Behind the scenes – 8.11 & 8.12

I’d never touched Edmund, Teo and Oliver’s sleepwear till this chapter. I thought I’d post a pic of what they grew up in! I thought it was kind of amusing…their choice in sleepwear…

edsleep olisleep teosleep

Oh and during ALL of this chapter I kept having random people pop up on public lots I was having the teens go to. Zyla, Kord, Bunny, a dead Blams, the Weapon (x2). It was really ridiculous.


This is what they do when I don’t control them!

I’m sure some of you have had this problem…When sims go to a bar they feel an intense need to change.


Nice Teo. Nice Xav. >.> What are you guys planning to do? Dang.

Xavier: (at least we dress better than Oliver…)

Ironically, Erin is the only one properly dressed for the occasion.

Erin: T^T

Also, you know the video? Mhmm that video. I had to shorten it because MORE random people kept trying to videobomb! In this case it was a younger version of Blams I’d needed for like a single screenshot and totally forgot to delete her who came up. If you look at the video, at the very last second, you’ll see a car pull up in the window. SHES IN IT.


Okay who wants to have their eyes burned??? Who wants to be traumatized for life? (because I sure was) If not, well then cool there’s nothing left to see here, bye! Continue to live with your healthy eyeballs. You can just exit the browser and go do something more productive with your life.

For those of you who wish to dare…

Here’s the backstory: I made some nice couple poses for Xavier and Edmund because I needed to personalise their poses! (1: not a lot of gay poses out there compared to heterosexual ones 2: because those two need their own special unique poses) And well when I had them pose the first time there were a bunch of errors, hands melding with clothes, heads not quite level. So I wanted to make sure it was just because poses are a wee bit messed-up with teens, SO I had to have two adult male sims do the pose for me to make sure I didn’t have to edit the pose and stuff. And well I only had two of those available and…you guys can still back out now you know…

You won’t? Well then I’m sorry…









NEVER My_eyes_they_burn_lisa_kudrow_friends_phoebe_buffay

*eyes sizzle and burn* I was so ashamed upon making this pose happen. Never ever in a million years will this pairing happen. It’s like Joshua and Alec kissing, it’s like Kyxa and Velor kissing, it’s like the Weapon and Kord kissing, hell it’s like Velor and Assaria—wait that last one could actually happen now. O^O

ANYWAY. Now that I’ve traumatized my eyeballs again and possibly yours, let us continue on our merry lives…and hope I don’t have the stupid idea of taking more pictures of the DISTURBING things that happen behind the scenes.


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11 Responses to Behind the scenes – 8.11 & 8.12

  1. Senkime says:

    Omg I never laughed so hard in my life.

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  2. autumnrein says:

    JAMES!!! NUUUUU!!!! I did laugh really hard at the way you warned us all though. Poor James. Even off screen the guy can’t catch a break lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Jeez I really am continously torturing James aren’t??
      But he’s like the one character that can take it >.>


      • autumnrein says:

        Haha, this is very true and it would probably be just as torturous for you to dress him in a Hawaiian shirt and set him in a lounger on the beach. Though, the mental image of that is even more funny than him being a gay pose model. Maybe he just can’t win? lol

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        • blamsart says:

          *burst out laughing*
          The simple idea is ridiculous to me! Which is actually kind of sad, because that means I can’t imagine James chilling out at a beach. I kind of really want to make that happen now…But I’ll restrain myself. He’s suffered enough for now.

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  3. magpie14031983 says:

    James at the beach?!? Uhm… Yeah… No… That’s like seeing a horse playing snooker! I just can’t picture it!

    That being said: James IS hot enough to turn even Ed’s dad gay!!! 10 thumbs up!!!

    If it wasn’t for the fact that TS3 takes so damn long to load and then gives Error 12 every few minutes, I’d totally be tempted to go in and make a cute little gay couple of my own! Well, a male couple at any rate (I play mainly matriarchies so its usually my girls that turn gay on me! The men are there simply to promulgate the next generation of Cross women!)

    Speaking about Cross women: Xenia is so cute in your game it hurts my eyes lol you need to hag her up a bit so I don’t get graphics card envy!

