7.65 – Catarina’s part 1

ALRIGHT. This was a very hard decision to make…but I made it. Both JayJay’s and RayRay’s parts are RIDICULOUSLY long. So I decided to split them both in two. This is good news, because the second parts have the kids as teens (which means I have to wait for them to grow up), so it would’ve taken me longer to write the chapters. This solution is a win-win situation. You guys don’t need to wait too long for them chapters, and I get more time to write.

Xavier’s Part 1 will be posted tomorrow.


Catarina’s POV

“JayJay!” I whispered, shaking his shoulder slightly.

He groaned and cracked an eye open. “What?”

“Come to the basement with me!” I tried again. I said this every time I went down the basement. And every time he said no.

“…ok.” He whispered back. I was taken aback! He’d actually said yes!


“Really!? Hurry up and get dressed then!” I urged. With a small yawn he nodded, reaching for his glasses.

Oh this was going to be so much fun!

Oh…but JayJay doesn’t like playing the Game. He probably won’t want to come play with me, Will and Blue.


I grabbed my brother’s shoulders and closed my eyes, waiting for the teleportation thing.

“It’s not scary down there is it?” He asked.

“What? No, of course not. They’re all a bunch of weirdos. Just stay away from the man and the woman. They say a lot of just plain nonsense. Okay come on let’s go!” I insisted.

JayJay nodded and then I felt that sickening feeling of being twisted.


Thank goodness it doesn’t last long.

RayRay you’re back!” The old man grinned. I waved with a nervous smile. Yeah I know that’s actually Will and that Blue is in the old man’s head, but…to me that will always be a creepy old man! Will and Blue do not look like that.

I went to go see the old man when JayJay grabbed my arm and pulled me back.


“RayRay…” He mumbled his eyes drifting between the prisoners. Was he scared? Well as his big sister I need to reassure him.

“It’s fine JayJay. You can come and play the Game with me and the old man, or…you can do whatever. You could talk to Jane if you wanted.” I said, gesturing at Jane who was taking a nap. “She’s not that talkative, but she’s a great listener.”

“What about those guys?” JayJay asked gesturing at the man and the woman.

I shrugged. “I guess you could, but they’re more annoying than anything else. Whatever happens don’t try to get too close. They tried to grab the keys from me once, so I I’ve let the keys that open their cells in dad’s bag. Basically they’re weirdos.”

Since JayJay looked convinced I told him he was free to join the Game whenever he wanted to and then I headed towards the old man’s cell.


“Hello and goodbye great granddaughter.” The man said giving me a knowing smirk. I let out a loud sigh and looked everywhere but at his face.


“You ready Will?” I asked, extending my hand towards him.

Yes! I’m really excited for today.” The old man replied.

“More than usual?”

Yes. A lot more than usual.” The old man said as he grabbed my hand. He must have a surprise planned! I closed my eyes and concentrated on finding the right noise.



I’m not someone who scares easily or anything of the sort. But I have to say, this moment really shocked me to my very core. I should’ve seen it coming! But I didn’t and now I’m filled with shock and disgust.

I knew Will was getting creepier…but I’d never thought it would go this far.


What do you think?

Smiling at me was an exact white copy of myself. Will looked exactly like me, from head to toe. He had my face, my arms, my legs, my hair and…I guess he’s clearly a she now.

“Will you…”

I’m Rina now.” Will – or Rina – said with a huge harmless grin.


I turned to Blue for help, but he’d retreated to his science station.

Rina’s face fell a bit. “You don’t look happy.


“I don’t- How could I? You look exactly like me idiot!” I said, insulting him-her- in the process.

That’s what supposed to make you happy! We look exactly alike now.

“That doesn’t make me happy at all! I’m very unhappy! I told you already to stop trying to look like me. It’s really, really creepy Will!”



“I don’t care! Stop trying to be me! There’s only one me!” I shouted. Rina looked genuinely taken aback.

