8.32 – An eye for an eye

Warning: PG for mild descriptive gore


Xavier’s POV

We’d taken only one step inside the dorm when Lem and Traz practically simultaneously started complaining about the guy who’d interrupted the show. Samantha was pretty neutral about the whole supernatural thing. She was a little annoyed that the show was ended early, but that was about it.

And well me? I should’ve known better. Practicing with Annaliese was supposed to help me control my powers. Yet, somehow I’m still losing control at the worst times.

Once Lem and Traz started talking about how they’d arrange the next show, I let them know I was quitting the band. I’m not being a coward or anything! I wasn’t supposed to stay for more than one show anyway. And well…I got to experience it, it’s time to do other stuff now, no?

Well apparently the guys didn’t think so. They spent a good amount of time trying to convince me otherwise, telling me not to let myself be pulled down by some no name jerk. And then Sam cut in, patted me on the back and told me it had been fun. With that Lem and Traz accepted my decision.


And now, even though everything is supposed to be all nice and forgotten, I can’t seem to fall asleep.

It’s not like that guy in the crowd was the only one. Once he’d spoken up, at least half of the people there agreed with him. People were really starting to be wary of supernaturals. The world was becoming what Legacy Island II was for decades.

In a way they can’t really be blamed. In the last few decades alone supernaturals caused a lot of horrible things to happen to the general population. Not only that, but supernaturals are in several ways better than naturals. I can see how naturals can feel in danger…

But at the same time the Talent Troupe is right! We don’t abuse of our dominance, and those who do are a small handful. And on top of that we’re disappearing! Why are they the ones who feel they’re being wronged?

Everything I was thinking was reflected on the website. It had only been a few hours, but a discussion on the events of the show had started on the site. There were a few users saying that the vocalist should have kept better control of his powers, but most complained about what had happened.


So instead of sleeping, something my over active mind was determined to prevent me from doing tonight, I surfed around the site, reading the discussions and started a good few with some of my online friends.

TicToc35: Its happening all over the world. Discrimination of supernaturals is becoming a normal thing on the streets.

Whitelight: its ridiculous. What couldve triggered it? It didnt used to be like this

TicToc35: I think naturals have always felt this way. Now that supernaturals are dying off, they have the courage to speak up.

TicToc35: Its kind of sad. People are so focused on their differences that they’re forgetting about real problems.

Whitelight: what do you mean?

TicToc35: You don’t see the media covering the latest cancer patient. Its as if everyone forgot that there are hospitals full of sick people who need help.

TicToc35: Instead of focusing their energy on helping those who need it they’re all too busy either supporting or being against the possibility of a supernatural apocalypse.

Whitelight: Isnt it set in stone? Scientists confirmed it. Supernaturals are heading towards extinction

TicToc35: Its like predicting the weather. “its going to rain!…sometime next month”

Whitelight: I guess…

Whitelight: The survival of an entire supernatural population seems a little more important than a patient for whom there isnt a cure

TicToc35: That would be the solution to get naturals to like supernaturals.

Whitelight: ?

TicToc35: In all their wonder and power, what is the one thing supernaturals have never ever been able to do?

TicToc35: Heal.

TicToc35: If witches or werewolves or fairies or vampires could heal…the benefits would be endless. The naturals would be more than willing to help find a way to ensure the supernaturals survival.

TicToc35: But that’s just a fantasy.


But Annaliese could. I don’t know how powerful her healing power is however…

And either way it’s not my secret to tell. Who knows what would happen if everyone knew there was a witch out there with healing powers.

I wrapped up my conversation with TicToc35 and I was in the middle of one with a new member, Lily_Bell, when my bed suddenly shifted making me look up.


Out of the blue, some guy was suddenly on my bed staring down at me.

My body froze and I found myself just staring back, simply shocked at suddenly not being alone in my room at past midnight. And also, at not having noticed him come in.


And then there was the small surprise at seeing his differently colored eyes.

There was something oddly familiar about him…in more than one way.

“Hi Xavier. Sorry if I surprised you.” He said in a slightly muffled voice. His mask made it impossible for me to discern his expression.


“Um…do I know you?”

The guy chuckled and I recognized his smiling eyes just before he spoke again.

“Pretty sure you do. It’s me Xav!”



“Yup!” Traz nodded.

