8.45 – The past comes back

Had to reread old generation 2 chapters for this. Boy am I glad my story writing’s gotten better! As in A LOT better.

Serenity happened to be the one to meet Xavier because she went in the time machine, but…I hadn’t realized before I wrote this chapter how much the two actually have in common. (witch, big sister/brother, magic hands, being bullied, standing up to their bullies, etc)

Warning: Historical TMI


Serenity’s POV

Even with all the troubles it had brought, the pain, the heart ache, the losses, I still thanked whoever had constructed the Time Machine and placed it in the basement, every night before I went to sleep.

Two years now. Two years since that boy stepped out of the machine. Two years since I stepped inside on a quest to save the future of supernaturals. At first I was terrified, but now it all felt so routine. Always running after the devil twins, it was actually fun! Considering they never won!


Oh and boy am I lucky I found these two instantly. Well picking up on their supernatural auras was really easy. The farther you go in the future the weaker the supernaturals get, so auras like theirs tend to stand out a lot.

“Come with me!” I exclaimed, gripping both their hands and dragging them along.

“Woah!” The girl said in surprise as her arm was jerked forwards.

“Hey! What’s wrong?” The guy asked as I dragged them out of the park.

I nearly stopped to turn around and give him a weird look for that comment. But I guess it would be weird if a stranger suddenly popped up and dragged you away…still why would you ask ‘what’s wrong?’. Sounds like something Balthier would say. Oh I don’t care you’re dragging me away, all I care about is that something seems not normal and I want to know if I can help!

Ah darn, I can’t help it now.


I let them go without warning and turned around, waiting for them to regain their footing. I cast a very simple spell and a few seconds later I had all the information I needed. And boy did I not expect it!

Well sure, every time I see someone and think ‘Oh that fairy’s wings are pretty dark…could it be one of Nathan’s descendants??’ or ‘Look at those intense green eyes…gotta be Balthier’s descendant’ I have to check. I’ve met a few Whitelights, but they were really far up the line, as in my grandmother’s family and higher. Waaayy higher when witches were crazy powerful. But actually Balthier and Nathan descendants? Not one. Well until now that is!


Even though his hair is almost as black as Nathan’s, this guy is Balthier’s descendant! His great great great grand son! Good for you Balthier!

“You can do magic, powerful magic. Without a wand.” Xavier remarked slowly as he saw how easily I’d cast a spell without any words.

“What never seen that happen before? You’ve got the same no wand thing going on no?”

I wanted to give this guy a weird look again. It was pretty damn obvious, particularly in this day and age, that I was superior to every witch on this planet and even more so. All the supernaturals in this town had probably already felt my presence at some point during the day. So why was he looking so surprised?


Unless of course…yes the spell did tell me he had some sort of protection. It must be a magical artifact, one of the beads to be exact. Heh to think I actually met the people who made these…well ‘met’…that’s a loose word in this situation.

The bead would explain why he can’t sense other supernaturals. It restricts a lot of powers and I can sense that he’s got a little extra power hidden that’s just itching to come out. Well, that’s the price to pay to be immune to all mind powers.


The woman, Lilith, spoke cutting through my thoughts and making me realize I’d zoned out. “Who are you?”

Her voice was kind and she genuinely wanted an answer. And then I realized the real reason why they hadn’t yelled at me for being inappropriate yet. They were adults and I was a teenager. Hpmh, I’m probably the most adulty teen they’ll ever meet.

“I’m Lilith.” She said when I didn’t reply. Not that she needed to tell me, I’d already gotten the information with my spell.


“Well I’m Serenity, and I’m a time traveler who needs some help.” I proudly stated. I loved saying that: “I’m a time traveler”. I mean! How often do you hear that in a lifetime? I’m doing all these people a favor, giving them the time of their lives, with just a simple phrase. Wasn’t there a tv show about…

“A time traveler!” Both exclaimed, once again cutting through my thoughts. They exchanged curious excited glances.

“Yeah, I know. Pretty awesome, and pretty damn unique.” I said with a small hairflip.


“You’re pranking us, who are you really?” Xavier said, the excitement replaced by a slightly condescending look. How dare he! Just because I’m not an adult just yet? Hmph.

“Look, I don’t have time to waste. I need people from here to find Rya.” I stated, a little pissed now.

