7.67 – Catarina’s part 2

Geez guys! Catarina is unbelievably gorgeous! I’ve never had such a pretty female sim before!


Catarina’s POV

“Omg! What was that? What did I just see?” My cousin, Mariella (whom I nicknamed Lala when I was a toddler) exclaimed after seeing the fancy little video I found.

“See? See?”

You aren’t showing her that video are you?


“Okay, I admit it. You were right, those kinds of videos can be funny…sometimes.” Lala painfully admitted.

“Ha! As usual, I am right!” I smirked.

I got along super well with my cousin! She and her family had some troubles a while back so I couldn’t see her as much, but now she visits a lot more often. Mom keeps commenting on how we’re still as close as then.


Lala’s face grew serious again as she took a look around the room.

“Ugh…Benjamin is so messy. Doesn’t he know when to clean up?” She complained, gesturing at the random toys and clothes on the floor.

I’m bored RayRay.

“All super genius’ have to have their faults I guess.” I shrugged. It didn’t really bother me since JayJay at least knew to keep his cr*p on his side of the room.


“Damn right, that guy is definitely a genius. In everything! Just look at that! That is like…a masterpiece. He gets, what? Straight As all the time? Didn’t you say he was asked by one of the kids in your class to play in their band?” Lala started rambling. She felt like I did about JayJay’s talents. Jealous and mad that he doesn’t exploit them. “Where is Benjamin anyway?”

Who cares about your little brother? Let’s go take a walk!


“Who even knows? He’s always out and about. You probably won’t see him at all during your stay. On weekends he’s only at home when it’s dark out.” I said.

Ever since JayJay went into the basement with me, he’s been a little more extroverted. And, to my glee, he’s been showing off his talents more. Not as much as I’d like, but good enough for now. Of course, that includes his teleportation abilities!

Why do you always ignore me when other people are there?


My phone suddenly made a ding.

“It’s her!” I exclaimed excitedly as I pulled out my phone.

“Wasn’t she supposed to be here an hour ago? What’s the hold up?” Lala asked. Usually when Lala came around my bff did her best to come over as well. She and Lala got along pretty well.

“She says she got grounded.” I said as I replied on my phone.


“She also says to make up for it she arranged a surprise for me…” I explained as I read the message.

“For you? What about me?”


“Damn it…she kept her promise.” I said with an exasperated yet slightly amused sigh.

“What do…oh you mean that don’t you? Let me see!” Lala peeked over on the phone and read the message.

“I can’t believe she really did go this far.”

“Oh there’s another message…she says you can’t back out!” Lala plucked the phone from my hands.



“No…problem…I’ll…make…sure…she…doesn’t…” Lala read as she wrote.

“Oh come on!” I complained, stomping my feet. “Just because you both have a boyfriend doesn’t mean I need one!”

“Oh shush. You know you’re happy she did the hard part for you.” Lala smirked. Well…it was true. The main reason I didn’t have a boyfriend yet was because I didn’t like making the first step.

But nothing won’t ever happen if you don’t make the first step RayRay.

Yeah well, in the old days it’s the guys that came to see the girls, not the other way around.

“Don’t I at least get to know who he is?” I asked and Lala texted the question.

“Sorry, she says no. Telling you would defeat the purpose of a blind date. But she assures me you won’t be disappointed.”


“Then it’s got to be that new kid. Or maybe it’s that really cute guy in gym class.” I said, drifting off into a daydream.

Another ding came from my phone.

“She says it’s not who you’re thinking about. Dang, she must be looking through the webcam.” Lala said.

“Well if it’s not who I’m thinking about, who is it?” I asked over the sound of Lala typing.

“He’s the new guy in her boyfriend’s band, you know the one that wanted Benjamin to join…must’ve opted for this kid since your brother flat out rejected the offer. She won’t say anymore though.”

“Guess I’m really stuck trusting her judgement.” I said. “Eh whatever. I’m actually getting excited for this.”

You’re ready to blindly trust her, but not me?



You are not to bother me at all got it?

How come you-

Got it?


Though Rina could be intrusive and annoying, she at least respected my privacy when I asked for it. In that sense I knew I could trust her. For everything else…not at all.

