Here I go again…

Doesn’t say 8.45? Then not a chapter! Just personal stuff

Hey guys!


I have a slight writing problem…though it’s kind the opposite of a ‘writing problem’ per se.

You see, I’ve been attacked by an overwhelming amount of inspiration! So much that in the last two weeks I’ve written over a month’s worth of Light the way to Heaven chapters! And they aren’t easy short chapters either!

Don’t tell my readers I’ve got already five chapters in advance ready though…


I know I’m a horrible person for those of you who actually like my story. BUT ITS WORTH THE WAIT I SWEAR.

I’m actually supposed to be doing a LOT of other stuff with my time, but these intense inspirations don’t come every week so I couldn’t just let it pass! I also have no self-control when it comes to writing

So I told myself I’d take a break from writing *brakes screech* so I could concentrate on what I actually need to do.

But then because of that, and the email I got, and the fact that november is next month, I got an idea.

You guys: Whut are you getting at here Blams?

I’m getting there, I’m getting there! It’s a slow process.

Basically, I’m trying Nanowrimo again. Last year was an utter failure. I barely lasted a week before it came to “LtwtH or Nanowrimo?”. The answer was quite clear to me.

But this time, I think I might be able to tough it out. What’s so different about this time? You ask.

Well let me show you the cover page I couldn’t resist making. (Once again, picture found on Google, just played around with it)



No you don’t.

Here let me help out. The boy on the left with white blond hair and bright blue eyes is named Cain. The boy on the right with dark brown verging on black hair with intense blue eyes is named James.

See what I’m getting at here?

It’s actually something I was thinking about for the last month or so now. Here’s the gist of the story;

Cain and James are twins and used to live happily with their parents. But when they were young teens, their mother was murdered and their father fell into a depression before OD’ing. The boys refused to be separated so they ran off together to live on the streets. It’s on those streets that they go on a mad search for the person who’d ruined their lives: their mother’s murderer. All the while doing their best to survive in their new world.

Their story is a quest for morality, on what is right and what is wrong, and on which path they should take to achieve their goal and make it out alive.

The yin yang twins is sort of an AU spinoff of LtwtH, wherein Cain and James are actually twins and have a similar past to Sariel. Just like as I wrote them, Cain is a saint at heart, against violence, though he eventually succombs to it in his desperation to find answers. James is a snappy boy who’s ready to do anything it takes to get what he needs, though he eventually struggles to do things the right way.

Doesn’t it sound cool? I’m pretty damn excited for it. Since it’s related to LtwtH, I’m hoping that’ll give me the drive I need to finish it. *crosses fingers*

Now if you don’t care much for this and just want to know about the next chapter: Unless I can’t resist because I ended up writing two more chapters or something, 8.45 should be up on the 20th (latest).

For those of you interested: If you actually are, I might consider putting up some rough draft excerpts on my tumblr or something. (Not that I really use tumblr that much)

Oookkkk, well that’s pretty much all. Have a merry day and a poll folks.

About blamsart

♪They say it's what you make♪ I say it's up to fate ♪It's woven in my soul♪ I need to let you go♪ -- Demons by Imagine Dragons
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4 Responses to Here I go again…

  1. Senkime says:

    Why must you torment me so?! You can do it, I believe you can finish it ^^

    Liked by 1 person

  2. magpie14031983 says:

    You write it, I’ll read it! Just add links when it’s up 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  3. autumnrein says:

    You got this! I’d love to read it if you post it. Just give me some links so I can find you XD

    Liked by 1 person

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