7.66 – Benjamin’s part 1

Warning: PG Sensitive material


Benjamin’s POV

I’d been mulling it over it for a long time. Going down to the basement I mean.

I knew there had to be a reason why mom and dad didn’t want us to go downstairs…but every time RayRay went and came back intact, I started to wonder if it was really all that dangerous.

If the reason was only because I fell in when I was younger…then I didn’t see why I couldn’t go down now.


Which is why, one night when my big sister wanted to go downstairs, I finally answered yes to her demands for me to go down with her.

“Really!? Well hurry up and get dressed then!” She excitedly exclaimed. And I nodded, reaching out for my glasses.

I got dressed and teleported us into the basement. I’d only ever peeked down the ladder, so I could only teleport us at the base of it.


I don’t quite know what I was expecting…but it wasn’t this. I couldn’t even believe I’d been scared of coming down here in the first place! These people looked harmless!

RayRay you’re back!” The old man in the back exclaimed. RayRay waved at him.

They actually seemed pretty nice…what were they all doing in a prison cell?

RayRay started walking towards the cell doors, but I instinctly reached out to stop her. Sure they seemed pretty nice, but…I’m not going to start trusting them so easily.


“RayRay…” I said her name as I took another look at the prisoners.

“It’s fine JayJay. You can come and play the Game with me and the old man, or…you can do whatever. You could talk to Jane if you wanted. She’s not that talkative, but she’s a great listener.” My sister proposed.


One look at the girl made it clear she wasn’t that interesting.

“What about the others?” I asked. I really just meant the man. He’d cast us a tired glance, before he’d gone back to looking at the woman sleep. There was something about him…that felt powerful. That almost reminded me of a vampire. Even though he clearly wasn’t.


“I guess you could, but they’re more annoying than anything else. Whatever happens don’t try to get too close. They tried to grab the keys from me once, so I’ve let the keys that open their cells in dad’s bag. Basically they’re weirdos.” RayRay replied.

I guess if you’re in prison it’s only natural that you’d want to get out…

“Okay well, have fun. I shouldn’t be that long. If you ever want to join the Game just touch me and,” RayRay gestured at her head. “Come and visit.”

RayRay and I had inherited our father’s power, and that power consisted of entering people’s minds to control them. We weren’t that good – nor had we practiced – on the controlling part. However, when someone tried to enter our minds it was like knocking at someone’s door. It was our own special way of warning ourselves of things, or in this case of asking to be part of the Game.


RayRay gave me a wink and then walked off.

“Hello and goodbye great granddaughter.” The man spoke which almost made me jump. I glanced at him and then back at my sister who had completely ignored him.

That was such a weird thing to say.


RayRay walked over to the oldman. They held hands and then both almost instantly slumped to the ground.

I don’t get what’s so attractive about the Game. Sure, there’s the appeal of being able to make anything you want appear when you’re the host, but…it’s just like dreaming, yet it’s hard to really realize you’re dreaming. I like being awake more than being asleep.

I took a few hesitant steps towards the man.


“Why did you say that?” I asked.

The man looked at me from head to toe, his eyes lingering on my forehead for some reason.

“Because I doubt your sister will be coming back down here anytime soon.” He replied, continuing to look straight in front of him.

“What are you looking at?” I wondered. I followed his gaze.


But it only led to the woman in the other cell. There really wasn’t anything to look at.

“Why do you keep looking at her?” I asked.

The man let out a loud irritated sigh.

“Why do you keep asking questions?”


Why I’m asking questions? What type of question is that? The answer is pretty obvious.

“Because that’s the only way to get answers.” I answered. “To get an answer you need to ask a question.”


“…You’re right.” He said looking deep in thought. I thought with him being an adult, that much would be obvious.

“Are you evil?” I asked. After all, if dad locked him up he must’ve done something wrong.

He grinned. “Evil? It depends. What’s your definition of evil?”

“Evil means to be morally wrong or bad.” I answered automatically.

“And what does that mean?” He asked. I couldn’t tell if he really didn’t know.

“Well…a moral is related to the principles or rules of right conduct or the distinction between right and wrong.” I recited.

“I never said I wanted a dictionary definition. What do you think makes people evil?”


“What I think?” I mumbled, sitting on the floor. That was a question I had never asked myself before. What did it mean to be evil? “Evil people…are scary.” I hesitantly replied. I looked up at him to see if it was the answer he’d been waiting for.

“That’s all? How lame. And here I’d actually had expectations.” He replied, leaning back like he’d already lost all interest in me. I could tell he was trying to make me mad so I’d give him a better answer. Which is ridiculous. He just needs to say ‘Give me a better answer’ and I will.

