8.10 – A will to mend

ScreenshotNo one’s POV

2 am

The 2 o’clock chime rang through the silent house.

Barely a few hours earlier the house had been brimming with activity. Games were played, movies were watched and beer was drunk.

Even if it began on a rather weird foot, Oliver’s party was an odd success. No one could’ve predicted how it would turn out.


The clock’s chime ended, but it had lasted long enough to wake one of the six teens.

Xavier hugged his pillow, hoping he could go back to sleep. His head felt heavy and his body felt tired, like he’d run a marathon the night before.

It quickly became clear to him, however, that sleep was unattainable now.


He pushed himself up slowly, rubbing his eyes as he slowly completely woke up. He felt something slide off him and fall to the floor with a soft thump.

Xavier suddenly felt cold, which helped to wake up quicker. It felt like he’d just come out from under the covers on a cold winter day. He just wanted to go back to the warmth. His pillow had been pretty cozy.


Xavier looked around the room and it finally began to dawn on him where he was. He vaguely recognized the t.v., the pool table and the foosball table, but it was enough to remind him he was in Teo’s house.

He could spot a few empty beer bottles here and there as well, which was probably one of the reasons why his head felt so heavy. He was glad to know he hadn’t drunk to the point of having a hangover.


He kept looking around the room and spotted his friends sleeping soundly. By the looks of the bottles near Erin’s couch, Xavier assumed she’d probably exaggerated. Which wasn’t really that surprising.

Still a bit sleepy, Xavier counted four people. And one of them was snoring pretty loudly. Oliver changed positions as if he knew he was making too much noise.

That’s when Xavier heard a softer fainter snore right beside him.

Xavier turned towards it…


And was surprised to see his pillow wasn’t really a pillow.

He didn’t dare breathe, shocked to realize he’d not only been sleeping next to Edmund, but on him.

He finally breathed again as he remembered he was the only one awake. Everyone else was still sleeping and they didn’t look like they were going to wake up anytime soon.


So…Xavier permitted himself to observe a sleeping Edmund.

Watching him for just a few seconds relaxed Xavier instantly. The slow rise and fall of Edmund’s chest, the soft cute snoring he was making and the peaceful expression on his face made the shock he’d received disappear.

It was so calming Xavier was very tempted to just curl back up at Edmund’s side.

…But Edmund had already changed positions. Xavier didn’t want to risk waking him up.

And of course, that would be kind of innapropriate.


And anyway, Xavier was really curious on how he’d even gotten in that position.

He remembered a few things, but he didn’t quite remember curling up beside Edmund for the night! Truth was, last night’s memories were only just starting to come back to him…



6 pm

Teo was happily cooking, humming a little to himself, as the front door opened.

He knew without a doubt it was Oliver. His parents were never home, and by never he meant that more often than not they slept at work. They were both dedicated to their job, which was why they were able to afford their house. Teo never needed anything. Well…when he was a kid he probably would’ve replied: “That’s not true! I need my mom and dad.” But he’d grown up now, and he was more than fine with seeing his parents once or twice a week.


Oliver walked in and placed the case of beers in the fridge. He’d successfully managed to gather a nice amount from his dad’s stash. His dad wouldn’t notice the difference with the amount he had.

Oliver gave Teo a suspicious look as he watched his friend making food.


“You didn’t need to cook anything…” Oliver said as Teo started making hamburgers. He’d originally thought of making a salad to go with the spaghetti, but he didn’t think it’d be very popular.

“I felt like it.” Teo replied, flipping the meat.

“I know you looovvvee cooking, but…I was hoping to just order a pizza!” Oliver said. “I was actually thinking of getting the all-meat. I haven’t eaten an all-meat pizza in forever!”


“Well too bad. You lost the possibility of that ever happening when you decided this party would be at my house.” Teo said over the sizzling meat.

“But…pizza…” Oliver pleaded.

“Are you paying?” Teo asked. “If you are then we could add it to the menu.”

“Uh…you know on second thought…what you’re doing is fine.” Oliver said.


Since no one else was here yet – even if it was 6:05 already – Oliver sat on the counter besides Teo and pulled out his camera.

“You at least have junk food right?” Oliver asked.


“Ugh, you never have junk food!!”

“Why’d you bring your camera?” Teo asked. Or maybe he should have said ‘Why’d you bring one of your cameras’. Oliver surprisingly spent all of his pocket money on cameras. He had all sorts of cameras, all for different occasions.

“To take pictures obviously!”

“Of what?”


“Well…if this party goes well I want to take a picture. To remember it and stuff.” Oliver said, looking like he was talking to himself more than Teo.

“Do you really think this’ll go well? You didn’t give them any time to get used to us.” Teo said.

“I don’t know, but I really hope it’ll go well.”