Don’t be mad RayRay. I’m not trying to replace you or anything. I just wanted to look like you that’s all.” Rina said, trying to calm me down.

“No no no no! You can’t do that!” I yelled angrily. How dare she! Or he! Or I don’t even know!


I looked to Blue to see if I could get any help from him, but he was still deep in his ‘science’.

“Blue!” I called, suddenly angry at him as well. He ignored me and I started to hate him too. Every time I hung out with them, I’d realized more and more who these two were. Will was downright creepy and Blue was a coward. Which is why he ran away from his home and lets Will control him in the first place!


“I’m not coming back!” I yelled at Rina, turning my back on her and reaching for the door.

No! You don’t mean that RayRay!” Rina exclaimed.

I cast her an angry glare.

“I’ll come back once you’ve gone back to normal.” I declared as I opened the door.


Just as I was passing through however, Rina rushed forwards and gripped my shoulders, sending us both falling out of the room.

The door closed with a slam, and with Rina still holding on to my shoulders, I felt myself get thrown back into reality.



Once I woke up, I was panicking. I was panicking so much I couldn’t open the door and my brother had to do it himself. He managed to teleport us back to our room.

“RayRay? What’s wrong?” He asked. Everything. Everything was wrong now!

You’re over reacting RayRay.

“Shut up!” I yelled at the voice in my head, but it did nothing. I closed my eyes tightly and did my best to push Rina out. But she fought back just as hard.


JayJay grabbed my shoulders and forced me to look at him. “RayRay! What’s going on?” He asked in a hushed tone.

RayRay! I just want to borrow your body for a few hours! Why are you resisting so much?

“It’s Rina-”


I thought we were friends! I’ll make this really quick, I swear!

“She’s in my head now! She’s possessing me now!” I answered in a panic.


“RayRay…dad’s awake.” JayJay suddenly announced with a calm tone. He was trying to calm me down, and I did, but not because he used that tone. It was because the moment he pronounced those words Rina became silent.

Suddenly I was alone in my mind once again as if what had just happened…had not happened.


The silence in my head let me notice dad’s presence coming closer and closer.

JayJay gave me a worried look and I nodded to him to let him know I was okay now and I could sense dad coming as well. With a relieved sigh JayJay tried to push me towards my bed, but I stopped him.

This was the plan Will-Rina had been talking about! This was how she had planned to get out! Though, I don’t see how Liam fits into all this. Either way, I had to tell dad. I told JayJay just that as the door knob turned.

Dad walked in with a very nonchalant yawn.


‘What are you both doing up?’ He signed. He got a little more awake when he noticed we were all dressed. ‘What have you both been doing?’

“We were just having trouble falling asleep.” JayJay quickly replied. He didn’t want to get caught…I get that. But I needed to tell dad that Rina had decided to hitch a ride in my brain.

I opened my mouth, but…nothing came out. I couldn’t speak! Even though Rina was barely even there anymore, she was somehow preventing me from talking and no amount of fighting on my part would change that.


Dad must’ve sensed something was wrong because he kneeled and stared right at me. He could tell something was going on and I wanted more than anything to open my mouth and tell him She’s in my head dad!

But my mouth refused to operate, and I could only stare back at my father. And then dad did something unexpected. He touched my mind with his.

It’s not like with JayJay where we basically knock to let the other know we’re there. It was like dad had taken the doorknob and was trying to force the door open. At first I was scared and I resisted against dad. But then I realized that was the best way for him to know there was someone else in my head.


“Dad!” JayJay suddenly exclaimed. He sounded hurt and betrayed. Dad stopped trying to get into my mind and he looked at my brother. I let out a breath I didn’t even know I was holding.

There was a scary tension in the air as dad seemed to struggle with a thought.

Then dad got back up with a sigh.


‘Get back to bed you two.’ Dad ordered, giving us a tired smile.

I don’t know what came over me…the tears sprang to my eyes on their own.

“Sorry dad.” I sniffled. He patted my head and motioned for me to go to bed.


