7.57 – It’s wide open

ScreenshotXavier’s POV

Hello, my name- *backspace* Hi, my name- *backspace* I am called- *backspace* I AM THE ALLMIGHTY LORD.

I sighed and nearly slammed my head on the keyboard. This is not going well if I can’t even write a single phrase! Maybe the teacher would accept it if I said I was god…maybe it would make her laugh and then she’ll give me 100 points!

Yeah, like that’s going to happen.


Okay focus, keep it simple.


My name is Xavier Jales. My parents are Tina and Charlie. They are not my real parents, because I am adopted. We moved to Legacy Island II a year ago. We used to live in Ridgevalley. I like the color green and my favorite food is spaghetti. My favorite music is country. I really like animals. I like dogs and cats and hamsters and bunnies and horses. I really like horses. I have a horse named Jupiter. He really likes carrots.

I stopped writing because I’d already answered all the questions the teacher had suggested. I saved the document and sent it to mom. She said she would print it out for me.


I hopped off my computer chair and shook my hands in anticipation. This part of my day always sort of freaked me out and sort of made me really excited.

See, I’m a witch! There isn’t a lot of those around though. Dad said the supernatural population is getting smaller every year. I’m one of the special ones! Mom and dad wanted to be supportive so they bought me a wand. Apparently to be a witch you need a wand to um…the word was…cha…channel! Yeah channel the magic. But when I tried, it didn’t work, so my parents thought the adoption agency had gotten it wrong and I was actually a normal natural.


Well…they were wrong. I was definitely a witch! I found out one day by accident that I really could do magic…without a wand! When I did a quick internet research it said my ‘condition’ was called magic hands. Not a lot of witches were like that which made me feel even more special.

I’m not going to tell Tina and Charlie though. They really looked relieved when they thought I was just a natural. I love practicing magic though. I don’t know what it’s used for, it really just looks like a bunch of bright stuff to me. But that’s cool, cause I can make my own special effects!


Alright! Erin is going to be here any minute so I have to hurry up and take care of Jupiter.

I gripped the door handle and turned the knob. Or at least I tried to. It was jammed. The moment the knob wouldn’t turn my chest constricted.

No, no, please, no! Not today! Not again!

I tried to turn the door knob again, but it wouldn’t open. It wouldn’t let me out!


My pulse was starting to race and I could swear the walls were slowly closing in on me. Panic seized my chest and I stopped trying to open the door and instead tried to focus on calming myself down. But it was no use, I was trapped!

“No! No!” I repeated over and over again as I clutched my head. I couldn’t get out! The room kept getting smaller and smaller…


My knees gave out and I hit the floor, and I kept repeating “No!” between my breaths. I felt scared and helpless. My chest hurt and I couldn’t focus on a thing except make myself smaller to get away from the walls.


The door opened and Tina rushed in.

“Xavier! It’s okay now, the door’s open.” Mom said as she rubbed my back.

My chest still hurt, my eyes were still blurry, and my heart was still beating too fast, but now that the door had opened the walls had stopped moving.

“You’re okay now.” Mom continued to soothe, and I stopped repeating “No!” as I felt myself calm down.


I reached out and Tina scooped me up in a hug, rocking me back and forth as my heart went back to a normal rhythm.

“The door was stuck again.” I murmured after a few minutes, once I felt I had more control over myself.

“Charlie is going to fix it today. It’s going to be his top priority.” Tina whispered to me. I nodded and continued to hug her.


“Are you sure you’re okay now?” Mom asked a few minutes later.

“Yeah, I’m okay. And I have to hurry up or else Jupiter is going to be impatient. And Erin too.” I replied. Tina smiled and hugged me again.

“Alright, have fun then.”


“I will!” I said, before running out the door.

Tina is my adoptive mother, but really she’s completely my mom. She’s awesome and kind and she’s always there for me. She’s much better than whoever my real mother is, that’s for sure.


“Jupiter!” I called out as I saw my horse. Yup! It’s my horse! Charlie got it and let me name it and said I could ride Jupiter when I was old enough and when Jupiter was old enough. I was really scared of Jupiter at first, and Jupiter wasn’t too happy with us, but I think he likes us now.


