8.16 – Love is in the air


Erin’s POV

“Are you fr**king kidding me!?” I exclaimed in disbelief as Xavier and I got out of the building.

I couldn’t believe it!

Okay it sort of made sense, and it was bound to happen sometime, but still!

I’d been so happy when Xavier told me they’d dropped Jupiter off at the local stables for the winter, because that meant there would be no competitions to prevent us from coming here on Saturdays. But the fates had decided to be cruel.


“Arg, couldn’t you have kept your magic sparks to yourself?” I grumbled at Xavier. He scoffed.

“Says the one who broke three shelves worth of alcohol.” Xavier shot back. Okay, so our last visit really hadn’t been the best. But I thought everyone would have forgotten after two weeks of us gone!

Unfortunately, when we went in, it was a new bartender at the bar, and when we asked where the old one had gone he told us she’d gotten fired for serving alcohol to underage kids. And then he gave us looks, vaguely gestured at cameras I hadn’t realized existed and asked us if we wanted a glass of water.

Yeah no, we got out of there fast.


“Nevertheless, this is horrible! I need my alcohol Xavier!” I complained, gripping his coat like my life was dangling by a thread.

Xavier rolled his eyes and plucked my hands off.

“We’re turning eighteen in less than a year. I’m sure you’ll survive.”

“No. No I’m pretty sure I won’t. Do you really want to see me go into withdrawal?” I said, half-joking.


“Dude just go to that bar we went to with the gang. I’m sure your ‘fake ID’ is going to work there.” Xavier said, clearly saying he hadn’t forgotten that I hadn’t told him why I had one and not him.

“Hell no! I’m not going to spend cash on a taxi ride every time I want a drink. That’s way too much money down the drain.” I said.

“Then here’s another suggestion. Go see Oliver. He brought over a box full of beer bottles last Sunday, I’m sure he could supply you with more.” Xavier proposed with a smirk. “And if you do, pass me one or two from time to time.”


“What!? No way! I’m not asking anything from him.” I snapped, absolutely outraged by the idea.

“You know, the more you talk about him the more I’m starting to think you actually do like him.” Xavier teased, and I wanted to slap that smile right off his face.

“Not like you like Mr. Homophobic-dad.” I grumbled.


“No probably not.” Xavier said with a disturbingly sweet smile. It completely caught me off guard, and then made me mad. I know I said I’d be ‘nicer’, but still…ARG.

“Tell me you didn’t just say that.” I groaned.

“Well it’s true….”

“Yeah! I know it’s true! But you don’t need to declare your love for him every time he comes up!” I exclaimed.


“Woah!” Xavier said, stepping back in surprise. “Woah! Not love, I never said love!”

I gaped at my best friend, wanting so much to facepalm at his behavior.

“Are you being serious?”

“It’s barely been a week!” Xavier continued. “That’s assuming way too much!”

“Oh my god, just stop it please, stop it.” I groaned.


A loud ping suddenly erupted from Xavier’s pocket, making him jump.

“It’s your boyfriend better pick that up.” I snickered.

“Shut up.” He mumbled before pulling out his phone.


Xavier checked his phone, frowned, and then laughed.

I tried to peek at it. “What’s your boyfriend saying? Flirting through text eh?”

Xavier smirked. “It’s not my boyfriend, it’s yours.”


My phone was next to ping.


I pulled it out and checked the text.

Oli: hey homies! hang out at T’s in 30


I glared at Xavier.

“He’s not my boyfriend.” I hissed and Xavier laughed.


“Erin.” Xavier said, his worried tone dissipating the amused atmosphere. “About Monday, when you didn’t come to school-”

I stopped him with a wave of my hand.

“No we’re not talking about that.”

“Erin, we made a deal, that if those three stopped-”


“I don’t care!” I yelled.

“But Erin it’s not-”

“This conversation is not happening!” Why? Why is he insisting? It’s not going to lead him anywhere!

“Can’t I do for you what you kept trying to do for me?” Xavier said in a calm stone-like voice. I shivered from the truth behind his words. But I still didn’t care.


“No.” I bluntly replied.

