him.” William said. “No worries, your brother probably won’t even realize it. It’ll take the heat off your family. Sound good?” William said.

“Yeah, sounds good.” I agreed. My big bro was saying he had a whole lot of free time recently…


Of course, that’s unless you want to be vampire king. We could definitely arrange that. In no time at all you could have a whole legion of vampires ready to do your bidding. After all, they’ll simply assume you’re as powerful as your brother. Might do some good to the vampire populations. They’re on the verge of dissing the Gold family and going on their own personal turning rampages. That would prove quite disastrous.” My uncle said.

I shook my head. “Being king isn’t really what I want to do right now. Maybe later in the future.”


I doubt there’s going to be much chance for opportunities like these to come around again, but whatever.” William shrugged and reached out, grabbing the device I’d brought for him.


Being king sounded like it could be fun to some extent, but it sounds like a whole lot of work.

For now, I just want to focus on Tessa. Now that I know our relationship is going to take a dive, I need to find a way to bring it back up again.

Funny, William never did tell me what that device did.


Hi Alec, bye Alec!

If James knew it was because of you in the end that Velor got those beads…yeesh I don’t even want to think about it.

Devious little Will, devious…Or should I say Liam? They’re probably both completely in agreement.

Alright! Next up, Arc 8 and hopefully some Kyxa&James babies 😀

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3 Responses to 7.51 – Stolen goods

  1. magpie14031983 says:

    Yay we’re gonna see Aliska drama at some point (2 chapters in *hint hint*)

    Alec you dumbass! You never give people stuff that you don’t know what it does! Even if they ARE your weird-ass uncle! ESPECIALLY if they’re your weird-ass uncle! Sticky fingers often get stuck!

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Alec, you are like the character I’ve owed that does the most stupid things without even realizing it. But I love you anyways ridiculous mental clutz. Even if you have no manners whatsoever.


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