I let Jupiter recognize me first and then I hugged him.

“I had another scary thing again Jupiter.” I mumbled into his neck. Tina was really nice and really helpful, but it still made me feel even better when I hugged Jupiter.


I let go and went about feeding and brushing Jupiter.

I really didn’t like the scary things. Tina and Charlie said it’s because I have claustrophobia. I see a psy…psy…a guy who talks really calmly every month or so. He told mom and dad that I could take some medication, but they refused so they have me do a bunch of things to try and get better. For example, every morning I have to do these meditation exercises. I don’t know if it really helps or not.


A few minutes after I was done taking care of Jupiter, my best friend jumped over the fence.

“I am so awesome.” She exclaimed as she leaned on the fence she’d just jumped over. It was a really tall fence.


This is Erin. I don’t remember her last name so I guess I can’t really give her a proper introduction. She lives in the houses behind mine. Not all of them! Just one, I don’t know which one though because she NEVER wants to go play at her house, or any house in general. She likes being outside a lot, like really a lot.

She kind of freaked me out the first time I met her because she was really creepy. I was taking care of Jupiter and she just happened to be on the fence watching me and she didn’t say anything until I spoke to her. She does really weird things, but she’s a really really nice person.


“Sorry it took so long! Beebee absolutely wanted to play with me and wouldn’t let me go, even though I kept telling him I had to go see Xavier but Beebee said ‘No, I really want you to play with me’” She said, giving Beebee a weird sounding voice. “And then Lory came and said she was starving and you can guess it, once Lory is hungry everyone is hungry and everybody wanted to eat. I barely escaped the place with my life!”

I laughed even though I knew everything she’d just told me was actually false. Beebee was not a huge talking bee and Lory was not a pink talking bunny. Actually they don’t even exist! But Erin would rather talk about them than tell me what really happened.


Erin jumped back to the other side of the fence.

“Come on Xavier! We have to hurry and get to the park before those bad guys do!” Erin said.

“Hey wait up!” I called as I struggled to get over the fence.


“And if those jerks do get there I’ll punch them senseless this time!” Erin stated, swinging her fist in the air. I rolled my eyes.

“No you aren’t.”

“Yes I am.”




“Oh just come on!” Erin said.

A small chill ran down my back and I checked behind me, but there was nothing there.

Sometimes I get the impression I’m being watched. It really freaks me out, but I know there’s no one there. It’s probably my claustrophobia again.



No one’s POV

James urged his daughter to use her power. He’d tried a lot of things and he was starting to get a bit restless. He’d assumed his children would be as strong as he was and he wanted to be there to help them develop their power just like he had.

He knew Catarina had the ability to control people like he could, he’d confirmed by exploring her mind once. But making her use it was another matter. He’d showed her how to and even tried to force her to do it mentally, but she just really didn’t seem into it. He was starting to think maybe she was still too young.


The little girl didn’t completely understand what her father wanted. If anything she was annoyed that he wouldn’t let her touch the white-haired girl. He kept bringing her to her and all Catarina wanted to do was touch the girl’s forehead and figure out who she was.

Clearly, Catarina and James weren’t on the same wave length.


James decided to give up for the day. Maybe he’d try another day, or maybe not in the end. Did Catarina really need to learn how to control her power? It’s not like she’d need it.

Unfortunately James thought she might. See, Assaria Clavez hadn’t aged a day since she’d been let out of the book. Normally he wouldn’t worry about something like this so soon, but…


Velor had aged. With the wrinkles and all. It was normal, he wasn’t a vampire anymore so he was aging like a natural.

Assaria was immortal before, and James was starting to think that maybe her immortality hadn’t been linked to her witch side. That maybe she was just as immortal as the Weapon was. And that really worried him, because, yes, James is a vampire so he will live longer, but he’ll certainly not live forever.

Having his kids being able to watch over these four wouldn’t be so bad at all.


James’ thought process halted completely as he saw Kyxa waiting for him near the ladder, her arms crossed. Even if she had a smile on her face, he could tell she wasn’t happy at all.

See, Kyxa didn’t know that James had had the tendency to bring his daughter to the basement. And Kyxa didn’t know, because James knew she wouldn’t approve.

Oh boy, he was in it for it now.


