7.54 – To complete a collection

ScreenshotAssaria’s POV

This is life is unbelievably, incredibly, boring. Just so much plain boring. I don’t even get a freaking book to read or a t.v. to look at. Let’s not even talk about any sort of interaction with the Weapon. She looks like she’s in a constant state of daydreaming.

I got carried away. I should’ve been more cautious when I finally got the Weapon. And that stupid mistake cost me my powers and basically my life. I wish James would kill me already.

I taunt him, I mock him, I do my best to provoke him, but he always simply shuts me up.

I’ve tried starving myself, but once again, James controls me to eat when he realizes it.

I’ve already counted all the wood panels, the ceiling panels, the bars, the boxes, the ladder steps, the everything. There’s nothing left to do! And stuck in this god forsaken hole, I have no idea what happens upstairs. Is this another of your damn tortures Damien? Since when did you become such an expert?


A pair of feet walked in front of my cell, headed for the Weapon’s cell. My body tensed a bit in surprise at the new arrival. It certainly wasn’t James, he made a whole lot of noise when he came down the ladder.


I quickly got up on my feet to observe my new entertainment. A blue-haired man had come down into the basement, but more importantly he’d come downstairs unsupervised. Which meant he was extremely interesting. Especially since I could feel James take control of my mind again.

He seemed oddly familiar as well…oh right, isn’t he the little bug that stole my white-eyed away? I was so focused on the Weapon, I didn’t think of going after him just yet.


The man unlocked the Weapon’s prison door with some fancy tools from his pockets. He looked back at me, giving me a greeting with a nod of his head, before turning back to the Weapon and motioning for her to come out.

That’s when it struck me…what was really familiar about this man. He reeked of Time Keeper.


The Weapon, unsurprisingly, lunged forwards and gripped the man’s throat. With its superhuman strength it lifted him up a few centimeters above the ground just as James’ sandals fell on the ground with a soft thump.

Oh he came rather quickly.


“I’ve got enough of letting you leave. This time I’m adding you to my collection uncle.” The Weapon said. Her childish voice had a mocking dark tone to it.

The man tried to speak, but the strong grip let out only gasps come out.


James walked over, unlocked the cell beside mine, and the Weapon threw the man inside.

Well that was short-lived.

The man coughed, rubbing his throat as the Weapon went back into her cell, closing her door.


“It’s funny to think I thought you were actually smarter than this.” The Weapon said, clearly speaking for James.

I freely examined my little failed vampire. Was it me, or did he seem a little less composed and a little shaken up?

“You actually entertained the idea that you could get your hands on the Weapon.”


We will eventually. You can die and we can’t.” The man mumbled looking like a frustrated child.

“No. You won’t. You’ll be here forever until you die. I don’t know how possession works, but I doubt you’ll live very long if your host dies as well.”

We have a plan! You can be as mean and cocky as you want! Good always defeats evil!” The man said, avoiding eye contact with James.


“Look who’s talking.” The Weapon scoffed as James headed back for the ladder. He didn’t even give me a look as he passed by. I was that much of a threat to him.

For an impulsive and reckless Whitelight he sure has accomplished a lot. And it’s not hard to imagine what he has in store for the last cell.

I’m not stay bored for much longer.



Kyxa’s POV

“Let’s have a rematch then.”

This was it. The words were still rolling off my tongue when I spun around swinging my sword harshly towards what I hoped was Velor’s throat.


The vampire had expected this and as he pulled out his own weapon, he casually dodged the swing of my sword.


He stepped forwards and tried to stab me, but I’d seen it coming at the last second. I hastily dodged his attack, losing my balance as I did so.


I used this sudden weight shift, and my wings, to swing my leg out and kick Velor harshly behind the knees.


The look of surprise on his face was enough to boost my confidence. I could definitely win this.


As he fell painfully on his back with a groan, my wings lifted me up on my feet. In the safe swift movement I brought my sword up, ready to smash it down on Velor.


The fact that that would kill him made me hesitate for a fraction of a second. I didn’t want to kill. But I could wound.


Taking a decision I swung my sword down, but I’d taken a second too much. Velor had the time to dodge out of the way in a backwards somersault.


“Oh look at this now, my shirt’s getting dirty.” Velor complained once he’d gotten back to his feet. “This is quite the amusing workout.”

