8.20 – Resemblance of a resolution

Warning : slight gore (PG)


Edmund’s POV

I suppose there are some things you can prepare for and some that can’t be anticipated. I thought I was ready for everything. I thought I’d seen all there was to see.

Oliver knocked once on the shabby looking house before opening the door and barging in. Xavier followed looking worried.

And me? I just followed Xavier. I had no idea what was going on. All I knew was that Xavier and Oliver were in on something about Erin and that it was more important to check on her than tell me what was going on.



Xavier inhaled sharply, cutting off his own sentence, slapped his hand over his mouth and ran past me looking like he was about to vomit.

I would’ve reached out to him or at least followed to make sure he was okay if I hadn’t laid eyes on what he’d seen.


A split second after I saw it, the red, the bodies, it disappeared. I stood still, too shocked to move, and I simply stared at Erin and Oliver. I couldn’t look at the scene again, I couldn’t bring myself to bring it into focus.

I felt stuck between reality and the void in my mind.


I eventually snapped out of it when I heard Xavier vomiting outside and Oliver reassuring a traumatized Erin.

“It’s fine, you’re fine now.” He whispered to her, and she silently grabbed on to his hand to make sure he didn’t leave. Just like that, he’d walked across the room, past the dead bodies, and gone to Erin.

And me? I was still stuck in place, afraid to glance at the scene for fear I’d feel that paralyzing void again.


Xavier walked back in with hesitant steps and clung to my back.

“I can’t do it.” He whispered. “She’s my best friend and I can’t…”

His worried and slightly trembling presence in my back forced me to turn around, to show my back to the scene.

I embraced him, taking as much comfort from him as he was from me.


“It’s okay. We don’t need to look.” I muttered in his coat, but I was still aware of what was behind me.

Did Erin do this? I knew that girl had problems, but to this point…What happened here?

“Come on.” Oliver gently urged as he helped Erin get up.


“Are you okay now?” I managed to ask Xavier as we pulled apart. On the way here he’d gradually looked like he was feeling better, but now he’d just gone outside to vomit.

Xavier gave me a small smile that disappeared the moment his eyes drifted back to the bodies on the ground. He swallowed nervously.

“I’m fine, but that really doesn’t matter right now.” He said, gently pushing me aside.


“Erin.” Xavier said a little louder, doing his best not to look at the dead bodies. The place was starting to reek of urine.

Erin met Xavier’s eyes only for a second, before she hid her face in her hands.

“It happened.” She muttered.

“What happened?” I asked without being able to help myself.


“I killed them.” She confessed. “I killed them both.”

I felt something get caught in my throat. She killed those two…which meant she was covered in their blood. How? How could someone commit murder? And by the looks of it they were her parents.

“I’m going to prison, I’m-”

“No Erin, we won’t let that happen.” Oliver cut in gently but with a confident tone. I shook my head slightly. There was no way we could help her out. She murdered those two, there’s no getting out of this situation. Erin seemed to think the same way I did.

“It’s not that simple Oliver, I killed them. I did. And I meant to do so!” She almost yelled, her voice cracking at the end.


Xavier marched forwards and grabbed Erin’s shoulders before she started getting hysteric.

“Erin! Oliver’s right! You aren’t going to prison.” Xavier insisted.

I bit my lip to stop myself from pointing out to everyone that that wasn’t going to be possible. Erin was going to prison.

“See, even Xavier agrees with me.”

“How then? There’s nothing you can do, and there’s no reason to try. Don’t you understand Xav? I killed them. I wanted to. He had his back turned and I-”


Xavier tapped his forehead on Erin’s.

“Erin, I’m telling you. We’ll find a way. They deserved what they got.” Xavier said.


“Trust me! I’m telling you there is a way. I have a way.”

At those words, Erin’s widened as if she’d realized something and I was feeling like I was understanding less and less of what the conversation was about.

“But Xav, you said it yourself. You can barely do anything, it probably won’t even work. It’s not worth wasting…”

“Let me just try alright?” Xavier asked and Erin nodded. I kept myself silent, watching the scene unfold.


Xavier let Erin go and took in a deep breath. When he seemed ready he opened his eyes and stared straight at the gory scene, his face as still as undisturbed water. I still couldn’t bring myself to look at the bodies.

“Gonna try and see if I can clean this up first.” Xavier said, and now I was really burning to ask my question: What’s going on here? What do I not know?


Xavier spread one of his hands out and uttered the word clean as a hesitant spark left his hand and floated midair.

I looked in shock as I saw Xavier using…magic! Which could only mean that…

The small spark gave a tiny shudder before dissolving in the air. Xavier let out a nervous chuckle, refusing to meet my eyes. “Figured that would be too easy.”

“Woah…” Oliver muttered. Erin watched silently battling with herself on whether she should be feeling hopeful or not.