I let out a nervous breath. Yes, I’m nervous, nervous, nervous! I’ve never been on a date before…I don’t know how to behave or what I should do, or anything really! I even feel a bit overdressed. But Lala said it was fine. Something about it being better to be overdressed than underdressed.


I didn’t know what the guy looked like, let alone his name. I was excited about the idea of going on a blind date, but now that I’m actually here I’m really nervous and unsure about this.

My bff said the date was going to be held at the mall, but…do I go inside the mall? Or do I stay outside here? Will he recognize me or will I recognize him? How long is the date even going to last?


I just need to calm down. Once he gets here everything will be fine. I’m good with people, it’s just the before that’s nerve wracking.


“Dang, I didn’t know I needed to dress up.” A smiling voice said from behind me.

I nearly jumped!

Oh no…does that mean I really did overdress!?


“Oh god don’t tell me I over-” I started to say in a panicked tone. But as I spun around I noticed he didn’t really look underdressed…quite the contrary.

“I’m just kidding!” He said with a huge smile. “As you can see…I dressed up as well.”


I looked at him for real and was almost taken aback by how handsome he was. Thank you dear friend! I’ll buy you an ice cream cone next time I see you.

“Wait, how are you even sure I’m the one you should be talking to?” It’d be pretty awkward if this was all a mistake. Ah what a loss that would be!

“Because I was told to look for a beautiful orange-haired girl.” He replied with a small blush.


My heart skipped a beat.

Dang! I’m feeling pretty lucky right now.

“Thanks. You look dashing yourself.” I managed to answer. Waaahhh I’m so flustered I feel like I’m stumbling over my words. This usually doesn’t happen when I talk to people!

He chuckled and that made my smile grow wider.

“Come on, let’s go inside.”


Since my bff had said he was a band member I’d expected something more like…long hair, smell of cigarettes and some lousy t-shirt. I admit, I do not have the best view of band members, but that’s all my bff’s boyfriend’s fault.

This guy, however, smells nice, doesn’t have long hair and is really well dressed. I certainly wouldn’t mind him as a first boyfriend. Just as long as he doesn’t turn out to be a jerk.


As we got inside he turned to me as if he’d just remember something drastically important.

“I’m Alexander, but my friends call me Alex!” He suddenly exclaimed. I did a little jump in surprise. “By the way…sorry that was a bit harsh. I’m a little nervous.”

Wow…he hadn’t looked that nervous.

“Nice to meet you.” I said, I already felt a little less nervous knowing he was too. “I’m Catarina, but my friends call me RayRay.”


“Alex is way too common of a nickname though…” I said with a pensive look. Ideas were already swirling in my mind, but I managed to settle on one. “Can I call you Nax instead?”


“Yeah, you know the Xan from Xander, but switched around.” I explained.

“Yeah if you want to…but that means I get to give you a different nickname too.” He said with a smirk.

Well…I guess I can’t really say no can I? I can let him try at least. “Sure, go ahead.”


“Hmm…how about Rat? You know Tar switched around.” He replied with a sly grin.

“Rat!? No way!”

“I’m kidding, I’m kidding!”


“How about Nira? It’s Rina switched around.” He proposed, and I almost called him out on how dumb that one was until I noticed he was actually looking kinda serious about it.

I still kinda hesitated to agree though…I mean I’m the one who came up with RayRay! I don’t see why he’d really need to find another one since the nickname I have is already pretty cool. And on top of that he had to choose the switched version of Rina! Of all names…

Though I guess it kinda fits in that sense…And I do want to get along with him. He seems like a nice guy so far.


“Alright! Sounds good.”

“For real?” Nax asked a bit surprise.

“As long as I get to call you Nax.” I added.


“Deal.” Nax replied and we shook hands on it.

“Nice to meet you then Nax.” I said with a smile.

“Right back at you Nira.” He replied, jumping into my little game.


The first thing we did was eat out at the small restaurant in the mall.

We both ordered lasagna which was kind of pretty cool.


Throughout eating lunch, and even a bit after, we spent the time talking. You know, asking the other a bunch of questions.

