7.59 – The Game

ScreenshotJames’ POV

“He’ll be just fine. Just a few papers to fill out and then you take this darling back home.” The nurse told me with a reassuring smile. I really couldn’t see why Kyxa was freaking out so much.

I looked at Benjamin as he observed his surroundings with wide and curious eyes. He’d woken up when we’d entered the hospital and he’d started to cry that his head hurt. But then he noticed all the people milling about in the hospital and he gradually calmed down, until he was happily letting the nurses patch him up.

Looking at him now, it was hard to tell that Velor had banged his head on the prison bars.


“Who’s that?” Kyxa asked, eyeing the little toddler in the room with us suspiciously. I chuckled silently. Really? As if a toddler could be dangerous. She’s really going to need to tell me what’s so bad about Stonebridge’s hospital now.

“That’s Cindy. You don’t need to worry about her, she’s the head doctor’s daughter. She hangs out here from time to time.” The nurse replied. “Now, when you’re ready to leave you can just sign the papers at the front desk. Have a good day!”

And with one last smile, the nurse left the room.


‘You’re going to have to tell me what’s wrong with this hospital because I can’t see it. They have fish on their walls, why did you bring your sword?’ I signed at her with a smile.

She smiled back, relaxing a little bit.

“But James, the fact that I have my sword with me right now should be proof enough.” She replied, and all at once her gentle smile became condescending to me. Something that’s been happening a lot lately.


“Don’t you remember when we were at Legacy Island II’s hospital? When you and your dad got shot? Well, that hospital made a huge deal about not letting me keep my sword. They refused to let me in unless I took it off. But here, people barely even glance at me.” Kyxa argued.

I narrowed my eyes, unconvinced. I scanned the majority of the minds here and no one seemed hostile. Well no one out of the ordinary. I might be slightly biased with Assaria and Velor as a comparison however…

“Hospitals don’t usually allow weapons. You’ll have to believe me on this James, this hospital is corrupted. It may look all nice on the outside, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they started testing out drugs on their patients. I don’t want to stay here longer than needed.” Kyxa insisted.


‘If it really is corrupted, wouldn’t the police be on their case?’ I questioned. ‘Especially if they have a brother like mine on their side.’

Kyxa looked around as if she was scared the nurses might be listening through the walls.

“It’s not like they publicize it…”


“Look, can you just trust me on this?” Kyxa asked rhetorically, kissing me to finish the conversation.

I’m trying to Kyxa, I really am.

But it’s getting to be harder and harder to blindly follow what you say.



Catarina’s POV

I did another check just to make sure. I reached out with my mind and found only Rocky running around again. I opened my eyes once I was done and went down the rest of the ladder, holding the keys tightly in my palm.

I’m not big for using my um…influence as grandma calls it. She also says to never use it, while dad actually gives me lessons! Yeah, I’ve learned that grandparents don’t know what they’re talking about. But dad is kind of annoying on that part. It’s only because he gives me and Benjamin lessons that I actually even use it (which really just extends to sensing people)! Well this power anyway. Yeah I have two! Which means I’m special! Even JayJay doesn’t have this power. Well it’s more like a game than a power really. Anyway, that’s not really important right now.


Mom and dad and JayJay are all the hospital. I’m not too sure what happened. Mom and dad came rushing out of the basement with JayJay in dad’s arms. Dad wanted to bring me along, but mom kept insisting to leave me home. Details, details, what’s to remember is that I got the house to myself! There’s not that much to do at home I admit…and I could’ve called some friends over, but opportunities like these do not come often!

I’m technically not allowed to go into the basement. It’s a big no-no, especially with mom, a little bit less with dad. But I go down there anyways, because, I mean, not everyone has actual people in their basement!

There’s a few weird, slightly boring, and slightly scary people. Like, okay, one of those is this like man.


Every time I come downstairs he stares at me. Okay, might not be too weird since they have like nothing to do down here and I’m probably the most interesting thing they’ve ever seen.

But then he smirks like that stupid boy in my class who thinks he knows everything.

“The little girl has returned.” He said as I unlocked the first door. I stuck my tongue out at him and he chuckled.

Plus he calls me little, so I really don’t like him.


Oh she is.” The woman said as she yawned loudly. “Will you tell me what time it is this time?

Oh yeah, that’s the other one I don’t like. She’s like weird on another level. I just knew the moment I saw her that I’d better stay away. I certainly didn’t want to see what was going on in her head. I ignored her and kept walking.

“Still won’t give you the time of day.” The man commented and the woman rolled her eyes.

Oh you are so hilarious.” She exclaimed sarcastically before rolling over and trying to go back to sleep.