After supper, Catarina and her brother had been sent to their room. Catarina had figured out why. Daddy had done something bad again. Dad often did things mom didn’t like, but Catarina could never figure out what it was. To her eyes her dad never did anything wrong. Except when he wouldn’t let her eat more ice cream. But mom never yelled at him for doing that.


Catarina was always really curious to find out what dad kept doing wrong. What they said barely made sense to her though.

“No, that’s not a reason! You find another solution! You don’t straight out decide to involve her in this!”


Whenever mom was yelling at dad Catarina really wanted to go to the door to listen and try and figure out what they were saying, but she didn’t because she felt obligated to Watch over her little brother.

The sad part was that Benjamin, or JayJay as she liked to call him, wasn’t as curious as she was about what mom and dad were fighting about.

“She’s just a toddler and you already want to have her be in contact with those four? James! Didn’t you even think through this?”


Catarina thought it was really easy to make Benjamin laugh, but it’s only when mom and dad were fighting that he’d get all silent and serious. She thought it was always really sad when he did that because it was a lot more fun when people were laughing so she made it her responsibility to take care of her brother whenever this happened.

“JayJay let’s play a game!” Catarina suddenly exclaimed. Benjamin looked at his older sister with a the block still in his mouth.


“If it’s that important to you, you talk about it to them when they’re adults! You don’t force them into it when they’re still kids!”


Something clicked inside of Benjamin’s little head and he grabbed his sister’s hands and lifted her up. Catarina stopped Benjamin from pulling her any further.

“No! Not your game JayJay. My game!” Besides, Catarina didn’t like it when he tried to throw her across the room like in those movies.

Benjamin’s face fell a bit. “Okay.” He finally agreed.

“No! And that’s final! You are not bringing her down there anymore and you sure as hell aren’t forcing them into using their powers.”


“Don’t move.” Catarina warned as she reached towards her brother’s forehead. He closed his eyes as if she was going to hit her. She had trouble understanding his reaction. Mariella was always more than eager to play her game.

“Yes. That’s exactly what I’m saying. It’d be better if they didn’t have your power.”


Benjamin opened his eyes.

“It no work?” He asked.

“I not start yet!” Catarina exclaimed before placing her finger on her younger brother’s forehead.

“James! Where are you going?”


And thus they entered a game. A very special game that was unique to Catarina.


I can see it! Far in the tunnel I see the light of the end and new beginnings. Indeed, unless I change ideas along the way there should be about six chapters left to this generation…


Reaction to seeing Benjamin grow up;





I can deal with one golden-eyed vampire, hell I can deal with two vampires but Benjamin just had to have his daddy’s eyes! There is a limit to how many golden-eyed vampires can go about trolling like control freaks. On top of that he’s got his daddy’s hair too! (so much for Cain’s hair, looks like it ends here)

What do you have to say for yourself Sims??









S…So cute! *ahem* Fine then, guess I can SORT OF live with it.

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  1. magpie14031983 says:

    Still voting kitty-Cat! That power of hers fascinates me! But also wanna see more of Xavier! Benjie doesn’t do it for me unfortunately (can only handle one dark-haired golden-eyed Vamp heir!) Besides, KC will kick Assaria Ass! And make her enjoy it lol

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  2. *cries openly* HELP ME. THIS LITTLE CHILD. HE LOVES ANIMALS AND HE THINKS HIS MAGIC IS COOL BECAUSE HE CAN MAKE HIS OWN LITTLE SPECIAL EFFECTS AND OH MY GOD I AM LITERALLY TEARING UP HE IS SO DAMN PRECIOUS. Erin seems adorable too. Of course the fact that she never wants to go to her house is peculiar and I can’t imagine there’s something not up with that, but just in general, she seems like a cute friend! *remembers Xavier again* THIS PRECIOUS CHILD. TEARING UP AGAIN.

    Oh and Catarina!!! She’s so whimsical and lovely even at such a young age! It’s really cute how innocent she is. Ahhhhh. Let me protect them all, please? T___T Or at least…I believe it’s innocent. Still not exactly sure of the nature of her ability. Innocent dream walking…hopefully, but nothing is quite harmless in this story, is it? 😉

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