“You’re really serious about this aren’t you? The whole one year speech was for real?” Teo said, giving his friend a glance.

“Well yeah. I…I just…”


With a sigh, Oliver grabbed his camera and flipped it in his hands.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do.” Oliver admitted. Teo frowned, but refrained from commenting. “A few weeks ago my dad told me ‘When you turn eighteen I’m kicking you out.’. It makes sense. You know it, we’re freaking poor. Me going into my own place only means more money for my sisters…or for my dad’s drinking.”

Oliver gave a humorless chuckle.

“Oh geez. There’s not enough cash for me to go to university. I kind of really wanted to go too. I just don’t know what I’m going to do at the end of the year. But instead of mulling over it I want to make the most of the time I have without any worries!” Oliver declared.

“Like going out with Erin?” Teo said, watching his friend with a smirk.


“Yeah.” Oliver admitted with a frustrated exhale. Teo looked at him in surprise.

“You’re actually admitting it now?”

“I keep getting rejected!” Oliver exclaimed. “I don’t get it! Why is she so hostile?”

“I might have an idea.”

“Am I horrible person? No scratch that – do I look like a bad person? A jerk or something? Do I have an ugly face that just looks nice to me???” Oliver questioned.

“I think it has something to do with Xavier.” Teo said, but Oliver didn’t click.


“Xavier?…You think…You think she has a crush on Xavier?” Oliver asked looking mortified. Teo rolled his eyes and sighed. “But isn’t Xavier gay…? Oh that might explain why they aren’t going out-”

“Geez Oliver. We’ve been bullying Xavier practically since we met him. That might be the problem.” Teo cut in.


“What? Because of that? I thought we were over that.” Oliver said. Teo wanted to hit Oliver with his spatula now, but then he’d have to clean it before he could keep cooking.

“Oliver will you just think seriously for a few seconds?”

“But I am!”

“It’s obvious Erin’s not going to want anything to do with you until you make amends.” Teo said.

“But didn’t I already do that?” Oliver asked.

“I don’t think just apologizing is enough for her.” Teo replied. Oliver thought it over for a few seconds.

“Then what do I have to do?”

“I don’t know. You’d have to ask her that.”



6:15 pm

Xavier’s driveway…

“That’s your friend?” Was Xavier’s first reaction.

Xavier had just spent a good solid five minutes listening to his mom and dad being all happy about him hanging out with someone other than Erin. And then he’d spent another five minutes wondering about how things would develop. Edmund was sure to be there…How was Xavier supposed to react? Was he supposed to be friendly? Should he avoid looking at him? Everyone else was going to be there as well…which was a rather embarrassing thought the more he mulled it over.

Eventually Erin knocked on his front door. They were going to go to the Teo’s house as a group to make sure no one got lost, it was in a part of town that was pretty unfamiliar to them. Xavier had actually been really curious to know who Erin’s friend was…Unfortunately he was pretty disappointed. He’d half hoped it’d at least be some nice guy Erin had the hots for, since she clearly didn’t want anything to do with Oliver.


His reaction was not well received.

“Excuse me? I’m sorry to disappoint.” Xenia spat.

Erin was finding this a little too amusing for Xavier’s taste.

“Look, I just expected someone else. Someone-”

“Someone who doesn’t tattle tale? Who doesn’t try to help out when she sees someone in need of rescuing?” Xenia asked. Xavier was at a slight loss for words.


She’d hit his pride though with the words ‘in need of rescuing’.

“Yeah. Someone who knows how to keep their noses out of people’s business.” He replied.

“OMG GUYS.” Erin said before the situation could get any worse. “It’s freaking cold, can we not do this outside or at all? Let’s just get to Teo’s house so we can get this thing over with.”

“No.” Xenia said without taking her eyes off Xavier. “We’ve gotta resolved this or else he’s going to have a petty grudge forever.”

“Petty!?” Xavier exclaimed.


“Yes!” Xenia said.

Xavier was about to protest, but Erin cut him off.

“Oh just admit it Xav. Xenia is the one right here and you’re in the wrong.” Erin said, blowing on her hands. Why she hadn’t she brought a coat with her? She hadn’t thought this would happen.


“If you saw Erin get beat up would you just walk away and tell yourself ‘it’s not my problem’?” Xenia argued.

At that Xavier couldn’t think of an immediate reply. Unfortunately it was true. Hell he was often pissed at Erin for not telling him where she lived. He wanted to see these parents of hers and make sure they got their just desserts. But that was one of the reasons why Erin never told him.

“Fine you’re right.” Xavier ended up mumbling.

“What? I didn’t quite hear that.” Erin teased.

“I’m not repeating!” Xavier said, giving Erin a playful shove. Xenia’s whole posture changed from argumentative to friendly. At least she didn’t seem like one to brag about a victory.


