Liebster Award x2

I suddenly feel very loved.


Moments after getting nominated for the award, StarletSims nominates my pose making website and Niura nominates this one. It’s like an explosion of Liebster award nominations!

I won’t nominate a bunch more people, but just for the fun of it I’ll answer all of them questions 😀

For my posemaking site:

1. How long have you played the Sims?

Sims 1 from the moment my parents decided I was old enough to. Since, I’ve been religiously playing sims 1, sims 2 and now sims 3.

2. What gave you inspiration for your blog/story?

I’m a natural writer and seeing all these other epic blogs made me want to try out this style of writing.

3. What is your favorite aspect of the sims? (it could be sims 1,2,3 or 4)

Hmm, I’d say it’s basically the fact that I’m god.


4. What is your favorite trait in the sims 3?

Um. Insane by far. By very very far. And not just because they have the ‘talk to self’ option.

5. If you could be any in-game townie of Sunset Valley, who would you be?

Lol, anyone in the goth family. I don’t know why. They just amuse me.

6. How often do you play the sims for fun rather than blogging/story telling?

Um often, it just really never amounts to anything. To be honest, I doubt I would still be playing sims 3 as much if I wasn’t making stories out of it.


For this site:

1. If you were a sim, in which world would you want to live?

Ooh ooh Oasis landing!

2. Are any of your sims based on real people?

…Uh. Not really. Not that I…no I don’t think so. Maybe a bit from me, but when I say a bit it might be something as insignificant as my gender.

3. When you read, play, write, do you prefer silence or to listen to something?

MUSIC. Music is life.

4. What’s your favourite time of the year?

Spring. When the temperature is just right for going outside witout a coat.

5. Do you think about your story you are writing, coming up with new plots, while at work, school?

HELL YES. It’s basically all I do. Think about Light the Way to Heaven! Planning all the background stuff: What’s Velor and Assaria plotting? What’s James doing? Where are Edmund and Xavier going to stand now? How are Benjamin and Catarina faring? Should they meet their half-brother? If so, when?

And it goes on and on non-stop.

6. What kind of books do you like to read?

Well…I used to be an intense bookworm, but then I started really writing so I don’t read as many books, but…the ones I still do are like Heroes of Olympus, that wonderful series.

7. Do you write stories that are not based on / related to Sims?

Yes. All the time. I just never finish them >_>

8. What do you hope to express in your Sims stories?

Most of all I want to be able to create characters that we can relate to and that go through problems we can all learn from. Especially this generation. Teo, Xavier, Edmund, Oliver and Erin all went and/or are still going through tough situations that aren’t that uncommon in the real world. Actually, they’re really common. A lot of children are abused at home, some never see their parents, others have to deal with poverty, and etc.

9. Do any of your close friends know about your sim-story blog? Do they think you are a weirdo for writing stories about a video game?

Yeah, but my very best friend doesn’t even read it. T^T

My family knows and have long since accepted this odd hobby of mine.

10. Do you like ice cream? If so, which ones?

Ice cream?


WHY YES I DO. All of them.

11. Apart from writing, do you have any other “artsy” talent? Do you draw, paint, play music?

Yes I do draw, but most of you know this already since I post anything Light the way to Heaven related on here. I don’t play music, because I just plain can’t. I wish I could though.



Something to think about.


(wow tho guys, reading all of this…really just, congrats)


Okay, I’ll go do something productive with my life now. Like writing the next chapter…


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♪They say it's what you make♪ I say it's up to fate ♪It's woven in my soul♪ I need to let you go♪ -- Demons by Imagine Dragons
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3 Responses to Liebster Award x2

  1. Niura says:

    I can relate… Love all ice creams 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. autumnrein says:

    Internet high five! I love it lmao. I also feel like God when playing the sims. Coun’t have said it better myself Morgan Freeman. Good man, Morgan. Never met him but I can tell. Lmao. Gosh I’m silly today!.

    Liked by 1 person

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