8.43 – It took a death


Xavier’s POV

The magic from the spell I’d just cast dissipated into the air.

I can’t…

“Ah geez, Xav,” Olistan said coughing a little. “Don’t cry.”


“I’m not…” But I couldn’t even force those simple words out. I sniffled.

“I’m not dead yet, man.” Olistan wheezed out, breathing painfully. “Teo’s calling 911…it’ll be fine…”

No. No it wouldn’t be. The spell I’d just cast had confirmed it. The stab wound had dug in too deep, and he’d already bled out too much.

He was only supposed to intercept them on the other side, not get stabbed! And definitely not this badly…


My fist clenched in anger.

“Traz did this.” I forced out as the blood continued to pour out of his wound. Olistan coughed harshly, before letting out a long drawn out breath.

“No, don’t do anything stupid…” He let out in a whisper.

“Yeah, yeah no revenge because violence is bad,” I said struggling to keep my voice steady. That’s the main reason why he’d been so happy to join us.

Olistan let out a quiet chuckle.

I buried my face in my hand. I don’t want him to die.


But when I looked back up again, he was limp, and he’d stopped breathing.

Sirens could be heard in the background, but it was too late. He was already gone.


I crumbled, resting my head on his shoulder as my shoulders trembled with the oncoming sobs.

I wanted to yell, I wanted to run after Traz and do everything my fists wanted to at that moment. But I also wanted to just stay here and wait it out. Wait for the ambulance to arrive, wait for my tears to stop…wait for him to wake up and tell me he was faking it…


I got up on my feet, wiping my eyes, and almost immediately Xenia came over and placed her hand on my shoulder.

“Xavier…” I shook her hand off. “Don’t do-”

“Anything stupid yeah I know. I just need to…” I swallowed my words. “He can’t have gone too far.”


I was right. I’d barely walked a few feet before I spotted Traz leaning against the house. He looked way too relaxed for someone who’d just caused Olistan’s death. The sirens were growing louder, shouldn’t he have left by now? At this point there’s no way I’m not ratting him out.


When Traz noticed my presence he immediately bounced on his feet.

Did he stay behind because he felt bad?

Or maybe he wants to gloat?

I don’t know if I can stay calm for very long.


“It’s your fault!” Traz suddenly yelled catching me off guard. “It’s because you invited him in! I told them not to touch you three, but I never said anything about him! And because you kept catching us more than you should, my dad pushed me to do this. Of course she over reacted! She didn’t want to get caught and he was in the way! It’s not my fault! It’s yours Xavier!”


“Excuse me?” I asked my eyes wide in surprise and anger. “I’d told myself I’d be civil and you tell me it’s my fault one of your guys killed Olistan? Really!? Are you asking me to punch you? Because I will!”

Traz seemed to realize his fault.


“I’m sorry Xavier, I’m not sure what came over me, I just…I didn’t think they’d…I know you hate me now, but – just don’t turn me in please.” Traz pleaded as the sirens grew closer. “I can’t go to jail, Xav, don’t let me go to jail.”

“You could’ve left when you had the chance.”



“What’s gotten into you? I was right wasn’t I? You don’t want to go to jail because your dad would be ashamed of you.” I said, my anger being replaced by pity.


“…you caused him to die with your obsession for your dad’s attention Traz.” I said, hating that I still wanted to help Traz.


“I know I did, and I know now that it was a mistake. This mission was a mistake. I should’ve stuck to the other ones, I pushed us all too far. I’m sorry, please forgive me, I’ll do anything.” Traz pleaded once again.


“No! I don’t think you understand! I don’t think you understand that just moments ago he was killed right over there! You don’t understand the consequences of your actions! It’s not just this mission it’s all of them! You never should’ve started this thing of attacking naturals in the first place!” I shouted.


“I get it Xavier, I know I’ve gone about this all wrong. So tell me, tell me what you think I should do to make this right.”

“Now you’re willing to listen?” I asked and he nodded. “It took killing a man?”

“I’m sorry.”


“Then cut all ties with your father and the Talent Troupe. Give up the idea that you know how to administer judgement. That you know what’s right and what’s wrong for the supernaturals and naturals alike. Think you could do that?” I said, knowing he probably couldn’t.


“And if I do that you won’t turn me in? I can be forgiven for making the wrong choices? I’m willing to try your way. If it doesn’t lead to any deaths.” Traz said, swallowing with a little difficulty.

I looked at him in surprise. What would Olistan want? He never really had an opinion on Traz, he never knew him after all. Should I give Traz a chance, after everything he’s done? It’s what I was aiming for all along. For Traz to finally admit his faults, but I’m not sure I care that much anymore.


I sighed heavily, rubbing my face.

“I’m still turning you in. You’ve hurt a lot of people, be it directly or indirectly.”


“What!? But I said-”

“I know. You weren’t the one who killed him so you won’t be pressed charges for murder. Serve time for the crimes you committed, cut ties with the Talent Troupe and your father, and then I’ll see if I can forgive you.”

“Xav, what if-”


“Traz come on, you’ve got that eye of yours. Tell me if I’m lying.” I said, staring him straight in the eye as we heard the police and the ambulance pull up on the driveway.





I swear for the duration of this last few chaptera it seems everyone at university was seeing Xavier for the first time and really liking the way he looks now (as in hearts everywhere!). He couldn’t go anywhere without at least one notification of someone finding him hot.


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4 Responses to 8.43 – It took a death

  1. autumnrein says:

    Haha I love the new look. He looks great! Traz, I don’t even know what to say about him… *sigh*

    Liked by 1 person

  2. magpie14031983 says:

    Yeah well lol he IS a Whitelight! Just a side note: you have one of the foremost sims authors from Carl’s forum following and liking your blog/story (Yes Trip, I’m taking about you!!) so no pressure, Blams 😀 she had just as dark a bent as you do, and if you haven’t Dr started reading Eight Cicadas, I suggest you do! It’s here on WP too…

    Ok now back to me fangirling over your story… I totally knew Olistan was gonna kick it, I mailed that one! What only occurred to me now is that two of your characters who have met Death before their time were both named Oli :$ 😐 love your writing add always and I can’t wait for the next chapter!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      I did check her story out, and I’m currently reading the first chapter (and totally loving the style)! Now I feel like my story’s being read by a celebrity XD (totally honored here)

      >_> the names may or may not have been completely intentional *cough cough*


  3. Xavier looks so much like James now. The hair is so similar, though I know it’s not the *exact* same style. And with the fingerless gloves and such, he’s gone all emo.

    Liked by 1 person

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