“Something more complicated…Make the bodies disappear.” The magical spark this time was brighter and bigger, but they simply floated in the air like little lanterns until Xavier folded his hands, making them poof.

Xavier is a witch. I don’t know how to react to this.

“Xavier, you won’t be able to-” Erin tried to intervene, but Xavier cut her off.

“I’ve got this Erin. Just got to find the right spell.”

“How about: Hocus pocus make the bloody mess clean itself.” Oliver proposed and I couldn’t tell if he was sarcastic or not.


Xavier tried a few more wordings, but none of them worked.

“Xavier, stop it. You can’t fix this with your magic.” Erin said.

Xavier flinched. “I could if I was better at this.”

“But you’re obviously not, so stop.” Erin said, her voice sounding small and fragile.

“There’s another way, I’m sure of it.” Oliver said, supporting Erin.


“Oliver’s right, there is.” I cut in, just as the idea struck me. I hadn’t really thought about it before, because it’s…well pretty much illegal in a way. But this is Erin, and Erin is Xavier’s best friend, and if I think about it real hard there really might be a way to get Erin out of this mess.

Xavier let go of his magic and met my eyes. “What is it?”

I sighed. “You guys are going to have to show some real acting skills for this to work.”



No one’s POV

“What do you think of this case?” The woman asked, biting her lower lip.

“Tastes bad.” The man replied, shaking his head.

“Hmm, tell me about it.”

“I’m pretty sure those kids are lying, but…”

“Yeah I know what you mean.”


“That first boy we questioned seemed promising at first.”

“He looked a little too enthusiastic for someone who’d just stumbled on two dead bodies.”

“Meh, we’ve seen worse. At least what he was saying sounded believable…until he started coughing oddly enough.”


“You okay Oliver? Do you want some water?”

“I’m fine thanks.”

“He wasn’t really as into telling us information afterwards. He gave me a weird look too after he had his little coughing fit.”

“Did you read up on him?”

“Yeah I did. Poor kid. Then again he might’ve thought: hey, I could do this one last favor for my friend!

“It’s definitely a possibility.”


“Ah and then there was the Pallen kid.”

“I swear, everything that came out of his mouth sounded like bullsh*t. Exactly like his dad.”

“But even so, it sounded a lot like everyone else’s stories.”

“They probably came up with it as a group. Why though? Did they all murder the girl’s parents?”

“Not according to them. It is plausible though, that the three boys came after the murders, and then came up with a story to protect the murderer.”


“The girl?”

“I definitely wouldn’t rule her out.”

“I would’ve liked to have her side of the story, too bad she was silent the whole time.”

“The others said she got there just as the murderer was finishing up. She apparently fought with him, he strangled her, but let her go when the others arrived at her house. He ran off before the boys could catch a glimpse of him.”

“Explains the bruises she’s got on her body. But some of them were more than a few days old…”

“Abusive parents?”

“The victims fit the profile.”

“Then the girl could try and label it as self-defence if she did it? The jury would certainly sympathize if they learned she was a victim of abuse. Meh.”


“Ugh, I didn’t like that third boy at all. Struck me the wrong way. After we finished with him, I really wanted to call him the murderer.”

“He seemed kind of angry didn’t he? And maybe even a little lost. Sigh. I read up on all their backgrounds and…”

“It is weird that these four are friends. Their backgrounds are all extremely different. Makes it seem a little bit like luck that they’re all friends.”


“Luck?” The woman’s eyes narrowed, and the man rolled his eyes knowing what was coming before the female officer said it.

“It’s not a-”

“There is no such a thing as luck.” The woman cut in. “Just like there are no coincidences. What if-”


“No, these four kids are not masterminds that have been planning these murders for months. This was clearly a spontaneous murder.” The man cut in.

“You never know…” The woman shrugged. “One of them smelled like a supernatural too. The boy you didn’t like.”

“Really? It says here he’s a natural though.” The man said, looking through the case file.


“My nose never lies.” The woman said, tapping her nose. “And seeing the lack of wings, fangs and glowing eyes, I think we can safely assume he’s a witch.”

“Well then if he’s a witch that changes everything. It’s possible he killed them from a distance, or controlled the girl to.”

“No it’s not. Well not the second part anyways. Witches can’t control others, only golden-eyed vampires can.” The woman corrected.


Ah yes, golden-eyed vampires, the man thought. Just a few years ago barely anyone knew that golden-eyed vampires existed, let alone that there were so many vampires! Vampires usually laid so low that a few towns were convinced they were a myth. Until a few years ago that is. The police force had their hands full with newly made vampires going wild until suddenly they calmed down. The police didn’t believe the rumor at first, but it was true. The now newly made vampires could easily survive on natural food and didn’t need as much if any blood anymore. It was hard to even qualify them as vampires.

But that’s just the new vampires, the old ones are still causing more trouble than the police can handle.

“Speaking of, any updates on that vampire king case?” The man asked. The woman nodded, pulling out a different case file.


