8.27 – University

Several months later…


Xavier’s POV

“Only a few more months to go, see?” Erin said, patting her stomach.

I smiled.

“Have you decided on a name yet?” I asked.


Erin sat in front of the computer in my room.

“No. It’s more like I decided I’d just pick a name on the spot.” She sighed as she sat back in the chair.

“Oh come on, you can at least prepare a few names no?” I insisted, really just happy Erin was talking to me. I’d hoped we could talk more often when I went to uni, but she’s apparently too busy so it’s every two or three weeks.


“So how’s school? Did you fail a class yet?” Erin exclaimed, refusing to answer my question.

“It’s art school, I’m not going to fail anything. Well…okay maybe in the theoric part I might have to put a little more effort…” I said.

Picking a program in university was harder than it should’ve been. It didn’t help that I was reluctant to go. Erin was pregnant, depressed and with no future set out for her at all. It felt like I was abandoning her.

But then Oliver’s parents got involved.


“I see you haven’t taken Oliver’s parents up on their offer. Seeing as you’re still in my room.” I noticed.

“What if I said I came all the way back here just so you could see your room?”

“Then I’d say you did all that for absolutely nothing.”

It wasn’t really that surprising now that I think about it. They learned that they were going to be grandparents, that Erin was carrying Oliver’s child, so it’s no surprise that they wanted to help out. They offered to shelter her, to feed her and to clothe her during her pregnancy. She was, for some reason, really against it however. She let them come to her doctor’s appointment, and she often went to visit them, but she refused to live under their roof. She said it was because she didn’t want to impose on them, but I’m pretty sure it’s because of something else.


Erin and I talked for a few minutes before she made up an excuse to be alone.

I’m still not sure how to deal with Erin. I’m doing the best I can to help my best friend, but sometimes she really doesn’t make it easy for me. I hope she gets back to normal soon; there are a lot of things I need her advice on.


I got up and grabbed my drawing pad.

I’d originally planned to get a degree in business or something, but I was so uncertain that Tina made me take the optional placement university test. My highest score was apparently in the Arts section.

So, now I’m doing a degree in Arts. And it’s surprisingly not what I expected.


University is different from high school. First off, I live in a ‘dorm’ now with four other people who are studying in the same area I am.

The strangest by far is Eina.

The girl in question is painting right outside my room. She touched the tip of the paintbrush onto the canvas, took a step back and observed the spot of blue she’d just made.

“Already another one?” I asked, staring at the relatively empty canvas.

“I threw the other one out. This isn’t the right type of blue!” Eina peeked into my room before I closed the door. “There! It’s the blue in your room I want! Open the door will you.” Eina said, already back to mixing colors.

I shrugged and opened the door again.


“Oh I’m sure that’s how it happened!” Xenia suddenly yelled in front of me.

“But I’m telling the truth!” Teo protested.

Teo is one of the other four people living here. His culinary degree apparently counts in the Arts. Xenia, however, lives a few blocks down.


“Hi Xavier.” She nodded in my direction before turning her attention back to Teo. “You didn’t mean to kiss? Are you really trying to go with that stupid excuse!?” Xenia snarled.


“Should’ve known. Once a b*stard, always a b*stard.” Xenia practically spat.


I gave Samantha, my third roommate, a wave as Xenia stormed down the stairs. She gave me a quick nod. She’s…okay? I guess? We don’t really interact much. I don’t think we’d get along very well anyways. All I know about her is that she’s in Eina’s twin’s band as a drummer.


I sighed at Teo.

“What?” He asked.

“This is the third time.” I replied.

“It’s okay.” Teo waved it off. “It was a mistake. I’ll know better next time. And Xenia will forgive me. I’m sure of it.”

I gave him an unbelieving stare. “Teo. Maybe you should actually-”


“Anyway!” Teo said, cutting me off. He shoved a magazine in my hands. “Here, I thought this might interest you.”

“I’m just saying-” I tried to start up the conversation again.

“And I don’t wanna hear it. I have to prepare for class.” Teo said. He gave me a pat on the shoulder and walked away.

I gave an exasperated sigh.


“Guys like him just don’t change.” Lem, Eina’s twin and my fourth roommate, said half-singing along to his guitar.

“Stick to your guitar.” I said as I made my way down the stairs. He’s probably the one I like the least all out of all four. I don’t know why, he just rubs me the wrong way.


I slumped down on the sofa and cast a look at the magazine Teo had stuffed in my hand.

I barely had time to read the title and look at the pictures that I practically threw it across the sofa like it was on fire.


Teo that jerk. He really does hate it when I try to talk to him about Xenia.

The magazine’s title was something along the lines of a doctor saving the life of Leopold Pallen and being handsomely rewarded by the Pallens.