“Well you’re not in luck, we’re both new to Ridgevalley. We don’t know the place yet.” Lilith said with an apologetic shrug. “But I’m sure we could help you find your friend if you want.”


“…Ridgevalley…? Oh no! I don’t mean the town dummies. I mean this time period. I don’t come from here so I can’t locate things. And I use that term loosely. Explaining what I really mean would be too difficult for you to understand, even if one of you is a witch.” I said, rolling my eyes. “Rya thinks she can hide him from me again, they really don’t learn, it’ll be fairly simple to find her. I just need to use your magical auras as a point of origin. Have I lost you two yet?”


Xavier narrowed his eyes. “Let’s say you really are a time traveler…how do we help you?”

“Just lend me your auras, like I said.” The two gave me weird looks. “Look, I’ll give you both a personalized reward when everything is done. How does that sound?”

“That’s not it, we’re just not sure how to lend our auras.” Lilith said, glancing at Xavier who nodded in confirmation.

The people of the future lack brains, or general common knowledge. “You want to help me don’t you?” The two exchanged another glance before nodding. “Well there you go. You’re lending me your auras. It’s that simple.”


“Great then!” Lilith beamed. “Where do you want to search first?”

“Yes! Let’s get down to business! Rya’s a sucker for malls, so there is no doubt in my mind she’ll be hanging out in the general vicinity. Let us not waste any more time or she might get away! Come my aura-lenders!” I declared, turning on my heels and speeding off. There was a slight surprised hesitation before I heard their shoes toc-ing on the sidewalk behind me.


My actual goal was finding Hansel, but he was with Ryan and who ever knew where Ryan was apart from Rya? He could be all the way to China for all I knew. He’d even gone to Antartica once.

As I led my two helpers deeper into town, I used their auras to ground myself in this reality and find Rya’s trail; the only thing that smelled out of sorts in this time.

The faint trail I picked up let me know she was underground somewhere, so we made our way into the nearest subway station and I let the adults pay for the ride. It always surprises me how expensive everything is the future. And here I thought I had a lot of money.


We weaved through the crowd and waited at the edge of the line for the subway to come get us.

“So what does this friend of yours look like?” Xavier asked, needing to lean towards my ear because of the noise.

“Like a b*tch.” I hissed. Oh and she was one without a doubt. If he’d know all she’d done to me…all the bullying her and her twin Ryan had made me suffer…making me look weak in front of my younger brothers…he wouldn’t be giving me that look. It was a wonder I hadn’t pushed her off a mountain yet. Ah but things are a little different now.

Lilith leaned towards me this time as the subway arrived. “We can’t help if we don’t know what she looks like.”

I waited till we’d climbed onto the subway before replying. “You’re already helping by lending your auras, but if you want to be lookouts too…she’s got long blond hair in a ponytail and bright blue eyes. Like my mom’s. Though she gets it from my grandma. Not that you would even know who I’m talking about. She’ll be looking really suspicious okay! That or way too in her element.”

I concentrated and confirmed that she was still underground and we were getting closer.

“She should be in one of the subways so start looking.” I said. They both nodded and looked around. It’s not like she’s going to be in this particular car, I’d know if she was! But I let them feel useful.

We got off the vehicle and I did another quick search, confirming she was still somewhere down here. We climbed onto the next one, watching the people who came in and out, watching the people go about their daily business, sleeping, talking, listening to music…These poor people who didn’t know how to live life! Granted they didn’t all have a time machine that had accepted to carry them through time, to a different spot every single time. God I loved my life. I love my family, but…let’s just say my visits back are getting less and less frequent.

On our third stop, I caught her strong scent and spotted a bobbing ponytail taking the stairs to climb up to the surface. I enthusiastically gestured at her so that Lilith and Xavier could know exactly what she looked like. Then we quickly tried to catch up to her, but the crowd was too thick. We didn’t spot her again until sunlight hit our faces.


I gestured at her and brought a finger to my lips. I didn’t want her to know she was being followed – not yet anyway – or she’ll take off running like that time in Sunset Valley. She decided to go all the way to Egypt then! Took forever to find her again.

The two adults nodded, sharing a bemused smile, and followed me as I stayed a good distance away from Rya.


Mustn’t have been far away enough because she suddenly spun around and spotted us. She didn’t hesitate one bit and instantly took off running to the nearest building.