I thought over more seriously before coming up with an answer that fit with what I had learned up to now.


“Someone who is evil does things that scare people, make them worry about themselves and others. It’s scary when someone tries to or kills someone you care about. It’s scary when someone makes you feel like you can’t do anything. It’s scary when someone steals something precious to you.” I said, the words spilling out of my mouth on their own.

I was pleased with my own answer. As long as I never scare anyone, I’m not evil. My big sis was right.


“Heh. Then by your definition I’m someone evil.” The man chuckled.

“You don’t seem scary to me.” He seemed more tired than anything else. I guess living in a cell for longer than I’ve been alive can do that to you.

“A lot of people have been scared of me. I’ve killed people, I’ve eliminated people’s free will and I’ve stolen very precious things. I fit your criteria of ‘evil’ people.” He said. “But…you do realize your father fits the criteria as well? According to you, your father is evil.”

The small smile on my lips disappeared. Was it true? Had I just called my own father evil?

“My dad isn’t scary.” I said, but there wasn’t much conviction in them. I loved my dad, but sometimes he could be really scary. Especially when he was controlling people. Making them feel like they can’t do anything. I shook my head. No, my dad isn’t evil.

“Well then your definition of evil must be wrong. Your father has done all three of those things.” The man smirked.


I let out nonchalant sigh and leaned back.

“RayRay was right. You are more annoying than anything else. If my dad was evil, he’d be in jail just like you.” I haughtily declared.

“Ha! Is that so? Not all evil people are in jail you know.” The man said, giving me a look that felt like he was challenging me.

“Not everyone who isn’t in jail is evil.” I replied calmly.


Before the man answered back however, RayRay suddenly sat up with a panicked look in her eyes.

That was fast.

“RayRay? Are you okay?” I called over, but she didn’t react. “RayRay?”

I didn’t start to panic until I heard my big sister whimper.


I ran over and tried to open the door, but it had locked on its own when RayRay had closed it. Only she had the key.

RayRay in question was on the ground holding her head with her back to me.

“RayRay!” I called out. “The door’s locked!” I shook the door, but it wouldn’t budge. I was stuck here unable to do anything while my sister was huddled in a ball on the floor. There was no doubt about it, she was in pain. I could feel it emanating from her in hurtful waves.


I glanced at the prisoners, the man in particular, for some sort of help.

The man gave me a nasty smirk. “Evil people don’t help others.” He replied with a glint of amusement in his eyes. “Not that there’s anything I could do anyway.”

What did that mean? There had to be something! After all, in a way, he predicted this would happen…

As I considered the possibility of using my teleportation amulet to help my sister I received another idea. I felt my big sister’s mind knocking on my own. Then I noticed she was clutching the key to open this door in her hand.

I knew what to do now. RayRay had given me permission.


I concentrated on my sister and reached out with my mind. Once it came in contact with hers, I met no resistance at all. On the contrary, RayRay practically gave me the reins. I felt there was something else that was trying to interfere so I worked as quickly as I could.

“Give me the key!” I ordered, putting as much power as I could in the words. My sister tossed the key my way and it landed just at my feet.


I picked it up, unlocked the door, and ran to my big sister as fast as I could. I slid on my knees and hugged her as soon as I was close enough.

I wasn’t too sure what was happening, but I knew we couldn’t stay here any longer. I closed my eyes and teleported us back to our room.


“RayRay? What’s wrong?” I asked once we’d finished teleporting.

“Shut up!” My sister suddenly yelled, and I looked around in a panic. My sister needed to calm down before she woke up mom and dad.

Was it something I did? That sounded doubtful though.


I grabbed her shoulders to make sure she was only focusing on me.

“RayRay! What’s going on?” I asked in a hushed tone so she’d get the message to be less loud.

“It’s Rina-” Rina? Who’s Rina?


“She’s in my head now! She’s possessing me now!” RayRay exclaimed, her voice rising an octave again. I used my sensing ability to make sure mom and dad were sleeping…well just dad. I can never sense mom.

I inhaled sharply as I realized dad had woken up.


“RayRay…dad’s awake.” I said in a calm tone as I tried not to panic myself. Her eyes widened at the news and she instantly calmed down.

It was weird how quickly she’d gone from panicky to tense and unmoving like a statue. I gave her a look, asking if everything was alright now.

She gave a slow nod and her eyes went upwards as she felt dad come downstairs just as I did.


I tried to push RayRay towards her bed, but she refused to go. I gave her an angry look. If dad caught us being awake we were done for.

