7.63 – Lies of a first impression

ScreenshotCatarina’s POV

I lost focus for a split second and my car got totaled.

“Woah! Ha see that?! This is why you have to focus on the game RayRay!” Blue said. Blue is the nickname I decided to give William. He doesn’t like it, but he lets me call him that anyway.

“That was mean William. You didn’t need to rip her car in two.” Will said. I couldn’t quite figure out a name for him. I tried going with White, made sense, but he didn’t like it! He said he really liked my name though.

“Guys I have to go back up now. If I sleep too late I’ll get tired and then I’ll get grounded.” I explained as I set the remote control down.


“Fine with me.”

“You will come back though right? It’s so much fun when you’re here!” Will exclaimed. You know, I used to like Will but now these days he’s just starting to creep me out.

“Okay, but next time you have to do something about your outfit!” I warned as I headed for the door. Yes, Will is a guy. I’m pretty sure he’s a guy! But when I came today he was wearing a skirt! Apparently he loves my outfit.

Le sigh. I know I’m awesome and all that, but that doesn’t mean he gets to have my clothes and my name! That’s a little far for a guy!


The moment I woke up I hurriedly got to my feet and locked the door behind me. I sprinted for the ladder, not because I was afraid my dad would wake up and find out I disobeyed him, but because I wanted to avoid the two jabberwacks.

That is so dumb! What kind of plan is that? And here I was under the impression you were smart! All you are is a fool.

“Shut up. You don’t know half of what I’m planning.”

Oh don’t act so cocky. You’re telling me you willingly decided to get captured? We’ve both been here for over a decade, practically two decades. We both aren’t anywhere close to getting that dumb weapon to listen to us. You ain’t fooling me.

Really those two are so annoying.

Oh! Orange one! Tell your dear father to send us some food will you? It’s been at least a day.

I rolled my eyes and didn’t answer. As if I would I do something dumb like that. That’d be like asking dad to ground me.

I quickly sped up the ladder. I swear, if I couldn’t sense my brother I would’ve died a ton of times from mere surprise!


Like right at this moment, I would’ve been so surprised I would’ve probably fallen back down the ladder.

“Need help?” JayJay asked as he reached over to assist me. I waved him off.

“I’m fine, I’m fine, I’ve got this.” I said as I watched my step.

JayJay helped me close the heavy trap door once I’d gotten off the ladder.


“And anyway, if you really wanted to help me you’d come get me in the basement.” I taunted.

I was so happy my brother was so nice! Even though he said he didn’t want a thing to do with my ‘escapades’ as he called them, he still comes to help me out to make sure I don’t get hurt.

He’s such an adorable little brother.


“Are you crazy? I’m not going down there!” JayJay exclaimed.

“Well, hey if you don’t want to climb the ladder you can just teleport in and out. Poof poof!” I suggested. The amulet had loved JayJay! It instantly accepted him, which made me a bit jealous, but I guess we can each have a cool thing. So now JayJay can teleport wherever he wants! It seems he has restrictions though, like a number of times he can teleport in a day before it runs out.

“I just don’t want to go down there with all those prisoners. I get a bad feeling…don’t you?”

On top of that JayJay doesn’t even use the power I gave him as much as I’d like him too, or well as much as I would. So far, he only teleports to come help me at night ‘cause he doesn’t want to get caught staying up so late. Want to know the worst thing? He almost told mom and dad about the amulet! I had to stop him and bring him back to reason. God, I don’t know what my little brother would do without me.

“Nope I don’t. Let’s go back in.”


My brother checked to make sure his amulet was fine – he kept hidden under his shirt – before holding my shoulders.

I instantly froze up and closed my eyes.

JayJay laughed. “You’re still scared RayRay?”

“I’m not scared!” I replied keeping my eyes shut. “I just really don’t like teleporting.”

“I don’t see why! It’s not that bad…”

“Just do it already!”


And then suddenly a sickening feeling of distortion went through my whole body. Like I was some rag someone was twisting to get rid of all the water. It wasn’t a very nice feeling thank you!

On top of that, I always felt horribly cold when JayJay teleported me. Like there was just…nothing anywhere. It’s such a creepy feeling…ugh!