“What’s with the getup? And you were hiding a black eye this whole time? And what are you doing in my room so late?” I immediately started pestering him for questions.

“I decided you were ready. And as for my eye, it’s not just a black eye. You do know of eye supernaturals right?” Traz asked as he sat down on my bed.

“Yeah…but aren’t they pretty rare? Are you saying you’re an eye supernatural?” I said, closing my laptop and setting it on the floor.

“Yeah. And black eyes are the sign of a truth see-er.”


“A truth seer? I’ve never heard of that before….” I said frowning.

“It’s not particularly common. I’m actually one of the last ones along with my dad.” Traz explained.

“So what, you can…see the truth I assume?” I said, trying to wrap my mind around the idea.

“Haha! In a nutshell. It’s more a…I look at you and I pretty much know all that’s important to. Like the fact that you’re a witch and that your dad is the grandson of the ex-vampire king.” Traz said, his cheeks lifting up in a smile.



“But I have to focus for that, especially if I’m wearing an eyepatch. But generally it just allows me to tell whether people are lying or not. See the truth in their words.” Traz said, looking off to the side. I would’ve been pretty curious about his skill if I still wasn’t stuck on the last words he’d said.

“I didn’t know there was a vampire king. Or that he wasn’t one anymore for that matter.” I said in a low voice, wondering what other things I still had to learn.

“There are a lot of things you don’t know Xavier.” Traz said and once again his mask was hiding his expression. He sounded like Traz and I knew he was Traz, but it felt like I was looking at someone else.

“You feel like sharing some of them? Because I’ve been feeling a bit like I’m grasping at straws for answers these days.” I said with a small chuckle.


“There would be no fun in telling you everything right from the start Xav.” Traz said in amusement.


“You have to take baby steps. Which is why I came to take you on a trip.” Traz declared, swinging his legs over my bed.

“Oh right. What’s with the getup and the mask?”


“We don’t want to be recognized. You’ll need something as well. So get dressed, I have a spare mask.”

“Okay, you realize how fishy this looks and sounds right?” I said.

Then I remembered that motivational video I’d watched before signing up on the talent Troupe site. I’d dismissed it at the time, but at the end of the video a face had appeared. Traz’s face.


Traz saw the realization cross my face.

“Yes Xav.”

“You’re part of the talent troupe!” I exclaimed.

“…okay more like maybe. I’m not really officially a member. But my dad is, so that makes me a ‘member’ I guess.”

“Were you involved in the supernatural protests?” I asked almost reluctantly.

“Will you just get dressed already? The others are waiting downstairs.” Traz insisted, avoiding the question.

“No wait. Tell me at least where we’re going.” I insisted.


“Xavier, as much as you seem to deny it sometimes, you are unbelievably important. And not just because you have the title of Third in line for the Chosen Creator, which between you and me doesn’t mean much. You’re a witch Xavier, and not any witch. You’re the son of a powerful vampire, the grandson of a pureblood and a vampire who is the complete opposite of what a vampire should be, you’re the great grandson of one of the most tenacious vampires out there. You’re the descendant of an extremely powerful witch, and you’re one of the rare witches capable of releasing magic through your fingers of all things. And this is just blood, you have amazing potential Xavier! And it’s a shame…it’s a horror to have people put you down. Make you feel bad about something that makes you you! Your powers, your ability to sing…You can’t let people control what you want to do just because they can’t see you for who you really are. Because they can’t appreciate something good. Especially when the majority doesn’t think that way. And I stood back and I let you go seeing you shy away from your witch identity, shy away from your powerful father. But tonight was the last straw. You need to learn to stand up for what you want and to face who you are, and most importantly make others accept you. So this trip tonight is for you. You won’t have to do a thing. Only watch. Baby steps.”

I stared, mouth agape, unable to find something to say. I hadn’t been expecting that kind of speech…or a speech at all.


“I…Traz you-”

“Shh, now put on something that covers you up, and put on a hat while you’re at it. I’ll be waiting outside.” Traz said as he walked backwards towards the door. Once he reached it, he gave me a quick wave and left my room.


I sat back on my bed, shaken from his speech. He knew a lot more than I thought he did…and a lot of things I really didn’t know. I flexed my fingers feeling the small movement of magic in my veins. I don’t know what to make of this…but I do know I’m feeling curious and almost…inspired? If there was any possibility of me falling asleep before it’s completely gone now.