“Well I’m happy you’re amused. Enjoy these last rays of sunshine.” I smirked, already tightening my grip on my sword.


“I can assure you, I doubt I’ll miss the sun all that much.”

Almost on cue we both charged forwards, gripping our weapons with the determination to end this. I was so caught up in simply stopping him, that I didn’t catch the other, more worrying, meaning to his reply.

The swinging, the dodging, the striking seemed to go on forever. I swear we must have spent a good ten minutes fighting. To be honest, it probably looked like some sort of choreographed dance for anyone who might be watching.

Unfortunately, as a vampire, Velor had a lot more stamina than I did.

I started to grow tired, and my response times got slower, and Velor caught the opportunity when he saw it.


Velor harshly aimed a kick at my stomach and I let go of my sword to block it with both hands once. I’d opted to protect my stomach once I’d realized I didn’t have the time to dodge.

My hands took most of the force of the kick.


The overall strength of the kick sent me flying into a crate of boxes. The shock completely destabilized me and I almost fell down, but Velor came over and gripped my throat, effectively keeping me on my feet.


I struggled against his hold, trying to stop him from stabbing me and strangling me at the same time. Vampire strength was annoying.

“Guess in the end, this was my win.” Velor said, smirking as I felt myself weakening with every second that passed by. I was tired, already short of breath, and my hands were aching from the kick they’d just taken.

Nevertheless I wasn’t going to let myself be beaten by this man.


I brought my knees up, supporting myself with my wings, and then expanded them rapidly, kicking and shoving him back.

Before he could reorient himself, I flew towards him and kicked him in the head with as much strength as I could muster.


My foot collided with his head and he fell down for the count.

I hovered uncertainly, watching his immobile form with the adrenaline still pumping in my veins. You couldn’t be too sure with him. I had kicked him pretty hard, but for all I knew he could be just faking it.


My leg was reverberating from the shock and I held it to try and calm it down. I was aching everywhere, but all I could focus on now was the unconscious vampire, or at least I sure hoped he was unconscious.


…Did I kill him? Maybe I kicked his temple too harshly. Ah dang it! Now I have to check if he’s alive, which means touching him, which means letting myself be open to any surprise attacks.

I felt the excitement of thinking I had beaten him start to bubble up, but I pushed it back down. You never know! I still need to check that he’s actually alive and unconscious.


Watching him carefully, I picked up my sword. If he does suddenly react while I’m touching his body I can just whack him with this.

I walked over to his immobile form and flicked his face twice, checking for any sort of muscle response. There wasn’t any, so I checked his pulse. He was still alive, but he was downright unconscious.


I couldn’t resist, I had to jump up and let out an exclamation of joy.

I had won! I’d finally beaten him!

“Did you hear that hon? Mommy won!” I exclaimed to my stomach.


An uncontrollable urge to laugh burst in my chest and I let it out. I laughed and laughed as I felt a burden finally get off my shoulders.

I was happy, accomplished, relieved, freed, I felt wonderful.


When I’d finally calmed down, I pulled out my cellphone.

“Hi, yes could I have a taxi come pick me and my friend up at the docks? Yeah, he took a little too much drink and he’s out cold. Thanks.” I said, a smile permanently on my face.

It was over. It was all finally over.


So much happy for Kyxa!


giphy like-a-boss my-job-here-is-done 18rjsjdy6jq2jjpg


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5 Responses to 7.54 – To complete a collection

  1. magpie14031983 says:

    I really wish Will-Liam would die! He’s annoying! Props to James for not killing him!

    Go Kyxa!!! Woot!

    How goes NaNo, Blams? I’ve barely started!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Livvielove says:

    Kyxa kyx-some pretty awesome butt.
    Did you see what I did there?
    Did you see it?

    It works so much better when actually spoken.
    Alright… I’ll go to my corner now.
    (shuffles away)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Looks like that final cell isn’t going to be unoccupied for much longer.

    Also relieved that James didn’t kill William. I don’t exactly trust him, but I don’t dislike him either, and well, if I had to choose between William and James, I’d choose William every time.

    Hooray, Kyxa! She’s such a bad ass. I do hope she blocked enough of the blow to her stomach though….. o_____o;

    Liked by 1 person

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