Unwillingly hiatused though not really…

You know that annoying fan I was talking to you guys about? Well I decided, what the hell let’s FINALLY get it fixed.

So I have to pay a whomping 50$ just to get my computer diagnosed. T thought they’d the fix the problem while they were at it, but then they called today and said I had to replace the fan. Which means that’s an additional 80$, and on top of that they keep my computer prisoner for a whole week!


How am I to survive!? It was already hard waiting for two days!

Anyway, this was just to say that I will not have access to anything sims related *cries in corner* for at least a week. That means I can’t advance or do anything productive whatsoever for this story since the plot is already decided. I might be able to respect my two week deadline though…

So you’ll just have to wait a little longer to peek inside William’s mind!


About blamsart

♪They say it's what you make♪ I say it's up to fate ♪It's woven in my soul♪ I need to let you go♪ -- Demons by Imagine Dragons
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5 Responses to Unwillingly hiatused though not really…

  1. I swear to all that is holy that if you let KC be “possessed” by those Will-Liam cretins I’m going on strike! I will not comment on the entire next generation *pout and growl and glare* and we all know you love my 10 cent comments lol

    That being said, I’m still willing to wait to see because a story this good is worth waiting for (which is why I’m not pulling out my hair over TCoC and QotD also!) Speaking of which: Blams and Jessi can I pleeeeeeeease be on you Advance Copy lists for your NaNos *kneels down and begs* Ivane have said I can get hers but it would totally make my Christmas if I could add my other two favourite authors! *silently fangirling in hope*

    OK hope they fix your fan super quick!

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    • blamsart says:

      Waaahhh! Such a severe threat! Don’t do that, I have no control over this story! You can’t blame me! Oh but…sorry to say this, but I have up on Nano XD I couldn’t write both Light the way to heaven and NaNo, if I wanted to stick to my two week deadline AND get 50 000 words by the end of the month. I had to make a choice…and well it wasn’t that hard ! (especially considering how quickly I lacked inspiration for NaNo).


  2. Senkime says:

    Oh no!!! I so wanted to peek in his mind… he reminds of the Chesire Cat from Alice in Wonderland even though I probably spelt that wrong.

    Oh well being patience makes it more worthwhile ^^

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