8.15 – It’s official


Xavier’s POV

“I’ll be right back!” Oliver declared before quickly leaving the chill out room.

We’d all been pulling out our lunches when Oliver, who’d been looking jittery all day, suddenly stood up, nearly knocking the table over. He’d said he needed to talk to everyone, so he dragged us up and now he’d just sped off to go fetch Edmund.


“What is this about?” Erin asked. Teo glanced at me and then looked away.

“I don’t know.” Xenia shrugged. “But I hope Oliver makes this quick. I’m starving!”

“Geez, dropping us off here without even telling us what’s going on!” Erin grumbled.

“He probably wants to confess to you.” I teased, casually looking away. “You know, with us as his witnesses.”


“Hey!” Erin exclaimed, punching me in the shoulder, I laughed. “Pretty sure this doesn’t concern me.” She added, giving me a look.


I frowned at her. “What are you insinuating?”

A victorious smirk spread across her face. “Xenia knows what I’m talking about.”

I glanced at Xenia, even more confused. “I do?” She said, before realizing what Erin meant. “Oh…that…”


The door flew open and Oliver came in literally shoving Edmund inside.

“Oliver! I was doing s-”

“Yeah! I know! But this is a lot more important!” Oliver declared, shoving Edmund onto the sofa.

Edmund slumped, surprised to see everyone was gathered here. He looked about as confused as we did about the whole situation.

I’d only seen the back of his head today…


Oliver pointed at both Edmund and I.

“You two are dating!” He exclaimed rather triumphantly.

Erin nearly coughed on her own saliva in surprise. Xenia was trying not to laugh. Teo didn’t seem that surprised, more like he was ashamed of Oliver.

And me? Well at first I was surprised.


And then I was sad and a bit angry at Oliver.

Edmund wanted to keep us secret for a reason and I had no idea how he would react now that all our friends knew.

Would that be it? Not even a week?

I looked at Edmund, but he was the one person whose reaction I hadn’t been able to see.


What I hadn’t seen was that, naturally, Edmund had been shocked at first, but then he had relaxed like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders.

“Yeah.” He said just the one word and the whole room went silent. Just one word and a smile was making its way onto my face.


“Yeah?” Oliver said, taken aback.

“Yeah.” Edmund repeated and I tried to contain the overwhelming smile.

“Well then why did you guys try to hide it!? It’s not like we’ll get mad just because you’re gay, even if I never thought you’d be gay Edmund but that actually explains a lot now that I think about it.” Oliver said in a breath.


“How did you guys find out about it?” Edmund asked as he realized just as I did that everyone didn’t seem as surprised as they should’ve been by the news.

Oh sh*t.

“Yeah how did you?” I asked, giving Erin a look.


Erin avoided my eyes before answering. “I might’ve told Xenia on Tuesday.”

“Erin!” I hissed. She shrugged apologetically.

“And well, I didn’t know it was some sort of big secret so I told Teo yesterday.” Xenia said.

“And I told Oliver this morning.” Teo added.


“You told Erin?” Edmund’s voice came from my left and I looked to him a little panicked, hoping he didn’t think I’d betrayed him.

“No, no!” I hastily replied. “She saw us kissing on Monday at Teo’s.”

“You guys kissed during my party?!” Oliver exclaimed, looking positively shocked that he hadn’t been aware of this.

“I don’t see why you guys are making such a big deal about being found out. If I hadn’t told Xenia they all would’ve found out by the end of the week anyways. You suck at hiding a ‘secret’ relationship.” Erin grumbled loudly enough for everyone to hear.


“Hey!” I complained.

“Oh come on! You guys keep making eyes at each other in the corridors, and you keep smiling like a dumbass whenever we say Edmund’s name during lunch. Even if I hadn’t seen you two locking lips, it would’ve been pretty easy to guess.” Erin scoffed. I felt my cheeks redden. It was true, but she didn’t need to flat out say it!

“Oh and you could do so much better.” I said, rolling my eyes.

“Hell yes!”


“Prove it.” I said.

Her eyes narrowed in amusement.

“Is that a challenge?” She asked.

“Unless you think you’re not up for it.” I replied.

“Oh no, I accept your challenge.”


