8.36 – What we perceive


No one’s POV

“Are you serious?” Catarina asked, just before her fist connected with the door.

“It’s a perfectly normal thing to worry about.” Alexandre muttered, looking away.


“I just told you everything and now that we’re at my grandparent’s house, the thing you’re worried about is whether or not they’ll like you?” RayRay smirked.

“But I haven’t even met your dad!” Nax exclaimed.


“That’s cute and that’s not going to happen. You’ll be a lot better off if my dad never even notices your presence.” RayRay said.

The orange-haired girl suddenly frowned as Rina, the entity in her head, made itself known. In the last few weeks Rina had been more and more insisting on coming out and that was scaring RayRay.

“Okay let’s go,” Nax quickly said, noticing her reaction.

This was mostly the reason why she had forced Nax, her boyfriend, to come along with her on her trip to Legacy Island II. She needed someone there to support her, to reassure her, so she’d be able to keep Rina back.

With a nod, Catarina stepped forwards and knocked on the door, sensing her grandmother as she came to answer the door.


“RayRay! What a surprise!” Zyla exclaimed. Catarina had found it weird at first that her grandmother always seemed surprised to see her when RayRay herself could easily sense Zyla, but it quickly became clear that her grandmother’s power was very very inferior to her own.

“Didn’t uncle Alec tell you I was coming?” RayRay asked and Zyla shook her head.

“No, but is that the boy you keep talking about?”

The words had barely let Zyla’s mouth that her granddaughter was searching the house for Alec.


When she finally found him, in the kitchen, she sped off inside the house.

“Yup! I’ll leave you two to get acquainted!” RayRay said, lightly pushing her grandmother out of her way.

She’d been waiting too long, too long to get Rina out of her head and she didn’t want to waste any time on idle chatter. She hadn’t come all the way here for that after all.


Alec smirked as he heard and sensed his niece come running inside. It was a last minute plan and even with Aliska’s encouragement, he hadn’t thought it would actually work. But all he had needed to do was tell his niece he had a solution and she came running over.

The plan still had a very low percent chance of succeeding. His niece needed to accept and no unwanted interruptions needed to take place. Alec didn’t have a lot of hope for its success, but he did for its entertainment.


An excited grin spread over Catarina’s face when she spotted her uncle. She hadn’t seen him in person much, maybe once or twice, but she’d often spoken to him on the website he’d helped her discover. The Talent Troupe website.

She’d always found him a bit weird, which is why she enjoyed exchanging ideas with him, but now she was ready to adore him if he really did have a solution for her.

“Uncle Alec! Or should I say VKBlue?” She said, barely containing her excitement as Rina knocked inside her brain.

Alec shrugged and motioned for her to sit down.


RayRay didn’t beat around the bush.

“What is it? What’s your solution? The sooner I get her out the better.” She said and Alec smirked.

“Right down to business. Good.” Alec dug his hand in his pocket and retrieved a plastic bag. He placed it on the table for Catarina to see its contents.

“A bead?” She asked frowning.


“A magical artifact.” Alec said, expecting more confusion on her face. Instead a look of fascination appeared.

“Another one?” She mumbled, thinking about the amulet she had stolen from her dad’s forgotten bag and given to her younger brother.

“What?” Alec said, leaning closer, but she shook her head.

“Nothing. What does it do? It can help me? How?” Catarina started asking.

Alec lifted up his hand to calm her questions. “It’s very simple. You swallow this while being in control and theoretically it should block her out.”


Catarina grew wary. “Theoretically?”

“Nothing is ever going to work 100%.” Alec said, fingers playing with the plastic bag.

“I’m going to need more than that, can’t you give me more information on this?” Catarina asked, starting to remember her uncle Alec’s materialistic nature. Though they were family there had to be something he wanted in return…

“I thought you were desperate?” Alec asked, a mischievous glint in his eyes.

“My dad is finding a possible solution as we speak.” RayRay countered. “I don’t need to be desperate.”

“Then if that’s the case why are you here?”

“It’s not 100%, and I was under the impression this was.” Catarina said, gesturing at the bead.


Alec chuckled. “Why I said theoretically is because it’s never been used this way, I’m sure you can figure out why. The purpose of this bead is to block the user from any type of mind control. What the voice inside your head is essentially doing is controlling you right? With this,” Alec held the bag up. “It won’t be able to affect you again.”

Catarina narrowed her eyes, before giving a small nod. “Okay, it’s worth a try.” She reached out to grab it, but Alec pulled the bag away with a smile. “See! I knew it! You are incapable of gifting. What do you want?”

“It’s really simple. James, your dad, got a gift from Raphaele when he was younger and I need to borrow it for a little while. I just need you to go get it for me.” Alec explained.


Catarina shook her head with a chuckle. “You want me to steal from my dad? Do you know how close to impossible that is?”

