7.60 – Worries of the heart

ScreenshotCatarina’s POV

The door opened smoothly and I peeked inside. The room wasn’t as I had expected it. I didn’t think it would be so colorful, you know, I expected an old man’s room! Not that I’ve ever seen an old man’s room, but I assume they’re boring and grey and uninteresting.

Speaking of the old man, I couldn’t see him anywhere in the room. There was only two boys that looked a bit older than me playing some video games.


You made it run away!

“That’s what I was supposed to do!”

But it was so cute…

“No no no, the goal is game is to chase them into the lake! We’re never going to finish it if you just want to look at them the whole time.”

Can’t we play that petting game you had last time?

“Nuhuh, that’s a game for girls.”


Funny, I don’t think they noticed my presence yet. Another funny thing, the boy’s blue hair looks familiar. I’m pretty sure uncle Alec and aunt Nix have the same hair! Though it’s hard to tell because I haven’t seen them in a while.


I left the two boys to their video game and checked out the game near the door.

Okay I admit, this is like going to take cake from a fridge when you’ve just entered the house, which is considered a bad thing by the way, but this wasn’t even my idea in the first place! And they look my age and I don’t usually go running up to boys to talk to them at school. I wait until they come to see me before I talk to them.

I’m just doing this for Jane, so I might as well enjoy myself. We don’t really have a lot of video games at home. But dad said he might get some for us next time he goes into town.

“It’s the lion! It’s the lion Will! Finally! I thought we’d never get here!…Hey what are you doing? We’ll have to start over if you stop it there! Wwwiiillllll!”


So? How do we play the game?” The white-haired boy asked. I’d barely heard him coming and he made me jump a bit, effectively losing the game I was playing. Now that I think about it, it’s pretty weird that there are two of them in here. Usually there’s one person per person no?

Second weird thing, this was kind of the game…but he looks pretty used to this place…I didn’t know people could see it before I played the game with them.


The blue-haired boy was quick to join before I could reply.

“Will what are you doing?” He asked the white-haired named Will. Wow…they look like twins.

This is Catarina.

Will said as he gestured towards me. He knows my name? That’s a bit freaky…

“I know who that is, but I don’t care. Don’t involve me with stupid stuff outside!”


“How rude!” I exclaimed. “I came all the way here so you might as well be nice to me! You have to be nice to your guests. Rude-o.”

“You’re the one who’s rude! Who said you could come in here? I never said I wanted visitors!”

I let her in William.” Will said before I could retort.

“I guessed as much.” William said with a bit of a defeated pout.


“Will…and William?” I noticed with a huge smile, my earlier anger already faded into nothing. “That’s a cool coincidence!”

I was already running ideas for nicknames in my mind.

Not really. I decided to call myself Will because his name is William.” Will explained.

“Why would you do that? That doesn’t make for a very original name.” I commented.

“You’re right.” William said making me a little happier. It’s always fun when someone says you’re right. “But it kinda fits for the situation.”

“Well I have time to waste so you can tell me all about it! Like, starting with why there’s two of you guys in here. That’s pretty unusual.”


“There used to be three of us.”


“But the dumb guy left.”

He’s not dumb!

“Doesn’t change the fact that Liam ditched us!”

He’s on a very important mission.

“Focus guys!” I snapped. I had a feeling I would regret it if I let them continue.

“Sorry. There’s two of us here because those two piggybacked on my brain.” I gave him a weird look. That made no sense.

We’re just borrowing his body for a bit. We have an important mission to tend to.


“But you’re in prison. And he looks like a really really old man. You’ll probably die of old age before you complete your mission.” I commented.

But that’s why Liam left!


He’ll fix everything for us when he comes back.”

“He might not come back…you are in my dad’s prison after all. Dad probably won’t let you guys out.” I said proudly. My dad was just that cool.

“Oh he’ll come back, believe me.” William said as he rolled his eyes.

He’s a got a plan.

“You guys have been here since I was born! And never once did this Liam come visit you. How can you even be sure he’ll come back?”


He will!” Will stubbornly stated.

“I used to doubt in Liam’s plan, but now I’m starting to see it might work. Not that I want to take part in it or anything.” William said. They really were sounding pretty convinced. But my dad wouldn’t let them out of his sight.

“What is this famous plan?”

At that question both boys hesitated. It was obviously a secret they weren’t ready to share yet.


“Well, it doesn’t really matter. I came here to play. Do you guys have anything fun to do?” I asked.

Both boys looked relieved.

Well, I’ll just have to get close to them and then they’ll be okay with telling me what their plan is. And if it there’s a possibility it’ll really work I’ll have to tell dad.

I am now…a spy!



James’ POV

When we got home with Benjamin it was already late. Benjamin gave us a scare by running off into the hospital corridors. Eventually a nurse caught Benjamin which got Kyxa mad and very over-protective.

A fight between her and the nurse actually broke out and the hospital tried to make us pay extra fees for ‘disrupting the ill’ as they said. After that situation, I’m starting to see what’s so bad about this hospital.