“I bet if I told Xenia she’d be even more adamant to see justice for you then for me. We could put an end to this if you let us Erin!” Xavier shouted. He’s making it sound a lot simpler than it actually is!

“No, you don’t have the right to tell anyone! You shouldn’t even know so you better keep your mouth shut.” I growled at him.


Xavier glared at me and I glared back just as much if not more.

“Fine.” He eventually forced the word out.

“Good.” I said with a quick nod. “Now are we going to Teo’s place or not?”

Xavier let out a loud sigh at me before walking off.

I’ll take that as a yes.



Oliver’s POV

“And here are the last two newest members! Erin and Xavier!” I said, turning the camera towards the archway.

Teo sighed in relief. He and Xenia had been the stars to my video just a few seconds earlier.

“What is that?” Erin asked in annoyance.

“I think that’s a camera.” Xavier replied.


“Well get that out of my face!” Erin snapped, but I kept the camera turned towards her with a smirk on my face. “Turn it off!”

Even when she’s angry she’s pretty! Especially when she’s angry actually.


Erin stomped over and I suddenly feared from my camera.

“I said, turn – it – off!” Erin repeated as she tried to snatch the camera from my hands. I held it close and FAR away from her.

“Okay! Okay! I get it! It’s off!”

“It better be!”


I gingerly placed the camera on the mantel piece without turning it off. Yeah, I know, that’s bad and all, but I want to record as many memories as I can! Just in case.

“See! I’m leaving it there! It’s not going to move from there. Right camera?” The camera didn’t respond. Erin on the other hand groaned, sighed and then plopped down onto one of the sofas.


Xenia and Teo were already back to flirting. Of course if we mentioned it, they would totally deny it, but it’s kind of obvious with the giggling and the touching and all the eye gazing.

You know, I’m happy for Teo. He’s getting the girl he wanted! But I’m not and that’s making me kind of down.


I wasn’t the only one who noticed the obvious flirting.

“Oh, you guys are finally dating?” Xavier asked out of the blue, effectively catching the two love birds by surprise. I snickered as the two stammered a bunch of ‘no’s.


“Smooth Xavier, smooth.” Erin said as Xavier awkwardly sat beside her.

“Well sorry, I thought for sure…” Xavier whispered back and now I was getting jealous again. I wish I could be as close to Erin as Xavier was, but I had no idea how to go about it! She just plain didn’t want anything to do with me.

I flopped on the couch as a buzz reverberated in the house. “Edmund’s here!”


“Hey guys.” Edmund said, and I gave a quick wave from my place on the couch. I’d made sure to invite everyone at Teo’s because this was a rather rare occurrence. Edmund having free time on weekends? Very very rare.

And plus, Teo’s parents are never here so they couldn’t care less that we keep using their house.

From where I was sitting, I could clearly see Xavier’s face lit up when Edmund came in. Oh geez, that’s right. These two are dating. Still weird to think about…but I think I’ll get used to it eventually.

There was a small moment of silence. It was kind of pretty obvious Edmund wanted to sit with Xavier and vice versa and probably more, but our presence or something was making these two hesitant. I wanted to sigh loudly.


“Geez guys, we know you’re dating. You can act like a couple, kiss and all that, we really don’t care.” I said and they both laughed a bit nervously.

I wouldn’t have thought in a million years that these two would actually end up dating, but now that they are they kind of really seem to fit.

WOW. I’m the only guy here who’s got no romance going on at all.


“Oliver’s right. Here, I’ll even give you my seat Edmund. You guys can be all couply and whatnot.” Erin said when she realized the two still seemed kind of hesitant.

I was in a state of shock. She’d actually said these words Oliver’s right. And I’d caught it on camera.

And then she went and did something more incredible.


Erin sat down on the nearest empty seat…which just happened to be right beside me.

Okay so yeah, the only empty seat in the whole room…but she could’ve decided to stand up like Teo. But nooooo she decided to actually sit right beside me.

KEEP YOUR COMPOSURE OLI. Probably means nothing. Shouldn’t mention it or she might run off.


But then Xavier spoke up after a few moments of additional silence.

“Ah so it was all talk.”

“What?” Erin asked, looking confused.

“You said you could hide your secret relationship, but I guess not.” Xavier said, trying not to laugh.

