8.38 – Before you die


No one’s POV

The two detectives, Clarissa and Bill, watched as the young fairy teen’s baseball bat collided with the side of Xavier’s head sending him sprawling to the ground.

“So you were right, Xavier really is a witch.” Bill noticed.

The two had arrived a little after the two witches had begun the spell.

“You doubted my nose?” Clarissa asked.

“But James isn’t around…where is he? That’s clearly his daughter right there, Catarina. He’s got to be near.” Bill continued.


“Are you just gonna sit there or are we going to go help out before that fairy leaves?” Clarissa said, pulling her phone out and taking a quick picture of the fairy and the female witch.

“We can’t. James hasn’t appeared yet.” Bill said biting his nails. “That spell looked like a big deal…something like this he should definitely be around.”


“Maybe the daughter got kidnapped. She looked pretty angry.” Clarissa said as she watched the fairy knock out the female witch as well.

“This is James we’re talking about. Of course he’d know if something like this is going on.” Bill said.

“Looks like the fairy just wants to knock them out…but I think he missed with Xavier. Pretty sure his leg just moved a little.” Clarissa noticed.

“Let’s just watch for now, James is bound to pop up. I’m sure of it.”


Annaliese’s body fell to the ground and almost right after Rina fell to her knees, clutching her head in pain.

Rina! What’s wrong? Is she fighting back?” Ry immediately asked, dropping his bat to go to her side.


No…James…” Rina managed to mutter, her eyes squeezed shut.

The mute vampire!? Don’t you have the bead? Aliska told me Alec would give you one!

RayRay didn’t get it…James interrupted…gah! I can’t fight any longer he’s too strong!” Rina let out, but Ry was quick. He pulled out his last extra bead and slipped it into Rina’s mouth. Then, as she was busy swallowing it, he knelt down and touched both of the witches. There was a reason this teenage fairy had been chosen to be the Time Keeper previously known as Liam’s vessel. He had a special ability, just like Annaliese could mysteriously heal people. He, however, had an ability resembling the Weapon’s. It wasn’t as intense but he had the ability to drain supernaturals of their usable magic. These two would temporarily be naturals from now on.

Only took a few seconds, and then he scooped Rina up in his arms and flew off as fast as he could.


Ry didn’t need to turn around, he knew James was coming. James had most likely sensed it the moment Rina had taken over and he knew James wouldn’t let him explain. The vampire had disliked them from the start, from the moment Aliska had introduced them in a bar.

On top of that, Ry was running away with his daughter. That sure didn’t help.


James was running faster than he’d ever run to try and get there in time.

First there had been confusion, then panic and then anger.

He’d sensed the Time Keeper take control of Catarina, but he hadn’t sensed the fairy boy and now he couldn’t sense his daughter’s mind anymore.

If he couldn’t sense he couldn’t control, and they were flying away a lot faster than he could run.


By the time he’d reached Annaliese and Xavier, the Time Keepers had already flown out of sight.

Entirely out of sight. James had no idea where they’d gone. There weren’t any witnesses around, he’d made sure the place was empty. He’d thought a wide area would give him an advantage but it didn’t do any difference.

He’d been convinced there was only one bead. One bead that he’d ripped out of Carla and given to Xavier. But now two of the worst possible people had one.



James was angry. No he was furious. Furious at a whole ton of people, but mostly himself. He let himself be tempted. He shouldn’t have left the beach.

But Aliska had taunted him with information about Assaria and Velor and he hadn’t wanted the two groups to meet. He’d already involved Xavier much more than he needed to. He didn’t want everyone to start knowing he was his father.

To think he’d actually entertained the thought that Aliska wasn’t working with the Time Keepers. She’d done it before, of course she’d do it again.

His rage and frustration was demanding to be let out. He needed to physically hurt something.

With his fists clenched he suddenly remembered the two detectives he’d sensed arrive. He hadn’t sent them away, he’d wanted to see if they had any information he could use.

Before he did anything however, he sensed Aliska’s little group heading towards him.


“Oh calm down James. It’s not that big of a deal.” Aliska said with a condescending chuckle.

Not a big deal

Of course she’d say that.

He didn’t like doing this to his siblings, but Aliska was pissing him off.