“F*ck!” I exclaimed as I took off running. Rya was faster than me which is why it was so easy to lose her.

“Wait!” Lilith said, and I couldn’t believe she’d said that. She really didn’t understand how important it was that I found Hansel. “I know this building, it has a back door. We can surprise her through there.”

And now suddenly I loved this adult.

“Perfect! Show us the way!” I said, and Lilith nodded, taking the lead. “Knowing Rya she was probably planning on sneaking out through the back door anyways!”

I was right, and when Rya burst out the back door she was unhappily greeted by me and the two adults.


“Hiiii Rya.” I smirked.

She proceeded to give me her worst glare and a tsk.

“I could’ve outrun you.” She hissed.

“Yes, but I was smarter!” I shot back. Xavier snickered quietly behind me.


“Oh get it over with.” She spat.

With a shrug I cast the usual spell. It was like a tag, a 48 hour tag that let me know exactly where she was.

“I’m giving you a little bit extra time to have fun this time Rya, got some stuff to take care of first.” I said, literally giving her permission.


“F*ck you.” She said, spinning on her heels and walking away.

“Well, she’s nice.” Lilith remarked.

“Yeah tell me about it.”

“You’re letting her go even though we just spent the last half hour searching for her?” Xavier asked with an amused smile.


“Oh it’s fine, I tagged her.” I said, waving the subject away. “Now! For your rewards! And don’t say you don’t want anything like goodie two shoes because you actually were a real help, especially you Lilith. Xavier was just dead weight.”

“Wasn’t I the one who spotted her outside the subway?” Xavier asked.

“Pssh, anyone could’ve spotted her.”

“But in reality, you really don’t need to give us anything. I don’t think there’s anything you could give us anyway.” Xavier said. I rolled my eyes as Lilith agreed.


“Hey now! I may not look it, but I know a whole lot of things! Of course if you’re looking for cash I really can’t help you there.” I said.

“Really, it’s-” Xavier tried to refuse again, but I interrupted him.

“Oh shush, I already know what I’m giving you, though I’m not too sure you deserve it. I’m really just talking to Lilith here. Isn’t there anything you want to know? Because in terms of information, I’ve got quite a diverse bank.” I said.


“Well…there might actually be something.” Lilith said, and I smiled. She proceeded to ask me a question concerning her magical background and about her powers – if she had any.

Okay, so I didn’t know as much as I’d bragged, but I still knew a few things I’d picked up here and there that I’m sure could help her. So I gave her the tidbits of information I had and she thanked me.


“Now you’re great and all Lilith, but I actually want to talk to Xavier alone if you don’t mind.” I said.

“No it’s okay, I have someplace to go anyways.” She replied with a smile. “See you around Xavier.”

“Yeah.” The two gave each other a quick hug and Lilith walked away.


“Okay, first off, HI!” I said, a little too excitedly.

“Hi,” Xavier replied with a chuckle.

“It’s so exciting to finally meet another Whitelight! I mean, I’ve met other Whitelights before, but they were really distantly related, but to meet one of Balthier’s descendants is just awesome!”

His amused expression changed to a worried one. Oops.


“How did you know? Oh right…that spell you cast.” He said, biting the inside of his cheek.

“That’s right! I did feel something like…you were adopted right? Sh*t, you know about the Whitelights don’t you? Or else this conversation is going to be a lot longer than I thought!”

“Yeah, yeah I know about them.”

“Well about us technically since I’m one too! My full name is Serenity Whitelight! I was Balthier’s big sis. And Nathan. But considering you were adopted you probably don’t know about them…or do you? Are they famous enough to be remembered that far? Or maybe my name is familiar? ‘Oh yeah, you had an ancestor that traveled through time’ that’s gotta make the history books.” I rambled on, unable to contain myself.


“I wouldn’t know, I’ve only ever met my dad and my sister.” He said.

“Your dad? That’s um…umm…Jason right?” I tempted. I’d cast the spell quickly, I hadn’t had the time or interest to take in all the information.


“Oh…James Whitelight. Well that explains a lot…” I said, inhaling sharply. Now that was a Whitelight I’d heard of on more than one occasion in the future, and never in a good way. “Oh no, if that’s your Whitelight role model you’ve probably don’t even realize how awesome Whitelights are!”