These two were a lot more active at first. They kept trying to talk to me and tell me these really weird things, and I asked dad about the people in the basement once – because I knew he knew I’d at least seen them once, and it didn’t really seem like he’d punish me for going into the basement – and he told me they were bad people I shouldn’t listen to. So basically, I stopped listening to them and they stopped talking to me.


Now there’s a third person too, this old guy, but…really do I need to say more? He looks old, frail, and well old! And it creeps me out so I tend to stay clear of him.

There’s only one person I like out of all these four! And probably the only reason why I even come down here….

Guess this is the point where I talk about my game again eh? Okay, first I feel like giving a history lesson, but no worries this is a lot more entertaining than history class. Now THAT’S boring! Talking about all these supernatural battles and bla bla bla, and the teacher actually pointed me out once to show the class what a real vampire looks like! Apparently not everyone gets to meet one. Which makes me specialer. It didn’t really make me mad or anything that I had to stand up and that everyone had to look at me, actually it was fun! I liked it!

Oh oh, seems I got off track again.


I closed the jail door I’d just opened behind me. The fourth person, she’s a teenager, smiled at me. She knew me, obviously since I come here as often as I can.

Okay history lesson! My mom is a fairy so she can make sparkles in the air and she can fly. I’m kind of jealous because I’d like to fly. It’d be so cool! Flying around the ceiling and stuff! I could go on the top of the trees and see the whole town!

Dad, and grandpa and grandma, are vampires! This is where it gets weird. Fairies are easy to understand, but vampires really confuse me. See, grandma and grandpa have to drink blood. It’s like…what vampires have to eat to survive. They eat this plasma juice taken from plasma fruits and sometimes blood from live people. Which means people like my friends and my teachers! They don’t kill them or anything though. Okay, so sounds pretty normal for a vampire right?

Well dad’s a vampire, but he doesn’t drink blood! Isn’t that weird? Because he’s totally a vampire! He doesn’t even have fangs too! Grandma and grandpa do. Which makes my dad special, and if dad is special than I’m special too. I really like being special, and my friends find me weird because of that. They keep saying I’m trying to stand out too much.


“Hi Jane! Can we play again today?” I asked. The girl looked at me with her lizard eyes.

Anyway, I might have to drink blood too when I grow up. Actually me and JayJay probably will. That’s one confusing thing, the other is the influence thing. Grandpa can’t, but grandma, dad, JayJay and me can do some mind thing! Dad can control anyone to do anything they want, it’s pretty awesome. Grandma doesn’t ever use her power, even when I ask her to. And well me…I’m not as good as dad. I don’t control people. I can only sense people. Like I’ll know if dad is home or not…but not mom. For some reason I can’t ever sense mom. Or the old guy. Or the creepy man. I can definitely sense JayJay! Way better than dad. Actually it’s like I have a deeper connection and stuff.


“Okay.” Jane said, revealing her fangs.

Oh yeah almost forgot. Jane is really weird too. She’s not a vampire cause she doesn’t have the v thing on her neck, but she has fangs! It’s like she stole them from dad. She also has weird lizard eyes, like I said before and she’s got these really creepy long nails that don’t grow. I swear she never cuts them but every time I come to see her they look the same!

Also, she acts really childish! At first I was really surprised because she looked like those mean teenagers from school that pick on the little kids. But she was acting – and still is – like she’s younger than me or something.

Anyway I figured out why by playing the game. Mhmm, let me show you.


“So give me a hug then!” I exclaimed opening up my arms.

Jane bent down and hugged me and I started the game. Playing the game is different than scanning for people at home. Well first off, when I scan I don’t really need to anything other than close my eyes and concentrate. When I play the game, it’s like I completely leave my body! I forget about it, and I can only play it with someone else. AND – yeah so many conditions – I have to be touching the other person or else it doesn’t work.

I usually play with JayJay, because well…I don’t know, it feels like it’s my little secret and I don’t want dad and mom and grandpa and grandma to know it. Or my friends. I considered playing with my friends, but they’re already so edgy about me being cool, I don’t want to traumatize them more than necessary!

So I only play with Jane and JayJay. And sometimes Rocky…but that’s rare because it’s really, really weird.

As her cold skin touched mine I felt her mind and I connected to it. It’s not like being aware of someone else being around…this is really like I dug my hand into someone’s mind.


It’s a…well I guess you could call it an out-of-body experience. It’s like I plugged my earphones into dad’s computer or my mp3 player. Suddenly all this noise starts going into my brain! Some are pleasant, some really aren’t. This is the hard part about playing the game. I have to find the right noise. There’s thousands, but the calm one is usually the best one. If I choose the wrong one it’s like I got a wrong answer and I get kicked out. Or in thise case you could say deplugged!