She didn’t flinch when he forcibly dug into her mind searching for information as if she’d expected him to do so. He was aiming to know a few things; where were the Time keepers headed and what was the information she had on Assaria and Velor? He hadn’t gotten to ask her since Catarina had gotten over powered before he could reach them.

But Aliska had expected him to do this and there was a particular vision she wanted him to see for himself. All she did was think about it as hard as she could and it started to play in James mind.

It was blurry and vague yet the message was clear.

An image of an overly enthusiastic and happy vampire couple, Velor and Assaria, then the barrel of a sniper gun with the target locked perfectly on James’ head, and then the soft click of a trigger being pulled and the thud of a body hitting the ground.


Heart suddenly beating wildly, James took a step back in shock.

“Oops.” Aliska said smirking but pitying her younger brother at the same time.

They win. In the end they win. They kill him and they win. How? How does he not notice the sniper?

He needed to be sure, he needed to confirm that’s what he’d really seen, that that was a vision. A real vision.

‘They kill me?’ James signed, staring at his sister with confusion and fear. How can she look so passive about it? The vision had to be wrong.


Aliska walked over to her brother with an apologetic smile. “Seems that way doesn’t it?”

James fists clenched, but he forced himself to ask another question.

‘Do you know when?’

“No.” She said, shaking her head. “I’m sorry. You really wanted me to get a premonition for you and I see your death. Maybe you shouldn’t go after them anymore? Maybe then you’ll be able to avoid death?”


James shook his head. ‘You said your visions always come true. So there’s no way I can avoid this.’

“Oh uh….yeah that’s true. None of them have been false so far. And we’ve never been able to avoid one of my visions.” Aliska agreed, her voice hesitating slightly. As passive as she was acting, she didn’t really wish for her brother’s death.

‘So meanwhile you’re going to tell me where those two went.’ James demanded. If he dies so be it, but he won’t go down without a fight for sure. Velor and Assaria weren’t the only problems he needed to take care of.


“We don’t know.” Aliska replied.

James started to get angry again. ‘I don’t give a crap right now that you’re working with William again, I just want to know where they’ve gone. You do realize that was my daughter right?’

“They didn’t tell us for this specific reason James, but I think their destination is pretty easy to deduce though. After all their original reason for wanting the Weapon was to have its draining power. But now we had the luck of finding a boy with a similar inferior power. James, they’re heading back home, back to their own race to destroy them.”

The Time Keepers. The Time Keeper temple! In Twinbrook…but that was across the sea. James had only ever gone once to that house, his ancestors house…would he be able to find it again?

He had to.


“Though you might not think it anymore, I do love you James, and if you decide to keep chasing after those two and the Weapon, here’s the information I promised.” Aliska said.

James raised his eyebrows. He thought the vision about his death had been it.

“I got another vision, this one tied specifically to Velor. He is our family after all. Thanks to it, I know he’ll be in RidgeValley in around a year and four months. He’ll be ‘introducing’ the Weapon to a few high ranking politicians against supernaturals.” Aliska said.


“Well that’s all I have. Good luck to you. Email me! Keep in contact.” Aliska demanded.

James’ eyes drifted to the two vampires behind Aliska acting a whole lot like guards. They were an odd group.

A vampire who was completely against his brother, but who was always ready to do his bidding.

A supernatural white-eyed who seemed to want to be left alone, yet here he was trying to be in the middle of the action in what was clearly the wrong side.

And a fortune teller who was trying to be on all sides at once.

James wanted to ask her why now. Why do all this? Why become this? Why help them?

But instead he nodded and watched as they walked away with a final wave.


He’d go after Velor and Assaria, but in the end he’d be the loser.

Catarina and that fairy boy were gone. And yes he knew where now, but James didn’t know yet how he’d stop them. He was weaker than them now.

And, James looked down at the two unconscious witches, Xavier got injured. All his talk about protecting him, going so far as putting him up for adoption…but in the end James pulled Xavier out of his life and put him right in front of the fire. But maybe there was still a chance he could pull him up before he got burned too badly.

Seeing how Xavier had acted these last few months however…all along James had thought it was too early, that Xavier wasn’t ready for this, when in reality it had been himself. It was James that hadn’t been ready.

Before he started to despair, before he started making big decisions he had to take care of the two natural detectives still watching the scene, waiting on the opportunity to jump him, wondering why he hadn’t shown notice of their presence yet.