“Yeah…” Xavier said, looking around. Obviously not liking the conversation. Well too bad! I wanna talk about this.


“Well listen up then, because being a Whitelight is something you should seriously be proud of. I don’t know much about the ones between my generation and yours, but I know of all the ones that came before and holy damn! A long line of powerful witches, and the start of that line? Something else entirely! I met her actually, the very first Whitelight! Well ‘met’ as in watched from afar. There’s always a limit to how much I can interfere.” I said, and he seemed to catch on that I was about to tell him one hell of a story because he motioned for both of us to sit down.


“I don’t go into the future much, because there’s not as much to see as with the past. A place I’ve gone numerous times! And I’ve managed to go all the way back to Hansel’s timeline once. Who’s Hansel you ask? Well he’s the very first white-eyed. You know of those right? Yeah thought so. He popped out of the time machine in my basement and he’s why I’m here right now talking to you and why I was chasing after Rya. Rya and Ryan keep spouting this big talk of killing him, but I know they don’t have the guts to. Well anyways, one of the times I time travelled I went all the way to the beginning of time. Yes of time I say, because it is literally impossible to go any further. Like the world just appeared one day.

Hansel didn’t come with me that day because I was technically going to his future, so I saw him interact with the villagers and stuff. But basically, Hansel, very first white-eyed of the entire world, was born to a family, the Hans family. I know Hansel Hans, but no that’s not how it worked back then. Being part of the ‘Hans’ or so and so family just meant your name began with that. So you’d have like Hansette, Hanser, etc. Back then there weren’t any supernaturals. Magic didn’t exist at all! Weird eh? But true, because what is the source of all magic? White-eyeds! So when Hansel was born, a completely new era began. An era in which anyone he touched were suddenly gifted with amazing powers. A simple farmer could receive Hansel’s blessing and become a fierce werewolf! Or vampire, or fairy, or a hundred of other supernaturals!

And one of those blessed people was Whitelight. Yes her name is our last name. She was a very quiet yet strong woman who became an extremely powerful witch and Hansel’s love. Or will for Hansel once he goes back to his own timeline. They were incredibly in love and conceived a child together before even getting the parents permission. And that child…just wow. It was a little girl with lizard eyes. Yeah sounds freaky weird right? But it seemed rather normal then. There was a species of supernatural then that were kind of like half-lizards. And they had the power to sap people’s energy. Of course that became problematic since they had violent tendencies, and the village completely annihilated the species. But back to the story, this girl was supposed to be the product of a witch and the white-eyed, and she was! But Hansel didn’t believe that, and he thought Whitelight had betrayed him and slept with one of the vile creatures. His parents happily supported him in this and set him up with a natural in the village. As for the little girl they confiscated her from Whitelight. They had a lot of authority then, so there was nothing Whitelight could do, but move on and find someone else with whom she eventually began our line.

The little girl, nameless though I like to call her Gretel, became the Hans’ possession and treated as an object. You see, the Hans liked to do experiments. They wanted to see if they could harness the powers their son was spreading and transfer it into simple objects. And they managed to! They made hundreds of artifacts like the one you have inside of you. Oh wait…I probably shouldn’t have told you that…forget I said anything okay? Shh…so yeah, magical artifacts, one I really would’ve liked to get my hands on. It was this really cool dragon shaped amulet that could let you teleport wherever you wanted! It was made in honor of a teleporting dragon. Yes a dragon! That teleports! Damn the things back then…

Ahem sorry, so yes magical artifacts. Gretel, the little girl, had a special power. It was like the half-lizards but on a much different level. I like to think she was born to balance out her father. Whilst her father spread magic around, she had the power to take it back rendering people natural again. The Hans wanted to harness that power for themselves so that they could use it on supernaturals who caused too much trouble. They put her through so many experiments that at one point she broke. There’s really no other way to describe it. She was just a little younger than I am now, and she broke out into a rampage. She killed a lot of people and everyone blamed it on her supposed half-lizard side. So, through a general vote, she was locked in a cave and left there to die. They’d messed her up real bad though. To the point where she didn’t need anything to survive anymore, and she’d stopped aging. So she stayed in that cave for thousands of years until archaeologists dug her out. She was then taken to a scientific lab where she was prodded, examined and experimented on again. That is until a vampire broke her out when he realized how useful she could be.