“Well it’s less of an update and more of a warning actually.” The woman said, handing over the folder. “We still haven’t had any news on Alec Whitelight himself, but we do have some of his big brother.”

“The police officer in Stonebridge? Lance?” The man asked, opening up the file.

“No, not him, he still refuses to take any part in the case. Can’t blame him.” The woman said. “I’m talking about the other brother.”


“James Whitelight.”

“The mute golden-eyed vampire.” The man muttered unhappily.

“Vampire who has managed to successfully lay low most of the time. The only crime we’ve ever caught him committing is breaking into a prison to free his mother. The authorities deemed it too dangerous to try and force the other golden-eyed vampire back into prison. She seemed pretty harmless anyway, and not a lot of higher ups are going to complain if vampires kill each other.” The woman generously reminded the man. The male officer didn’t think he’d ever see this vampire’s face again. He’d almost convinced himself the golden-eyed mute vampire had managed to completely disappear.


“Why is he relevant to his brother’s case?” The man asked, tearing his eyes away from the file. Catching this vampire would make more than his career. He was considered to be the most dangerous man alive and the one responsible for hundreds of vampire deaths. Catching him would label the police officer a hero.

“As you know, Alec Whitelight has been turning a lot of vampires. A good hundred every year. The higher ups are convinced that Alec is creating an army to go against the naturals and dethrone them. As for James, he’s been spotted in several towns in the last few months. No one knows yet what’s going on, but him popping isn’t good news. The higher ups are thinking: either James is going to team up with his brother or he’s going to fight him for the title of ‘vampire king’. Either situation is not going to end well.” The woman explained.

“Indeed, that doesn’t sound good.”


“Like I said, it’s just a warning. He might pass through Legacy Island II, so we have to be on our toes and report him if we see him. The boss made it clear to us that our orders were not to attack him.” The woman clarified.

The man scoffed. “They don’t think we can handle him.”

“I don’t think anyone can.”

“What about the old vampire king? The one weaker vampires talked about a few years ago? He should still be alive.” The man said.

“Your information seems a little outdated. James beat Velor Gold. The old vampire hasn’t been seen for a decade. Accept it, the world is just going to have to wait for James Whitelight to grow old and die.” The woman said.

The man shook his head, unsatisfied with this ending. Even though he appeared invincible, that vampire was still, in a way, human. There had to be a way.


“Come on, let’s go see if we can glean some more information out of those kids before social services gets involved. Or worse, the Pallen kid’s dad decides to butt in.” The woman said, clapping her hands together. The man nodded. He went to close the case file, before his eyes caught onto James’ picture again.

He narrowed his eyes, this time seeing something he hadn’t before.


The boy in the interrogation room, the one who was supposedly a witch, and this vampire…They both gave the male officer the same displeased feeling.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt like he could see a resemblance between the two – apart from their hair. But that would be impossible wouldn’t it? It is true that Xavier was adopted, but never was it recorded that James had a son that he gave up for adoption. And since this boy was 17, almost 18, James must’ve had him when the vampire was at the end of his high school years. Before he became what he is today.

So they couldn’t be related, there would definitely have been some record of it. Actually, the chance that Xavier was his son was practically inexistent.


“What? Did you see something?” The woman asked, peeking into the folder.

The man slapped the case file shut. “Nah.”


Wow, yeah slow updates. I blame it on real life. And having to build a police station from scratch.

(lol clueless detectives who may or may not make a reapparance. Your info in general is kinda wrong/outdated…)

In case you were doubting, the female officer ‘smelling’ supernaturals isn’t a weird or unique thing. This has happened before.

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  1. Senkime says:

    Oh no Xavier…. don’t get in trouble.

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  2. magpie14031983 says:

    Oh my wow! That story really isn’t believable! Although Erin’s bruises definitely helped! I really wish they had gone for the self-defence version though, or temporary insanity!

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    • blamsart says:

      Haha XD
      At least they tried in a way!
      But they’ll probably get away with it thanks to Edmund’s dad. Unless one of them does something really stupid.


  3. autumnrein says:

    Poor Xav. I should have figured it would be pinned on him some way around or another. I wish they would have done the self defense but then again they are just kids. Such a crazy story line and it’s really hard to guess which way things are going to twist. I’m on the edge of my seat here!

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  4. Iomai says:

    Oh man, stuff is about to happen O-O arrgh! I can’t wait to see what happens next, it’s so intense! And what is Edmund going to say to Xavier?? The suspense is killing me!


  5. Yeahhh I’m with autumnrein on this one…she pretty much took the words out of my mouth.

    I’d have done the self-defense thing too because well, in many ways, it’s not entirely a lie, and the more truth a lie has in it, the easier it is to make people believe it. I suppose though the idea was to completely clear Erin from being seen as involved at all? Hmm. It really is hard to guess which way things will go from here……

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