Oliver, who had only managed to understand half of our conversation, cut in.

“Are you in a secret relationship with someone Erin?”

A small silence installed. Everyone had clearly heard the small hope in Oliver’s voice and we turned to Erin to see her answer.

“…Yes.” She replied with absolute calm.


Oliver’s face was too much to look at.


“No she’s not!” I said, and Oliver’s face went back to its original position.

“And how would you know? You don’t know, I could’ve already done your challenge.” Erin said.

“Yeah no. No.”


“What I want to know, “ Oliver cut in, because apparently, there was still something he hadn’t understood. “Is why you two decided to keep this from us!”

I looked at Edmund, because he was the only in this room who could answer that question and I was pretty curious to know the answer.


“And I’m going to have to ask you guys not to tell anyone.” Edmund said.

“You’re going to have to give us a reason at this point.” Teo said and Xenia nodded enthusiastically.

So then, Edmund told us about his father and his strict views on homosexuality.

Everyone agreed to keep silent about it.



During Ed’s spare…

Edmund’s POV

I should’ve been studying, but instead I was worrying. It had been a relief to have the others know and to know that Teo and Oliver didn’t really care that much that I was gay.

But it had been only four days. Four days ago Xavier and I kissed for the first time. Four days ago only two people knew and now six did. At this rate my dad was surely going to find out!

Should I stop now before it’s too late? Before my dad finds out and things really go downhill?

I was so focused on thinking that I never heard the door open.


“What are you thinking about?” Xavier was suddenly behind me and I nearly jumped in surprise.

An amused smile spread across his face and it was like all my worries suddenly washed away.


“You surprised me!”

“You’re easily surprised!” Xavier laughed. I found myself getting lost in the sound of his voice again. Whenever he’s happy he just has such…a nice voice. Yeah I like it when he talks. Geez, I’m so gushy.


“Hey…are you really okay with the others knowing?” Xavier asked, worry tinged in his voice.

Another thing about him, he always seems to care. Yeah it’s a weird way to define it, but…let’s say the opposite of selfish without actually being selfless.

Whenever he sounds even a little bit worried about me I just want to hug him or something! Like on Monday…and that something had been to kiss him.


“Yeah, as long as they don’t start yelling about us on the rooftops.” I replied. Xavier chuckled.

“I hadn’t realized how bad your dad was.”

How bad my dad is? He’s not that bad. He’s just a bit stubborn.

“Yeah…um, can I tell you something?” I asked. I hadn’t told anyone yet, but I wanted to share the news.


“Well yeah! Of course you can.” Xavier exclaimed.

“My mom’s pregnant, I’m going to be a brother.” I announced.

It took a few moments for the news to sink in, but when it did Xavier smiled.

“That’s great! A brother…wow. That’ll be fun. Do you know if it’s a…”

I couldn’t resist him anymore.


I leaned towards him and his voice trailed off, knowing what was coming.

There are a lot of different ways to kiss someone, but there was always something slow, gentle and unstressful about kissing Xavier. The time it took for our lips to touch felt like an eternity and when they did time seemed to simply stop and wait patiently for us to be finished.


I don’t know how I’m getting so lucky this week. I know I don’t deserve it, but…I’m hoping this streak of good luck lasts for a long time.

I don’t know either what Xavier sees in me after what I did to him, but I hope he never stops seeing it.


It’s only after we separated that I remembered what I was thinking about.

Should I stop now before it’s too late?

But looking at Xavier’s smile I knew it was already too late.

Xavier’s smile faded into a nervous look.


“Um, Edmund? Now that the others know, does this mean we’re…you know…” Xavier attempted to say, his cheeks reddening.

Oh. This makes me inexplicably happy.

“You mean like boyfriend and boyfriend?” I said, barely managing to contain my happiness.

With a small laugh and a big smile, Xavier nodded.

I shrugged trying to act nonchalantly. “Guess so.”


“Oh, you guess so?” Xavier said in a tone that was making it harder for me not to smile.

“Yeah.” I replied in a one-word answer. I glanced away; I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold really long if I looked at his face.

Xavier was silent for a few seconds before he shrugged. “Alright then.”


