8.11 – A new page

Screenshot6:35 pm

“Here’s yours.” Oliver said giving Edmund his bottle of beer.

“I’m good, no thanks.” Edmund refused. He wasn’t much of a fan of anything alcohol related.

“Ed come on. We’re gonna need the boost.” Oliver said, clearly hinting at the challenge the three had just accepted. Dancing the smustle in public…in only their underwear. After agreeing Oliver had pulled out the beer.


He’d pulled out three beers thinking they would be for him, Teo and Edmund. After all they were the ones who needed a little extra courage to do this thing.

However, Erin had practically demanded for one as well. Everyone quickly figured out that not only Erin, but Xavier as well had quite a taste for alcohol. So in the end everyone ended up with a bottle.

“Drink up Edmund.” Xavier encouraged with a grin after taking a few sips himself. Teo and Oliver were both surprised by this. They’d expected Xavier to look more like he held a grudge against Edmund. But alcohol let people unwind…they guessed?


Albeit it was surprising, it was even more surprising to see Edmund give a small shrug before taking the bottle and drinking from it.

“You guys ready yet?” Erin asked impatiently.

Edmund shook his head after drinking. Compared to everyone in this room, apart from Xenia who had yet to take a drink from her bottle, he’d never drunk alcohol before. No that’s not true. His mom had gotten him to taste some wine one time, but that was it.

“Yep!” Oliver said.

“Let’s get this over with.” Edmund said.


6:46 pm

(Hoho guys, I made a video. I tried writing a description but I couldn’t stop laughing.)


Xenia and Erin would easily admit to this being one of the funniest things they’d ever attended.

The six teens had invaded the poor salon parlour and given the employees a good heart attack. In a matter of seconds Teo, Edmund and Oliver had stripped and were dancing the smustle in front of the few people there.

Xavier had tried not to laugh too much…


But eventually it got to him as well. He had to admit it tasted good…feeling like he’d had some sort of small vengeance. He’d done his best to put his negative feelings behind him, and he’d thought he’d managed it, but having the three embarrass themselves made him realize he’d still felt some resentment.

But now he could officially say he was over it. Hell, after those three had done that the least he could do was get over it!


Their little show lasted about a minute – time for the employee and the customers there to recover from the shock.

After that it was a flurry of yelling, cursing and clothes being thrown into Teo, Edmund and Oliver’s faces. Erin, Xenia and Xavier’s laughs had doubled at the sight of the angry man’s rampage.

Needless to say, all six were harshly kicked out and told never to come back.


“I think we can call this a success!” Erin exclaimed as she showed Xenia the video she’d taken.

The three boys quickly got dressed as Xenia laughed and watched as Erin uploaded the video, true to her word.


“Never again!” Teo exclaimed after he’d put his shit back on. He couldn’t believe he’d actually had the courage to do that.

“I second that.” Edmund agreed, his cheeks still flushed with embarrassment.


“I actually thought it was kind of fun.” Oliver said with an innocent smile.

The five other teens went silent and stared at him like he’d just sprouted some antlers. Oliver started to get nervous under the stares.

“You serious?” Edmund finally asked as Teo snorted and rolled his eyes. Of course Oliver had found it amusing! Okay, being practically naked was embarassing…but getting kicked out was fun! And everybody had been laughing at some point and Oliver considered that as fun.

Xavier and Xenia started laughing again as Oliver nodded hesitantly. Erin scoffed and slid her phone back into her pocket.


“So, are we good now?” Oliver asked the three teens (though he was only looking at Erin).

“Yeah.” Erin said as nonchalantly as she could.

“Of course. That was the deal.” Xenia smiled.

“Awesome! That means we can all exchange phone numbers right?” Oliver exclaimed. Erin went to protest, but her mouth shut itself as she realized she couldn’t. A deal was a deal and refusing to give up her phone number to him wasn’t upholding it. And by the smile on Oliver’s face, she knew he knew he’d caught her in a trap.