What’s your favorite color? What’s your favorite meal? What’s your family like? Etc…

And well I learned Nax’s favorite color was green, and his favorite meal was quite obviously lasagna, but there was something about strawberries he couldn’t resist. He was an only child cause his parents separated when he was ten. He just moved in town a few months ago which explained why I hadn’t seen him around. Someone as good looking as him, I would’ve definitely remembered. And yes, I totally told him that, and he totally super adorably blushed. But overall he’d been the one giving me most of the compliments!

He’d joined the band a week or so ago and he was the drummer.


After lunch we had some fun chilling out at the arcade. Turns out he was a video game addict like I was. He was so surprised when he learned I could actually play video games, and to top it all off I actually really liked it.

He was a ton of fun! I barely even saw the day go by! We just kept trying random places in the mall.


Though I have to say, one of my favorites was definitely the karaoke. We really let loose there…probably scared half the people away!

I couldn’t believe I’d actually gotten nervous! He was really easy to get along with and it didn’t take time before it felt like we’d know each other for more than a day.


We finished the date with a movie in the mall’s small theatre.

And well…let’s just say his shoulder was at the perfect height for me to lean on. And on top of that he smells really good.

I could not have asked for a better date. Let alone imagine it.


“I had a really great time today. Thanks.” I told him after we’d exchanged phone numbers. I wouldn’t have minded staying longer if it wasn’t getting so dark out!


“Are you kidding? I should be the one to thank you.” He replied with a smile and I wanted to die from how cute he was being right now.

“Aww you’re sweet.” I gushed and he gave me a sweet smile.

And well…


Gaaahh I couldn’t resist.


Nax was surprised, but he definitely didn’t look displeased.

“Let’s do this again sometime.” He said with a full-toothed smile.

“Yeah for sure!”



“May the best win!” JayJay had declared after giving me a cocky smile. All because he won the last time! Not this time little brother…

With a powerful kick I sped off into my part of the forest. True, JayJay is more athletic and he tends to run a lot faster than I do, but I’m confident my tracking skills are a whole lot better.


JayJay and I have both reached ‘vampire puberty’. It was actually kind of funny. The moment grandma heard our fangs had grown out she’d practically camped out at home with plasma juice ready to go.

Since then it’s been harder and harder to sleep at night and stay awake in class. And there’s been a significant increase in my strength, hearing and smelling.


Also, this…amusement? Need? (one or the other) appeared. A need to hunt! Mom and dad don’t really get it, but as long as we don’t go after naturals they’re fine with us taking small hunting trips for fun at night. Only on the weekends though.

It took a lot of convincing, but grandma and grandpa did most of the work. Apparently all vampires (except dad it would seem) have more trouble sleeping during the night.


JayJay and I hunt animals just for fun. We don’t drink their blood or anything. We don’t really feel the need to either. We’ve got enough plasma juice in our stomachs to make sure we don’t get hungry.

We don’t kill the animals either! That would be way too cruel. JayJay accidently killed a squirrel once cause he wasn’t used to being strong yet and he refused to go hunting for an entire week! So yeah, no killing the animals. We just catch them and then release. Whoever has the biggest catch is the winner.


Think we could catch a moose this time?

I’ve never actually seen a moose in these parts before soooo I doubt it. I do smell something new though…


As in something I don’t recognize. Either it’s a natural or some new catch that’ll win this hunting trip!


It seems to be coming from the beach…

A whale? Ooh what if it’s a whale??

No Rina, it’s not going to be a whale. At this point it’s probably a person.

Well why are we still going that way then?


I don’t know…Why am I still going towards the beach?

For some reason I was being pulled forwards and I was too confused by this feeling to stop and turn around. And on top of that I was curious to know what could be so interesting over there. I ended up running faster.

But then I spotted a pair of blue wings and a blond head.

Oh hell no!

It’s him! I can’t believe it!

It had been years ago since I’d seen those blue wings, but I most certainly hadn’t forgotten the experience.

It’s Liam!


I tried to brake and turn around, but I was already on a part of the hill that was too steep. To top it all off the ground was still wet from the small rainfall we’d had and that, coupled with my speed, had me sliding down the side of the mountain.