Without another thought, I opened my dresser and got dressed.

When I left my room Traz was waiting outside with the mask he’d said he had for me.


“Haha look at you!” Traz exclaimed once I’d slipped it on. “If I didn’t know any better I’d have difficulty recognizing you! You could definitely pass off as one of us.”



“After this we should look into upgrading you to a premium member, you know so you can access those top secret forums.” Traz said, still examining my outfit.

“Are you going to tell me what’s going on now? And who’s us?” I demanded.

Traz was silent for a few seconds before motioning for me to follow him. “It’s a surprise, come on they’re waiting downstairs. Though I doubt you even know them…”


I reached out and grabbed his arm.

“Traz!” I said a little louder, but not enough to risk waking everyone. “You’ve already convinced me to come. All I want is a little more info and to feel a little less like I’m walking into something blind.”


Traz reluctantly stopped and turned to face me.

“Well…” Traz started and I was having trouble looking at his eyes for the simple reason that his two colored eyes were throwing me off balance. “It’s not like there’s much to say Xavier. There are two people waiting for us downstairs, both from the ‘university talent troupe’, as I like to call ourselves. It’s just a trip to send out a small message and to help you. Come on.”

This time Traz turned around too quickly for me to protest again.


Like Traz had said, there were two people waiting outside, a man and a woman. I didn’t recognize either of them. They were both wearing clothes that were either very old or found in a garbage can.

If anyone saw us four, standing outside at night with masks and gloves, I wouldn’t be surprised if they called the police. And the worst part is I have no idea whether what we’re going to do warrants calling the police or not. But I realize I’ve come to trust Traz. To what extent I’m not sure yet, but obviously enough to almost blindly follow him on this night adventure.

“You sure he’s up for this?” The man asked, gesturing at me.

Traz nodded. “Yes.”

“Because if-” The man spoke up again, but the woman slapped his arm.

“He said yes.” She snapped and the man shut up.

I don’t like the feeling that everyone here seems to know me, while I don’t know 2/3 of them.


After that, the two led us to a car parked out front and motioned for us to get in. The car trip was only about five minutes, but that was five minutes of me progressively doubting my decision to come.

The car was stopped a little ways from our actual destination and we got out and walked the rest of the way. At some point, I almost turned back. Telling myself whatever this was it probably wasn’t a good idea, but then Traz grabbed my arm like he knew what I had in mind. Which now that I think about it, he probably did in a way thanks to his eye. I took one look at him and decided to stop making excuses for myself. I keep not liking the fact that I don’t know stuff, but the fact that Traz was willing to reveal to me his eye and his position in the talent troupe showed me I had the opportunity to learn all those things I didn’t know. It’s time I stop ignoring those opportunities.

We arrived at one of the university’s rental houses and Traz motioned for the two to head inside the house while we waited behind it.


“Traz tell me we aren’t doing something illegal. Are they breaking and entering?” I whispered uncertainly.

“Xavier calm down. Discrimination is illegal yet they do it anyway.” Traz replied.

“That doesn’t really answer my question.”

“Either way, if they were breaking and entering, you don’t have to worry about a thing. You’re not doing it are you?” Traz said. I sighed.

“Traz what are we even doing here?”

“We’re teaching someone a lesson.”

A few seconds later, the back door opened and the man and woman came out. The girl unfolded the chair she was carrying and placed it on the lawn, just as the man dragged a guy in his sleepwear and forced him to sit in the chair.


I stared in surprise as the man pulled out a rope.

“Recognize him?” Traz whispered to me.

“What’s going on here? Who are you guys!?” The guy exclaimed looking at the four of us fearfully.

“Tsk tsk,” The man said as he grabbed the guy’s wrists. “Strike three Hank. You were warned.”

“You’re those supernatural supporters! Look what I did tonight…what happened to freedom of speech huh?” The guy protested.

The woman shook her head slowly. Then she stepped forwards and punched his face just when his hands were done being secured. “You lost that privilege when you lost your third chance.”

At that point I lunged forwards. Sure the guy was a jerk at the show but it really doesn’t warrant this!

I barely had the time to take one step when Traz grabbed my arm and held me back.