“Something tells me you’ve done it before.”

RayRay pursed her lips. “What is it? What’s so important?”

“He won’t miss it. I’m pretty sure he hasn’t touched it since Raph gave it to him. It’s an apple. A violet apple. The last of its kind to be exact.” Alec said, still dangling the bag in the air.

That old magical looking apple? Catarina couldn’t imagine what Alec could possibly want with it, considering she herself had no idea what it did. But it was true that it hadn’t left her dad’s bag in ages…it was a small price to pay for her freedom.


But just before she could accept and reach for the liberating bead, both her and her uncle felt the one presence that shouldn’t be here for this discussion.

Alec inhaled through his nose. “Well darn it. I thought you’d at least not bring him along.”

Catarina bit her bottom lip. “I didn’t! Mom must have told him…”


“James!” Alec exclaimed happily as James walked into the kichen. And he looked far from happy.

“Dad!” RayRay exclaimed a little fearfully, turning around in her chair. “I obviously wasn’t going to accept!”

With a disapproving glare from her father, Catarina got up and silently went to his side.


“Aw, don’t look at me like that. You’re making me feel like I just did the worst possible thing ever.” Alec said with a laugh.

James sighed loudly. There was a time him and his younger brother got along well. But then Alec went on his little quest to become vampire king, going around recklessly making new vampires, and they quickly grew distant.


Alec rolled his eyes. “You want an explanation?”

James was two seconds away from beating a much needed lesson into his younger brother if he didn’t give him that explanation.

“Aliska sent me an email.” Alec explained tossing the plastic bag in the air and catching it casually. “I just felt like helping out a bit.”


James walked over and grasped Alec’s hand, plucking the plastic bag from his hands. He considered his brother too immature to have something so rare. Hell, James hadn’t even realized that there could be more than one of these.

“Well fuck, I was kind of hoping you wouldn’t do that. You keep taking all the fun; can’t you leave some for me?” Alec complained as he lost the bead. An object he’d forgotten in his sock drawer for the last decade.


James brought his other hand up and slapped his younger brother across the head.

‘Focus on your love life instead.’ James then signed.

“Hey! That’s low, even for you!” Alec complained, rubbing his head. It was no secret him and the ladies didn’t quite get along.


‘You’re getting off easy.’ James signed. ‘Don’t contact my kids without my permission again.’

“Or else what?” Alec foolishly asked. He hated being patronized, especially by the brother he in a way considered a rival. James was far from a vampire yet his power immensely surpassed his own. And that, was beyond unfair.

‘You don’t want to know.’


Her father’s anger was flowing off in waves and seeing as he wasn’t taking it out on Alec, Catarina was afraid she might be the one to receive the brunt of it later. She slinked back as Alec glanced between her and James.

You’re being so selfish RayRay. Making your father worry over something like this? Treating me like a disease when all I want is to see Ry? You’re being horrible!

Rina started whispering horrible thoughts into her head again.

“It’s a little unfair don’t you think? It’s not like I was harming her or anything.” Alec continued, trying to plead his case.

James was losing patience quickly as he sensed the inner turmoil his daughter was experiencing again. And his brother was being annoyingly pushy about the subject.


James entered Alec’s mind easily and caused a sharp pain to momentarily travel through his brother’s nerves. It wasn’t overly painful nor was it very long, but it served its purpose. It was just a glimpse of what James was ready to do if Alec dared to disobey.

And that angered Alec to a point even James might not have been able to comprehend. Above it all Alec was control freak of the extreme sort. He could deal with minor setbacks, he could adapt, but to be forced into something? To be threatened? And not only that, but with a power he possessed but hundreds of times stronger? It was like his older brother was waving the fact that he was better and Alec couldn’t stand it.


This fangless mute vampire had everything Alec wanted. He had a girlfriend and kids. He’d had control over his power from his birth. And most of all, even if Alec was still fairly powerful, even if Alec had turned all those vampires, had actually taken the time to try and govern them. Tell them what to do, coordinate them, all of them…Every single one of them still viewed James as being more of a vampire king than Alec. James didn’t even want the title, neither did his mother, he was supposed to be the official vampire king!



And here he was, someone who more than anything wanted to have everything controlled, losing his cool. So instead of lashing out and inevitably giving himself a death wish, he painfully reigned in his anger. There was no sense in acting out. Not here, not now.

“Fine. I’m sorry, go. I won’t contact your kids without your permission.” Alec submitted, his insides boiling with a need for rebellion.

James knew better than to push, so he turned around and left, his daughter tagging behind with her head hanging down.


It’s not that Alec hated his brother. He was just jealous. Jealous of everything James had gotten even with his bad start.

And really, Alec just wanted to be acknowledged for who he wanted to be. And not judged by his place in the shadow of his oh so powerful big brother.



