8.9 – Perception of risk

Warning: Long chapter guys. With lots of texts.


No one’s POV

Autumn has been preparing for Winter’s arrival. The trees are shaking off their colored leaves and a cold sharp air is whisking about Legacy Island II. Already the mountain watching over the town is covered in snow.

Few are outside in the cold night. Some are walking home, some are catching a cold for the price of looking cool, some are enjoying the smell of the end of autumn, and some are outside without being cold.

Apart from a unique fairy, resistant to cold and fire alike, there is a single species that is resistant to cold.


On this night, where angry comments had been exchanged between friends only hours earlier, Legacy Island II is populated with a strange yet special vampire.


This fangless vampire has lived through more than anyone can be asked to live. Be it when he was a child, a teenager or an adult, there always seemed to be something he needed to take care of. Something he was, whether willingly or not, always a part of. These things were never accompanied with sunshine and smiles, and this man adapted to life’s curveballs by performing actions not well viewed by the general public.

But that is a subject of the past that has formed the man he is today. He is a man who has continuously been living adventures, just as he is doing now.


Jumping from town to town, he’s searching for a powerful witch – something quite rare nowadays. Legacy Island II is his fifth stop since the start of his journey. In a way, he dreaded the time when he would be forced to search this town.

It was his hometown, where he was born and raised, and only an hour away was the school in which he’d been educated. The school where his aunt killed three of his classmates. The school where he lost one of his precious best friends. The school where his older sister became someone he didn’t know.

The town itself also held a part of his past, present and future. A part he’d never expected would move to his hometown and attend his school.

To think that the son he had given up to ensure that the boy would be protected and far away from all that happened around him, would end up living here and attending that school…The son was in the center of how it had all begun for his father.


James always questioned himself on whether he had made the right choice, on whether he could take it back, whenever he came to this town. It didn’t help when he saw his two other kids grow up happy and without the horrors he’d faced.

But of course he was brought back to reality when he remembered what his daughter was suffering from. Something she wouldn’t be afflicted with if her father wasn’t James. In fact, she was the reason why the mute vampire was on this specific journey.

There was only one way to cure his daughter, to rid her of the other presence lurking in her mind, and that was with the help of a witch. His girlfriend had been out searching, but there weren’t enough results so James decided he needed to step up and do the job.

She hadn’t been happy, his girlfriend. It’s not that he didn’t believe in her abilities, but it was clear it would go faster if he did the job.

And now here he was, scanning the thousands of minds for the fifth time thus far. There were so many different types of people and only a few proved to be some sort of challenge for James. His parents lived here as well, but he avoided alerting them of his presence. Alec was not here however, which was something that worried James.


He hadn’t heard from his little brother in a very long while and he’d started to fear the worst when the vampire rumors started to spread. “All the new vampires claim they were justly turned by a golden-eyed vampire…with really bright blue hair.

He didn’t want to snoop though. His sibling’s lives were one of the only ones he hadn’t invaded yet, and if Alec was behind the sudden outburst of vampires…James had yet to see what was drastically wrong with that. The vampires weren’t bloodthirsty. A few even showed an ability to survive on minimal plasma juice only.

James finished scanning the city and was unsurprised to find that he hadn’t touched his son’s mind. After all he’d given him as a toddler a magical artifact. A small bead that protected him against mind control. James would’ve been more worried if he’d actually been able to sense his son’s presence.

He can still confirm his son is alive and doing well by checking the minds of the people around him. The stories he gleaned from their minds made him smile. Smile because Xavier was having a much more normal childhood and teenage life than he had, and smile because Xavier had a weird circle of friends. If they could even be called that. He hadn’t expected the situation to develop this way, that’s for sure.


James sighed. There were no powerful witches in this town…well apart from one, but he wasn’t ready to consider asking his son to help. It would defy the entire purpose of sending him away. He couldn’t deny that it made him a bit proud though. The supernaturals that crossed Xavier could sense that he was stronger than the average witch. Rather ironic considering how poor at magic Xavier’s mother was.

There had to be another witch out there that was above normal. And if there wasn’t James would search for another way to free his daughter. His resolution to not involve or approach Xavier was reinforced by an e-mail he received from his sister Aliska a few days ago.