JayJay and I changed and then climbed into our respective beds.

“Goodnight RayRay.” JayJay whispered.


“We’ll talk about this tomorrow okay?”



It’ll be okay. Rina won’t stay in my head. I’ll fix this.



A few days later…

It’s impossible. I tried everything! I played the game again with William (which was hard since he apparently really didn’t want to see me) and tried to lock Rina inside but it didn’t work. I keep telling Rina to leave, but she won’t! Mission this, mission that! She doesn’t care about my feelings at all!

That’s not true RayRay! You’re the one who’s not listening to my feelings!


“This is my body! And stop listening to my thoughts!” I whispered angrily to myself.

I can’t help it. I hear everything you think.

Well I don’t want to hear what you think!

Ohhh you’re so stubborn RayRay. I told you! I just need you to give me complete control for a few hours and then I’ll stop annoying you.

No way! Liar! You’re creepy as hell, I’m not letting you take over my body. For all I know, I won’t ever be able to move my own body ever again! Just like William!

William willingly gave us control! He didn’t want to take care of things anymore so we did it for him. That’s it! Let’s make a deal! Is there anything you want RayRay?

Not from you there isn’t!


Oh come on, there must be something!

Oh yeah there is actually.


For you to get out of my head! Couldn’t you have at least asked first??

Well…I couldn’t take the risk you’d say no. It’s my chance to see Liam RayRay!


This Liam isn’t worth it, I’m sure. He ditched you guys remember? Give up on him and go back to William.

…I can’t. William doesn’t have your power. It’s only because you’re special that this was possible!

Great. Now I feel bad about being special. Thanks a lot!

Don’t be like that RayRay…



The silence was welcomed. I preferred listening to the leaves and birds a lot more than Rina’s voice. That just made me angry.

As I passed by the park on the way home, I heard some chatter. Curious as I am, I tried to see who was talking and whether they were saying anything interesting.

You’re an eavesdropper RayRay?


I’m not too sure what happened. All I saw was a pair of blue wings and the back of a blond head…but I couldn’t walk anymore.

It was like both Rina and I had held our breaths at the sight of a simple pair of blue wings. I found myself pretty ridiculous…just standing there staring at a pair of fairy wings, so I forced myself to take another step…to have a better look.


The wings happened to be attached to fairy boy with very proper looking clothes. He was listening to two adults, but I couldn’t care less about those two.

For some reason…I just couldn’t stop looking at him. There wasn’t really anything that special about him. He looked like your normal rich kid. Proper posture, proper clothes, a serious attitude. Probably a grade A student…JayJay would probably look something like that if I wasn’t there to guide him off the boring nerd path.


But even so….there was something inexplicable that drew me to him. I wanted to go over there… I didn’t know what I would do or what I would say! I just felt the need to go see him.

Apparently Rina did too.

Go see him RayRay…I have a really good feeling about this.

And then the boy turned around as if he’d sensed I was watching him.


Our eyes met briefly and my heart nervously skipped a beat. Rina was suddenly excited.

Go! Go RayRay! You have to go see him!

Rina insisted, practically banging on the inside of my head.

I was losing my bearings. What with the stare the boy was giving me, Rina’s insisting and my own feelings, I felt like I was losing control of my situation. So I did the only thing I could think of.


I ran.

With a powerful kick I sped off down the sidewalk, away from whatever this was.

No! RayRay!

Rina complained, but her will to stay at that moment was weaker than my need to get away.

And anyway…As if I’d do anything to make Rina happy at this point.


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  1. magpie14031983 says:


    I told you! I knew this was gonna happen! I KNEW IT!!! Bloody Will-Rina! Leave my Kit-Cat alone!!! I still love you my darling girl, even if you do have a rogue timekeeper hijacking your brain!

    Still voting for her!

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  2. Moon Mirage says:

    Ahhhhh! I’m running out of time for the casting call! Totally voting for Cat though

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