Insanity doesn’t compare – Bachelor #3

ScreenshotTick Tock Tick Tock

He’s coming no worries. He said he’d be here.


Tick Tock Tick Tock

AHEM. While we wait…

Hey guys! One of my favorite ISBIs ever is doing the bachelorette challenge and asked for male bachelors from the audience! I managed to snatch a spot before it was too late. First off, this was really fun to do. It was my first time EVER making a berry sim (I know, what took me so long?). I’m pretty proud of him and I really want to show him off BUT IT APPEARS HE IS LATE.

Oh and yes, I decided the graveyard was a great place to show him off.

Aaahhhh there he comes!



Rham: Graveyard!!?? Why did I just teleport to a graveyard!?



Rham: All this ominous fog is giving me the creeps! And HOLY THE GRIM REAPER IS STARING AT ME.

GEEZ. CALM DOWN. I thought this was a great place, but I GUESS NOT. Let’s relocate.


Ah that’s better. There’s nice waterfall and all!

Rham: I don’t like teleporting! D:

OKAY. Why are you appearing so whimpy??


*clears throat* *starts over*

Hey guys! So this is my bachelor! His name is full name is Rhamnus Buckthorn. I named him after a common berry that tends to invade. It’s usually not really wanted…I just call him Rham for short cause writing Rhamnus every time just begs for grammar mistakes. And as I’m sure you’ve guessed, one of Rham’s traits is Coward.

And seriously Rham? Can’t you even give us a peek at your face?


There we go.

Rham: I was just thinking…

You were?

Rham: Why do I have a watch?

…Because…watches tell time. Why else would you have a watch?

Rham: It’s not like I’ll ever look at it.

-_- It’s…It’s…for decoration. Like those glasses.


Rham: What? My glasses…are just for decoration…?


Yes. You have the brooding trait, if you were wondering about the purpose of your watch why wouldn’t you wonder about the purpose of your glasses?

Rham: But I thought…

Nope. Decoration.


Rham: No!

*dramatic waterfall scene*

Rham: I will not let some random voice tell me what is decoration and what is not!

*rolls eyes*


Rham: There is a purpose to these glasses, while on the contrary there is NO purpose for this watch.


Third trait: Dramatic


*ahem* Anyway, let’s continue on. I still have two more traits to reveal-

RHAM. Where did you go???


Rham: I found a gecko!

No your trait is not love animals. And what is that? Some sort of hybrid between a frog and a jaguar?

Rham: It’s a gecko.

But seriously look at those spots-

Rham: GECKO.

…Too bad they don’t have the stubborn trait in sims.


Rham: Gecko gecko gecko! Your name is now Gecko!

Unoriginal should be a trait too.

Is that a horse? Yeah it is. Wth? I’m just trying to introduce a character here! Why is this starting to spiral into the wrong direction?


Rham: OW! GECKO…Gecko bit me! ;-;

I figured it would happen sooner or later….since I gave you the unlucky trait.


Oh…oh wow. Wow Gecko. You just made my bachelor cry.

Rham: I’m not crying! *hides face*

Congrats really. Just keep making this worse.



I’ll just wait for someone to explain to me what just happened here.

Rham: Gecko…Gecko is…


Rham: Possessed by a demon! *starts bawling*

OMG. Why are you still crying?

Rham: I thought Gecko and I could be…



…>.> Maybe I should do this over.


Can you recover or do I need to restart? Are you good?

Rham: yeah. *sniffle* I’m good.

Good, let’s start the show and we can reveal your last trait at the same time.

Rham: …Show?

Yes. *devious grin* *snaps fingers*


BOOM! Formal wear!

Rham: Ehh what?

Isn’t it gorgeous?



Um what are you doing?

Rham: Not looking at you that’s what.

Horse: *still there*

What’s wrong with the outfit Rham?


Is it because it’s too blue?

Rham: OBVIOUSLY. Why can’t I have a black tuxedo??

Because that’s traditional! And you’re going to participate in a sims 3 challenge with insane sims and…well I guess you’re right. I should’ve given you a poka doted tuxedo instead.

Rham: NO! T-this is okay.


Alright next is probably my fav XD

Rham: The horse is still there.