Oh, I should definitely come visit mum and dad soon. And of course I’d bring the kids so everyone could meet my darling little girls. I’m so proud of them! Susie is a bit too serious for my liking though…she takes after her father too much! And Lorianne recently started walking! She’s so cute! I’m sad because I don’t see them as often as I’d like…but that can’t be helped.

I got a premonition that really strikes me as odd a few days ago. I know you asked me to get you a premonition for yourself, and I did get one with you in it actually, but I didn’t get the feeling that it was about you in particular… It was only the first viewing so it was still a little fuzzy, but there were two people I fairly remember. One of them was a young man with black hair a lot like yours. He had one of those naïve looking faces…Meh, anyway, there was him and then there was you! But as I said the premonition wasn’t about you, it was about the young man. The only thing I can clearly discern is that the young man was shot and you were very near when it happened. After he was hit you ran over to him. Then the premonition ends.

It’s so weird…I usually never have visions of people unrelated to me. Could this young man be related to us somehow? A future child? You looked the same as you do now, but you’re a vampire so we can’t use that as a reference. Well either way, you were part of it so here I am warning you. And also hoping you’ll tell me your thoughts who this young man could be. I’ll tell you if I get anything clearer.

James wanted to avoid that situation at all costs. Aliska’s premonitions hadn’t been wrong yet, but nevertheless James hoped this was a changeable future.



Erin’s POV

I exhaled sharply, already bored and mildly annoyed. It was Saturday afternoon – or in other words it was Xavier’s horseback riding competition. Normally I just laid back on one of the benches, pulled out a book or my phone, and glanced over when Xavier was actually in the race.

This time when I sat on a bench, I had someone else decide to sit beside me. That’s one annoyance. The fact that that person is Oliver makes it doubly annoying.

I had also called Xenia, my new friend, to see if I could get some company instead of a book, but she said her and her family had plans on Saturday. She was free on Sunday though. So that was another un-fun thing.


I would’ve preferred my usual routine by far to having Oliver sit down beside me. I hadn’t really realized until he had that the three ex-bullies would inevitably be at the competition. After all Teo is in it too.

And because Teo likes horse riding as well, I’m stuck beside a guy who’s been stiff since he sat down, said hi, and received a roll of eyes in reply. He annoys me so much. Not just because I know he has a crush on me… He doesn’t have to be so nervous! His hands are practically gripping his knees and he keeps looking everywhere else like he’s scared of looking at me. Jeez. The competition hasn’t even started yet.

Grumbling silently to myself I overheard some of the conversations behind me.

“I’m so sorry! I can’t believe you got here before me!”

“No worries, just sit down.”

“Man, how come the one without the job gets here early?”

“Heh, just sit down Nix. It hasn’t even started yet.”


Oh and third annoyance: Edmund isn’t here. Yeah the one guy I actually want to see right now. I’m totally against Edmund and Xavier ever being a couple, there is no doubt in my mind! …But Xavier was about as mad with me as I was with him yesterday. I guess I kind of owe it to him to at least do a double take on Edmund. If Xavier thinks there might be more to him than it might be worth checking out.

I know I blabbed out that I’d do everything I could to keep them apart, but…I groaned internally. Forbidding him was the wrong move. Xavier isn’t really a stubborn person, but by saying I forbad him it was like I was putting him in a cage. That’s one thing Xavier can’t stand, being told he has no choice. I should’ve thought twice before blurting that out! Now he might actually go for it despite my warnings, just to prove that he has choices.


“Soooo, who do you think is going to win?” Oliver asked, giving me a quick glance as the contestants got on the track.

I let out a sigh and looked at my left. I’m not engaging in any type of conversation with him. He can’t just snap fingers and make us all be friends! That’s not how it works at all. He’s apparently not aware of that though.

Then again, I guess I could ask him stuff on Edmund…no, it’s not worth it.

God, I hope Xavier won’t be stupid and go after Edmund just because I told him he couldn’t! He’s dumb, but not that much…right? Jeez, why can’t he see what a bad idea it is? I guess I can just hope that Edmund was either messing around or that Xavier misread the situation.


While gloomily ignoring Oliver, I spotted someone I recognized on my left. He smirked and waved. I sent him a polite smile in reply and checked my pockets to make sure I still had the bag.