I’d gone into Jane’s mind a dozen other times so finding the right noise wasn’t too hard.


Once I did, I found myself in the usual white room. It’s the same with JayJay. The game starts in a square white room with a single door. The first time I played the game with JayJay his door was locked. It took forever to get it open!

Jane’s door, however, has always been unlocked and there’s even a window so I can peek in! There are some weird paper trees in front, like a type of barrier, but they don’t do a lot of blocking.


I easily went past the thin trees and opened Jane’s door. A strong scent that reminded me of spring came through and invaded my nose. Instantly I heard birds chirping, insects chattering and butterflies fluttering.

Jane’s room is always like a forest. It’s very calm and peaceful. And pleasant too!

I almost wish our backyard looked like this! The dry dead grass is kind of depressing sometimes.


Jane was milling about on a weird looking table, which wasn’t really all that surprising. Last time she was painting on an easel, and the time before that she was swimming in a pond. She’s always doing something different. She said it’s all stuff she’s always wanted to do and this is how she’s imagined doing it.

Yes, it’s true, Jane can actually talk a lot! Well, mostly when we’re playing the game.

I walked towards her, the flowers tickling my feet, and gave a quick nod to the two grass dragons. They stayed unmoving, but clearly surveying my every movements. I swear, they look like some kind of bodyguards.


“Woah! Are those actual sunflowers?” I asked as Jane noticed my presence. I’d never seen one before! Apart from on the sunflower seed bags….but I never knew they grew so tall…

“Yup, I felt like having sunflowers today.” Jane said.

Remember how I said Jane acted childish for her age? Well that’s because, in here, she is a child! Weird thing though, she seems a lot more mature and talkative when she looks like a kid.


“I’ve taken up inventing today too! It’s so much fun, I’m trying to make a robot RayRay! Wouldn’t that be cool? A robot?” Jane immediately started chatting.

Here’s another weird thing that I don’t understand about Jane – well first of all her name isn’t Jane, she said it herself, but she absolutely wants to be called Jane, won’t even let me give her a nickname – she’s always wearing two specific things. No matter the outfit she has, she’s always wearing these two things.

One of them is a pair of gloves. When I asked her why she always had them on, she said she just didn’t want to take them off. Almost like she’s trying to hide something.


“A robot would be awesome! How do you build one?” I asked.

“Well that’s what I was trying to figure out. But I’m guessing we need metal and some screws.” Jane laughed before turning back to her workbench.

And the second thing are the eye patches she has on her eyes. I’m not kidding, she slipped two eye patches on, not even a blindfold, and acts like there’s nothing weird about it. She can see perfectly fine! Which I guess isn’t that weird since this isn’t really real life. Anything can happen here, including being blind but not being blind.


Jane and I set about building a robot from what she could imagine. I like playing the game because anything can happen. You could even fly! Unfortunately I can’t. It’s sort of Jane’s game. She decides the rules and I only tag along, but it’s fun anyway!

Time also goes slower here so I don’t have to worry about my parents coming home suddenly.

Jane and I played around with the robot even made him come to life and dance with us!


Eventually I got bored and I decided it was time I left. I get bored easily which is why I like coming to play with Jane. She’s always got something completely different going on. It’s a lot more interesting than my boring old same house, and even sometimes friends. They’re all so predictable.

Just as I was heading for the door Jane said something.

“Maybe you should visit the man named William one of these days.”

“Who?” I asked.

“The old guy in front of my cell. It might be interesting. He seems to be more than one person. Tell me all about it when you come back okay?” Jane insisted. I reluctantly nodded and walked through the door.


I woke up on the floor with a slightly sore back. Jane was still asleep, and she would stay asleep for a long time after that. JayJay wakes up at the same time I do, so I don’t understand why she keeps sleeping.

Playing the game with the old guy? But that’s so weird…I glanced at him to see he’d been watching us and a creepy feeling nestled in my chest.

Normally I wouldn’t even think of this, but since Jane asked for it I guess I can give it a try. Especially since she usually never talks about the real world!


No way am I opening the cell though!

She’s always so punctual. Waking up at exactly the same time every time.” The woman droned on.

I walked over to the old man.

“Old man, would you like to play the game with me?” I asked.

His face instantly lit up. “Yes! I’d love to!

His enthusiasm caught me off guard. Here’s another one who doesn’t sound their age!

Shaking off my surprise, I did a quick mental check to make sure mom and dad weren’t back yet and then I extended my hand through the bars and he did the same.

