8.14 – On a happier note

ScreenshotStill Monday…

Edmund’s POV

The day had just gotten better and better. It started at 2 am, when Xavier and I kissed. A moment I don’t think I’ll ever forget. I really hadn’t expected to ask him that! I got caught up in the moment… and his sweet innocent face.

When I got home, I’d expected some serious yelling, grounding and privation of food at least! Instead I came home to find my father coming down the stairs in his pjs. When he saw me enter he gave me a cold disapproving glare before heading for his study.

That was all.


I didn’t expect to get off that easy! I certainly didn’t complain.

It felt too good to be true. So when I got to school today I did my best not to make it obvious that Xavier and I had kissed and that all I could think about when I saw him in class was kissing him again. It always felt like anything anyone else knew my dad would eventually end up knowing, and I wanted to make sure he never found out about this! Last time my dad caught me kissing a boy…we moved half-way across the country.


I opened the door and stepped inside, being careful to make sure there was no sign of actual happiness on my face.

My dad taught me not to ever show too much emotion when I’m in the presence of others. So I should never look too happy or too sad or too worried or etc. The only thing I could show too much of was seriousness. In my dad’s line of work it really isn’t recommended to show off what you’re feeling or else the others have an advantage over you.

I usually have that skill down, but I can’t really seem to keep it up around Xavier.

The smile came back on my face, but I was quick to wipe off. In this case I really did see the logic in not showing too much emotion. If I looked too happy dad would start asking questions…


Almost immediately after stepping inside my house it felt like my whole day had just caught up to me. A wave of fatigue washed over me and I couldn’t resist the urge to yawn.

Seems like I won’t be working on my project this night either.


“Consequences of staying up late?” Dad was suddenly in front of me, already picking up on my every movement.

I gulped. I hadn’t realized he was there.

“Sorry dad.” I replied.

My father hmphed and gave me a long disapproving look.

“Your mother and I have something to tell you. In the living room.”

I hurried to my room without running to drop off my schoolbag and then came back downstairs.


I was kind of worrying now. My dad hadn’t officially yelled at me yet…I was just waiting for the other shoe to drop and I had a bad feeling this talk was going to be it.

I walked in the living room and I was midly surprised to see my parents didn’t look unhappy.

I might have been over reacting. Maybe dad actually wants to tell me about a new business partner or something. He’s been gradually telling me how his job works.


When mom noticed me, a smile flashed on her face and she sprang to her feet to hug me. Really sprang.

Very surprised, I let myself be, hugging my mom back. She really has been a lot more…I don’t know open? Expressive? I still haven’t figured out what happened.

I saw my father over mom’s shoulder and though he looked like he was glaring there was a hint of a smile on his face.

Okay. What’s going on here?



“You’re going to be a big brother Edmund.” My mother said, her smile becoming even larger.

My mouth went agape in surprise.


“I’m pregnant.”

…Now my mom’s behavior is starting to make more sense.


The phone in the study started to ring and without a word dad left the room to go answer it.

Mom continued to talk anyways.

“It’s going to be wonderful Edmund. We’re going to be giving the baby the extra room upstairs. You can help pick out the colors if you’d like.”

I thought mom couldn’t have kids anymore! How did this happen?

I didn’t really know how to ask my mother that, so I decided I’d just let the matter lie.


“Is it a boy or a girl?” I asked. A brother or a sister?

“It’s too early to tell.” Mom said. “But I can tell you that your little sibling is expected during summer. Obviously this won’t affect you taking up your father’s work.”

Mom added the last part as if I could’ve actually been afraid that the baby could’ve taken my place. But that hadn’t even crossed my mind!


“Is this why dad hasn’t grounded me for yesterday yet?”

Mom chuckled. “Yes. I told him the news yesterday.”

I suddenly liked this baby even more. You did your big bro a big favour.

My mother looked pensive for a few seconds.


“If you can manage to keep your grades up, I think I could convince your father to let you have Saturday afternoons off.” She said, catching me off guard.


“Yes! You had fun with your friends yesterday didn’t you?”

“Yes.” I immediately said.

“And you won’t be able to see them as much when you start working for your father. So make the most of the time I’ll give you okay?”

I nodded enthusiastically. I was having a hard time keeping the happiness off my face again.



Xavier’s POV

Since Edmund wanted to keep us from the others, there was only one time that we could have to ourselves. And that was during Ed’s spare.

We only had five minutes or else my teacher was going to start to suspect I wasn’t actually going to the washroom.

So, on Tuesday, I excused myself again and made my way up to the chill out room. He’d been studying again, but this time he’d heard the door open. He’d turned around with a hopeful expression that made my stomach go in knots.


Five minutes didn’t seem like enough. Before we knew it, our time was up and I needed to get back to class. I heavily considered just skipping class to be with him, but that would cast too much suspicion.

I wanted to respect his decision to keep it from everyone else…As long as that didn’t last too long. Only being able to be with him for five minutes a day? I can’t concentrate on anything except him now.