Go! Go!

Rina happily exclaimed inside my head, and as I got closer closer to the beach I felt her will get stronger and stronger. If I got too close I might not be able to fight Rina back enough to get away from here. I’d dealt with her in my head for years now, knowing that she was just waiting for her Liam to come around so she could run off with him to who knows where…with me forcibly tagged along. Not that she admitted that…but that was given.


“Stop! Stop!” I muttered to myself as I tried to stop my descent in vain.


I reached a much steeper part of the hill and ended up being carried off the hill.

I closed my eyes in anticipation of the hit I’d get falling down.

It’s sand so it won’t hurt much right? Right?


There was the sound of fluttering wings and then suddenly I’d fallen into someone’s arms.

Let me take control RayRay! I’ll make this very quick I promise!

Nope, nope, nope, nope!

I didn’t even look at the guys face. My emotions were all a little too unpredictable when it came to this guy because of Rina.


“Let me down!” I shouted, doing my best to struggle out of his grip.

“Okay! God! Stop hitting me in the face!” The pretentious looking rich kid said.

“Down!” I ordered again before he finally just dropped me on the ground.


I fell to the ground with a thump and an unhappy groan from my part.

“Jerk!” I muttered as I got myself back up.

“Well I’m sooo sorry.” He said in an overly sarcastic voice.

Please RayRay!

No way, I’m out of here.


But just as I got to my feet Rina momentarily took over to say a simple hopeful word.

Liam?” She asked with my mouth.


I struggled to gain back control as the nasty rich kid’s face went from surprised to suddenly like…I’m not sure, soft?


And with just that one word I’d lost all possibility of getting back control at that point.

It’s Rina now.” Rina said.

Well, I’m Ry now.


They both suddenly surged forwards and gave each other a hug. And I say they because there is no way I will accept the fact that that jerk and I hugged. It would seem he’s been afflicted with the same disease as I have.

You’re going to give me back my body right? Right?

Yes RayRay. I never lied. Let me just be happy right now okay?


Where have you been!? Did anything go wrong?

No worries. Aliska did as I asked her to do, she found this boy and with the artifact I managed to get into his head. It’s his family that proved to be most of the problem. And James of course…I had to wait for you to come find me and you did.

And then they began to converse. I waited impatiently for their little reunion to be over. All the while watching carefully to take control back whenever Rina’s strength wavered. This was my body, I had priority.


Of course. RayRay wouldn’t let me take control, but I did my best! I never stopped believing Ry. I never have and I never will.

Woah woah, watch it here. You’re getting to be a little too gushy for my taste. Pipe it down will you? Don’t start giving me a bad reputation. I really like Nax!

No one’s around, you won’t get a bad reputation.

I’M around!

It’s been a while since we’ve been in separate bodies.

Yeah.” Rina replied and I could feel her heart skipping a few beats.

Come here.

You better not Rina, I’m warning you!


Darn it Rina! Now I’m a two-timer!


Oh goooddd Alexander reminds me of some kind of delicious chocolate bar…(coffee crisp maybe?)


Nax: You made me sound so much more confident than I actually was!

No worries Nax, you did good.


Last day for the casting call! The heir vote will be posted tomorrow along with Benjamin’s part…

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  1. magpie14031983 says:

    I wanted to give you a sim but TS3 won’t open on my laptop anymore T_T and my PC is currently surrounded by miscellaneous junk due to spring cleaning and not having used it in so long! Wish I could get a stay of execution until Thursday!!! You’d love Xenia Cross. She’s just/almost as gorgeous as KC! Only blonde with olive coloured eyes.

    Rina and Ry are like that O_O KC gonna have some ‘splaining to do if someone sees them!!!

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    • blamsart says:

      Since you’re such an awesome commenter, why not? I’ll give you till thursday 😀

      I know, I didn’t see it coming either! But I guess…maybe? *shudders* I pity RayRay.


  2. Iomai says:

    Aww, Catrina is so beautiful! I love RayRay and Nax already but I forsee trouble for them because of Rina. Her and her obsession of being with Liam T-T hopefully RayRay can get Rina out of her head.

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