With a bit of a bored sigh he backed away and leaned on the sofa, like the conversation had just gotten boring.

Oh, he was much better at this than I was.

But I’m not out of this yet.


I casually leaned on the t.v. – hoping I wouldn’t make it topple over – and tried to look as bored as Xavier did.

“It’s getting kind of cold out, might have to start wearing coats soon.” I said looking around the room.

“Yeah it’s going to start getting chilly inside too.” Xavier said.

“Yeah I guess.” Even though every building is heated…

“People who are dating are probably going to end up snuggling in front of fires to keep warm.” Xavier said vaguely gesturing at the fireplace behind him.

An amused smile appeared on my face.


“Oh, and are you going to be chilly this winter Xavier?” I asked with a smirk.

Xavier mimicked my smile. “Yeah I think so. Unfortunately I don’t have a boyfriend to keep me warm.”


“I’m sure we can figure something out.” I murmured.

“Oof, that’s one less thing to worry about…”


Fingers crossed, that this lasts.


❤ Xavmund ❤

Yyyooouuuu gguuuyysss


Hoohoo Teo tried to pull one on Xenia. It was so unexpected I had to take a few pics.

 ex ex2 ex3

 Unfortunately she didn’t respond too well.


Teo: *looks like he’s about to cry*

But then they had the hearts thing again.


Hey, can you guys believe the Xavmund was originally supposed to be a very volatile couple focused more on rough kissing than anything else? Yeah I can’t either. THESE SIMS. They do what they want. Though I highly prefer this version of the Xavmund.

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13 Responses to 8.15 – It’s official

  1. magpie14031983 says:

    Xavmund was never gonna be rough… Right from the get-go Xav’s personality wouldn’t have allowed for it, and Ed is too (I dunno) chilled? To be rough…

    I’m so glad the others know! But it just shows how stuff makes the grapevine… Also Xe must like Teo a bit cuz she told him a secret and that’s a huge step, so don’t be discouraged, T! She likes you, she really likes you… She just likes the hearts and flowers and romance first! She IS a girl after all!

    I know it’s evil but I can’t WAIT for Ed’s dad to find out… Imagine the drama, the tension, the story possibilities!!!

    Brilliant as always, B! Next chapter, please ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      yeah exactly. I started to write these two interacting and I kept going ‘nah that’s never going to work, they’re the totally the gushy type’
      Grapevine power!
      Mhmm, its been four chapters straight now with nothing but happy flourishes. Drama is coming no worries. *evil laugh*


  2. Senkime says:

    Keep the happiness Xavmund… because drama is evil.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. autumnrein says:

    Horray! I’m so glad it’s official but I’m so worried for Edmund. What if his dad finds out. He’ll be in a world of hurt. Which, because this is a drama, I have a feeling he will and the two will separate but until then, I will enjoy watching them be happy. I probably read it, but I can’t remember, Xav’s parents know he’s gay right?

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Mhmm, though his dad might be more ‘docile’ now that ed’s mom is expecting…I’m sure if he sees the signs he’ll react just as strongly.
      And yes, Xav’s parents are aware that he’s gay. Actually everyone he knows, knows that he’s gay. He’s not very closed off about it.

      Liked by 1 person

      • autumnrein says:

        Ok that’s what I thought. I have a feeling that even though his dad is more docile now, he probably won’t like Edmund’s choice in spouse which is sad. Xav is wonderful. I’m thinking they will have a long road ahead.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. birdkitty says:

    Oh God, Oliver, you’re going to be the end of me. Laughed so hard that I only got out a few wheezes. 😀 Ed and Xavier are so stinkin’ cute but I think Oliver’s my favorite this gen so far.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Whew! Okay, well that’s a relief. Their friends would have been (and obviously were) the hardest to hide it from, so I’m super happy that they know now and were totally accepting of it ^_^ I love this group of friends—how supportive they are of one another. And to think just a year ago they practically loathed each other! Always nice when things change for the better.

    And omggggggg Xavier and Edmund’s little “casual” contest, hahahaha. They’re such goofs XD I love them so. Bahhh, my cheeks legitimately hurt from smiling so much. Too cute—too too too cute!

    Liked by 1 person

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