Yes. The Pallens.

And then they went on to describe the new worker for the Pallen Enterprise and there’s a big fat picture of a man with dark red hair.


After Edmund left, I kind of entertained the hope that he’d still keep contact. Call, email, text, whatever! A sign that he still…

Well, doesn’t matter. Pretty sure I can call myself single at this point. And I’d rather avoid looking at how fantastically awesome he’s doing working under his father.


Eina interrupted my thoughts by coming to sit beside me.

“Hi Xav can I sit here? Thanks.” She said looking a little nervous. She wrung her hands, looked at me, then looked away.

“What’s up?”

“Um well…” Eina finally took a deep breath and looked at me.


“We’ve known each other for what? Three? Four months? Well since school started basically, which makes- anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I…well you are…um…” Eina finally seemed to gather her thoughts. “I just wanted to tell you that I-”


“You know I’m gay right?” I said, trying my best not to smile in amusement.

Her mouth snapped shut.



Her cheeks started to burn a bright red and she even started to look angry.

“Um, sorry?” I hesitantly said.


Eina suddenly sprung from the couch and started yelling at her twin upstairs who was still playing the guitar.

“LEM YOU B*STARD!” She growled and the guitar instantly stopped playing. “That stupid idiot.” Eina grumbled to herself as she stomped downstairs, not even waving me good bye.


Lem came downstairs seconds later looking pretty proud.

“How come she didn’t know?” I asked him.

He smirked. “Oh I don’t know. I might’ve told her exactly what she wanted to hear.”

Maybe that’s why Lem rubs me the wrong way. It seems everything he does is meant to annoy his twin sister.

“But why? What was there possibly to pull from letting her think that way?”


“Because it’s amusing. You probably saw her face. I unfortunately totally missed it! It must have been glorious.” Lem laughed.

“Man, you have a problem.” I noticed, rolling my eyes.


Lem flopped on the couch beside me with a content sigh. “Yeah well this is revenge. From when we were kids and she’d fill my food with mud.”

And then silence followed. A very awkward silence as Lem sat there still with that stupid smile on his face and I started to get more and more restless.

I ended up grabbing the nearest object of interest, which was a magazine carelessly thrown on the floor. One which I almost slammed down on my seat as I got up, realizing that Edmund’s face was still smirking on it.


I made my way outside deciding to follow my original plan. Start working on my art project.

And well, it’s hard to resist working outside when it’s so bright and sunny.


I flopped down on the soft grass and pulled out my drawing board.

So far university is fun. And I admit that even with all the small inconveniences here and there. I admit it despite the rather larger one as well. You see, I made a rather peculiar meeting the day Edmund moved away. However, when I’d come back home the two strangers had disappeared and left me to believe it really was a weird prank.


But then, I went to university and low and behold, there was a student I easily recognized in one of my classes. The girl, Annaliese, had actually somehow joined the university to pester me. I know that sounds self-centered, but I can’t see what else her motives could be. She doesn’t seem to care for the subject at all and whatever breaks she has she uses to try and convince me to help her out.


I swear, every time she has free time.

“There you are Xavier!”

I do my best to avoid her, because their whole ‘we need your help’ thing just feel really suspicious. But she’s been persistent in trying to get me to listen to her explain the whole situation and I’m starting think it might be worth hearing her out. If only to finally get her to leave me alone.

It’s just…

The whole father thing pisses me off.


So like…a mini-prologue for the second part? Either way introductory chapter. Lots of new characters. Teo being a jerk. Erin being preggo. Xavier being gorgeous. Oops! Did I write that out loud?

Fact I found amusing : After meeting his father in the other chapter, Xavier wished to beat up a vampire.

Here have a Xav picture.


His facial expressions are magnificent.

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9 Responses to 8.27 – University

  1. Iomai says:

    OMG Xavier is sooo cute! Gah, I can’t wait to see Edmund too! Teo, I should’ve known something like this would happen. He better not become a heartbreaker lol. For some reason, I already don’t like Lem xD might be because of what Xavier said about him getting back at his sis but it might not be. Either way, I’m exicted for Xavier’s adventure’s in University 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      My heirs continue to surprise me!
      Lem is such a weirdo. As his Creator, I decree he is a positive weirdo. Even if he’s partially based off me XD
      University is a rather different stage to play with, we’ll see how it goes ;D
      Thanks for reading!


  2. magpie14031983 says:

    Xe needs to kick some Teo ass! She’s no push-over and he’s gonna miss her when she tells him to go shove it!

    Xav aged up well… Really well! Hubba-hubba well!

    Erin is right, not taking Oli’s folks up on their offer. Rather be independent (of a sort since she’s at Xav’s) and able to try heal, than to be constantly surrounded by memories of Oli and have his folks maybe try to meddle too much!