He was a bit late, but this was pretty last minute. We were supposed to do this at our usual meeting place, but I’d completely forgotten about Xavier’s horse competition.

Some rearranging of plans had been required.


I got up and Oliver’s head snapped to me as I did. He gave me a confused look, but I ignored him and walked over to Ted. I could practically hear the question Oliver was asking himself as he saw who I was walking to. Is that her boyfriend?


“Hey.” Ted said as a greeting, lazily slumping over the fence. Or well, I think his name is Ted. I only ever heard it once. His eyes drifted to my hands and then back to my face. “You have it?”

I nodded. “You?”

“Obviously.” He smirked, patting his sweater pocket, which was obviously filled with something. I smirked back.

Ted and I met in pottery class, and the only reason we met up was to exchange goods.

I pulled the bag out of my pocket and handed it over to him.


He grinned happily and tossed the bag up once and caught it as if he was checking the weight.

“You’re a lifesaver!” He exclaimed, eyes still glued to the bag.

I presented my hand palm up in slight annoyance.

“Not it’s your turn to be a lifesaver.” I said. He laughed.

“Here you go.” He said, pulling out a few bills and dropping them in my outstretched hand. I counted them: 30$.

“Can I get another batch next week?” He asked with a hopeful smile. I sighed. The answer is always the same, why does he keep asking the question?


“Come on, the answer’s the same.” I replied a little annoyed.

“Thought it was worth a try. I have an exam next week and-” Ted started to try and convince me.

“No’s no. One week isn’t enough to make a batch. You’ll get the next one in two weeks.” I said, clearly stating that this conversation was over.

He sighed. “Okay, okay. Thanks for this one, see you in two weeks.”

We exchanged a quick wave and he left the lot.


I shoved the money in my pockets and went back to sit beside Oliver. I really did consider sitting on another bench for a second.

And I regretted coming back to sit beside him when I noticed he was staring at me like I’d just done something horribly wrong and illegal.

I waited for him to lose interest and look away, but he didn’t. Even though I ignored him, he continued to stare as if he was waiting for me to explain myself.


“What?” I asked in a harsh tone. Oliver looked like he was trying to decipher me.

“Are you a drug dealer?” He asked with a slightly amused tone.

A drug dealer? Are you serious?

“Really? Just because I gave someone a bag with white powder, it automatically makes me a drug dealer?”

“And he gave you money.” Oliver said. I sighed.


“If I actually dealt drugs, do you really think I would do it in broad daylight in a super obvious way?” I asked. He didn’t respond.

“Ted has insomnia and cash, and I have a really powerful sleeping powder. Put two and two together.” I said. A sleeping powder which I made myself, thank you very much. It’s one of the few things in my alchemy book that doesn’t require a magical touch.

He gave me a suspcious unconvinced look.


“Whatever. Believe me or don’t. I don’t need to justify myself to you.” I snapped.

His eyes widened a bit in surprise at my small outburst. “No, I believe you.” He said in a voice that sounded actually genuine.

Okay then…

I didn’t quite know what to reply to that, and then I remembered I didn’t even want to talk to him so I went back to watching the competition.


The race was starting, but I couldn’t stay concentrated on it.

How can anyone just say ‘I believe you’ after seeing such a suspicious scene? For all he knows I lied to him. Why would he ‘believe me’? I don’t know why this annoyed me so much. Maybe it’s because it made Oliver seem like maybe, just a little tiny bit, less like a jerk. Maybe.

I considered asking him not to tell Xavier. Xavier didn’t know I sold sleeping powder and I didn’t really want him to know. It’s not that it’s illegal or anything, it’s just that Xavier would want to know why, and that would bring back a conversation I didn’t want to have. If Xavier did find out then I would deal with it though, it’s not some huge secret.

While I was seriously considering talking to Oliver again, he opened his mouth and made a mistake.

He’d taken a deep breath, turned to me, and asked: “Can I have your number?”

The answer was obvious and my change of seats was unavoidable.



Xavier was, unsurprisingly, first in the racing part. He was third in the jumping part though. Teo was the one who took first place for that.

When the race was finished, Oliver and I waited by the fence for the two riders to join us.

“Great job Jupiter.” Xavier said, stroking Jupiter’s neck with a smile before he climbed off.