She gave me a sympathetic shrug. ‘I need to tell dad.’ She clumsily signed. We didn’t sign a lot, but obviously the occasion needed us to.

Then the door opened and dad walked in…yawning loudly.


‘What are you both doing up?’ He signed. He got a little more awake when he noticed we were dressed. ‘What have you both been doing?’

How did I explain this? We can’t tell him we went downstairs! Especially since RayRay told him she wouldn’t anymore and now I’ve gone downstairs! We’re going to be in so much trouble if he finds out…

“We were just having trouble falling asleep.” I hastily replied.

My dad didn’t look convinced, but his attention was suddenly focused on RayRay.


He bent down in front of my big sister and stared at her as if there was something written on her face.

Now would be the time. Now would be the ideal time for RayRay to say what happened. And I waited for her to do so, but she didn’t.

I went to do it myself, but dad did something I never thought he would.


I’ve said it before. I can feel it – and so can RayRay – when dad uses his power. And in that moment dad did. I felt his mind reach out to my sister’s and try to take control.

Dad had never tried to control us before. He’d made it clear to us he never would.

Yet here he was, trying to take control of RayRay. Knowing this I felt…scared. It’s scary when someone lies.


“Dad!” I found myself exclaiming. And in that one word I’d managed to transmit the horror I was feeling at seeing my dad trying to control RayRay. Is my dad evil?

The look he gave me made me avoid his eyes in fear.

When did dad get to be so scary? He wasn’t like that before. He used to be fun, chasing us around the house, playing games with us, letting us cook from time to time. That was my dad this morning. But for some reason, now he doesn’t seem much like my dad anymore.

He let out a sigh like he’d just made a difficult decision and he got back up.


‘Get back to bed you two.’ He ordered.

RayRay suddenly started crying. “Sorry dad.” She muttered. She must’ve been scared as well. She was crying because dad had scared her.

Dad patted her head and motioned for both of us to go to bed again before he left our room.


I wished RayRay goodnight and climbed into my bed.

But I got the feeling I wouldn’t be able to sleep.


And I was right. I wasn’t tired at all. My mind was traveling way too fast for that. Everything that had happened tonight kept replaying in my head. That evil man in the prison downstairs. The evil person who was now in my sister’s brain.

If dad finds out what happened to RayRay…will he put RayRay in jail? I don’t want him to put RayRay in a prison cell! Especially not with that nasty man who didn’t want to help!


I tried to paint to clear my mind since it was the only silent activity I could do (I’d already finished my homework), but it didn’t help as much as I wanted it to.

These doubts kept swirling inside me. But at least one thing was clear. I wasn’t evil. That man is, the person in my sister’s head probably was, and dad could be…but I wasn’t. I wasn’t scary. And when I controlled RayRay, it was because she gave me permission. She wasn’t scared of me like she was scared of dad. Like I was scared of dad.


After a while of seeing that painting wasn’t going to work, I got dressed with a new idea in mind.

It was quite daring on my part, but dad and RayRay had both fallen asleep a long time ago. Dad had stayed up for a while, but he eventually went back to sleep.

I’d always been hesitant to fully try it out (because grandma says abusing things is bad), but RayRay keeps annoying me about it and I…kind of want to see what the limit is.

I gripped the amulet under my shirt, closed my eyes, and visualized our mailbox.


I like to compare teleporting to a tornado. It always feels like I’m surrounded by this intense winds and once they disappear I’m suddenly in a new place entirely!

RayRay hates it. She keeps saying it’s like someone is tearing her apart or something.


I couldn’t help but give myself a small fist pump. I’ve only ever teleported from my room to the ladder, or the basement. But I can teleport just as easy to the front of my house it seems.

I don’t know what my limit is, as in how far or how many times I can teleport a day.

I can sort of sense that the amulet loses power when I teleport, but it’s always back to full the next night.


I wanted to try it out, but I didn’t want to use up all the power in the amulet! And I didn’t really want to teleport to random boring places.

So I ran a bit, until finally the trees surrounding our house cleared and I got a view of the city.


My eyes locked on to the super tall building far away.

Maybe I could teleport all the way there? That would be pretty awesome…

I closed my eyes and visualized the building I’d just seen.


When I opened my eyes again I was standing on the building itself, looking over the middle of the city.

“Oh yeah!” I exclaimed. But I was too high up for anyone to hear me.

I can’t believe I teleported all the way here! It took a lot of magic from the amulet, but…it worked!


The view really is amazing from up here. I didn’t even know we had a lighthouse here…well I guess since we’re near the ocean it makes sense. I learned in school that there’s another continent at the other side of the ocean. That in the whole world there are two huge continents.