He cracked their minds easily and they made their way over under his command. Searching minds, not grazing the surface but delving deep inside for information, took a lot of concentration. The closer they were the faster and easier it would be for James.

He could feel their fear as their legs brought them over. Fear of him.

Not the first time, but it was the first time it came from naturals. James didn’t know why that seemed important.


James loosened his hold once they stopped in front of him and instantly the woman brought her gun up and pointed it at him.

Her arms and voice shook. “Stop this! James Whitelight, you’re…” Her voice awkwardly trailed off. She’d been meaning to say you’re under arrest, but she knew he’d only be arrested if he wanted to be. Saying those words might anger him more than anything else.

Even though the fear of what James would do them was speeding through his veins, Bill also felt excitement at being faced with such a foe. And the hope that he could actually capture him powered him. “James Whitelight. Finally. Put the gun down Clarissa, you won’t be able to shoot him.”

Clarissa did not lower her gun, keeping her eyes fixated on her opponent. Her body was ready to pull the trigger, and for a moment she realized it might be better if she ‘accidently’ shot her gun. The bureau wouldn’t blame her against someone like this. But even if she’d really wanted to, she could feel a little something stopping her from doing so.


Staring into those stone yellow eyes, Clarissa noticed it when James seemed to stop looking at her, and eventually felt him searching all sorts of information in her mind.

The gun nearly slipped from her fingers as she saw thousands of her memories flash in front of her eyes. Memories of her life were discarded as useless, only memories of case files were kept and examined. Keywords resounded in her head: Weapon, Assaria, Velor, Vampire King, Xavier, James.

And then it stopped, the gun truly slipping from her hands this time. Just before James had stopped searching, she’d felt him make a decision. One that made her heart skip a beat.

No protest could leave her lips.


Her mind simultaneously compressed and expanded inside her head. Her back arched as her nerves carried the shock of the sudden pain throughout her entire body. Her mouth was wide open in a silent cry for help and her eyes stared at the sky as she felt her own brain shut down.

She was dying.


Why? Why did her death feel so meaningless? Not even like a means to an end. Just a leaf drifting in this man’s way. Not even the equivalent of an annoying mosquito.

What had she done till then?

If only there had been a meaning to her death.

Clarissa’s last thought vanished as her body crumpled to the ground and she became no more.


“What did you do!?” Bill yelled frantically, but the question hit thin air. The answer was obvious anyway.

A chilly silence settled before Bill exclaimed again.

“Wait, you’re doing the same thing to me! Don’t kill me!”

Xavier’s heart was beating rapidly in his chest from what he’d witnessed. What had started as a want for information had become a nightmare.


Fear had kept him down, but now fear was pushing him to his feet. He hadn’t expected James to kill the female detective and he didn’t want him to kill the male one either.

He couldn’t sit through that. Once was enough.

Xavier pushed himself to his feet, much to everyone’s surprise and leapt in front of his father.


“Don’t!” Xavier shouted.

James took a step back in surprise, which quickly turned to shock as he realized Xavier had been awake for who knew how long. He’d been so sure both had been knocked out cold.

“She was right…” Bill muttered under his breath.


Now that James was staring at him, with the same eyes that had stared at the detective as she’d crumpled to the ground, Xavier was losing confidence. He couldn’t quite meet those eyes at the moment.

“Don’t.” He repeated in a normal voice. “Don’t kill him. Don’t kill him, please.”

James’ eyes switched to Bill and the detective realized the vampire wasn’t quite as willing to kill in front of his son. Oh yes, it was clear as day to Bill now.


As Xavier followed James’ gaze, Bill straightened and turned around. As he left the two men his memories started to fill his mind again. Certain were kept, while others were destroyed, erased, annihilated, burned, till there was nothing left of them. By the time Bill had reached the edge of the beach, he couldn’t quite remember why he’d come here in the first place, and he was crossing the street to get to his car.


“What-? Where-?” Xavier tried to say as he watched Bill walk away. James pulled out a notepad and scribbled a few phrases on it before showing it to Xavier.

I didn’t kill him. I erased his memories of you, of your friends, and of this event. But he works in an environment where he’s bound to remember. I can’t change that.