“Traz,” I hissed, glaring at him.

“He had it coming Xav. He won’t learn otherwise.”

“That doesn’t warrant this!” I gestured at the guy. I flinched when the girl punched him again.

“We’ve tried reasoning with them Xavier. It’s time to explore other options. We can’t let them walk over us.” Traz said, his eyes intensely boring into mine.

I unconsciously took a step back.


“But this isn’t right Traz…”

“But what they’re doing is? We’re letting him off easy. Hank and his buddies beat up a friend of mine a few weeks ago. And then they got a supernatural teacher fired by framing him. Making it seem like he accepted bribes from a student for grades.”

“Well then you go to the police, you stop doing…this.” I said, clenching my fists as Hank started to cry. And for once, oddly enough, I couldn’t feel my magic coursing through my veins.


“The police? The police are a bunch of naturals and you want us to trust them? Think Xavier. It’s too late to back out on this, I’m doing you a favor. He degraded you tonight, well now you get to watch as he gets the same treatment.” Traz said.

“But I don’t want revenge. Just make them stop Traz. This is stupid.” I tried again, but Traz simply shook his head. “Then I’m leaving.”

“Sorry, but no Xavier.” Traz said. “You need to see this.”

And before I could protest again he grabbed my shoulders and turned me towards Hank whose face was bleeding.


To think Traz had this side of him…

I clenched my jaw as Traz gripped my arm, just to make it clear that he wasn’t letting me leave.

I closed my eyes and hoped this whole fiasco would end soon…or that somehow it was just some weird dream.

Eventually it stopped. They untied Hank and dropped him on the ground, shivering, crying and bleeding. Then we all got back in the car and they drove me to my dorm.

The man and woman were quite aware of the little fight Traz and I had gotten. Which is probably why the woman felt the need to threaten me.


Just before they got back in the car and left, she gave me a cold glare.

“Just remember this, if the want to rat us out goes through you, you were there, you’re an accomplice.”

And then Traz gave me a look that almost seemed to say ‘sorry’ before heading back in the car with the two others.

Lily_Bell: I only came looking for answers as well.


I must say it was entertaining to see people theorize that Traz had a white eye. But nope, mister is a truth see-er.

Hey guys? Are any of you final fantasy 7 fans? And if so have you heard the wondrous news?

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7 Responses to 8.32 – An eye for an eye

  1. magpie14031983 says:

    Did you ever mention black-eyes before? But it’s really cool that Traz is a supernatural, just don’t like his methods! And eye for an eye has never worked for people in the past, it only breeds further hatred! Plus the supers are now basically proving to the naturals that they’re savage and should be put down…

    Mmmm Xav without a shirt *drool* that boy really did turn out fine! *James is still more gorgeous though*

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      I sure did! A total of two official times actually. I linked to those times in the chapter.
      Lol! James passed on his good genes XD


      • magpie14031983 says:

        TWO WHOLE TIMES O_o and you wonder why we thought only of white-eyes lol the link doesn’t show up on my BB so I can’t link to the chapters where you referenced them but I think I have an inckling of where it was (if I’m not totally way off base lol)
        Yeah, James’ genetics kick ass! And create damn fine ones too lol
        We should get a “calendar” of all the fine young men your legacy has created! Either in sleepwear or swimwear lol or you could do a “fantasy” shoot, like the “naughty” fireman or something lmao
        I still find it weird that I think pixels are hot o_O

        Liked by 1 person

        • blamsart says:

          Haha XD Yeah, every time I tried to plug truth see-ers in y’all would choose some other heir. There was Anastasia and then there was Aliska.
          HAHA yes! Yes that would be glorious! Oh god, I would hang that up on my wall.


          • magpie14031983 says:

            Aliska’s eyes were grey not black… Or am I thinking completely wrongly?!?

            I would totally have that calendar on my wall *christmas prezzie surprise for your readers*

            Liked by 1 person

            • blamsart says:

              No no, Aliska’s were grey indeed, but remember she hung out with William for a little while? Well their group was also composed of Rehal and blue-haired man who liked to smoke and who called himself Caterpillar. Caterpillar was a truth see-er. We met him first when Mariposa and Aliska dragged James to a bar in highschool.
              Hmmm, having all them good looking pose is going to have to go on my to do list.


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