Both boys pulled off their helmets, turned to each other and then congratulated the other. I had to blink a few times before I was convinced what I was seeing was real.

“Thanks man, you and Jupiter are really fast! I’m not surprised you got first place.” Teo replied to Xavier’s comment. They exchanged some pleased smiles and then turned towards Oliver and I.

What just happened? They just acted like they were old comrades! I really don’t get how guys think.


“You were awesome!” I exclaimed to Xavier, raising my hand up for a high five. With a grin he slapped his hand against me.


By the smile stuck on his face I could tell he was still feeling the rush from the race. I had a feeling this wouldn’t last though. We hadn’t spoken since yesterday, and the subject was bound to come back up.


“I really got scared for a second there though! There were some really good racers.” Xavier exclaimed. I nodded like I knew what he was talking about.

“Oh yeah, the one on the black horse. They’re the one who got second place in jumping. I won by a hair.” Teo agreed, butting in the conversation.

“Yeah that one!” Xavier said. Them talking so casually was really getting on my nerves.


“Let’s celebrate!” Oliver exclaimed. Xavier, Teo and I all turned towards him in surprise. Man, Oliver can be kind of noisy.

“What?” Xavier asked.

“You both won first place in a part of the competition. This calls for a party.” Oliver explained. “At Teo’s house.” He finished, placing his hand on Teo’s shoulder.

Teo raised an eyebrow.

“My house…?” Teo said in surprise.

“Yeah and-” Oliver was about to go into planning this party of his when he was interrupted.

By me.

“You guys have fun.” I said, grabbing Xavier’s arm and dragging him away from these two. Eating together at lunch is my limit.


To my surprise, Xavier jerked his arm away from my grip. His pleased expression turned into a cold neutral one and he refused to meet my eyes, but his message was clear.

What was I doing? Deciding these things for him? It was about time I stopped acting like his mom and more like his friend.

It was like he’d just slapped me, pushed me, tossed me aside, declared that I wasn’t needed.

It was their fault. It’s all because those three had stopped bullying Xavier. That’s why he’s not listening to me anymore. Now he’s making decisions he shouldn’t, now…If only…


If only they hadn’t stopped bullying him.

I shook the thought away. That’s not a thought I can entertain.

“Count us in.” Xavier said.

Oliver glanced at me and then smiled. “Great! So tomorrow at Teo’s-”


“On one condition.” I declared, spinning around to face them. In the direction this was going, I was going to be the only girl. I needed manpower. Or in this case, womanpower.

“Anything.” Oliver said with a bigger smile. That only irritated me more.

“I get to bring my friend.” I said.

Oliver nodded enthusiastically. “Of course, no problem. The more the merrier.”

Xavier on the other hand looked at me in surprise. I wanted to snap at him: Yeah, I have a friend other than you! Big whoop.

“Alright, we’re good now?” Oliver confirmed.


“I’m not! Why is this happening at my house?” Teo asked.

“Um…well cause your parents are never home? It’s not like my house has ever been empty.” Oliver mumbled, giving Teo a helpless look. I rolled my eyes at the sight. Oliver is even more childish than I thought.

Teo sighed. “Fine then.”


Oliver proceeded to tell us where Teo lived, that the party began at 6 o’clock sharp (ha , as if I’m going to get there on time) and that Edmund would be there.

It’s when he pulled out his phone to do whatever that I took the opportunity to say a quick farewell and leave.



Edmund’s POV


A loud ringing tone suddenly made itself known, snapping me awake.

I woke up with a jump muttering: “Just a nap…”

I blinked tiredly, rubbing the part of my face that now had a book imprint in it.


When I realized I was alone in my room, I took my time getting up. I rubbed my eyes, yawned and stretched as I repositioned myself in my time frame.

It didn’t take very long for me to remember that I’d fallen asleep while doing homework.

I groaned. I need to stop going to sleep so late.

My eyes drifted to the closed drawer on my nightstand that held the reason why I was awake till the early hours most nights. I don’t want to stop doing that though, it’s the only personal hobby I’ve got, but I might have to if I want to not fall asleep during class or an exam.

I got up, stretched my half-asleep legs and took out the reason for me being awake.


Ollie: Partypartyparty!