And then Xavier remembered that these two didn’t like the three ex-bullies very much. With good reason of course.

“You both aren’t going to ruin this right? I actually want to have fun at this party, I don’t want the situation to explode.” Xavier said.

Erin scoffed.

“We can make no promises.” Xenia said. “It’s yet to confirm if they’ve become ‘nice’ as you say.”

Erin nodded. Oh boy, Xavier really hoped things weren’t going to take a turn for the worst.


It didn’t take them very long to get to Teo’s house, but when they did…

“Um, wrong address?” Xavier proposed. He looked back at the piece of paper on which Oliver had written the address.

“Nope. Right address.” Xenia said, curiously checking through the bars of the house at the yard in front. “Woowww so well taken care of.”

“Maybe he wrote it wrong…” Xavier said still staring at the paper.

The house was way too huge…he just couldn’t see someone like Teo living in it. Teo didn’t seem like a rich kid.


“We won’t know till we ring the bell.” Erin said. She hesitantly walked over to the speaker thingy. She eyed it suspiciously before she pressed a button. “Hello? Hello? Testing 1,2,3?”

“They even have a double garage…” Xenia noticed.

“So is it working?” Xavier asked. He still felt like they weren’t at the right place.

“Probably not. Guess this thing’s a no go. Let’s just go back!” Erin exclaimed.


No sooner had the words left her mouth did the gates open with a faint whirring sound.

“That’s not creepy at all.” Xavier muttered.

“No going back now.” Xenia said, giving Erin a smirk. Erin wasn’t subtle about her disappointment.

The three teenagers made their way to the front door and knocked.


Oliver was there in a second, opening the door wide and inviting them in like he lived there.

“Come on in, ladies and gent!”

“Don’t mind if we do.” Erin, who’d been clinging to Xavier in the hopes of getting warmer, mumbled.


Teo was soon to appear behind Oliver. He gave the three a quick tour, just enough for them to know where the washroom was.

The three teenagers were even more amazed as they saw the inside of the house. Everything seemed so clean and polished…It almost felt like a crime when Teo told them they could keep their shoes on.

Then the five went into the spacious living room.


And nothing happened. They settled on the couches, clearly separated in two groups, and let the awkward silence get nice and comfortable.

“Edmund should be here soon and then we can…” Oliver was going to finish his sentence with do stuff, but nobody really seemed to care about what he was saying.

Xenia was looking around the house still a bit amazed. She’d cast a few examining glances at Oliver and Teo, but she apparently didn’t see anything that interested her so she’d go back to looking around the spacious clean white room.

Erin looked bored out of her mind. She kept sighing and rolling her eyes. She assumed she only needed to wait about fifteen minutes before she could say this was boring and leave.

Xavier was nervous and pretty bored. He kept looking around the room playing around with the idea of starting up a conversation or just waiting for someone else to do so.


There was an almost audible sigh of relief from the air as a doorbell rang throughout the house at 6:30pm. Teo got up.

“That’s gotta be Edmund.” Oliver said looking a little less nervous. But then he realized that Edmund’s presence might not actually make things better…but worse. After all Xavier hated him no? And if Xavier wasn’t happy, Erin was sure not to be…Oliver was starting to realize maybe this hadn’t been the best of ideas.

He’d wanted to wait a little before pulling out the beer, but it seemed like a change of plans might be in order.


Edmund was greeted into the house with silence. Just plain silence and a few nervous smiles.

“Wow. Nice party you guys have got going here.” Edmund said, carefully avoiding direct eye contact with Xavier.

“Well now that you’re here we can finally get this thing started!” Oliver exclaimed, patting the couch in front of him.


Knowing nothing would happen if he didn’t do something, Oliver tried starting up the conversation again. Even if they were in Teo’s house, he was the one who’d proposed the party, and so he felt like he was the host.

Unfortunately, his suggestion to play a game – twister to be specific – wasn’t very popular.


The two girls had started a conversation of their own the moment Edmund had sat down. A conversation that seemed to keep hinting on how Teo, Edmund and Oliver had bullied Xavier and how terrible that was and boy were they jerks and geez this is so lame.

Oliver isn’t one to get angry easily. He’s never been like that. He likes to take on situations with a smile and a positive – if not a bit annoying – attitude. But this…this frustrated him a lot. He realized that the party wasn’t going to go like he wanted it to unless he managed to get Erin and Xenia to put the past behind them.

Little did he know how much what he was about to say was going to change the whole course of the night.


“We said we’d stop!” Oliver cut in harshly and the two girls turned to look at him. “And that we were sorry! What else do you need?”

Both Edmund and Teo had turned towards the girls waiting for their answer as well.

“Just apologizing isn-” Erin started to say.