    Now enough dilly-dally-ing! Give us a Xavmund chapter dammit! I wanna see Ed’s dad’s reaction to the curfew infraction… I imagine Xav’s folks are gonna be “we’re really disappointed in you, but we hope you enjoyed yourself, now you’re grounded for a week”

    My own folks were the same strictness as Ed’s folks but strangely the first time I broke curfew (granted I was 18) my dad sat up until 3am (my curfew was 12) when I got home and all he said was: did you have fun? Ok lock the door before you go to bed! I think if it had been a school night I might have got a different response lol

    Lovely behind the scenes chapter, Soph and I really loved it, but I want more story! *stamps foot like petulant 3 year old*

    Ps: I’ve been calling you Soph or Sophie since you showed us your NaNo cover (I swear I read Sophie on it, what chapter was that again?!?) but I have no idea whether the name you gave was your own or a nom de plume…

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    • blamsart says:

      Lol! James hot enough to turn a homophobic guy gay XD
      SIms a great game! Except when it rebels. Which is every day of its life. (though I can’t complain with my 11 minutes)
      She is! I adore your sim, she’s one of those that make nice expressions. Yes I categorize my sims this way.
      1) Ugly faces, hate taking pics of them (old Velor >.>)
      2) Neutral faces, (like Xav)
      3) Nice faces, (like Xenia and James)
      4) FANTASTIC faces (like Oliver, Edmund and SImon)
      Lol, that’s always nice XD

      Haha! Yeah I noticed you were calling me that. No it’s not my real name. I tried inventing a pretty common Quebecois french name for NaNo and that was the result. I prefer Blams for an author name by ffaaarr


      • magpie14031983 says:

        D’oh! Now I have to train myself to call you Blams and not Soph lol oh well… What’s you real nickname? Sorry but I like thinking of the authors I love in terms of “real” names and not user names, it just personalises them in my head (although I will call you Blams if that is your preference!) Like Ivane is ‘Vane and Jessi is J and Louise is Loui…

        Speaking of Loui (notjustabook), you reaaaaaaalllllly have to check out her TS3 story here on WP. It’s The Hartfield Legacy! And it is awesome! I put her way up there among the stars with you, ‘Vane and J, any day of the week! Her Hollanders Legacy on Carl and Pam’s Sims 4 Forum is just as good, and filled with humour! But that is on a relatively permanent stay-cation right now 😥

        Did you hear the news: since ‘Vane has moved to China for work we might not get more Clarkes 😥 she doesn’t have the time to play, plus China is so strict with it’s internet… But she says she has a few more chapters ready, so hopefully she can get online to post them sometime soon… I hope she comes back to them when she’s out of China cuz I sooooo adore the Clarke family!

        Anyway… James did/does have a very expressive face and I only noticed, now that you mentioned it, that Xav IS rather neutral… Weird how the game does that! Oliver and Teo definitely have the grand faces! They are cute, and expressive, and come out with the weirdest faces lol I usually play my game zoomed out so I can see the whole house, so I miss out on all these bits…

        I chuckled when I read the part about the “extras” photo-bombing the group lol I can just imagine Blams ghost saying “how can I ruin their day, these silly mortals! I know! I’ll photo-bomb them so Blamsart can’t use those screenies! That’ll teach her (him?) To kill me off!)


        • blamsart says:

          Well I like Blams, but you can go ahead and invent some personalized name for me if you’d prefer.
          No I hadn’t heard about the Clarkes! Makes me sad, but…that’s what happens when RL calls.
          Yes I’ve heard of her, I’ve been thinking of checking out her legacy actually! Now that I’ve finally caught up on the Danevbies.

          It’s the reason why i take more pics of Ed’s face than Xav’s XD
          Another reason why I like Sims 3 better than Sims 4! There is so much more variety in personnality.

          Still confuses me sometimes when I write about her. I can’t remember what convinced me to give her my username >.>


  4. Moon Mirage says:

    James being a bit of a playa huh? Kyxa ain’t gon be happy.

    Liked by 1 person

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