7.58 – Personal desires

I understand I may be a bit…what’s the word…SLOW with these latest chapters. But in my defense y’all were already warned. This just makes the useless post not so useless anymore XD

Also, turns out this chapter is kind of like, HUGE, so compensation?


Kevil’s POV

I played with the idea of lighting a campfire. Of course, if I did, not much would change for me. I’m a vampire. Unless an ice age comes or a volcano erupts I doubt I’ll feel that much of a change in temperature.

Though it might not change much for me physically, I do enjoy watching flames dancing on the coals, especially at night.

I let out a small content sigh. I liked this, not having anything productive to do. I’ve always had something important to do in my life. My parents kicked me out because they were disgusted at having a white-eyed as a son. I had to survive by myself until I met Rehal. Together we heard about Velor and we enrolled ourselves as his warriors. I only worked for him for two years before Zyla came and a bunch of things were set in motion. I ended up betraying Velor and I lost my childhood friend Rehal. And then I spent the next decades running away from Velor with the Weapon.


To think such an impulsive decision would…but now I’m freed of that burden. I have no responsibilities to anyone; the only person that matters to me right now is…well me. And that feels damn good. I guess I have James to thank for that, no matter how weird that sounds. He’s imprisoned anyone who’s tried to control me. And on top of that, he took my burden as well. He might not have the best intentions or the best motives, but at least the consequences of his actions don’t seem so bad.


Unfortunately, no matter how much I enjoy my current peaceful life, I get these times where I miss the old days. I don’t want to, but there was a certain attraction to fighting or playing cat and mice with Velor. I have to admit it gave me a certain amount of pride to be able to evade the great Velor. Now I’ve become a background character that nobody remembers. I’ve detached myself from all that drama, but I can’t help wanting back in the action. I wish I didn’t though.

“See? I told you he wasn’t that hard to find!”


Because I doubt I’ll be able to stay away if it comes to me.

“Hi Kevil! It’s nice to see you’re still alive.” The woman said as she sat down on one of the chairs. She had a cheery voice as usual, but there was a more mature tone to it this time. I doubted this was the same woman who’d followed William around.

I guess I should be pissed against her. She was one of the ones responsible for letting William capture me and keep me all this time. But no matter how dumb or stupid they are, I can’t quite seem to get mad at Zyla and Simon’s kids.


“I’d say the same to you, but you look like you’ve walked into a horde of wolves.” I said as I noticed the various bruises she had. She chuckled.

“That’s part of it.” She replied with a smile.

Her brother walked over and lit the campfire. Well guess that solves my earlier dilemma.


“So, what do you want?” I asked. I didn’t particularly want to delve into small talk.

“It’s been ten years.” Aliska stated as if I was supposed to know what that particular number meant.

“Come on guys! He doesn’t seem hostile.” Alec yelled at two men who were standing to the side. Hostile? I felt like laughing. I was probably the opposite of hostile, which made me quite the idiot.

“And? Was something supposed to happen?”

“William left me some instructions that happen to involve you.” Aliska replied.

Never mind, I might just become hostile with the direction this conversation is taking. I can’t quite seem to get mad at Zyla’s children, but Zyla’s brother is another matter.


I raised my eyebrows in surprise at her just as two men joined us around the fire.

I recognized one of them as Kord and that took me back. It also brought my guard up. I usually did around golden-eyed vampires. It’s become instinct.

I didn’t recognize the other man at first, but his eyes were so pale I almost mistook him for a fellow white-eyed.

“Anybody want a marshmallow?” Alec asked. “I brought a bunch!”

“You want me to do what William expects me to?” I asked incredulously.

“We just need your help for something.”


“And what would that be? Since you look so convinced I’ll say yes.”

“I’ll take a marshmallow.” The stranger said and Alec handed one over.

“I can see the future Kevil. I know you’ll agree.” Aliska replied. Her arrogance was starting to irritate me. “Don’t worry, you won’t need to look or speak to William. We just need your help with finding a boy.”


“A boy?”

“Only taking one Alec?” The stranger teased.

“I wanna savour the marshmallows Bunny. Unlike some greedy people.”

“Are you telling me you’ve gathered all these people to look for a boy and now you want my help too? Isn’t that a bit much?” I asked, trying to read her facial expressions. She used to be relatively easy to read. I wonder what she’s been doing the last ten years?