As for Hansel, and now this supports my idea that it’s all one big cycle, he gained immortality as well. When his daughter got locked up however, he somehow lost the ability to give powers to others. He was still incredibly important though, and everyone sensed that his death would break their cycle of life and strip magic from the world forever. Hansel lived a fairly normal life, and had children and one of those children gained his eyes, rendering him natural. And that’s how the White-eyed line began really. The White-eyed soul jumped from person to person until it became Tarnowak. And Tarnowak met Rosahelminthe, reuniting the Whitelights and the White-eyed once more. But by then an evil witch somehow managed to harm the soul of the White-eyed causing the whole cycle to start crumbling. Because see, the soul kind of panicked and split into thousands of parts across the globe, bringing white-eyes to life everywhere. Thing is it lost its immortality by doing so. At this point in time there’s probably only one white-eyed left right? Yeah that’s what I thought. One person holding the whole of magic still going, still making the cycle turn. Take that person out and BAM, everything crumbles. Hell, just gotta wait till they grow old and die. I’ll be okay though, even if we brought that person here now and killed them it wouldn’t do anything to me since it isn’t my time. Of course, you’d suffer the consequences.

But I’m off topic! Rosahelminthe! Our ancestor, and a powerful witch! Though I recently became a lot more powerful than she ever was, mind you. I got touched by Hansel. Third time I saved him from Ryan and Rya’s clutches, he grasped my hands and gave me the ultimate upgrade! Suddenly I wasn’t just better than Balthier, I was stronger than mom, hell stronger than everyone in my time! Or well, almost everyone, heh. Boy it was scary after, like someone trying to fill an already full cup over and over again, but eventually the cup expanded and I got used to it, having that much power.

Well shoot! I’ve talked a lot more than I thought I would! And I’ve really gone way off subject…” I said with a nervous chuckle as I climbed to my feet.


“It’s fine, it was kind of an interesting story.” Xavier said.

“Ah, but it’s the truth. Whether you believe or not. What I really wanted to get to is, even if you don’t know about them, I can assure you, you can be proud of your Whitelight heritage. There are some strong witches in there, and a lot of good people, supernatural and natural alike.” I said, and Xavier smiled. “Now I really hope you didn’t think that was your reward, because that really wasn’t. Unfortunately I don’t have the ability to give it to you just yet, but I definitely will. Sometime soon I’m sure!”


“You really don’t-”

“Yes I really do! You really kind of remind me of Balthier just a little bit. And I want to for a fellow no wand witch!” I said with a smile. “But meanwhile, I wish you a lot of good luck in whatever you’re doing and so and so.”

“Haha okay, same to you too, with your time travelling and so and so.” Xavier replied.

“You really need to sound like you believe my story more.” I said with a smirk, before heading off towards Rya’s location.



One week later…

Xavier’s POV

I’m jerked out of my sleep violently, sweating, with the images still lurking behind my eyes. More nightmares.

Four days a week, I get nightly visits of Olistan dying, of me dying and sometimes even of a bloody Erin standing over her dead parents. Of course there’s a lot more too, but death seems to be a pretty common factor.


This has been going on long enough for me to know there was no way I was ever going to fall back asleep. I’d only waste time staring at the darkness until the sun came up to officially wake me up.

So I pushed myself off my bed and made my way to my kitchen to get myself a little wake up drink. I opened the fridge and took out a bottle of alcohol and served myself a small glass.


I sat down and drank the dreams away. It had become routine at this point.

I rubbed my face as I enumerated the things I had to do today in my head. I was nearing the end of my interviews, today was my second to last. So far they’d gone pretty well, apart from that one a few days ago when I bumped into one of the higher ups causing them to lose all the papers they were holding and their coffee. It all sort of blended into one on the floor. I apologized, but I doubt that was enough!

For a while now I’d been having this nagging feeling…a feeling that I was missing something. Something I was seeing often, but not actually noticing. I shrugged it off and finished the rest of my drink, before heading to the couch to watch tv until my alarm rang.


Several hours later, I was about to go inside the building for my interview when I noticed it. A panel on the wall, the small printed words: Division of Pallen cie.


Edmund Pallen.

In the corner of my eyes, I’d been seeing that name everywhere. I looked around and behind me, as if Edmund would suddenly appear now that I’d read that sign. I was half hopeful he would and half hopeful he wouldn’t.