    Hmm, Lem is cute, are we maybe gonna have a Xavem couple at Uni?

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      I agree! *thrusts fist up in air* Teo needs to be thought a lesson. I sure do wonder why he’s like this though. Eh, probably just has no self-control.
      Mhm I didn’t have much hope when he was teen, but he has surpassed expectations.
      Yeah, it would be more painful than anything else to live with Oliver’s family.
      Could totally be a possibility. I don’t know Lem’s sexual orientation yet XD (though I have been leaning towards asexual funny enough)


  3. Simsered says:

    Everyone aged up so well! Erin is particularly gorgeous. I can’t wait for her to have the baby! 🙂
    Teo and Xenia, LOL. Too funny!
    Xav looks great as well! And I hate that Ed turned out to be such a disappointment for him. I am very interested in where you will be taking the story from here. “The whole father thing pisses me off.” Uh oh! LOVE IT.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. autumnrein says:

    Wow! Xav looks so great all grown up! Super good looking and still the same old guy. I’m glad Erin is keeping in contact with Oliver’s parents. I really hope the baby is a boy and looks just like him.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. A new arc!!! And they’re young adults now!!! My goodness.

    Let’s start with Erin!! She seems to be doing fairly well…hanging in there I’d say. I don’t blame her for not wanting to live with Oliver’s parents, but I’m glad that she has a good relationship with them and that they’re helping her out in any way they can. I suspect her reason might be because it would be too much of a reminder to literally be living in the house where Oliver grew up? I think I’d find that rather overwhelming myself…visits are manageable, but a constant flood might be too much. There could be another reason for Erin’s decision, but that’s my guess. I hope she continues to hang in there…and I hope the baby is born healthy!

    Teo!!!!! Back to his ways?! Why!? He was doing so well! I remember Edmund mentioning in a previous chapter that Teo used to never really stick with any one girl all that long and that made him worry about Teo and Xenia, but he’d gone quite a while without straying. I wonder what trigged his return to those ways? Maybe as he and Xenia got more serious he began to feel more panicked/strangled? Well, either way, I want to slap him and Xenia has been QUITE forgiving thus far. Maybe too forgiving at this point. The THIRD time? This doesn’t look good at all >.<

    But arghhhhhhhhhh Edmund!!!!! I mean I can maybe see why Edmund has been unable to contact Xavier, but at the same time…what the hell man? Not even a phone call, a text, an email? And he’s an ADULT now too! Why in the world is he still doing his parents’ bidding? I hate that he has such a narrow-minded mindset when it comes to his future. Edmund has only ever thought he could follow in his father’s footsteps, but he’s an adult, can make his own decisions, and even has a younger sibling to boot! Ugh. Edmund. I repeat: WHAT THE HECK!?!?!? What’s stopping you from contacting the man you love?!?!?!?! *grabs him by the shoulders and shakes him*

    Gahhhhhhhh though, Xavier!!!!!!! Well I know one thing for sure: EDMUND IS MISSING OUT. I mean obviously I’ve seen him in all his glory already, but damn let me just say straight up that he grew up WELL!!! I will NOT tire of looking at this sim, I swear, lol. He is so damn handsome. And cute. And just *bites down on fist to muffle squeal* MISSINGGGGGG OUTTTTTTT.

    HMM so, Annaliese followed him, eh? WELL. I really have been dying for someone to help Xavier hone his powers, so….although everything else leaves an unpleasant taste in my mouth right now, that certainly doesn’t! Yes, hear her out!! Totally get his anger toward his father though. Hopefully it won’t last forever, but…for now? Totally get it. And LOL that he rolled a want to beat up a vampire after meeting his father, lmaoooooooooooooo. I wouldn’t recommend picking a fight with that particular vampire, Xavier XD

    Lastly, CUTENESS. His facial expressions are indeed magnificent!

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Time jump weee!
      Poor guy though honestly. He lost two of his best friends at the same time you know? Edmund didn’t just walk out on Xavier, and Oliver didn’t just die on Erin. But it’s Teo, nobody really thinks about Teo because he’s busy cheating on Xenia.

      OH ED

      Missing out indeed, Xav is such a hottie LOVE THEM GENES

      Liked by 1 person

      • A very good point. Everyone deals with loss in their own ways. But then also, it’s not obvious to everyone else that this is why he’s doing it, especially when he hides his feelings behind these acts. I wish he’d be a bit more open and honest with Xenia, and even Xavier for that matters, but Teo is probably a bit in denial as to just how much this has impacted him.

        Gah….I hurt for them all. They were such a tight knit group and now…..T________T Sure it’s normal for friendships to come and go, but nothing about the way this has unfolded has been remotely typical 😦

        Liked by 1 person

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