“I get it, it sounds pretty extravagant. But this boy is pretty special.” Aliska said.

“He’s a white-eyed?”

“No, not that kind of special. I can’t tell you much else unless you accept to help us.” Aliska said.

“And that’s going to convince me.” I said with sigh as I leaned back in my chair.

“Funny, that’s what I said.” Alec chuckled to himself.


Kord’s voice reached over the popping of the fire, almost making me jump. I’d forgotten he was there.

“I’m sure you remember the stories my little brother would tell you and Rehal.” Kord said in his slow calm voice.

“Which ones? He liked to talk.”

“The ones about how he got certain magical artifacts. In particular the amulet. Do you remember that one?” Kord asked. I frowned as I tried to think back.

“Velor took it after he killed someone who got too close to getting the Weapon right?”

“Yes. It was a single woman with no supernatural powers whatsoever apart from that amulet. He doesn’t remember it, he never cared for it, but her name was Anastasia Whitelight.”


Somehow the idea that Zyla’s family meddled with the Gold’s once before didn’t surprise me at all.

“And? Where are you going with this?” I asked. That’s when the stranger, Bunny, decided to chip in.

“Think about it vampire. A single girl with no supernatural powers and just some limited teleportation powers got close enough to the Weapon to catch Velor’s attention so he’d kill her. Isn’t that weird?” He said giving me a smile. He was right there was something fishy about this story.


“Her brother was the first.” Kord continued. “And she was the second.”

“First what?” I asked, getting annoyed that he was still tiptoeing around the information.

“Supernaturals who aren’t supernaturals. Naturals with powers who aren’t witches, werewolves, vampires or fairies.” Alec replied with enthousiasm.

“But that’s not…”


“Possible? Think about it Kevil. It’s not the only weird thing that’s been happening. You are a perfect example of that. A white-eyed vampire?” Aliska said. She had a point. But if there really are naturals developing new powers…our government is already fragile enough. The disappearance of white-eyes was a relief to a lot of people. They thought the world was heading to a completely natural population, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

“And you’re saying this boy is one of those naturals?”


“Not really…but it’s related…Look Kevil, we’ll tell you everything. We just want confirmation that you’ll help us find him first.” Aliska said.

Damn, they had me hooked. Not that I had much doubt that it might somehow end up like this in the end.



“Welcome to the team!” Alec exclaimed.

“Okay, now let’s hear this story.” Kevil ordered as he leaned forwards.

“It’s a lot to swallow, get ready…”



Xavier’s POV


Sand encrusted itself into my jeans and small rocks dug into the inside of my palms. A resentful force had shoved into my chest and sent me flying onto the ground. I should be used to this by now, but it still hurts every time.

I avoided their eyes as I got back to my feet, slowly dusting the sand off my pants.


“You jerks! Stop it!” Erin shot back. I cast her a warning look. I hated it when she tried to butt it, but she did every single time.

“Shut up brat!” The leader snapped. “Dad said your mom’s a whore and guess what?”

“Whores don’t get to have a say!” His brown-haired friend finished, they shared a laugh and a high five.

I could deal with them attacking me, but I hated it when they were mean at Erin.


“Guys come on-” I tried to say calmly, but Edmund, the red-haired and the leader, faked going to push me again. I instantly recoiled; afraid I’d be thrown onto the ground again. My hands were still throbbing.

The two boys behind him instantly burst into fits of laughter at my reaction.

“Shut up loser, you don’t get to talk either.” Edmund said with a grin.

“Yeah cause you’re a homo!” The black-orange haired boy chipped in.


“You’re being unfair! And you guys are the only ones who think that!” Erin tried to counter again even though you could tell she was still shaken by their last comment at her.

Why did she have to try and make things worse? I tried to ask her to just let them do what they want and then they’ll leave faster. When she talks back at them they just get angrier.


“No. My dad said that people like you guys are disgusting. And don’t you dare say my dad is wrong.” Edmund said, his dark purple eyes glaring at me. I felt exposed and self-conscious, especially since I hadn’t been the one to bring up this conversation.

His glare was so intense it made my heart beat rapidly in my chest. I avoided his eyes as I waited for this event to finish and for them to leave already.

My eyes being glued to the ground, I never saw him coming.


He rushed forwards and pushed me even harder on the ground this time.