But then I reasoned with myself. Edmund’s father’s company was really big, it didn’t necessarily mean they lived right here in Ridgevalley, or that Edmund did. So with a slight nod to myself, I went in and made my way up to my interview.

I came out feeling pretty proud. I think I did pretty good, and by pretty good I mean not bumping into people! And I didn’t meet Edmund or any other Pallen (not that I knew what to look for exactly). And in the end, if Edmund and his family really had moved all the way here…this was a big city and we probably lived in very different parts. The chances of us meeting were probably close to nothing!

But those thoughts, that certitude that gave me some leeway to breathe, were completely annihilated in a matter of seconds.


My name rang through the air like a whisper easily bouncing of the tall walls.

“Xavier!” The simple word, my name, had cut through my head and through my chest and I couldn’t have done anything else than turn around just to confirm. Just to confirm the source of the word, but there’d never been a doubt. “It really is you…” Edmund said, his features softening.


Without a second thought he suddenly sped towards me, his feet hitting the small puddles of water from yesterday’s rain.

My heart jumped in my chest in panic, and I grew scared of what would happen if he reached me, my feet taking a step backwards in a struggle to run away.

I didn’t know what I was going to do. I didn’t want him to come any closer, because the closer he got the worse the pain in my chest got and all I wanted was to run away. Run away from this situation, run away from him, run away to a place where I could hide and wait for it all to pass.

But I didn’t react fast enough.


He stopped in front of me and his arms extended out and pulled me into a tight hug I couldn’t fight against.

I stopped breathing, hell it almost felt like my heart stopped beating as his arms kept me close to him.


His head nested on my shoulder, his hair tickling my face, in a tired relieved way. The hug was uncomfortable but filled with nostalgia, relief, sadness and maybe even a little bit of guilt. It felt desperate and needy and I couldn’t muster the strength to pull away. I couldn’t muster the strength to do anything.

I could only stand there and recognize him. Recognize his warmth, his smell, his presence, him. Edmund whom I’d thought I’d lost forever, Edmund whom I’d tried to get over, Edmund whom I’d been so sure I’d gotten over.


After a few moments of holding me hostage, he eventually pulled back, but only slightly. His hands came up to my face, like he still couldn’t believe I was right there in front of him.

“You’re really alive, I thought-”

Hearing the relief flow out of his voice, my face became pained. He didn’t have the right to sound like that. He didn’t have the right to any of what he was doing right now.

My hand rested on his chest, pushing him away, while the other curled into a fist.

I put every negative feeling I’d ever had since he left, every death I lived through, every time I felt down, every time I had a nightmare, every time things just hurt, all of that, all of my frustrations…


Into that one punch.

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  1. magpie14031983 says:

    OMG O_O don’t tell me Ed’s dad told him Xav was dead O_O new spin to the tale… Still pissed at him though cuz he could have found out the truth if he wanted to…

    Hmmm… So that’s who the mysterious teen is, blagh and return of the Hellspawn Twins 😦 those were Clarissa’s kids right? Crap, was her name Clarissa? The one that spent all her time down in the basement and was the white-eye after Tarnowak… I really need to go back and re-read… But… So many chapters…

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    • blamsart says:

      Okay, I won’t. 😉
      Temporary return mind you XD
      And that’s very good for something that happened almost two years ago! Her name was Clarice. The loner white-eyed. Though most white-eyeds are.


  2. autumnrein says:

    Wow… A lot of hurt into one blow. Edmund won’t be forgetting that any time soon. I wonder why he thougt Xavier was dead. Something to do with his father no doubt. I think there is going to be a lot of talking which will be hard for Xav since he just realized that he is not, in fact, over Edmund. I honestly cannot wait for the next chapter. Any chance you could upload all of your pending chapters at once and trust us that we won’t read them all in one day??… I probably would but I would try hard to spread them out! Honest lol.

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    • blamsart says:

      Yup. Xavier doesn’t punch often (like never) but when he does, there’s a reason. Apart from lack of sleep.
      Aw that’s nice to know XD, but no unfortunately I’ll be keeping to my one week update for now >.> Got to if I want to survive november.