“Well then tell us what we need to do for you guys to get over this!” Oliver said. Erin snorted and that only made him more angry. “Anything. We’ll do anything, just tell us what it is.”

At that both Teo and Edmund turned to Oliver in alarm. Clearly they weren’t ready to do anything! Especially if Oliver was giving the choice entirely up to Erin…she didn’t seem like the type to hold back.


Erin and Xenia suddenly started talking between themselves in hushed low voices. Since they were practically whispering to each other Teo, Oliver and Edmund had no idea what they were saying.

Xavier was the only one who managed to catch bits and pieces and the amused grin spreading on his face were scaring the three other boys. That and each time the girls cast them glances they would burst into giggles.

Edmund and Teo gave Oliver disapproving glares.


“Well?” Oliver asked at some point, the wait becoming too much for him.

“We’ve come up with something.” Erin said with a mischievous grin.

“And if we do this you’ll stop holding a grudge?” Oliver asked.

Erin and Xenia exchanged a glance. “If you’re willing to…yes.”

“Let’s hear it!” Oliver said. Teo and Edmund kept silent.

“It’s a very simple thing really. We just want you to dance the smustle at the um…hair salon…”


“In your undies while we videotape it and post it on the net.” Xenia ended Erin’s phrase with the same smile.

All three guys practically recoiled like they’d been slapped. “What!?”


Oliver was the first to recover. “Okay.” He immediately agreed. He could do this one embarrassing thing…if it would get Erin to like him in the future. His two friends weren’t as eager though.

“Woah, wait up!” Edmund said to Oliver.

“W-why?” Teo asked, still in shock. “Having us embarrass ourselves in public…?”


“It seems like nothing compared to the bullying you did to Xavier.” Erin said harshly.

The three boys looked at Xavier, in hope that maybe he’d decide this punishment was unneeded. No such luck.

“Yeah I think it’s a great idea.” He replied, trying his best to keep a serious face on.

Teo and Edmund exchanged looks before glancing at Oliver who was still nodding his agreement.

“We need to discuss this…” Edmund told his friends.

“Take your time.” Xenia said, waving them off.


The three ex-bullies got up and went to discuss between themselves. Xavier turned to Erin.

“Wow, where did you guys come up with that?”

“Isn’t it such a great idea though? And it’s so embarrassing that there’s a 90% chance of them refusing and we can be done with them.” Erin grinned.

“Yeah but if they accept the challenge…” Xavier said.

“Then we’ll keep our end of the deal right Xenia?”


“Obviously. If they’re willing to do something embarrassing then they might be telling the truth.” Xenia agreed.

Xavier let out a chuckle. He knew the two would cause some sort of trouble, but he hadn’t expected this at all.

“Exactly.” Erin nodded.

“In the end, if they’re willing to make up for their mistakes…” Xenia trailed off.

“Yeah, but they’re probably not.” Erin said.

Xavier hoped they would…for more than one reason.


A few seconds later, the three boys came back.

“We’ll do it!” Oliver grinned. Edmund and Teo had reluctant looks, but they weren’t protesting.

Xavier and Erin’s eyes widened in surprise. They’d actually accepted the challenge!



I forgot about my hate for group pictures >.>

Hohoho, next chapter is going to be entertaining.

Oh I have to share this with you guys! You know the part where Xenia and Erin were telling the three to go do the smustle in their undies? Well this happened at the exact same time.


Lol, guess that answers my question on whether these two would get along or not XD

Fun fact: All times spoken of in the chapter were the actual times in the game.

Some of you were asking a few chapters back for Nix babies! Well here’s proof that she’s preggos 😀


I’ll post more pictures when she gives birth.


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  1. autumnrein says:

    Oh man, I cannot wait to see the guys do the challenge of dancing in their underwear! That it going to look hilarious. Hopefully they won’t freeze when they’re doing it lol. Its a good challenge to see if they are serious about making amends.

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  2. magpie14031983 says:

    Hehehe I bet the internet bit was Xe’s doing! For a technophobe she loves her SimsTube channels!

    Aaawww Xeo in the future? Or was it Texe?!? I can’t remember but now I’m shipping Xeo like mad!!! The hearts have it! (TCoC reference)

    And of course Xavmund and Olirin are totally shipped too! Keep the groups together! It’s fate (and Soph) that they both consist of 3 members!

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    • blamsart says:


      My game certainly wants those two together! It didn’t happen for Xavier and Edmund, nor for Erin and Oliver!

      Yeah, I sorta of realized how convenient it all was after I wrote those six in a group…


  3. Ica says:

    Haha! I can’t wait to see them dancing in their undies 😀

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  4. Emily Anne says:

    Ahh, finally got some time to sit down and binge a couple chapters XD I missed the Whitelights so much!!! Can’t wait to see the boys dance their butts off :’D

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