“Oops.” He faked being surprised.

“That means stay down when we put you down loser.” The boy on the left said, kicking sand in my direction.


Finally, with a few proud hmphs, they turned around and left the playground.

I didn’t dare get up until I was sure they were completely out of sight.


I dusted off my pants and turned towards Erin to hear her complain.

“Xavier! You have to fight back!” She insisted.

“No I don’t.” I answered simply. I wish she’d just let it go. It’s done, it’s finished, let’s move on already.

“Yes you do! And you could too!”


“You’re a witch you could zap them back to nowhere land!” Erin exclaimed as she made zapping noises in my direction.

“Back to…?”



“Erin, stop it. I don’t want to talk about it anymore. Let’s do something else.” I attempted. Fighting back isn’t a solution, even I know that. Especially not against strong guys like those three. And I wouldn’t even know how to attack with my magic. Erin is the only one who knows about it and it’s not like she’s an expert in magic.

“It’s because you like him isn’t it?” Erin said, narrowing her eyes at me.


I felt my cheeks threaten to burn – due to frustration or embarrassment, I don’t know.

“That’s not the reason Erin.” I said in a serious tone.

“Why do you even like boys? Why don’t you like girls?” Erin pouted.

I looked at her in surprise. “What? I don’t know. Why are you even asking me this?” I spurted out, almost stumbling on my words.


“No reason.” Erin blurted out. I rolled my eyes.

“Why can’t we do something fun? If I knew you were going to be on my case I would’ve stayed home.” I said, basically threatening her so she’d dropped the subject.

“Kay I’m sorry! You’re right, let’s go play.” Erin finally conceded.


Finally rid of that subject, we rushed towards the nearest toys and I climbed on the pirate ship first.

Erin being Erin, she just had to mutter one last comment.

“He’s not even nice though…”

I decided to make as if I hadn’t heard her even though I was tempted to argue with her. Yeah sure, Edmund seems like a real jerk, but I know he’s actual a nice guy.

How I know this?

Well the first time I met him, he wasn’t bullying me.


On the first day of school, he was one of the new kids who’d recently moved to Legacy Island II. He looked like a cool guy and I sort of wanted other friends apart from Erin.


So I introduced myself and we actually got along well. He thought I was hilarious and I was having fun making him laugh. I really thought we could be friends. But that was only on the first day. I wasn’t the only one who wanted to be friends with him. A lot of the other kids in my class tried to befriend him and they were a lot pushier than I was.


Short version, I sort of got forgotten. He got himself some other friends and I continued to hang out with Erin. I still wanted to be friends with him though, but there were always other people hanging out with him.

Eventually a rumor got out that I had this huge crush on him. Most of that was based on the fact that I apparently kept staring at him.

I guess they were right. I did have the tendency to stare.

But I didn’t expect the rumor to change anything. I hadn’t had any problems with me being gay before. Most people were pretty supportive of it.


But Edmund ended up searching me out to tell me to leave him alone. He looked angry and freaked out and I couldn’t understand it.

When I told my parents, and my psychologist, they said he was probably one of the kids who’d been raised to be homophobic.

Basically people who are scared of people who like the same gender.

It’s as weird and hard for me to understand as it is for people to understand why I’m scared of places I can’t escape from.


And well since, he’s been picking on me. Every chance he gets, with the people who probably started the rumor in the first place so I wouldn’t be friends with Edmund.

But its fine you know, I don’t mind. It’s not really Edmund’s fault. He’s a nice guy. I’m sure of it.



Catarina’s POV

“No no!” JayJay complained, holding on tightly to my hands.

“Yes yes JayJay!” I insisted.

“No no RayRay!”

“But JayJay, Rocky’ll be with you the whole time!” I argued.


“No play with me!” My little slightly annoying and clingy brother demanded.

“Okay, we’ll play hide and seek if you let me leave for two minutes.” I compromised.

Benjamin seemed to consider this very seriously. Finally he nodded his approval.

“One minute.”



Without letting him talk back, I quickly turned around and left to start my adventure.

I was curious, no beyond curious, to know who dad was talking to…Or what dad was generally doing really.

I heard the dry grass crinkle as Benjamin tried to follow me. Though technically, it was the fact that I could sense him coming towards me. It’s kind of hard to explain.