Erin’s eyes widened, glancing at me as she realized where she’d sat down.

Damn you Xavier!


Erin practically sprung from the couch and ran across the room as everyone – except me! – burst out laughing.

“Bastards!” She cursed at them, but they just kept laughing.

I was silently cursing Xavier in mind. Is this payback? Is it??

But this actually gave me a little bit of hope. With perseverance, I bet I could get through Erin’s defenses. She felt comfortable to just sit beside me, it’s a step forwards!


Edmund had decided to use the distraction to…um… ‘greet’ Xavier. Of course the moment both their laughs died off, everyone’s attention was focused on the couple.

Yeah I know I said we didn’t care, but apart from Erin, none of us had seen them kiss. I couldn’t resist. I wasn’t the only one either.

Xenia and I almost instantaneously started ‘ooohhhhh’ ing.

There were new fits of laughter as Edmund and Xavier were the ones cursing us in embarrassment this time.

I dared to look at Erin. Yeah I could do it. I could get her to open up to me in the time I had left.

Whatever happens, I just gotta keep a positive attitude.


Weeks later, in a place known only by a handful of powerful people…


Velor’s POV

There is no better way to wake up.

I don’t believe I’ve ever had the pleasure of waking up feel this good.

I stretched out my limbs as far as they would go. Limbs that had been aching and stiff for nearly two decades.

My skin felt harder. My hearing was sharper. My smell was keener.


I breathed in, the air wooshing into my throat past my newly formed fangs.


This was eternally better than being a natural. I actually felt alive. Not like a decomposing pint of blood.

Oh how I’ve missed the feel of my cold skin and…the smell of blood.


But most of all, I’ve missed my power. I’ve spent too long feeling trapped in my own mind, unable to extend, to sense, to control. It was worse than being physically contained.

But now…it wasn’t back to its full power, but I could feel the Weapon and Assaria if I closed my eyes. And if I concentrated I could tell it was night right now. And upstairs, just as I had suspected, there were only three minds. All three were sleeping, and none belonged to my grandson.

I’m assuming James left because of his daughter, and that works just fine for me.


I walked over to my door.

I’ve been here a lot longer than I would’ve liked.

I stretched my arms again, relishing my vampiric strength. A simple prison bar door stands no chance now.

I gripped the rusty bars and put all my strength into ripping the door from its hinges. The metal creaked and whined and I nearly broke one of the bars off, but in the end I successfully separated the door from its hinges.


I leaned the door on the side and shook my arms, still enjoying the feeling of finally being a vampire again.

Too long, too long since I’ve been on the surface.

A decade and a half worth of anger and frustration is starting to boil up inside me.

The Weapon was asleep, but a mere touch of my mind on hers woke her up with a jolt. Controlling her felt like I was slipping on gloves. Easy and simple.

My eyes drifted to the sulking immortal.


Well congratulations.” Assaria mumbled. “Your plan worked after all. Unless you get caught that is.

Albeit she is very annoying, this woman amuses me.

I smirked as I watched her resign herself to staying in prison.


“I won’t get caught.” I declared. She scoffed. “Now is the time to leave. Everyone is asleep and James is off on his little journey. If you’re too busy sulking though…”

Assaria’s golden eyes snapped to mine, just as I made the Weapon open her cage. She did so with a lot more ease than I had. If the Weapon had a mind of its own, it would be a truly frightening enemy.

“Well are you coming or not?” I told the ex-witch and she climbed to her feet.


I can’t pass such an offer.” Assaria said. She was being careful of what she said, in the event that I changed my mind.

I observed the ex-witch, now in a much weaker state than I was.

“Do you feel vengeful ex-witch?”

Her face twitched. “I’ve been locked up here longer than you have ex-vampire king.

“Oh I’ll reclaim that title soon enough.”

I gripped her door handle and gave it a sharp twist. The door creaked and groaned, but broke under my strength.


I stepped inside and reached for her face, but she took a step back in surprise.

“Now now.” I warned. She frowned, but decided to let herself be.

I brought her face towards me and her smell invaded my nose. She had the vague smell of a witch, but blood is blood and my body was yearning for it just like a newborn vampire’s.