Xavier and Annaliese arrived to Legacy Island II a good fifteen minutes before James so, per Xavier’s request, they visited a few people. First on the list was little Maxwell, whom Xavier easily considered to be his little nephew.

Of course, where Maxwell was, Lia wasn’t far behind and being the chatterbox that she is she didn’t waste any time in introducing herself.


Maxwell was growing up to be just as much of a chatterbox, probably thanks to his aunt’s influence no doubt. Of course, he didn’t make that much sense half the time.

Every time Xavier visited Maxwell he just ended up loving the kid more and more – and quite possibly wishing to have some of his own in the future. As adorable as Maxwell was there was a little something that seemed off to Xavier.

The boy seems to already have an imaginary friend. Xavier would be in the middle of talking to Maxwell, when suddenly the toddler would look somewhere else laughing at someone else…even though there was nothing there.


Xavier just shrugged it off most of the time. He was still just a kid, who knew what he was seeing half the time? Or really imagining?


After that, Xavier and Annaliese managed to squeeze in a visit to his house. Annaliese, wanting some time to think about a few things and not really feeling like it was her place to butt in, decided to wait outside this time.


“Xavier! A surprise visit?” Tina said as she hugged her son tightly.

“Good timing, I just came back from work.” Charlie said with a smile.

Xavier hugged her back. He didn’t call them as often as they’d like and with everything that had been going on he had to admit he missed them. In a way they represented everything that was supposed to be normal. Or maybe their normal was actually abnormal compared to everything that was going on outside.


“To what do we owe the pleasure?” Tina asked as they separated.

Xavier took in a deep breath and then spat it out. “I met my biological father.”


Xavier hadn’t known what to expect, but he couldn’t have gotten a better reaction from his adoptive parents.

Charlie was surprised at first, “Really? What was he like?”

“Your father? Did you meet your mother as well?” Tina asked.


“You…don’t want to know how?” Xavier asked, surprised by their questions.

Tina laughed. “Only if you want to tell us son.”

“We wouldn’t mind meeting the people who brought you into the world.” Charlie said with a soft smile.


Beyond happy to be gifted with such great parents, Xavier went about telling them a vague summary of the recent events that had occurred during his stay at university. He didn’t reveal a lot because he still didn’t want his parents to know he was a witch.

It was a weird thing to want, considering everyone at the university knew he was one now…and he didn’t feel quite as ashamed of it anymore, but by not telling his parents it was like preserving another version of himself. One that had things just a little easier.

Maybe it was a little selfish to be thinking like that.

The visit was cut short when Annaliese knocked on the door, urging Xavier to hurry up. James was about to arrive.

So Xavier bid his parents farewell telling them he couldn’t stay long since he’d only come to meet up with some friends at the beach.


Barely five minutes after the two had gone to meet James at the designated place, the Jales received yet another unexpected visit.

A man and a woman, both holding themselves like two people on a mission, smiled at Tina as she opened the door, inquiring about the location of a certain Erin.

“Oh she left on a trip a while ago…why? Maybe I can leave her a message when she comes back.”


“We just had a few questions concerning Xavier. We were hoping she could help.”

“You’re his mother, we heard he left to go somewhere for the weekend…do you know where he might have gone?”

“Actually yes detectives. He went to beach to meet up with some friends. He left just a few minutes ago. You shouldn’t be far behind.”

A smile. “Thank you very much for your help Mrs.Jales.”

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3 Responses to 8.36 – What we perceive

  1. autumnrein says:

    Even if it made James mad I am really happy to see Alec XD. So happy with Charlie and Tina’s reactions to him meeting his biological father. They took the news pretty well.

    Ah yes, the investigators. They are truly relentless. But they are very good at their jobs, I will give them back.

    Yay! Maxwell can see his daddy! That gets me right in the feels. Cute little bugger.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. magpie14031983 says:

    Yay for Ghost-Oli!!!

    Well fridge! I was hoping those pesky detectives weren’t gonna get there in time to mess stuff up… Although I guess James could just take control of them til it was over…

    Alec has disappointed me, I have the feeling that if he had James’ power he would rival his grandfather, Velor, in tyranny! Some people can handle the mantle of power wisely, I don’t think Alec is one of them! Although, even James slipped up a time or 3!

    I wonder what Kit-Cat it gonna think of her Big Bro?!? And how weird (awesim) is it gonna be for Xav to have this whole other supernatural family! As a Witch, he’s about the only “ordinary” one lol

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  3. ashaluvschocolates says:

    I’m late, shoot. XD

    ah mah gurd, Maxwell can see Oliver. O_O_O_O_O_O_O <— face(s) of total shock.
    in da feels.

    Alec, Y U Jealous?! XD I know that James has 'everything', but… *thinking in process*
    yeah, he should be jealous XD I'm evil

    Those darn detectives… horrible timing. Just no.

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