“JJJaaayyyJjjjaaayyyy!” I warned.

With an unhappy grunt he sat down and started to play with the dry grass. I could tell he was going to pout for a few minutes.


I set about walking again.

My dad can’t speak. Yeah, he’s…he’s…dang I forgot the word, but it basically means he can’t talk. So he talks with his hands. He’s not actually talking but it’s like his hands are saying the words for him. It’s kind of hard to explain.

Anyway, since my dad can’t speak I’ve never heard him talk before.

I forgot where I was going with my train of thought.


Anyway that’s not really important. What’s important is I think my dad is pretty interesting. He doesn’t tell us a lot about him, but I know he’s not like normal dads. For starters, my friends’ dads can talk and they don’t have people in their basement. I asked one of my friends who they had in their basement and they looked at me weird so I assumed it was supposed to be a secret.


I’ve been trying to see how different dad is by comparing him to the other dads. And well, the other dads don’t talk to strangers.

Well okay, this random guy is probably not a stranger for dad, but I don’t know him! And every time I see him he never comes in further than the mailbox. Dad stops him from doing so and he never wants us to be around when he talks to the guy.

Anyway, I’m going to hear what dad is always talking about with this guy and finally find out why my dad isn’t like the other dads.


“Just like you said more naturals are suddenly being turned. We caught those naturals, but they all claim they were turned by a golden-eyed vampire sir.” The stranger said. I barely understood a word, but I made sure to remember them.

“And we’ve gotten confirmation that the vampires in the neighbouring towns have calmed down. They liked your compromise.”


Suddenly out of nowhere mom appeared! Okay not out of nowhere, I was so concentrated on dad that I didn’t see her coming. Plus mom is the only one I can’t sense coming.

“Are you spying on your father hon?” Mom asked. She obviously knew the answer to the question. I looked away pouting. Now mom was going to destroy all my fun!


But then I realized I could maybe get out of this without getting a lecture.

“Well actually mom, I was just going-”

My beautiful speech was interrupted by a surprised exclamation from the stranger.


Next thing I knew, dad had sped by mom and I superfast.

“Dad?” I managed to mutter as I saw my dad actually looking panicked. Mom saw it too and followed after dad towards the basement.

There was no way I wasn’t going to follow. What was going on?



No one’s POV

Curiosity was apparently a family trait. No longer had Catarina left on her journey had Benjamin begun his. The dry grass wasn’t enough to occupy the little boy for long and he spotted the ladder going into the basement.

He knew the basement existed and he’d been told never to go there. His daddy was supposed to put a lid on it so people couldn’t fall in…but that was one of the many things he hadn’t done yet.

The boy had seen his big sister go down there so many times…he couldn’t understand why he couldn’t either. So he grabbed onto the ladder and carefully made his way down.


By the time the little boy’s small feet had touched the floor, he already had a fascinated audience watching him.

And he was just as fascinated. Who were all these people?

What do we have here?

“Old age must have made you lose your eyesight.”

I’m not the one who looks old your highness.

Benjamin was even more amazed as he listened to the two people talk back and forth like a well-oiled machine. Their comments flowed almost perfectly. Benjamin wanted to see them closer so walked over to the nearest one.


“It’s got to be the little brother. Look at that, they both have the eyes.”

The little James spawn is willingly coming to me. You shouldn’t be so naïve boy, I’m a bad gal you know.” But Benjamin wasn’t discouraged, if anything the woman’s evil aura only made him more curious. “I wonder how mad James would be if we killed his son. He’s so innocent and looks so much like James I kind of want to kill him just for the heck of it too.”

“Then why don’t you?”

I don’t like hurting kids.

“Really? Now that’s surprising.”

Shut up. They’re too small.

“Well I’ll do it then.”


“Send him over.”

Go see that ugly guy over there.” The woman said, pushing the boy towards the other cell. Slightly confused, Benjamin let himself be led over to the other stranger. This one was just as fascinating as the other one to him.

“They really are innocent when they’re young. There’s a surplus of little mind controllers anyway.”


The man took hold of Benjamin and was surprised to see the kid still looked as neutral as when he’d come down the stairs. And for some reason, that fact actually made him a bit nervous.

Look at him! He’s fearless, or the dumb trait really is genetic in the Whitelight family tree.” The woman cackled. “If you’re going to do it, you better do it soon. I doubt that boy’ll stay unsupervised for long.

