7.52 – Asking for peace

ScreenshotJames’ POV

I’d never experienced the wait with Xavier. I knew he was alive and I knew he was in a book, but I never actually felt the experience of anticipating.

Kyxa’s pregnancy is fascinating and exciting. I keep being awed by the fact that a baby is growing in her stomach, more than knowing there was a baby in a book.


Kyxa had a lot of plans during her pregnancy. One of them was to redecorate the extra room downstairs to make it a little more cheerful. Xavier had sort of just fallen on me, but for this new baby we had nine months to get ready.

I want Xavier back, badly. But I don’t know how to go about it. I tried going to the adoption center once, but I chickened out. At home, after Kyxa would leave, I’d be filled with the determination to go find Xavier, but minutes after I’d leave home I’d have these powerful doubts and I’d end up just coming back.

I don’t know what the right thing to do is anymore.



Kyxa left to meet her old guardian, Isabella, and just when I’d comfortably installed myself outside to read a book, an annoying presence made itself known. I wish I could kill him already.

Does he think I’m dumb? Or blind for that matter? He must be seriously underestimating me if he thinks I’m not aware of him watching me.


That annoying vampire keeps coming back all the time. It’s not enough that the vampire population in Stonebridge has been mysteriously increasing; this guy has to come visit me practically every week.

If it wasn’t for Kyxa I would’ve killed the stalker a long time ago.

Worse thing is, I can’t even control him to leave. I have to wait till he either decides to leave on his own when he starts to burn, or he takes up the courage to come talk to me.

Not wanting him to do just that, I got up and went inside.


You are not to, under any circumstance, kill or control that vampire. Don’t look at me like that, he’s completely harmless, he practically worships you. Why? Well that’s simple enough; I want to see if you can go without controlling or killing someone. Nice try, William doesn’t count, you couldn’t control him if you wanted to. Prove it to me James. Prove to me you have some sort of self-control.”


I sat on the sofa and decided to do a little ‘checkup’. I hadn’t quite figured out why there was suddenly a whole lot more vampires in town, but I had a small guess.

The vampires had apparently enough of waiting for the royal family to do something for the betterment of the vampire race. They’d taken up the duty of turning naturals into vampires, and I’d taken up the responsibility of killing them when I caught them in the act.


My powers have grown to the point where I can touch everyone’s mind present in Stonebridge. It’s a piece of cake to find a vampire mind currently biting a natural’s neck. It’s even easier to crush their mind like I’d done with the female vampire. I’m not particularly against vampires, after all most of my family is made of vampires, but I don’t really want them to proliferate till the whole town is covered with them.

Plus, I get to vent on them. Vampires are the least liked of all supernaturals, people couldn’t care less if vampires disappear.

I was so concentrated on exploring the minds in town that I didn’t realize a familiar mind had come charging towards the house.


The door flew open and Lance came storming in, clearly unhappy with something.

“James! You have to stop this now!” He commanded a bit out of breath.

‘You didn’t knock.’ I signed.


I walked over to try and calm him down, but he wouldn’t have any of it.

“That doesn’t matter right now! In the last few weeks, vampires have been dropping like flies all over town and it’s got your smell all over it. All of them died for unknown reasons, as if their brains just stopped functioning.” Lance yelled.

‘Maybe you didn’t notice they were turning naturals.’ I signed, annoyed with his attitude.


“That’s irrelevant! You can’t just go around killing vampires! You’re my brother, and I love you, but there’s a limit to what I can do. The police force know you have special mind control powers, and eventually when they run out of ideas they’ll suspect you.” Lance continued.


‘There’s not much they’ll be able to do against me.’ I threatened, giving my brother a glare.

“Yeah well that’s what I’m worried about idiot! I could care less about you, you’re fine on your own, but I don’t want you going around killing my friends.” Lance said, letting out an exasperated sigh.

I was about to argue, saying I wouldn’t kill his friends, but then I realized if they came at me I probably would. Instead, I kept my hands down and continued to glare.


“Just do me a favor and stop killing vampires.” Lance said.

‘Would you rather have a whole town turned?’ I asked.

“Obviously not, but I think they get the idea now. Instead of killing them, you could, I don’t know, use your mind control to stop them? There’s no need to spill lives over this.” Lance said. He looked a little too calm and mature for my taste. This isn’t the Lance I’m used to. What am I thinking? We’re obviously not the same people we were when we were kids.


“It’s a tragedy when someone dies James. I wish you’d see that again.” Lance said.

A tragedy. I know that much. I know it’s sad when someone dies.

Why then do I keep ending lives?

It’s not sad when I kill someone.

“Is that uncle William?” Lance said, narrowing his eyes at something behind me.


I spun around and my uncle was indeed going down into the basement. That bastard! Just because I can’t control him anymore, he thinks he can just waltz in here?

How unbelievably dumb.



Kyxa’s POV

“You’re a life saver.” I said with a thankful smile, placing the piece of paper holding the two addresses in my pocket.