“I don’t see why not.” Xavier said, pulling out his phone. The others did as well.

They passed the phones around, inserting their numbers and then passing the phones along until everyone had their own phone back into their hands.

Xenia was the longest to type her phone number in. It was like she had to mentally prepare herself every time she pressed a number. Everyone also ended up commenting on Xenia’s phone. She had this old version that looked positively primitive compared to everyone else. It was just a version ahead of the antenna cellphones.


“Can we go back to Teo’s house now?” Erin asked as a harsh shiver took her over. She was really starting to regret not having a coat.

“Are you cold?” Oliver asked, looking like he was about to take off his hood to give it to her. She grinded her teeth and muttered a no.


“I have a better idea.” Xenia said with a smirk. “This is supposed to be a party right?”

“Yeah.” Oliver immediately said, even though Xenia’s question had been rhetorical.

“Then we need to go out dancing at a bar.” Xenia said.

“With our clothes on this time.” Edmund said, making everyone laugh.




Xenia brought the five others to the bar in record time. Since nobody wanted to walk to it in the cold autumn air, everyone pitched in so they could get a taxi ride.


The place was pretty quiet. There were a few people at the bar, but the most interesting part was empty: the dance floor.

Well for everyone except Erin who kept eyeing the bar. One beer hadn’t been enough, she wanted another drink. Unfortunately they were bound to ask for ID here.


Just like he’d hoped, Xavier was having fun. A lot of fun actually. The smustle challenge had dissipated the awkward tension. Erin was still a little hostile, but Xavier suspected it was only because of Oliver. He didn’t know why Erin liked Oliver the least between the three though.

As much fun as Xavier was having, it didn’t take him very long to notice Edmund hadn’t joined them on the dance floor.


The realization confused him at first and after looking around he spotted Edmund alone at one of the tables. He looked bored and lonely and Xavier would’ve felt bad if he’d continued dancing like he hadn’t seen anything.

So he left the four others and went to join Edmund.


“What are you doing here?” Xavier asked as he approached the table.

Edmund looked up visibly surprised to see Xavier. He quickly looked away, making Xavier smile. He thought that was pretty cute.

“Everybody else is on the dance floor.” Xavier added, gesturing at the others.


“Yeah, I…I don’t really feel like dancing. You guys have fun without me.” Edmund finally replied.

“Come on. We came here to all have fun.” Xavier urged.

“Well I’m taking a break then.” Edmund said, refusing to move.

“Fine then.” Xavier said, sliding into the seat in front of Edmund. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Edmund replied as he leaned back into his chair. Xavier’s silent stare forced him to keep speaking.


“I just…can’t dance. I mean… I can dance, like waltz and stupid stuff like that. But not…that.” Edmund muttered as he gestured at the four others who were basically flailing around. Oliver in particular.

“Really? You were fine doing the smustle earlier.” Xavier said trying not to grin too much at the thought.

“That was different-that,” Edmund stuttered his cheeks turning red.


Xavier burst out laughing at the sight, and Edmund hid his face in his arm.

“That’s not funny.” Edmund muttered as Xavier kept laughing. “Stop laughing!”

“Okay, okay!” Xavier said with a grin, finally calming down.

Edmund straightened himself and watched the four others dance.


A few seconds of comfortable silence settled in between them before Edmund spoke up.

“For what it’s worth…I’m sorry.”

Xavier stared in shock, his mouth slightly agape. It wasn’t as much the words, but more the fact that it actually seemed hard for Edmund to admit this. And that alone doubled the value of the few words he’d said.

Edmund took Xavier’s silence as a bad thing and he started to get nervous. “I know it probably doesn’t mean anything, and what happened today is far from enough to make up from what we did to you, but…I just wanted you to know that I really regret the last few years. I wish I hadn’t been such a jerk to you.”


“No, it’s…” Xavier said and Edmund’s eyes focused on him almost dreading what he was going to reply. “Thank you. It means a lot that you’d say that.”