And with that, the man violently slammed the little boy’s head onto the bars just as he felt James’ mind take control of his.


Once the deed had been done, Velor quickly leapt away from the crime scene, almost as if that was going to exempt him.

James’ feet hit the ground as he jumped down from the top of the ladder, and an eerie silence filled the room as James took in the sight before him.


James leapt to his son’s side just as Kyxa joined him in the basement.

As James held his son, examining his bleeding head and feeling the horror of what just happened sink in, he remembered something odd.

It was something old, from when he was still living at his parent’s house.

A baby covered in blood lies in your arms…behind you a being with green wings watches…you seem so…sad


The memory quickly faded as the realization of who had done this to his son came to mind.

“Benjamin…” Kyxa managed to let out. She reached out just as James leapt to his feet.

Anger was fueling his movements as he pulled out the keys to the cells and unlocked them.


Hands shaking in anger, James opened Velor’s cell and stepped in.

“Ah you’re so predictable.” Velor laughed, knowing full well there was nowhere to run.

He really did get pissed…” Assaria noted.


Using his vampiric strength, James gripped Velor’s throat and prepared to punch him as hard as he could, for as long as he needed to.

“James! It’s not the time! We need to take Benjamin to the hospital!” Kyxa said as she scooped her son into her arms.

James hesitated. He hesitated for a long time. Half of him desperately wanted to punch the living daylights out of the ex-vampire, while the other one knew Benjamin was his top priority at the moment.


“Better listen to what she says if you want to save your son.” Velor managed to say with a winning grin.

James remembered why he hated the man so much all over again.


Hola mi amigos!

First off,

In that last screenshot, this is what Velor really wanted:



Velor: Fine then.


Yes that is Barney! I asked Barney what he thought of my story;


I’m not kidding! Okay maybe I am.

Second off,

The guy called Bunny that you guys have never seen or heard of before (although that’s a lie) first appeared in CAS like this;


Ironic no? I was this close to leaving the ears on, but then I decided against it.

Secondly, there’s a small detail about him I didn’t tell in the story and because it wasn’t really important for the moment, but it’s still something I’d like y’all to know.

Aliska and Bunny are an item,

 love is in the air

And there may be babies in the future. MAYBE.

Things you might be questioning;

Q: I thought Aliska could only see the future of her family members?

A: INDEED. That is very true.

Q: Why is she so sure Kevil is going to accept then?

A: Apart from being over confident? Well, she’s got Alec tagging along. She most likely saw Kevil in Alec’s future, or maybe even Kord’s future.

Q: What’s with all the bruises and the hair?

A: One question at a time plz.

Q: Bruises?

A: If you ask her that question she’ll reply: I went on an adventure… and then she’ll give you a coy smile.

Q: Hair?

A: It grew out and the opportunity to color it back didn’t really come her way…ironic since she originally dyed it so that Bunny would like her in highschool.

Q: Is Bunny really his name?

A: Ha XD no. His real name is Harry, but they nicknamed him Bunny in highschool cause he had this mean jumping ability.

Q: What’s with the mustache?

A: What’s with the question? He likes his mustache. He gets to keep his mustache. NO ONE ELSE HAS A MUSTACHE. He gets to have a mustache.

Q: Bunny as in…?

A: Yes. Wait! No! Not that type! The other more plot-related one. As in Aliska’s plot. As in Alice in Wonderland y’all.

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9 Responses to 7.58 – Personal desires

  1. magpie14031983 says:

    Lol Blams, I think your poll is unanimous lol

    And technically if Kevil is related to Tarnowak distantly that would kind of make him Aliska’s family (although much removed) so then she would be able to see his future (who knows what Tarnowak got up to in those years he was missing)

    Did Velor steal the keys while James was distracted? Would explain the “you’re so predictable” comment…

    I don’t like Aliska! I keep wanting to drop-kick her off a high cliff! She’s basically turned on her REAL family for that freak-ass uncle… And now she has Alec doing Will-Liam’s twisted bidding…

    How’s my gorgeous Nixie-Pixie? We haven’t seen her in ages! I want Nixie-boos not Alisk-boos!