I placed Xavier in his crib, checking to make sure the bandage on his head was still intact. It wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been.

If Velor had still had his vampiric strength…Benjamin wouldn’t have survived, and the reason why now he’s coming out of this not so bad is most likely thanks to him being a vampire.

Speaking of Velor, I think it’s time I taught him a lesson, but first Catarina-


As I exited Benjamin and Catarina’s room I noticed Kyxa was waiting for me in the kitchen. It’s not that unusual…it was her attitude that worried me. She looked nervous and unsure, things she wasn’t often, like she needed to say something.


As she heard me come out she turned around, but she couldn’t seem to look in my eyes. Now I was just getting more worried. Her mouth opened and closed as if she was trying to find her words. When she finally found it, she said it in a strained murmur and it sounded like she was on the verge of tears.


I went to reach out to her. She’d been so tough throughout the whole situation; I didn’t realize she hadn’t yet dealt with what had happened. Our son had looked dead.


Kyxa looked up at me before I could.

“Why are they still alive?” She asked, her voice a little louder this time.

Why are they still alive? In that moment, looking at Kyxa’s pained face, I couldn’t remember why I kept those four in the basement in the first place. And then I started to grow frustrated with myself. Was it happening again? Was I failing as a father for Benjamin as I had for Xavier? I didn’t catch them in time. Benjamin had already gone down the basement once I’d realized what was happening.

Only silence answered Kyxa as the weight of what had happened started to weigh on my shoulders as well.


Kyxa grew agitated by my silence and she suddenly lurched forwards, hitting my chest.

“Why James!?” She exclaimed. “Why are they still alive? Why did Benjamin almost get killed? Why do we keep them alive?”

I gripped her arms to stop her from hitting me over and over again as the emotion took control of her. She finally stopped and just stared sadly into my eyes.

“There was a reason…I’m sure of it…” She said as her lower lip trembled and a small tear fell down on her cheek. “Wasn’t there a reason? Tell me the reason James, or I’ll end up killing them myself.”


I didn’t know what else to do. I didn’t know the right thing to say to her, so instead I held her close and lay a small kiss on her forehead. She accepted it gratefully, letting out a small sigh.

“I know why…” She murmured as she hugged me. “It’s because we decided to be good guys instead. Because we decided killing was bad.”


“Mom? Dad?” Catarina exclaimed as she walked in the kitchen. She read the atmosphere  and rapidly assumed the worst. “Oh no…did Benjamin die?”

Kyxa smiled and wiped away her tears.


“Oh honey no, of course not.” Kyxa said as she bent down to hug Catarina. “He’s fine. We just put him to sleep.”

“Oh!” Catarina sighed in relief. “Thank god! You really had me scared there mom! I was sure he’d died or something!”

Now Catarina was a small little problem I was going to have to take care of. She’s been going to the basement a lot lately and at first I let her be because it was the only way she got motivated in using her powers…but now with what happened with Benjamin I won’t be able to let her go down there anymore. Especially not if she goes down when I’m not around to watch over her.

I need to find a way without Kyxa noticing. She’d never forgive me if she found out…



Velor’s POV

You must be so scared! Aren’t you scared oh great ex-vampire king?

Her annoying voice taunts my ears yet again. She never stops. Ever since I got myself locked up in here it’s all I can hear. Her annoying voice chattering and insulting me over and over again. She’s just out of reach, just past a set of bars close enough that we could hold hands but not close enough that I could reach out and strangle her.


James is too impulsive to stay away for long. Your daring move will have him come back down here soon to beat you up a bit. Maybe even to death. It’ll be oh so very entertaining to watch…I’m looking forward to it, aren’t you?

I want to plug my ears and forget she exists, but her voice is always too loud. I could not ask for worse company. She’s a mentally disturbed woman. If she isn’t insulting me she’s complaining about her life, about her heartbreak, about all her goddamn life. I never wanted to know any of it. I. don’t. care. But she doesn’t seem to understand what that means.


Oh look at you…it almost looks like you’ve accepted your fate…don’t look so depressed! Cheer up a bit! If James decides to kill you it’s a good thing isn’t it?

A psychopathic deranged woman. Blams wasn’t this bad. I sigh inwardly at the reminder of my dead wife. Being natural doesn’t suit me. Being old doesn’t suit me. For the last – what is it now? Ten years? – I’ve been stuck in this cell as a natural. Stupid emotions have started to eat away at me. I can’t wait until I’m a vampire again.


Even though I wanted to ignore her as much as I could, I found myself siting up so I could reply back.

“Believe it or not, I actually don’t want to die.”

Why did you bang that little boy’s head on the bars then? Surely not for something like revenge? I thought you were someone a little more crafty when it came to that.

…She was right. It had been a bold move. I knew what the results would be and none of it was particularly beneficial for me. So why did I do such a dumb thing?

I got caught in the moment.


But for some reason I don’t seem very convinced with my answer.

I’m not one to do things without thinking them through…why then? What was going through my mind?

Assaria said she wanted to kill Benjamin, but that she couldn’t kill kids so I…


Our eyes crossed briefly and hers widened a bit as she came to her own conclusion.