Ed: What?

Ollie: get together with possibly beer.

Ed: ?

Ollie: yes beer!! tomorrow at ts! bring your coat but no hwork

Ed: You’re not making any sense. Text normally plz?

Ollie: Sorry. I’m just so excited. There you happy? I even added capitals and apostrophe marks and stuff.

Ollie: it takes waaayyy too long to type tho

Ed: Just tell me whats going on

Ollie: t & x got first place in horse competition so were celebratg with a party at ts tomorrow

Ed: cool

Ollie: you gotta come too ya know. its why im texting you.

Ed: Ill see what I can do. Its a bit last min though.

Ollie: k tell me soon

Ollie: oh and I invited x and erin over too. erin said shed bring a friend

Ollie: so like me you teo xav erin + one tomorrow. and hopefully beer. maybe. ill see what I can do

Ollie: k b


An involuntary smile spread over my face as I thought of Xavier. I hadn’t seen him since yesterday and just the thought of our exchange gives me a pleasant feeling.

…He wasn’t too heavy or too light.

I’m not too sure how it all happened, but I’m never sure of what I’m doing when I’m with him. I didn’t plan on running away with the key! It just happened.


But it shouldn’t have. I forced myself to ignore whatever feeling had caused me to feel so…yeah.

Great, I established that I have feelings for Xavier, but that in no way means I can act on them. I actually I just plain can’t. Once you isolate the problem, you can focus on fixing it.

…Which is why I can’t be left alone with him. Past experience proves that I have no control – or well more like I can’t think logically. It took me awhile on Friday to remember that I can’t have feelings for a guy.

…But just when I regained my senses he’d said those words: See you around?

I can’t explain why, but it actually made me so happy when he’d said that and now just thinking about it-


I shook my head harshly almost slapping myself in the face.

“Damn it Ed,” I scolded myself. It was clear, it was practically written in my genes, I was supposed to be straight, not gay. Dad had made it clear. His friends had made it clear. The whole social circle dad frequented made it obvious. No gays. You’ve got the heterosexual successful couple with their one or two kids.

Okay, all I need to do is get rid of these feelings. Move on or whatever. How am I going to do that? I’m not sure…I’ll do a google search later.


…But you know meanwhile I still want to go to Oliver’s party. And even if Xavier’s going to be there, I just need to not be alone with him and I’ll be fine right? It’s never been like that when others were around…

Slightly unconvinced with myself, but still wanting to go to Teo’s tomorrow, I headed out the room to ask my parents.


I found both my parents in the study, my mom was on her phone probably emailing some friends or just reading up on local news, and my dad was talking on the phone with someone important I’m sure.

I silently closed the door behind me and waited patiently for my dad to finish his phone call.

After a few minutes he did and he motioned me forwards.

“What is it Edmund? If you need more books-”


“Oh no, I have enough.” I quickly cut in, eyeing the bookcases behind my father with worry. “I was hoping I could go to Teo’s tomorrow. Oliver is throwing a small ‘party’ and…”

My voice drifted off as I saw my father’s neutral serious expression become one of disapproval and unhappiness.

“You want to waste a Sunday on a party?” He said. The words hit me in the face and I realized how utterly stupid I’d been to think this would work. I knew he’d react like this too.


For some reason, I tried to push the subject further anyway.

“I’ve studied a lot the past two weeks, and I’m not saying I have to stop studying, I’m just asking for a few hours off so I can hang out with my friends.” I blurted out, avoiding eye contact with my father until the last moment because I knew that would only lead to me losing confidence in my words.

“No! This is too last minute for me to even consider it.” My father replied immediately. “If you had come to me with this last Saturday then I might’ve considered it, but now there’s no chance. On top of that, I need you here tomorrow. I have a new friend and I’d like him to meet you.”

Another one? Sigh, I’m so tired of meeting all of my dad’s so called ‘friends’.


I was about to agree, the will to argue had dissipated and I realized going to the party might not be the best idea, when mom spoke up.

“No you don’t.” It was just a few words, but mom rarely spoke when dad and I were talking.

“What?” Dad said, as confused as I was.

Mom looked up from her screen. “You don’t need him to be there tomorrow. You said it yourself, this friend isn’t that important.” She said, refering to a conversation I knew nothing about.

