7.68 – Benjamin’s part 2

Darn it! JayJay did the same as RayRay! He turned out way too handsome! Arrrggg (I’m so happy I don’t have to vote)

I have to say, these two are just…the most beautiful teenage sims I’ve ever had. Kyxa and James was definitely a good match up.

This chapter is actually shorter than I thought it would be. I had to cut some things out and change things up a bit.


Benjamin’s POV

I ran off in the other direction as RayRay sped off into hers. We had this hunting thing going on on weekends, and usually I’m really into it, but tonight will be a little different.

Let’s just say I’ll let my big sis win this time.


I gripped my amulet and visualized my destination – the hospital.

I hadn’t gone there at all since I was a toddler, but I was going today thanks to some advice a teacher of mine gave me.

I wanted to go earlier, but when I asked mom if she could give me a ride she just downright forbade from going there. Which sounds absolutely ridiculous. Why should I be banned from going to a hospital?

I have a feeling she’s just not too happy with my career choice.


See, I won’t deny it, I’m pretty talented. Everyone I know has made it clear at one point or another how much they just wished they could have my talents! It gets really annoying since half of them hate me for it, and the other half keep asking me to teach them.

Hell if I know why I’m so good at painting! I just paint and stuff just looks good.


Which is why people are always surprised when they hear my career choice. Which they always hear after I’ve refused to teach them anything or join their band. Yeah, some band asked me to join them once after hearing me play my guitar at the park.

I didn’t really feel like investing in a band at that point though.


People keep saying, you’re so talented you could easily be a professional painter or a musician or an athlete! But they’re all just hobbies!

When I say that people then assume I’m going to be a scientist. Close, but…not quite. Yeah I like chemistry, but not enough to make a career out of it.

No. I want to be a doctor.


I teleported outside of the hospital and prayed it would still be open. Though I highly doubt a hospital would ever be closed.

Let’s be honest. Aiming to be a doctor isn’t that weird of a thing, but since biology is the one subject I’m not awesome at (really just average), people assume that’d be the last career I’d go for.

And check this out, parents are supposed to be supportive of anything you choose right?


Well my parents seem to be the exception. When I told them I wanted to be a doctor at the hospital here in Stonebridge they actually tried to talk me out of it!

Not your usual ‘are you sure?’ talk, they basically told me not to and that it was a really horrible idea. I have to say, I didn’t expect that from my parents at all.


I walked around the hospital to find the entrance.

As I walked I spotted two very high buildings. I hadn’t really come to town much since that night.

You can’t really blame though! Not when I was a kid. Seeing someone jump off a building and die…


That girl really was only thinking about herself. Jumping off in front of a kid! It traumatized me to the point where I convinced myself I’d been the one to make her jump off, when she’d clearly jumped off on her own.

But in a way it’s because of her that I want to be a doctor.

I want to help – no save people. That experience showed me I wouldn’t be able to by talking to people, you know, being a psychologist. But I’m sure I wouldn’t have much trouble at medical school.


I could become a doctor and save dozens of lives every day.

When I asked my guidance counselor for a little more insight on what being a doctor really meant, she told me the best way to get that information was to ask a real doctor.

So here I was. Hoping there was still a doctor working who’d be willing to spend a few minutes with me. I’d go in the day, but mom wouldn’t let me.


It’s once I reached the door that I realized there was some sort of commotion inside. I couldn’t see really well due to the fogged up windows, but I could definitely hear.

“Put it down!”

“No dad! No!”

“This is a hospital for god’s sake! You could be arrested for bringing that in here!”

I opened the door, hoping I could tiptoe past the little family fight, until I saw what that was.


“I’ve had enough! And this is the only way you’ll ever take me seriously!” The girl yelled with…a gun in her hands.

“Stop waving that thing around! You could hurt someone!” The man on the other side continued to argue.

I decided it’d be better to come on some other day and I reached over to close the door, but my shoes made a loud squeaking sound.

“Why won’t you-” The girl had started to shout again, but the sound I’d made her suddenly spin around.


“Put the gun down!” Her father yelled again, but it was too late. With panicked movements she closed her eyes and pressed the trigger…with the gun aimed straight at me.


I know I won’t have enough time to teleport.

Good thing I’m in a hospital.


Oh god. It’s over. Last chapter. James’ generation has officially ended with a bang. (lol)

Go! Go and vote dear readers!

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  1. magpie14031983 says:

    OMG!!!!!! Am still voting for KC though!

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    :O I can’t… omg I’m going to have to choose between this and Cat? No fair TTnTT

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    There’s that hate part of this relationship showing up again. I would really like to end a generation liking you at some point.

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