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  3. Ahhhhhhh, I’m so glad to finally learn about that white-eyed boy who came out of the time machine. I’d been wondering about him for ages, but I’ll admit, after a certain point I kind of figured it was a plot point that got dropped, but it was cool to see it brought back now.

    I’m not sure I quite understanding this chase after Rya though—as in, I have no idea what they’re doing or up to. I remember Rya and her brother being quite awful and up to mischief; I remember their mother somehow being bewitched into thinking her children were perfect; but I still don’t know what exactly was going on with that? And what exactly this game of tag is? What’s the goal? It seems this chase and tagged thing has gone on numerous times. Feeling a little confused.

    Xavier seemed to take all the information pretty well, but as Serenity pointed out he doesn’t actually truly seem to believe any of it, and it’s much easier listening to a story if you’re under the impression that’s all it is—a story.

    And ah, finally, the origin of Jane/Gretel/the weapon. That doesss make sense that an equal and opposite force would be created out of the sudden existence of Hansel. I wonder if that’s where the Reaper “appeared” in this world and made it what it was—the moment he left Assaria to her pain. Heart going out to her as always for how much Jane’s endured. I’m still hoping that she’ll eventually find peace—maybe get to be with her friends and do what she’d like for a change instead of always being under someone else’s bidding. It looked at least like she would soon be reunited with Kevil…..

    This Hans fellow has been mentioned numerous times, or rather in general the family has been mentioned multiple times. They seem to have a connection to the hospital too, but…well, maybe Benjamin knows more on that front.

    Anyway, it’s cool that Xavier was finally exposed to some of the good and amazing things about his family…though, as he doesn’t quite believe it yet, it hasn’t had the chance to make a real impact on him.

    I worry for him. A lot. The nightmares. The drinking. The fact that he’s never really stopped to grieve anything—not Oliver’s death, not Edmund’s leaving, nor even Olistan dying. He doesn’t see the point in grieving because it won’t change anything, but that’s not true. Sure, it won’t change the fact that these events have occurred, but allowing yourself to properly grieve also allows you to truly heal. The fact that Xavier is constantly plagued by these nightmares is evidence enough that he hasn’t yet healed, and finding refuge in a bottle won’t solve anything, but only serve to worsen matters. I’m so scared for him. It’s like watching an impending car crash and not being able to do a thing to stop it.

    And oh, Edmund’s appearance. Oh oh! My heart jumped into my throat upon seeing him in the same picture as Xavier and then they’re hugging and god, Edmund, you have no idea, do you? No idea how much you’ve hurt this man you claimed to love so much. Maybe that punch will give him a good taste of that pain though.

    Also odd, odd that he thought Xavier was dead….How long has he believed this? Is that partly why he never reached out? How confusing…..

    I guess we’ll find out the story soon?

    In the meantime, I’m still really scared for Xavier. *holds onto him tighter* He need to properly grieve these losses ;____________;

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      I think those three children, Serenity, Rya and Ryan, have been time traveling for a long time.
      I think they got lost at some point, and this endless cycle of chasing is the maze their stuck in.
      But I’m just speculating right now.

      No truer thing could be said. My child is suffering and he doesn’t know how to deal with it. He’s bottling these things up inside and it’ll inevitably explode on him if something doesn’t change.
      He’s already suffered so much….and now he’s suffering the after math. *sighs* I think he’s the one heir he deserved all of this the less, and the one who suffered the most out of it.
      (*trying not to spoiler anything*)

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hmm yeah, that would make sense given the fact that this seems to be a never-ending chase. Another good reason not to mess with time I guess, heh.

        Suffered the most? Oh, Xavier. *will probably never release him from this hug now* My heart is so heavy for him.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Emily Anne says:

    What a jam packed chapter!! I feel like Xavier’s generation is really coming into it’s own (like you say, following up James’ story is REAL hard). But we got so much crucial information here, I can’t believe the weapon is a Whitelight!! And I love how you tied in generation 2 which was so long ago!! Super awesome. AND THEN EDMUND OMG yes punch him and then KISS HIM. You belong togetherrrr

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Hehehe thank you so much!
      Gosh I love reading your comments, and thank you again heheh, I did have some trouble on the side with Xavier – because of James. So being reminded that, yes generation 8 did manage to pick up past James is sweet 😀
      Hehe, seeing you read is darn exciting

      Liked by 1 person

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