Edmund smiled, truly relieved and happy to hear it.

“And well as long as you keep being not a jerk, you’re definitely forgiven.” Xavier added.


Before anything else could be done or said, Erin suddenly appeared – practically slamming a bottle in front of Xavier.

“Hey guys!” Erin exclaimed in a much too high voice. “What are you doing here?”

Erin grinned innocently, but everyone was aware of the mood she’d just destroyed.

“Oops my bad. I only got a bottle for Xavier, Edmund. Did you want one too?” Erin asked.

“No, I’m fine.” Edmund said.


“I’ll leave you the chair.” Edmund said as he got up and left.

Erin shrugged before drinking from the bottle.

Xavier glared at Erin sending her clear why-did-you-do-that?? messages.

Erin acted like she didn’t notice and sat in front of him.



“Don’t make that face. If you don’t want the beer just say so, I’ll take it.”


“I was starting to get tired and I thought Oliver would hit me in the face with all his weird hand movements.”

“Erin.” Xavier repeated again, sounding more and more annoyed each time.

“Jeez! I warned you didn’t I?” Erin finally exclaimed.

“You’re not actually still sticking to that are you? Edmund did your challenge as well! And on top of that he was apologizing to me just now!” Xavier exclaimed. Erin took another sip from her bottle and didn’t respond. She wouldn’t respond either.


“How did you even get those bottles? I thought they ID’d people here.” Xavier noticed.

“Fake ID of course!” Erin beamed showing off her the fake card in question. “I’m just a few months from being eighteen anyway so it doesn’t make much difference.”

“A fake ID? Since when have you had a fake ID?” Xavier questioned plucking the card from her fingers to examine it.

Erin lost her words. She’d gotten it as a thank you from one of the people she supplied…

So instead of replying she changed the subject.

“Check out those two.” Erin said, pointing at the dance floor.

Xavier looked and saw Oliver, Teo and Xenia dancing. He didn’t really see what she was pointing at.



“Teo and Xenia of course!” Erin exclaimed. Xavier frowned. They were just dancing. Albeit they looked they’d totally excluded Oliver, but he didn’t seem to care.

“They are…dancing.”

“Together!” Erin added. It took a few seconds before Xavier clicked.

“Oh! You mean, like…” Xavier looked at the two again as if seeing them for the first time.

“Yeah. Like that.”

“How’d that happen?”

“I dunno.” Erin shrugged. “I left before they started dancing together.”

“Oh but you know, it probably doesn’t mean anything. They are just dancing together after all.” Xavier said eyeing the bottle Erin had brought.

“He’s been making eyes at her since we got to his house, and she’s been giving him the same eyes since we got back from the salon. So I don’t think it’s just dancing.” Erin noticed.


“Huh, then I guess you’re right.” Xavier said.

“Of course I’m right! Now come on, it means we need to get back on the dance floor!” Erin said slamming ¾ empty beer on the table.

“Ah, I see you want to dance with Oliver don’t you?” Xavier teased, still pissed about Erin’s interruption.

“Hey! Not funny!” Erin exclaimed, standing up. “But I guess I asked for it. You coming or not?”

Xavier nodded and got up.




The teens spent an hour and a half at the bar before they came back to Teo’s house. At that point everyone was starving! Including the one who had already eaten supper thinking she wouldn’t be staying as long as she did.

The food Teo had prepared had already gone cold, but it still easily got all chomped down by the starving teens. Oliver did voice that he’d wanted pizza, but everyone else insisted the spaghetti and the hamburgers were delicious!


They spent the rest of the evening playing the various games Teo had in his house. More often than not the six were split into two groups. It happened so slowly no one really noticed the change.

Erin wanted to try out the pool table, but they only had four sticks. Oliver suggested they take turns, but…


Xenia and Teo decided they’d just try out the foosball table.