Rham: Did you just make me change in front of a h-

*snaps fingers*


Rham: *practically dies from embarassement*


So yeah. The sims in the ISBI I’m about to send you into have a tendency to walk around in their undies so I thought ‘hey why not…’


And the cat flippers just add to it all.


This is a great outfit to show off his one and only tattoo.

Rham: HEY. Where’d you go? I’m not done complaining!

Let me tell you how he got the wings. It’s a very simple story.

He got it when he was a teen. He’d just drowned his sorrows in some ‘juice’ because he got called a coward (which he is) when he decided he’d get a tattoo to show off how ‘brave’ he actually was. So. Drunk tattoo. Except he doesn’t remember a thing about how he got it…

He’s actually convinced he’s had it all his life.


Rham: I haven’t had it all my life.


Rham: And it’s not a tattoo. This is proof of my previous life before I sacrificed my wings to save a poor orphaned child from being run over by a hamburger truck.

Rham: You see. I used to be an angel.

Rham: Mortals don’t understand.

*snaps fingers*


Sports wear!

Oh and you do realize Rham that your pyjamas didn’t have glasses? And you didn’t even notice the difference? Which means they truly are just decoration?


Good. Now you know.


Kay, now for the reveal of the last trait!

Can you feel it Rham?

Rham: Feel what?

Isn’t it a really nice day out? It’s really warm and stuff no?


Rham: YYYEESSS! I can feel the sun’s energy! *saps sun energy*

Rham’s final trait is Love the heat. Yes a completely useless trait. I added it just cause.


Rham: You know. I thought for a really long time once on why I love the sun…


Rham: And I realized…it’s because that’s where heaven is.


Rham: it’s like I’m taking in energy from my old home. Who knows, I might not survive if I didn’t!

Mhhm. Okay. *snaps fingers*


Swimwear! I spent a minimal amount of time on this.

Rham: Why the flippers?

Because flippers are freaky hard to walk in.

Rham: …I don’t like the answers you give me.

Horse: *stiiilllll ttthhhheeerrre* *nom nom*

*snaps fingers*


And last but not least, the outdoor wear!

Rham: It’s getting really warm in here!

But you love the heat.

Rham: Technically I love the sun.


There is that better?

Rham: Yup 😀

So there we go! Rhamnus Buckthorn!


Rham: Keep eating horse! I’m supporting you from a faraway distance in case you decide to headbutt me! 😀

Horse: ?????


Named after this plant here:


Oh…this is about the moment when I realized something truly disastrous.

I gave Rham hair Jax had already used…and very recently…

I gave Rham Fat hen’s hair without realizing it! *facepalm*

I’m real sorry Jax. I hope this is okay. If it isn’t I don’t mind going back in the game and changing his hair (it just suits him so well though). And if anything else is wrong (I might’ve misread the rules) I’ll be more than okay with fixing the errors.

Or else, if it’s fine, here’s the link to download him!


Also to everyone else, I made this sim for Jax but feel free to use Rhamnus for yourselves as well. I’d just rather you didn’t forget to credit me, and please give me the link to the story – whether isbi, legacy, etc – in which you’re using him.


Anything that doesn’t come with the base game:

Kijiko hair:


-Showtime shirt

-University pants


-University shirt

-Seasons socks

Outdoor wear:

-University jacket

-Generations pants



-Seasons: Likes heat

-Ambitions: Dramatic

-Supernatural: Brooding

About blamsart

♪They say it's what you make♪ I say it's up to fate ♪It's woven in my soul♪ I need to let you go♪ -- Demons by Imagine Dragons
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27 Responses to Insanity doesn’t compare – Bachelor #3

  1. autumnrein says:

    I Love it! I made the submission list too! I can’t wait to see all the submissions. There is going to be such a broad range of characters! He did turn out so great!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jax says:

    *squees* Gah! I love him! I LOVE HIM. ❤ He's so perfectly perfect for this isbi, you are awesome! I laughed really hard all the way through! Seriously, I can't wait to see what happens to all these guys you are going to give me! I know Celery is going to rip into all of them in such a, uh, pleasant manner… XD

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jax says:

    Oh and you’re fine with the hair and stuff! Idc about repeating c: ❤ You did great!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. magpie14031983 says:

    Please provide a link for the story when it starts!!! Always eager to see a Blams creation in action!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Senkime says:

    I laughed at the intro and I downloaded him ^^

    Liked by 1 person

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