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:


      Actually, Kevil isn’t. Tarnowak doesn’t sleep around like a certain ex-vampire king that may or may not be rotting in a cell. At the time when Clarice was born, the normal white-eyed rules were being respected. The other white-eyes were mysteriously born with the eyes all over the world. So, Kevil isn’t related to the whitelights.

      Haha! That’d be smart of Velor, but James has complete control of his mind. He’d know if he did.

      Awww but I like Aliska XD She’s like a barbie doll I have fun dressing up. You know you’re all so quick to judge my William XD Okay I admit Liam can be…a slight jerk. Yeah, Alec is probably getting something material out of this though.

      Yeah we haven’t see Nix recently, she’s caught up in her journalism job. She’ll probably be getting some babies with Cliff soon.


  2. Well jeez, I don’t know what to make of that first scene at all. I don’t really take Aliska, Alec, Kevil, or even Bunny as being the ill-intentioned sort necessarily, but Kord doesn’t seem to bat an eye when it comes to these things. What an odd bunch then to be gathered together. I don’t know what to make of it. What are they up to? Why’s this boy so important? What’s the nature of their intentions? Good? Bad? Perhaps a mixture, depending on how you look at it? I really don’t know. My gut says they’re not up to anything particularly sinister, but this certainly has my eyes narrowed a bit in suspicion. I hope my gut’s right…but I guess I’ll see.

    Now, Xavierrrrrrrrr. I get so bubbly and overwhelmed and teary eyed whenever I read his point of view, oh my god! He’s just…so…gahhhhh *reduced to crying babbling mess* I just really like him so far. Obviously. Was surprised to see Edmund in this light, well, considering, but…also it makes sense given what I know? But, sad nonetheless. Really, really sad. Oh Edmund….I know you don’t want to hear that your father is wrong, but he is, he so is, and someday you’ll see that…and it’ll feel so much more freeing. I worry, however, about how bad this might get before the tides shift.

    Next, Catarina! LOL: “My friends’ dads can talk and they don’t have people in their basement.” Yes well, the first not super uncommon, but the latter….yes that’s quite problematic and um, DIFFERENT. LOL. It’s no wonder the girl’s curious…especially because evidently they haven’t told her thing. Oh, oh, why haven’t the Whitelights learned that keeping things from their children is a very, very bad mistake?

    Finally, Benjamin! Another curious boy, and who could blame him, really? But oh my god, that was the worst place in the world to go wandering, not that he could have known. Fucking Velor!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And go freaking figure, the ONE time I would have been totally understanding if James murdered someone, all he did was hit him. FHDkfjhsfkdhkfs. Well, priorities. TO THE HOSPITAL NOW. I really hope Benjamin will be okay…and I really hope Velor won’t be!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Mixture of bad and good and a lot of neutral in that group. Kord’s always been the type to just tag along for the ride. He’s a junkie for tragedy.
      YEAH yeah yeeaaahhhh Eddie dear

      “Darling we have four murderous people in our basement. They are very bad and if they get released into the world, everyone will probably end up dying and we’re the only obstacles between them and the apocalypse. Sleep tight and don’t let the murderers bite!”
      As a kid I’d get nightmares lol. But they definitely should prepare their children for this kind of stuff.

      Liked by 1 person

      • LOL WELL THAT IS NOT THE WAY I WOULD WORD IT. I mean I suppose if anything they could have played it off like it’s a jail and they’re the guards making sure they don’t escape. Like prisoners in jails and the like. Gets the picture across that they’ve done bad and that they shouldn’t be released. Obviously overly simplistic and not entirely accurate, but again, decent enough to get the point across.

        Really though I’m just surprised they leave it open. I’d have all sorts of locks and enchantments on it. Whatever I could get my hands on so that no one, especially not my children, could freely wander in o__o

        Liked by 1 person

        • blamsart says:

          Well James was SUPPOSED to have a trap door installed, but he was too lazy on that note and look at what happened.
          tut tut, this is why you don’t procrastinate even if you think it’ll be fine because you can control anything.

          Liked by 1 person

  3. *Mpart* says:

    “I asked one of my friends who they had in their basement and they looked at me weird so I assumed it was supposed to be a secret.” This made me laugh so hard. I feel bad for everyone in this chapter, except Velor.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Skcaga6 says:

    So people aren’t supposed to stay locked up in the basement? BRB, I need to make a trip downstairs…forget you read that…

    Liked by 1 person

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