And then when Xavier found out Teo had a game console and rushed over to see the games Xenia had immediately declared she didn’t want to play. She didn’t even want to touch the remotes.


Teo apparently felt bad that she was the only one who wasn’t going to play, so he refused as well.

The night was spent as such, with the teens hopping from game to game and drinking the beer Oliver had brought.


Eventually they started to get tired and they settled in front of a movie. A horror movie to be exact, suggested none other than by Erin.

They had to switch to another movie when they discovered Oliver was absolutely terrified of horror movies. To the point of ruining the movie by practically screaming every time someone breathed.


Time passed on quickly and the six teenagers had quickly gotten worn out from all the activities. As they started their third movie people slowly began to drift off to sleep…


Until everyone was passed out when Sunday became Monday. Oblivious to it being a school day and merely seeking comfort.



The floor isn’t the most comfortable of places for some people y’all…Xavier searched for a pillow in his sleep XD

Note for magpie: Just thought I’d let you know since she’s your sim, but in the middle of the chapter Xenia (since she’s still a teen) wished to have an LTW of a big family with five kids. I obviously didn’t accept, the girl wants to be an astronaut after all! But just thought I’d let you know 😀

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7 Responses to 8.11 – A new page

  1. autumnrein says:

    I laughed so hard at that viedo!! Oh man haha. And I couldn’t help but notice that a car stopped outside the window when they were just about done. Kudos to the boys for doing it!

    Sounds like there are some romances blossoming within the group already. I can’t wait to see what happens with it all. Edmund and Xavier cuddled up together again. D’aww!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      I had to shorten the video because of that car! Another random character came to visit. >.>

      🙂 I love all these guys so much! I hate taking group pics because six sims never want to be exactly like I want them at the same time, but it’s really a treat to see them interact.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Iomai says:

    Funniest thing I’ve seen all day! Ed and Xavier are so cute together ❤ I still can't wait till they kiss lol. Teo and Xenia, I should've saw that coming from a mile away xD. Now if only Erin could be slightly more accepting of Oliver's feelings the circle would be complete lol

    Liked by 1 person

  3. magpie14031983 says:

    Holy crackers and cheese twirls!!!
    Teo you better step up y’all!
    Lol yeah Xe has always been a grunt! She practically threw Astronaut from the second she turned old enough in my game! I always found it comical because Astronauts use hectic tech and Xe hates tech so staunchly lol
    As for her phone? If it wasn’t for the ease of access to her friends, she wouldn’t even have one (also her mom telling her it was “for emergencies” kind of made her get over her ire). About the only reason she would EVER get a smartphone or BB would be for SimsTube (the child is addicted!) Although I’ve never understood the appeal of kitty vids lol

    Totally loved the vid! Was classic! I lmao for ages! And I’m so glad Xe and Teo are hitting it off! Maybe he can be her 5 kids baby-daddy?

    Loved the chapter, still not quite as intrigue-filled as James’ generation but damn its a fine story! You rock, Soph!

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Good! I wasn’t sure about the phone thing. I wanted her to be able to contact everyone, but I couldn’t see her with an iPhone or hitech stuff like that XD
      Wasn’t it hilarious?? It’s a lot better in a video then in screenshots. Even if the video has horrible quality.

      Haha no indeed! Xavier has it easy compared to his dad! At his age, James had already witnessed two deaths, derailed a train, saw his little sis cut herself, controlled his aunt, met Velor, had his first girlfriend, went to the time keeper temple, helped free Assaria, and was already dating Jamie, Xavier’s mom. *breathes*
      Nope, decidedly Xavier’s generation is pretty easy-going so far. I’d blame it on the fact that I’m concentrating more on romance than anything else, but…knowing me things aren’t going to last. So I suggest you appreciate all the cute and happy Xavmund scenes before sh*t starts hitting the fan. Sorry for the language.


  4. So much laughter, warmth, and fun. I know it won’t last, but I’m enjoying it to the fullest while it does ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

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