Once I started the game the usual turmoil of noise invaded my mind. It was incredibly confusing, but I managed to find one noise that was a lot calmer than all the other hyperactive ones.


Once I tuned out all the rest, I opened my eyes and found myself in the white room once again. This room didn’t have a windowed door, or your normal house door, no, there was a huge double door that looked fit for a castle!

Now that’s what I call a barrier!


I walked over and pushed and pulled on the door, but as I had expected, it didn’t move. It was closed firmly shut. Instead of trying to force it open like I did with JayJay, I decided to knock on the door.

The old man had wanted to play the game, so if I asked nicely he’d probably let me in.

I was right. An audible click was heard as the door unlocked and swung open.


I’ll be truthful. The chapter was supposed to be two times as long as this, but…it’s getting kind of long! I didn’t expect Catarina to be such a chatterbox!

*sniffles* I thought I was done with Kyxa and James…I thought they could have a happy ever after, but things aren’t really going in that direction… 😦

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13 Responses to 7.59 – The Game

  1. Epp, I love her game. It is soo uniquely cool, and dangerous. She really is a chatter box. I also love how naive she is right now. She doesn’t realize that her leaving her brother alone resulted in a chain of events that ended him up at the hospital.
    I think these kids are going to end up causing Kyxa and James some difficulties. But what is life without difficulties.
    And Jane. Oh, Catarina is going to know more about her than anyone else before her. She is such a mystery. But if James knew that Catarina was touching Jane he would flip out, she could drain Catarina of her supernatural power, but I don’t think she would. I think Jane is fond of Catarina. Anyway, now I am the chatter box.

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Well said, Catarina doesn’t seem to realize the consequences of her actions just yet.

      You’re right…but then again James has complete control over those four prisoners. He would know the moment Jane would want to do something like that and would stop her before she did. James is pretty powerful. It is VERY likely he’s aware of his daughter’s escapades…


  2. magpie14031983 says:

    No no no no! You are NOT breaking up KyJa!!! Just let them be a “normal” couple that has their own as well as shared interests and can survive alone but prefer to be together!

    I like the “game”, I’d love a talent like that! But if those freaks Will and Liam invade Kitty-Cat’s mind I’m gonna be sooooo pissed! Hey, maybe KC will discover the real William hiding out in the calm centre of his mind, away from the W-L freaks!

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      I don’t want to! Believe me! It’s James who’s getting restless and doing things Kyxa doesn’t approve of…And of course Kyxa does treat him a bit like a kid sometimes…

      Ikr! I like RayRay’s game too! And boy sometimes you seem to have powers of premonition…*cough*
      Yes, I do miss my little scientific William. He could’ve had one hell of a career and a life if Will and Liam hadn’t possessed him…


  3. Whew, I finally got caught up! I don’t know how I got so behind! Nano has taken over my life, obviously XD Anyway… where do I even start!? I don’t… But… Ack! Blam what are you doing to me!?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. ivaneluna says:

    oh my goodness. THis is awesome! I’m almost depressed that Catarina didn’t win as heir! I love her! And I love her ability too. Gosh. This is awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh, dear….This is rather unexpected. James and Kyxa have truly been a power couple so far, so it’s jarring to see these barriers being risen between them. It seems to have started with Kyxa being upset that James was taking toddler Catarina down into the prison, and now seems to have only worsened now that Velor got his hands on Benjamin and James is doubting her suspicions about the hospital. I’m with Kyxa though—it’s very strange that they allow weapons in here. Not to mention, isn’t this the one Hans works at? Or was that the other one? Gah, overloading my brain with too much information by reading so much, so fast, lol. I suppose it’s not the first time we’ve seen rockiness between them though…it happened before too when Kyxa wanted a more peaceful, normal life and James still wanted to focus on Velor. They managed to work that out though, so…perhaps they’ll be able to work this out too.

    Catarina!!!!!!!!! Oh oh, so it is a little bit like dream walking, only it’s more like…hmm…imagination walking!!! Being able to access the person’s daydreams, in a way? Their little fantasy land? Still puzzling out the particulars, but it’s realllllllly cool. Also I love that Jane is able to have fun and play these games with Catarina as I’m still fairly upset she’s still locked away in a cell. She needs to be protected, yes, because too many want to use her, but god….couldn’t she become a member of the family or something? I feel like she’s only been a victim in this…I haven’t seen her doing anything awful of her own accord. Blehhhhhh : (

    Is it bad that I’m super excited Catarina is going to enter William’s fantasy world now? I mean, I’m still wary of him, or rather, the Time Keepers who have invaded his body, but….he’s still never seemed bad to me, regardless of James’ suspicions. I am so, so curious to see what she will discover……

    Liked by 1 person

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