Dad’s face turned into a mean frown, which wasn’t surprising. Mom rarely questions his decisions! I felt a glimmer of hope. Maybe there was some sort of possibility of me going to Teo’s tomorrow…

“I do need him here. And I can’t let him slack off on a whole day of study-”


Mom got up and once again softly interrupted dad.

“It won’t take the whole day right Edmund?” Mom said without looking at me. I blinked a few times before quickly replying.

“Y-yeah, yeah it won’t.”

“See? He’ll be able to use the rest of the day for studying. If your friend really wants to meet Edmund he can come back some other time. I’m sure he can understand that we’re a busy family.” Mom said. “Edmund has earned a few hours off.”

I couldn’t believe it. Dad was at a loss for words. I’d always gotten the impression mom was the one listening to dad, but I guess it might actually be the other way around.


With a grunt of defeat, dad left the room.

“Fine, but I expect you to be finished that homework I gave you by Sunday night. I want it on my desk.” He told me before closing the study door behind him.

I couldn’t believe it. Did that actually happen? I felt like this called for a pinching moment.

“Mom, you…”


Mom smiled and I was taken aback by how happy she seemed. Not that she was never happy, there was just this weird…glow about her. I can’t quite put my finger on it.

“You’re welcome Edmund. I hope you have fun with your friends.” She said.

“I will.” I reply immediately.

A small awkward silence settled, you know the types where you just don’t know what to say next.


Mom finally spoke with an uncharacteristically devious smile.

“So…will there be any girls at this party?”

I didn’t know if I wanted to laugh or groan in annoyance. I settled with an awkward yet amused smile. I’ve never ever had this conversation with any of my parents before. And I didn’t really want to either.

“Yeah mom. There will be.”

“Well maybe you’ll meet someone-” Why is my mom bringing up this subject?


“I’m way too busy for that mom.” I quickly said before she continued her phrase. “I don’t have any time for a girlfriend or anything like that.”

Mom’s expression turned a little sad. Weird, my mom normally isn’t this expressive. I’m starting to think something happened…what? I have no idea.

“Oh Edmund…” She muttered sadly.


“Studying is very important. Getting good grades and doing your chores are a given, but as important as those two things are…I believe love is just as, if not more, important. In a few months you’ll be old enough to work for the business under your father. Until then, if you find someone you like I strongly encourage you to make the most of the time you have. Even if it’s just for a week love should be experienced, especially young love.” My mother said, smiling warmly the whole time.

“Mom…” I hated the fact that she was making me hope.

“And don’t worry. If you find someone I’ll do my best to convince your father to give you time off. I’m sure he would be pleased to as well.”

She doesn’t understand. If she knew the situation we’d be having a different conversation.


Mom caught the look on my face.

“Oh but Edmund dear, we don’t have to tell your father right away if you don’t want to. We can wait until you’re ready. I can understand, your father would be harsh on the poor girl.” Mom chuckled to herself.

I looked at my mom in disbelief. I’d just realised that I did have the option to not tell my father. I could decide not to let him know something like this. He always seemed to know exactly what happened, but…

If I could…

Maybe then…

My mind was becoming a swirling mess when my mom told me I should go finish my homework.



Q: How many of you actually thought Erin dealt drugs at first?

Jeez guys, I have a photobomber! Didn’t even notice her till it was too late. The Weapon photobombed one of my pictures (>.> someone let her out of the cage it appears…storywise she’s still in that basement though!). An Oreo cookie, yes Oreo, to anyone who can find her. No, hell, she’s so well hidden you get a whole Oreo cookie box!

Wow, last time this happened was in Sariel’s generation. Cain was just lurking in the background while Sariel met Rex for the ‘first’ time. https://lightthewaytoheaven.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/screenshot-222.jpg


Let’s finish this off with a pic of Jupiter and Xavier showing off.


I kept thinking He’s going to fall off. He’s sooo going to fall off. >.> He never did though. I have no idea how he stayed on Jupiter’s back. Especially with NO saddle.


Credit: http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-images-bag-powdered-drugs-image13273069

Next chapter: The party! 😀

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    Found her!

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  5. Moon Mirage says:

    She’s right there in the back in front of some orange and greyish green trees. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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