Wednesday was a bit different. This time when I got to the chill out room Edmund wasn’t studying. He’d been waiting by the door and he’d practically dragged me inside when I’d opened it.

Though I adored doing so, all we’d been doing so far was kissing and I wanted to know more about Edmund. About his likes and dislikes, who he was, who he wanted to be. I started to wonder if he wanted to know these things about me too…or if he just enjoyed kissing me.


So, I decided to throw him a question on a subject I’d genuinely been wondering about.

“Why do you study so much?”

Edmund gave me a you-stopped-kissing-to-ask-me-that? look. But I needed to know. If he was willing to answer this question, then that meant this didn’t have to be restricted to kissing. As fun as that is.

“We’re in highschool, you shouldn’t need to study so much. Especially during lunch time.” I continued. This had actually been bugging me, because he was always studying while me and the others lunch. I didn’t see why he needed to study all day every day.

Edmund sighed a little.


He pushed himself off the wall and took my hands in his.

“Xavier,” Every time he said my name…it felt like my day brightened just a little more. “We’ve got…what two minutes left?”

Oh. So it’s really going to be just-


Edmund suddenly pulled me towards him and tipped me.

“And you know there’s email and texting and stuff…” He said with a smile as he leaned forwards.


Okay so talking didn’t really matter that much to me right now. But it would be a lot more fun if he joined us all for lunch.

The kiss he gave me barely lasted a few seconds before I lost my footing, falling and dragging Edmund down with me.


We fell down in a fit of giggles and opted for staying on the floor instead of getting back up.

“Oops.” I said, still half-laughing. Edmund’s laugh died off and he looked off into space, deep in thought.

And then he spoke. “I study so much… because…”

But I could tell it wasn’t a light matter now and he was right, we had what? Two minutes left?


“That’s fine I don’t need to know.” I said, before joining our lips again, this time for longer than a few seconds.




*breathes* The adorableness is a little more tolerable for me now.

Wow so sorry. Took so long for such a short chapter. Would’ve made it longer, but then I would’ve posted it like three days later. Just been a touch busy lately.

Concerning Ed’s mom’s pregnancy, sometimes women who have been diagnosed as being unable to have kids can get pregnant later down the road. This isn’t a very common occurrence though. Usually when your doctor tells you, you can’t have kids…you can’t have kids.

Oh and I don’t know if you guys remember, but I made a sim for an ISBI yes? And someone requested I post the link to the chapters with my Rhamnus Buckthorn in them. So here they are (so far);



He’s on the possible elimination list! Sure hope he makes it outta there alive T^T

im aware things might seem a little slow moving…but I assure you when the story starts seriously moving you’ll start to miss these small simple everything is happy and going well chapters.

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10 Responses to 8.14 – On a happier note

  1. autumnrein says:

    Wow! Edmund being a big brother. That’s so exciting for him and maybe his parents will take it easy on him with the new addition in tow. His mom seems really eager to let him have some free time to be with his friends. I hope things continue to go better for him.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Iomai says:

    Gaaaaaah! The cuteness, the love, the Xavmund! *dies from them being so damn adorable* Don’t worry Xavier, Edmund will probably tell you about himself soon; hopefully. As for Ed’s mom, I’m glad she’s keeping his father in check with her pregnancy. My mom went through that with my older brother but then bam! I was a surprise xD Great chapter ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. magpie14031983 says:

    Short or long, any chapter from you is worth waiting for! And this one was no different!!!

    I hope Ed’s sibling takes some of the pressure off him… OMG. O_O. Terrible thought… What if his mom miscarries and his dad gets even HARDER on him O_O

    Liked by 1 person

  4. jessicafayee says:

    I literally cannot handle their cuteness right now! 😀 I hope things work out for them and hopefully they can make their relationship public without Ed’s dad ruining EVERYTHING. Loved this simple, sweet chapter. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. autumnrein says:

    Hey I wasn’t sure where I should put this so I had a momentary idea to put it here. Rham did so awesome in the elimination poll! Congrats! I couldn’t believe it when I saw that BOTH our submissions were up for elimination after challenge one! I really doomed Ran from the start with his traits hahaha. But yea, that’s all I wanted to say. CONGRATS AGAIN! He is getting quite a fan base!

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Aw yes, I just read the episode!
      I’m so happy, both our simmies made it out alive!
      Yeah, getting both almost eliminated on the first round is kinda sad >.>
      Let’s hope Rham and Ran do better in the next round.
      Lol for a whiny guy, Rham sure did get a lotta of votes!


  6. It makes me a little nervous that all they’re doing is kissing, but….I suppose since these are the only minutes that they have when they can physically be with one another, it’s understandable :3 I just don’t want to see these two falling into an unhelpful communication pattern. Eeeeeep. But! Things seem to be looking up indeed with Edmund’s mother pregnant. That might take some of the pressure off him, and in general they’re going to be in pretty high spirits. That can only be helpful for Edmund…and consequently, his relationship with Xavier too ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

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