I reached for her throat.

A quick death then?” Assaria muttered in an amused yet wavering voice.

When there was nothing separating us, she was a lot less cocky.

“This won’t hurt a bit.” I smirked.


I pulled back my lips and pierced her skin with my fangs.

Liar.” She snarled as she drew in a breath.

The smell of her blood was even more intense now, but I didn’t drink it. Instead, I waited for the venom in my fangs to spread in her bloodstream.

I’d spent a hundred years controlling my hunger. A little over a decade without it won’t change a thing.


I drew back inhaling sharply through my nose. After this, I’m really going to need get myself some blood.

The ex-witch was looking at me with an expression of shock and disbelief.

“I’ve just granted you the best gift you could receive. Be grateful.” I said.

You’ve…me a vampire?


Hmph! The best gift? Being a vampire is hardly a grand thing.” She mocked once she’d recovered from her initial shock.

“I said be grateful woman! I could’ve and still could kill you!” I snapped, once again annoyed with this woman.

Now if you could give me back my witch powers that would be something.

“You sure ask for a lot!” I exclaimed. However, despite myself, I was already wondering if the Weapon could give back powers she had taken.

I don’t always receive. I would’ve expected you to kiss me by now.” She sighed.

I raised my eyebrows. “Excuse me?”

Oh please don’t deny it-”


Well fine then.

I’ll admit I had been wanting to do this for a while. To shut her up most of the time.

She squirmed in surprise at first, before returning the kiss with as much want as I had.


“Now does this meet your expectations?”

This is much better than what I expected.” She smiled seductively.

“Being a vampire will benefit you ex-witch. It’ll bring back your powers of control.” I explained in a low voice.

Well then I’m very grateful.

I let go of Assaria and headed for the last prison door.


“We need to get out of here now before the pesky fairy wakes up. Or one of her sniveling kids.”

So what’s on the table vampire king? I don’t recommend going after James.” Assaria said. “He’s just a tad bit too strong.

I reached the door and forced it open.

Of course, if you have an idea I’m all ears. James considers himself a little too highly for my taste.


“Naturally I have an idea. I’ve had an idea for the last decade.” I said.

Well let’s hear it.

“Going against James, even two-on-one, is suicide at this point. He won’t imprison us again, he’ll make sure we’re dead, and he’s clearly powerful enough to kill us both. No, we have to take a more cunning approach.” I explained. “In the end, we don’t need to kill him. We’ll get him to press his own self-destruct button.”

Assaria raised her eyebrows. “He seemed pretty stable to me. How are you going to get him to auto-destruct?


“Luckily for us he’s already half-way there.” I smirked. That man is a ticking bomb waiting to explode and with the right push he will. “We just need to probe his weak spot a bit. I’ll explain more later. And either way we have a lot of work to do before we can destroy James.”

Assaria sighed. “Once again your plan sounds like a stretch. It sounds like a foolish plan. But so far your plans have worked, so let’s see how this one goes.

I smiled triumphantly. “It will work. I’ve had a decade to perfect it.”

I placed my hand on the ladder.

“Let’s go ex-witch.”



Boom ba da boom. I think I can officially say that gen.8 prologue is over. YEAH YOU HEARD RIGHT. The last fifteen chapters have basically been me setting up the stage I’ll need for most of the generation!

This is turning out to be longer than I expected, and we’re still at Part one of this generation! (I’m expecting there to be around four parts in total). Also, who didn’t see these two breaking out coming? (I thought I made it obvious, but if I didn’t that’d be good to know)

Last note: I think there’s something wrong with the seats. It’s the only place where sims are finding each other attractive.



That’s Oliver and Xavier btw, NOT Oliver and Erin. >.>

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13 Responses to 8.16 – Love is in the air

  1. magpie14031983 says:

    Erin doth protest too much! And Oli and Xav?!?!? O_O. Dude. O_O
    Lovely chapter as always and yeah, I was waiting for you to break those three out…

    Can’t wait to see more!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      I know! I never even considered shipping that pairing. Just…no.