Amanda chuckled. “Oh hon, it’s the least I could do! I always thought I hadn’t given you enough for what you did for me.”

Amanda was one of the people I’d helped. She was sure her husband had cheated on her, and she’d wanted me to confirm it and break a few of his bones on her behalf. She’d also called me again a few years after that to take care of her boss who’d been sexually harassing her at work.


“But, oh my, that means it’s the big day isn’t it? You’ve finally decided to go for it? Don’t mind me prying, but shouldn’t you wait before you’re not pregnant anymore?” Amanda asked.

The reason I’d called Amanda, of all people, for this was because of her gossiping/tracking skills. If Velor was in Stonebridge, she was the one who was going to find him. Granted it took almost a year, but she found him which confirmed my suspicions.


“Are you kidding? If anything, I need to do this now while I’m not too far in my pregnancy. It’ll be more complicated when I have a baby on my hands.” I explained.

“Well, you seem equipped and ready. Dude sounds pretty bad, it’ll be a good thing when you get rid of him. Are you going to…you know…” Amanda glanced around before leaning in. “Kill him?”


“No, I don’t do that anymore.” I said with a smile.

“Oh good.” She sighed in relief. “Killing people is a nasty business, injuring them however…” She said with a smirk and I chuckled.


“Well, I wish you the best of luck. I hope I see you again sometime Kyxa.” Amanda said.

“Thanks, I couldn’t do this without you Amanda.”

“You’re welcome, and both addresses are completely valid I assure you. The second one was an odd request…but I’ve pried enough.”


We shared a hug and gave each other another set of good byes before she left.

I let out a small nervous breath.

I lied to James and I felt bad about it, but I had to. James wanted to wait for Velor to come to us again. But the more time it took before we caught him, the more stressed he and I became.


The address was halfway across town so I took a taxi, trying to calm the mixture of excitement and anxiety swirling inside me.

I would’ve liked James to be with me, but to be completely honest he would’ve been close to useless.


The fact that Velor was in town and that James hadn’t found him yet proved Velor had decided to take the bead. There was no other explanation. It’s a possibility Velor would consider since he’d just have to undergo surgery to reverse the effects.

It’s that fact that made James useless. He is amazingly powerful, but the moment his power is blocked he’s just a normal man. He doesn’t know how to fight any other way than with his mind.

No, I have to do this alone. Plus, Velor with no powers means he can’t use human shields anymore.


The taxi dropped me off at the harbor and I took in the splendid view to try and calm my nerves.

I was the better warrior. I’d trained like hell since last time. This time I’ll get him. It doesn’t matter that I’m pregnant, I’m only a few months in.

I can do this.


I gripped my sword tightly.

Alright baby, momma’s going do something real quick and then it’s a carefree world ahead for us and your daddy.

Almost everything in my life was meant to lead to this moment. Velor didn’t deserve to hold so much sway over my life; I can’t wait for this to be over.


“Took you long enough to come find me. I was getting tired of sitting on my thumbs.” A familiar sinister voice smirked behind me.

I couldn’t help an excited grin expand on my face.

“Shall we have a rematch then?”


Go Kyxa, I’m rooting for you 😀

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6 Responses to 7.52 – Asking for peace

  1. magpie14031983 says:

    James, you dope! Its always sad when taking a life! Even if that life deserves to be taken! Life is precious and no one should kill just cuz they can! Especially not from a distance and totally blase like what you’re doing!

    You’re like Oscar Pistorius, shooting at the toilet door just cuz u can and u felt the slightest, miniscule threat! Bad James! Bad!

    Kyxa, honey, I love you but it looks really creepy when you’re holding a sword and crooning to your belly! Also go kick some ass! Just be careful cuz even without his controlling skills, Velor is gonna have some sneaky plans in place!

    See, now I have a problem with the way James kills, its cold and calculating and impersonal! Kyxa on the other hand, she goes one-on-one and I doubt she would sneak up behind you and slit your throat without letting you at least she’s coming! She has more a sense of fair play!

    Vote 1 for Kyxa for heir *raises hand and with the other marks ballot*

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Lol James, you need to pick up your act. You’re making magpie mad.

      Oh boy, definitely. Velor is always planning and he always has an ulterior motive.

      Indeed, it’d be really nice if her killing method rubbed off on James XD


  2. magpie14031983 says:

    Oh and how much you wanna bet address number two is for Xavier! I love Kyxa!

    And I guess I can’t have Kyxa as heir but she definitely will make an awesome Mommy-of-the-heir or Step-Mommy as the case may be!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lance, you beautiful soul ❤ I'm with you 100%.

    As for Kyxa….FHDJKFHDKJFH ALISKA'S PROPHECY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS THIS HOW IT COMES TO FRUITION!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I'm too scared to go to the next chapter, but I have to in order to figure out what happens. Gahhhhhhhhhhhh. *mentally prepares self* T__T

    Liked by 1 person

  4. *Mpart* says:

    It doesn’t matter that I’m pregnant, I’m only a few months in.


    Liked by 1 person

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