Once the feeling had gone away I opened my eyes and shook my arms as hard as I could to get feeling back in them.

“Uuuggghhhh! I’ll never get used to that.” I complained. Then I spotted the painting. “You were drawing another one!”

“Yeah…I was waiting for you to be done.” My brother reluctantly admitted.

“Per usual it looks great…Are you going to finish it?”


“Probably not.” JayJay replied with a shrug.

“Huh? Why not?” I asked even though I already knew the answer.

“There’s just no point to it anymore. But anyway, before we go to bed I wanted to talk to you about something. I’ve been thinking about it and I wanted to come to you first.” JayJay started with excitement.


“See, I was watching the news on the t.v. dad bought earlier today and there was this-”

“Nuhuh!” I said interrupting him harshly. He looked at me in confusion. “I’ll only listen to the story if you paint at the same time.”

“…What?” I love my little brother, but sometimes he really gets on my nerves. He is sooo awesome, too awesome actually! He’s great at school, at sports, at getting friends (not that I have any trouble with that), at painting, at being the good kid with mom and dad, at walking old Rocky, at playing music, at EVERYTHING. And the worst part is he acts like it’s absolutely no big deal! I can’t even do half of what he can…and most of the time I go ask him for help with homework! Mom doesn’t know anything and dad is pretty well…average. He just gives me the answer, which makes is kind of hard to learn.

Okay, I have to correct an earlier statement, the really worst part is that he doesn’t use his skills! He’s got a natural talent in everything, but he never exploits them to the maxmium. Makes me so angry! I’d love to be that good! I certainly wouldn’t be so critical if I could draw like that.

“You heard me! Don’t make your big sister repeat JayJay.” I stubbornly demanded. He thought it over for a moment before nodding.

“Fine, but you have to actually listen ok?” I nodded in agreement. It was a just deal.


“Okay, so as I was saying,”JayJay resumed as he picked up his paintbrushes. “I was trying out the new t.v. dad got when this news came on;”

-an increase in the amount of vampires in the last few years. At first it was discarded, but I think we can all agree it’s starting to be a small problem. After all, these are vampires! For decades, they were a rare sight, but now anyone living near here is guaranteed to see a vampire at night. The naturals are starting to get restless with this. The supernatural and natural relations in Legacy Island II were already starting to smooth over, but this sudden increase is bringing up some old grudges. People were just starting to hope the naturals and supernaturals would stand on equal ground. Let’s hope the naturals – or even the vampires – don’t do anything drastic.

“Or something along those lines…”

Oh yeah, something else my brother is amazingly good at. Remembering things.


“Fascinating…” I said in a monotone voice.

“It got me thinking.” JayJay continued, ignoring my comment. “We’re vampires right?”

“Okay, are we stating the obvious? Yes, yes we are vampires JayJay.”

“And vampires drink blood.”


“And naturals tend to be scared of vampires because of that.”



“Does that mean vampires are evil?” He asked in a quiet tone.

Woah…that thought never occurred to me.

“Well…no. Because we aren’t evil right?” I said, sitting on my bed.

“But we’re vampires. And vampires scare people and drink their blood. The news made it sound like it was a really bad thing that there were people like us out there. And if vampires are evil…then doesn’t mean we’re going to be evil too?”


I laughed. “You didn’t get it JayJay! It’s because we’re vampires that vampires can’t be evil.”

My little brother frowned at me. “I’m not following.”

“Well we’re not evil, and we’re never going to be evil. Being evil sucks, only the good guys win. And well, if we’re nice and vampires, that means not all vampires are evil right?” I said. I’d use dad as an argument, but he’s not really a completely real vampire. Oh, but wait! “Take grandma for example! She’s super nice! It’s hard to imagine she’d be evil.”

I hoped off the bed.


“Well maybe grandma is an exception, after all she only drinks plasma juice. Maybe vampires seem evil because they become evil after they drink blood.” JayJay continued with his worried tone. “And we’re just nice, because we don’t need to drink blood yet.”

“You say such scary things sometimes JayJay! I don’t think drinking blood is going to make us go evil.” I argued.

JayJay let go of his paintbrush.