Xavier really had managed to stop James. They didn’t know each other that well, as in Xavier never actually thought he was capable of actual murder, but James clearly valued his opinion on some level.

“Thank you for not killing him.” Xavier struggled to say, never thinking he’d ever even say those words.

And then Annaliese stirred.


Xavier, happy to get out of his father’s line of sight, dropped to his knees beside Annaliese.

“Anna? You okay?” Xavier asked touching her arm lightly.

Annaliese groaned as she sat up rubbing her head.


“Ow…” She said as she pressed on the bump that was forming on her forehead. She’d been hit harder than Xavier had and those memories flooded back to her. “…Catarina!”

“Yeah.” Xavier solemnly said.

“The spell failed…”

“And…” Xavier’s eyes drifted to Clarissa. “The detectives showed up.”


Annaliese looked over to the corpse, her mouth opening slightly in shock. “Oh…she’s…”

“There was no reason for her death.” Xavier found himself muttering, avoiding James who was watching them.

“This didn’t go the way it should’ve.” Annaliese said, touching the bump on her head again.

“No really not.”

Xavier’s POV


Once Annaliese got back on her feet, James told us not to worry about the body, that he’d take care of it. And then he told us he was going to go after Catarina and the fairy all the way to Twinbrook.

Instantly, both Annaliese and I demanded to be allowed to follow him. It’s not that I want to travel with him, quite the contrary after seeing him murder someone, he was scaring the crap of me, but I felt indebted to RayRay.

Okay not indebted…but I feel the need to help her, because I missed the chance to. She deserves to be helped and now that I’ve met her I really want to.

But James told us no. He just simply shook his head.


Not that Anna and I were okay with that answer. Annaliese was the first to speak up. She started talking about that time I used an identification spell on her and revealed that she had a younger brother named Ryan. About how she hadn’t be able to stop thinking about the possibility that she still had family out there.

And how looking at the fairy’s eyes before he knocked her out, she’d seen her own. She couldn’t get it out of her head that he might actually be her brother! As impossible as it sounded, she wanted to confirm it.

To that, James conceded to bringing her along.


He still wouldn’t budge for me.

He started telling me I had to study, that he’d already involved me too much, and when I said he might need me for the spell, he just said he’d bring Catarina to me if that was the case. No matter how much I insisted that I wanted to come along to help my sister, he just kept shaking his head repeating that I had other things to do. I had friends to go see, studies to finish, and this would be unnecessary travel.

Basically, I’m not needed.


In the end, I felt just like a tool. Like Traz had recounted, my father had come to see me only because I could be of some use to him.


Grr…it’s happening again. I did have some profound wish that Xavier and James would get along, but they just refuse to cooperate.

So hrm, I guess this is the end of another part? Wah why am I even trying to separate this story into parts XD Basically more to come! Sooo much more


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7 Responses to 8.38 – Before you die

  1. magpie14031983 says:

    Hmm… Me wonders if Anna is going to be the next Whitelight baby mama… I know Xav is as gay as the day is long but damn, wouldn’t those genes mix so beautifully!!!
    Loved the chapter, Hun! Sucks that Alec was doing Aliska’s bidding with the bead… I was so sure it might have been worth a chance but now glad I didn’t trust the sod!

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  2. autumnrein says:

    Whyyyyy Alec!! Whyyy!!!!!

    I really wish James and Xavier would get along but it is never fun to only be called upon because people need you to do something for them. Constantly used, never actually appreciated for the person they are. Sigh.

    I’m actually really excited to see more advance with Edmund and see if he is going to take a spin back into the story but I have to agree with Magpie. Xav’s genetics would mix nicely with Anna’s.

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    • blamsart says:

      I miss seeing Edmund’s hair. >_> (which translates into: He will definitely make another appearance)
      Hmm Xav and Anna huh? Never actually considered it before, but I guess it would be interesting. Most likely won’t happen, but I might make a ‘fake’ child between them for a behind the scènes thing or something.

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  3. Senkime says:

    Rofl Mag’s comment made my day and I was having a bad one. I was thinking more Traz and Anna, but Xav/Anna babies would be interesting to see. James, let your son help even though you are trying to protect him from getting hurt anymore.

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  4. *hugs Xavier tightly*

    More coherent thoughts later.

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