Don’t tell me you…” She didn’t finish her phrase, but it was obvious for both of us what it was.

“Don’t be ridiculous.” I scoffed.

A heavy silence installed, but as I glanced at the ex-witch…

She looked like she wanted to laugh.


WOAH. How did I not see that coming…I…I planned a lot of things, but never, not in a million years, did I plan that last part. This is once again an example of the amount of control (i.e NONE) I have on these characters.

Alright so we’re back in action! With an expanding number of chapters before the end of the generation it would seem. XD

We didn’t see much (i.e NONE) of Xavier in this chapter, but no worries, I guarantee he’ll have some spotlight in the next one. Mind you, this and the last chapter were supposed to be one together.

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12 Responses to 7.60 – Worries of the heart

  1. magpie14031983 says:

    Well, well, well… What WERE you thinking Velor?!? 😉

    Catarina is still my favourite for Heir! I love her ability! Even if I do have nightmares about her being “possessed” by one of the people she “plays” with one day! Would make an interesting storyline although a bit too much like the Will-Liam crisis! Speaking of which… When did Liam leave?!? Did I miss something in one of the chapters while I was simply wallowing in the brilliance that is this story?

    Welcome back, Soph! Missed you like hell! Now if only Ivane and Jessi would get back to their stories, my life would be complete!

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Ten years in jail is messing with Velor’s mind XD

      RayRay! She’s such a cutie pie, and no you have not missed a thing. However there were a few hints to this…mainly the day William got captured by James he was only talking in italics, which is what I usually use to make Will talk. Liam’s speeches are in bold, and William has not spoken in bold since he’s been imprisoned…..So basically Liam hasn’t been in William’s body since before he sneaked into James’ basement.


      • magpie14031983 says:

        So basically I DID miss it *bangs head on wall* d’oh

        Hmm, just outta curiosity, if Will has white hair, what colour is Liam’s?

        Liked by 1 person

        • blamsart says:

          Lol yeah I guess XD And actually I even hinted at how/where/when Liam ‘exited’ William’s body because honestly it’s really not an easy thing to do. I always happened to hint at when Liam’s plan will take place, because dear Liam does have a plan! (it’s so weird when I write sometimes because it feels like I’m playing chess with myself. One side is James’ side, the other is everybody else XD)

          Hohoho weeeellll, Will has white hair and Liam has black hair, actually Liam is black in general just like Will is white in general.


          • magpie14031983 says:

            So are we going with the Western “white hats good, black hats bad” theme or are we going with “they are both equally twisted” theme? Lol

            I don’t care if James’ chapters continue a bit longer, as long as Kit-Cat becomes Heir at the end of it all! Especially since Xavier likes boys! Don’t wanna have to resort to adopted heirs and making him shag a woman just to have kids would be wrong… Although I suppose you COULD imply IVF but we would all know…

            And Benjie is just at that cute-dull stage that is toddlerhood!

            Liked by 1 person

            • blamsart says:

              Lol! Depends what side you’re on! Some might view them as evil and twisted and jerks (i.e. James) and some might seem their actions and intentions as just (i.e. Aliska)

              Haha, you really are focused with RayRay! But this is only the beggining, I have the time to change your mind over and over again 😀
              Xavier being gay is definitely going to be a challenge when it comes to heirs! And first off, never, ever, ever, in a million years will there be adopted heirs. I’m not against it, I just need the heirs to have the blood!
              So if Xavier does become heir, I’ll have to figure out a creative way to expand his bloodline…it sounds like a lot of fun for me! (not being sarcastic here)

              Yeah Benjamin is still so tiny! I can’t wait till he grows up! He’s such a unique character! (Next chapter…)


  2. ivaneluna says:

    Ha! Called it! Velor and Assaria… gotta admit a part of me wishes they get some sort of happily ever after, but geez… Velor, what were you thinking?

    Still loving Catarina. Not loving the rift that seems to be forming between Kyxa and James. Oh boy.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ohhh, I never noticed Liam escaped. Is it bad that I want his plan to be successful? LOL. Again, I really don’t view William/Liam/Will as bad. Plus, I don’t know…they kind of always seemed to have fairly good intentions, even if they went about accomplishing goals in sneaky, solitary ways. *shrugs* But maybe I should be more cautious about this. I dunno, haha.

    I’m stupid though, I don’t know what you were getting at with that last part: “‘Don’t tell me you….’ She didn’t finish her phrase, but it was obvious for both of us what it was.’” I don’t get it. It’s not obvious for me! That he was trying to impress Assaria? That he had a death/suicide wish? Haha, I dunno, maybe I need to take a reading break, I’m lost! XD

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      weellll that could be because they technically aren’t really that bad.
      They’re annoying and sly (and I love them), but to them their goal is for the betterment of all life in a way.

      Velor: Assaria said she wanted to kill Benjamin, but that she couldn’t kill kids so I…
      (hurt the kid in her place basically)
      Assaria: Don’t tell me you…(tried to do something nice for me? LMAO)

      Liked by 1 person

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