Hey guys…This is a little rant of mine, feel free to COMPLETELY ignore this. (why then do I post this? Cause it actually kind of concerns this story, no it pretty much does)

Okay so it’s come to my attention there is a HUGE unrealistic aspect to my story right now. One that’s been annoying me for a while now.


Oh come on, you can’t be that surprised. I’m sure you’ve seen it yourself! I’m talking about the four prisoners in James’ basement. You know the ones who (well it’s assumed) get fed everyday, have perfect clothes, always look clean, and aren’t in a constant half-dead state.

In the very beginning of the creation of this prison, I VERY vaguely thought about the implications of having people in your basement. This was my attitude then:


And since, it’s been a little annoying to me everytime I took pictures of those four. Just a little.


But not enough for me to do much of anything about it apart from just let it pass without actually examining what was going down in that basement. Basically, I’VE NEGLECTED THESE GUYS.

So then I finally tried to understand why the whole prison thing was so annoying to me.


And then finally I clicked and went:


What is this crap I’ve been writing?

So much of the prison subject lacked support and sense!

But then this side of me came up;


Me: It’s an unrealistic part of the story people will just have to deal with!

That lasted about half a chapter.


Yeah, I called my own bullsh*t.

And then I tried to figure out a way to fix this ungodly problem I placed on my poor weak shoulders. I cross-examined, checked under and over everything, inside and out for a way to explain this unrealistic subject.


It didn’t go too well.

So instead, I decided to fix just one problem. The clothes! Those perfect clothes they’ve had for over ten years now.


So let’s assume they’ve always been wearing these clothes okay? Pretty please?


(P.s. is it bad for me to actually wish Assaria and Velor happiness? Well in love anyway…they’ve both had some love problems…)

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♪They say it's what you make♪ I say it's up to fate ♪It's woven in my soul♪ I need to let you go♪ -- Demons by Imagine Dragons
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6 Responses to Unrealistic!

  1. ivaneluna says:

    It would be weird if Velor and Assaria ended up together but I still do have about ten chapters to catch up on so I have to expect strange things to happen.

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    • blamsart says:

      I was undoubtedly surprised the option, the mere thought, the simple idea came to mind when these two were interacting. I was baffled by the possibility.
      I haven’t quite recovered. You’ll have to tell me what you think once you’ve caught up.


  2. You know, if those prison bars are actual walls or fences, you could add a toilet and/or shower to each cell and the inmates would use them without getting embarrassed or trying to shoo the others out the room… Although I would just add a loo and a basin (let them “bed bath” lol)…

    But this IS a fantasy story so its not beyond reason that the inmates would be immaculate lol maybe James uses his mind mojo to take them to a shower once a week or something lol

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  3. Iomai says:

    Yeah I never questioned it because hey, I never question my own story motives; (i.e. their ages and how that’s going to hold up all throughout the story… being an oblivious perfectionist can help) but it’s also the reason I’ve been avoiding writing the next chapters of my legacy xD. I actually don’t mind the unrealistic-ness of it. It would be a LOT of work to make it realistic but hey, whatever keeps you sane lol.

    As for Velor and Assaria… well, I think fate would have a huge helping hand. I can’t picture it but once you think about it, they would be one of the most entertaining couple to watch. That and some deep part of me secretly ships them.

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    • blamsart says:

      Oh god, me too. I just gave up keeping track of how old they were (year wise). With sims that’s just….more trouble than its worth! I like to just go, oh look they’re teens now! And that’s that.
      Well, I like to keep things plausible, but if I wanted to make it REALLY realistic, I probably would have a hard time posting 3 or 4 chapters a week.

      I don’t get those two! When I created them the idea that they might end up together was completely implausible! But I guess over ten years in prison can sure change some people…especially people who have been turned into naturals after years of being super powerful.

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