I searched for home, but I couldn’t find it. Either it was too far away or my house was hidden by a ton of trees. Probably both.


As I searched I found someone else sitting on another tall building. Granted it wasn’t as big as mine (my building is the biggest I can see around!), but it was still pretty tall.

I had a wall so I wasn’t really scared of falling, but that person didn’t have a wall to protect them at all. Actually they were sitting on the edge! They could fall off if they weren’t careful.

Still feeling the rush of having managed to get all the way here and of being really high up in general, I decided to go say hi.


It’s only once I teleported over there that the idea that the girl wanted to jump occurred to me. I’d heard of that before…it was called suicide wasn’t it?

“Um? Hello?” I asked uncertainly.

She jumped a little and I got scared for a second that she would fall off. She gave me one look and then looked back down.

“It’s dangerous up here. You should go back inside.” She murmured.


“If it’s dangerous what are you doing up here? You aren’t going to jump right?” I asked.

“It’s none of your business. Your parents must be worried.” She answered in a monotone voice without taking her eyes off the bottom.


“Because this is really high up. It’s going to really hurt if you jump.” I said, trying not to get too close to the edge.

She was silent as wind whipped her hair back and forth. Finally she spoke again in a barely audible murmur.

“It’ll kill me.”

“That’s even worse! You shouldn’t sit on the edge then.” I tried to reason. I touched her arm but she shook me off.

“Maybe I want to die.”


I crouched down beside her.

“Why? Why would you want to die? Dying isn’t fun.” I said, daring to look down. It really was high up. If I fell…would I be able to teleport away?

…I don’t really want to test that out though.

“Because it’s easier than living.” She replied and an icy air seemed to wash over us. Because it’s easier than living.

She finally looked up and gave me a very small smile. “Don’t watch kiddo.” She said as she went to jump. I quickly reached out to stop her.

“Wait! Tell me why.” I said, trying to keep my voice stable. I didn’t want her to die! I didn’t want anyone to die! I didn’t know what to do…if I left to call 911 she would jump. My only choice was to try and talk her out of it.


Luckily for me, she didn’t try to jump again.

“Why? Because it’s hard to breathe. It’s hard to think. It’s hard to feel. It’s hard to live. Too hard. I can’t take it anymore kiddo. I’m dying one day at a time anyway.”

“Are you sick?” I asked.

“In more ways than one.”


“See that pink building over there?” She asked, pointing to the hospital I was taken to as a kid.


“That’s where I live.”

“You live at the hospital?” I asked.

“In a nutshell. My dad is the head doctor. My little sister lives there too.” She was silent for a few moments. “This is very selfish of me, but…could you go see my sister at some point? Just to make sure she’s okay.”

“Can’t you do that yourself? I don’t even know who she is!”


She let out a tiny sigh. “Kiddo…” She seemed about to say more, but instead she shook her head slightly and leaned forwards. I got scared she would jump again, but instead of panicking I somehow managed to keep calm.

“You don’t seem very prepared for this.” I noticed.

She let out a shaky laugh. “Yeah.”

“Why even come here then if you’re going to have doubts?” Her coming here in general was still a ridiculous idea to me. Living isn’t that hard!

“It’s something I need to do. Even if I wanted to keep seeing my little sister’s face…I can’t keep on living like this.” She answered. And we stayed silent for a few more moments.

It was weird how peaceful and calming the night was. It gave me the feeling of being very distant from reality.


“Why haven’t you jumped yet?” I asked, breaking the silence. I was slightly surprised by my words…but only slightly. I felt like we were in RayRay’s game. All of this felt like the opposite of reality.

“I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous…I wish there was another solution. Maybe there is one. Maybe I came to this one too quickly….I don’t know anymore.” She replied. She didn’t seem as eager to jump anymore. Had she forgotten her reasons for coming up here?

If so, it made this visit useless didn’t it?


“You were planning to jump weren’t you?” I asked, lacing my voice with a convincing tone. “If so, then…jump.”

I calmly noticed her tense up and look at me in slight surprise. But then she looked back to the bottom, where a few cars were rolling by and my words sunk in.



She did.

Without another word she slipped forwards and let gravity take her down.

Everything felt so unreal…really like a dream as her hands left the wall and just like that she was gone…


Like a breath carried into the wind.


And then came the sound.

It was barely perceptible…it was just a small thud. But a sound I heard clearly in the silent night.

All at once reality came crashing around me.

She had jumped.



A deep horror settled in my stomach.

I had made her jump.


Alright…only part 2 for both left and then finally you all can vote.

you may praise my awesomeness in this chapter XD. Skyscrapers are goddamn horrible places to take screenshots!

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