“What if blood is like magical or some kind of trigger? And the moment we taste it suddenly we go all evil and bloodthirsty? I mean, there’s gotta to be a reason why people don’t like vampires? It’s got be something with the blood that makes them all go evil.” JayJay said. I rolled my eyes, he was saying stupid things that didn’t make sense again. Which usually meant he was really worried about this.


“What if I like drinking blood so much I try to drink my friends’ blood? What if I can’t control myself? Grandpa told me stories of some vampires that lost control! I don’t know what to do if I like drinking blood so much I become a bloodthirsty vampire!” JayJay rapidly said, he was starting to spiral out of control.

“I don’t want-” His voice was rising in panic and if I didn’t act soon he’d wake up mom and her supersonic hearing.


I rushed forwards and pulled my brother in for a hug. He slumped against my shoulder, taking deep breaths as he tried to calm himself.

This is what happened when JayJay thought too much. He starts seeing the ugly in everything.

It felt like JayJay wanted to cry, but he was doing his best not to.


“I don’t want to become evil.” He murmured.

“And you won’t. You’ll never become evil.” I declared.

“But we don’t know that. When we start drinking blood we might-”

I pulled back and stared my brother in the eyes. “I know you’ll never become an evil person. Do you know why?”

He shook his head.


“Because I won’t let you! As your big sister, I will not allow you to be evil. That and you’d never be able to be evil. You’re too nice for that JayJay.” I said with a grin.

His sad expression grew a little happier like he wanted to laugh at me.

“But what if I do become an evil vampire?”

“Then I’ll tell dad and he’ll make you go back to normal.” I said.

“Yeah you’re right.” He said, and I could tell he was getting tired. It was pretty late anyways. I gave my brother another hug.

I really don’t know what you’d do without me JayJay!



Xavier’s POV

“Okay, I get it, you have a crush on him.” Erin suddenly interrupted. Flicking a piece of straw at Jupiter.

“What? No, I don’t!” Was – naturally – my first reaction.

“We’ve, no scratch that, YOU’VE been talking about Edmund for the last half hour!” Erin argued.


“Woah! Okay that last part might be true, but I doubt you bitch and complain about your crush.” I said.

Jupiter neighed in agreement. Erin rolled her eyes.

“Well, whatever. Talking about someone for half an hour is usually a sign of obsession.” Erin stated.

“I can’t believe you even entertained the idea that I’d like that jerk. It’d be just wrong for me to like the asshole that’s been bullying me for years.” There might have been that possibility the first time I met him, but now it’s clear that’s never going to happen.


Jupiter slumped to the ground behind me.

“That’s only because you let him! If you’d just-” Erin tried to argue again. I let out a loud sigh.

“Were you actually going to propose to tell the authorities? Come on Erin, you know how that went last time. I told the teachers and nothing happened. Those three’s parents didn’t even bother to discipline them, the teachers just gave me pity looks thinking I was a poor depressed child, and my parents were asking me if I was okay every single time I came back home.” I deeply regretted making that decision.

“Yeah but-”

“And if I told my parents now they wouldn’t let me horseback anymore. There’s a horseback riding competition in just a few days and I’m doing great! If I drop out of the competition it’s going to take forever to get back to where I am now. Mom and dad are only letting me participate because I’m doing good at school. If they know I’m still being bullied, they’ll suddenly transform into therapists and I won’t have any free will.” I love horseback riding too much for that, and Jupiter probably wouldn’t forgive me if I stopped taking him out for some runs.


“Ugh fine, I get it. Just get yourself a really macho boyfriend then!” Erin snapped. I laughed.

“Why macho in particular?”

“Well that way he can beat those three up. It’d be nice to have someone macho in this group.” Oh, she made it sound just so simple.

“What, I’m not macho enough?”

“I’m sure we could find a way to sway that footballer’s heart…”

“How about you get a boyfriend before telling me to get one?”

“Well I would have one if you weren’t so goddamn focused on guys!”


“Excuse me?” I said with a surprised grin.

“Don’t be dumb, if you weren’t gay we’d totally be going out.” Erin mumbled.

“Yeah probably.”