      I couldn’t have those three die off in James’ basement! They need a proper ending >:)


  2. Iomai says:

    Oli and Xav… no Xavier, you already have your man >n> Oliver is for Erin, who I wish would just let Oliver touch her hand xD He practically exploded from happiness when she sat next to him. Velor has his fangs back! Wait, no not happy… sh*t is about to go down T-T he broke everyone out (totally saw that coming) and now everything is gonna go to hell. Still glad he kissed Assaria though. I’ve been waiting for that for too long xD

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Senkime says:

    lol the drama is coming and noooo James can’t die!!!! I loves him!!!!

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  4. autumnrein says:

    Wow Oli and Xav. What a twist that would be. That was a great intro to Velor’s return but I worry about James. I really like him, but then again, it wouldn’t be a drama if everyone got a happy ending. The suspense kills me lol.

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  5. Oh, Erin, is the idea of dating Oliver really that repulsive? Why all the running away? All I can think is that she’s hesitant to trust him I guess…but perhaps that will change with time.

    QUESTION: It seemed like ages ago in the story when Benjamin bit Velor….why did it take so long for the bite to finally turn him back into a vampire? Or did it actually happen more recently? I’m a little mixed up when it comes to when James left and what point in Xavier’s life that was. As it is, it seems like it was quiteeeeee a few chapters ago that Velor was bitten, but I could be off in my conceptualization of the timeline……

    ANOTHER QUESTION: Velor thinks to himself, “If the Weapon had a mind of its own, it would be a truly frightening enemy.” I HAVE BEEN WONDERING ABOUT THAT. Like she doesn’t seem to have any will of her own? And I wasn’t sure if it was like…learned helplessness from constantly having her control ripped away from her and being victimized, or if there was actually more to it? Like she always seems to be locked away in her own world, daydreaming. You said she used to be someone else in a past life….is the girl we see a shell of that former existence? I mean she seems to have at least a tiny bit of thoughts and feelings because I did remember her being excited to play the Game with Catarina, but other than that we see little to no signs of her being her own fighting, thinking, feeling individual. What exactly is the deal here? Will we find out soon? I have so many questions…..

    Lastly, damn it! I mean, I knew this would happen, even before Velor managed to get Benjamin to bite him, but obviously I’m still upset about it! I have faith that James will be able to defeat them again (perhaps even with the help of a certain witch)…but I also know that it will likely come at the price of countless lives, and that has me feeling sickened again. These two spell “trouble” with a capital T, and with Jane on their side I’m even more nervous…..

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      He used to bully Xavier!
      Well that’s the excuse she keeps telling herself.

      It seems like it’s been a lot, but the last chapters have spanned over the course of a few weeks, less than a month for sure.
      Depending on the person, a vampiric transformation can take several days, see 1 or 2 weeks.

      She’s still there somewhere, but with the all the abuse she’s suffered, she hid away in her mind. She lost her will to do anything, and she cut off her contact with the world. But Kevil, Lance and Catarina have been peeking at her, and she’s been giving weak smiles. She’s there, she’s just lost all hope in the purpose of her even being there.
      More on that later for sure 🙂
      Though maybe not soon for you…

      Especially if they team up…can’t be anything good

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh okay, thanks again for the clarification! I was also thinking about in-game play, where I believe it takes 3 days, so I was thinking along those lines and that’s why I got confused. A few weeks makes more sense in this context!

        Ah okay, that’s what I thought, it was just Velor’s comment had me beginning to think otherwise. But of course it’s his POV–it’s no wonder he wouldn’t be able to view Jane’s situation that way. He barely even views her as a fellow living being.

        Haha, yes well, all depends on how quickly I read, eh? My pace has slowed a bit….because of the world, because of school, but also because I guess you could say I’m savoring this generation spoonful by spoonful 😉

        By the way, I finally fired up my game to take some pictures of Xavier! I’ve got a bunch now, so I think I’m going to edit some now and hopefully post them tonight ^_^ I shall tag you accordingly! ❤

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  6. Emily Anne says:

    Ahhhhh!! They are going after Xav aren’t they?? 😭😭😭 this is getting so good (homework can wait this is way more important). Also every single picture of Xavier and Ed makes me cry. This gen has me a blubbering mess just saying.

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