“Oh wow, how nice, now you’ve just made it worse!” She angrily exclaimed.

“What? I’m just being honest here! And anyway, I think you should consider Oliver.”

“Oliver? Of all people, you suggested Oliver? That Halloween haired asshole who bullies you along with Edmund? Have you lost your mind Xavier?” Yeah well, Oliver isn’t as bad as Edmund. He likes to mock and do dumb stuff, but not much else. He isn’t the one calling the shots.

“Hey, they don’t hate you and Oliver actually has a huge crush on you. Might be worth checking out.”

“No! No way! That is completely out of the question. I can’t believe you’re seriously trying to set me up with a bully.” Erin said, looking seriously insulted.


“I’m sure he’s a nice guy when I’m not around.”

“Oh shut up already. You’re ridiculous you know that? You let yourself get trampled over and you act like…everything is fine! It’s annoying! Why don’t you fight back for once?” Erin said, slamming her fist on the ground.

“Why don’t you?” I shot back at her with a cold glare.

“…That’s uncalled for.” She avoided my eyes.

“Is it really?” Here she was complaining about me not standing up for myself, but she was doing the same at home.

“I don’t want to talk anymore. Show me those horse riding skills you’re so proud of.”



Ah the media and its influences. JayJay, there are no evil vampires, just evil people with superpowers! Being a vampire is like having a knife in your hands. Either you cut vegetables with it or you kill people with it, but essentially you are the one who decides what to do, not the knife. Oh boy, and you couldn’t hear a word I just said so that was useless. Oh well, you’ve got Catarina taking care of you so you’ll be juuussttt ffiiiinnneee.

Okay, I’ve cut it back, I finally decided on an ending! Which means only three chapters left, in which each chapter represents one of the children’s part 😀

Aaahh the end of this generation is coming so fast now, I’m getting nervous XD I want it to end, but at the same time I really don’t! But I think…66 chapters is good enough for a generation. Oh boy, I’m so curious as to see who’s gonna win! Xavier? Catarina? Benjamin?

Friendly reminder: Don’t forget the casting call! For those who want to participate, I need your entry before this generation ends! Once I post the voting post, I won’t be taking anymore sims. So you have from now to chapter 66 to submit your entries!

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7 Responses to 7.63 – Lies of a first impression

  1. Iomai says:

    Oh Benjamin is such a cutie with his wild imagination. I just want to hug him every time I see him. And RayRay is a marvelous big sister xD I could never get my brother to do that for me, he would mostly just go along with my problems and I’d figure it out for myself. And then there’s Xavier; I really want to know his story but I’m conflicted between him and his other siblings. Plus he loves horses (which is a plus in my book) so he has a 1up on everyone else. GAH! So many options ><

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      JayJay is such a cutie! He’s really smart, but he’s still a kid with a whole lot of worries! I love those two, they depend on each other first and then to their parents. Which makes them have a really strong sibling bond.
      Gaaahhh you understand why I’m hosting a vote now don’t you? I want to write every single one of those stories! I can’t choose! So I’m dumping my problems on you guys XD


  2. magpie14031983 says:

    I love Kit-Cat! She’s just… Adorable… And fierce… And just like her Mom and we all know how much I love Kyxa!!!

    Benji is sweet but overthinks things way too much… Much like me lol so yeah I really don’t want a generation filled with my own neuroses lol

    And Xav?!? He’s just too… Vanilla… Plus I really don’t want to have to see him impregnate a female just to have kids when we all know he likes guys!

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      RayRay: True, that hon resembles her mom in a lot of ways!

      JayJay: Haha! Yes it’s true, he does overthink XD

      Xav: Oh my! I’m slightly insulted! Do you not trust in my originality?


      • magpie14031983 says:

        Oh don’t worry! I trust totally and indubitably (?) In your originality… Xav just doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy who’s raring to continue his bloodline, especially with how much he hates the fact that his “parents” gave him up!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well if you have the into the future expansion then it doesn’t matter if Xavier is gay you can engineer a baby at the hospital


    • blamsart says:

      Indeed. And I just happen to have Into the Future.
      There are still a lot of options for Xavier when it comes to continuing his blood line…not all of which involve him impregnating a female!


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