Huggs for the insane – Bachelor

Hello folks!

I have the unbelievable luck to have the opportunity to yet again create a sim and toss him into a mix of other pretty sims and hope he doesn’t fail as badly!

I’m sorry, that didn’t make much sense huh?

Well, I’m sure some of you remember Rhamnus Buckthorn, the sim I made for Jax’s bachelor challenge.

Well this time I made a sim for phyrcracker93’s ISBI!

Since I did mention Rham, I guess I might as well mention that this new bachelor was dropped in as Rham’s surprise roomie.


Don’t you like the house? You’ve got the usual university basket, time machine and toppled over garbage can.

Luckily for us, Rhamnus is at work so he has no idea he just got a new roommate. Knowing him, he’d freak out.

Speaking of…I dropped him right in front of the house…and where is he? He’s already gone inside! Barely had time to take a screenshot!



???: My name is NOT Scarlet.

You’d think he’d have the inappropriate trait…already digging into Rham’s fridge.

???: OH MY GOD. What are these!? Carrots!?

Are you done stuffing your face? I’m supposed to introduce you. Not show off my horrible house constructing skills.




Eating a bowl of brains?

While flies are populating a dirty empty bowl?

And a juice box is slowly losing its soul!?

*fast forwards with a sigh*


Are we ready now?

I’ve even set up a nice place for you in the backyard! With a wonderful depiction of sim slavery and a bench for when I get boring.

Y’all feel free to sit on it if it comes to that. Yes you readers.

???: Well I guess, it’s acceptable. Yeah, I think I’m ready. My hair feels ready.

Your hair feels ready…?

???: Yes it does.

…good for your hair then.


???: You may now gaze upon me. *drastic hairflip*


Well guys, this is Scarlet Nantes, and as you might have guessed his first trait is : Diva.

I like to call him Scarlet.



Geez don’t get your panties in a bunch.



I’ll stop. Nantes.


Quite obviously, I gave him the hot-headed trait. I didn’t think it’d be showing so soon.

Nantes: I’m just really touchy about things that concern me okay? I want to be called Nantes.

Because Scarlet sounds too girly.


Alrighty then.

Okay let’s just get to showing off your outfits and we can reveal your other traits as we go on.


Nantes: I’ll ask the audience to please refrain from fainting.

*rolls eyes*

Nantes: I see you laugh at me internally. But it has happened before.

Might as well start with this outfit first.

Mister’s choice of jacket is in relation to him considering himself as a tough army guy, even though his diva trait tends to scare him away from anything that might scratch his skin.

As for the holed pants…it’s not due to anything particularly life risking. It’s really just for the look.


Next up is his formal wear, which is actually rather bland to me and doesn’t compliment any of his colors.

Nantes: Bland?? Nothing about me is bland.

I’m talking about your outfit dear.

Might as well reveal a trait to spice up this outfit. Believe or not (because I certainly don’t), he is actually a rather charismatic sim.

Nantes: Didn’t I tell you about-

No, moving on.



The sleepwear. There is quite a story behind this outfit.

Nantes: No need to drag too long on it do we?

He claims he puts on a checkered tank top to avoiding blinding his admirers with a flash of his bright orange torso, though I think he’s really just aiming to cause seizures with that combination.

As for the starduck undies…let’s just say I suspect there might be a deep rooted problem involving the infamous Starbucks and a couple of rubber ducks. But I’m just guessing.

Nantes: I think we’ve lasted long enough on this outfit.


His sportswear is another failed attempt to prove he’s an army guy.

Nantes: It’s just a reminder of a past life I could’ve taken, but decided not to.

He tried enrolling once, but they couldn’t fix/support his diva side.


And then, there was the bathing suit.

Which still confuses me to this day.

Nantes: I’m wearing a shirt again? You guys ask. I don’t think you realize how bright my skin is!

I don’t think you realize how little difference in color that shirt is!

But it’s okay. Actually, I know the real reason. And it involves two traits which he probably didn’t want me to reveal to you guys.

Nantes: I just think they could be better off without you know?

I’m going to tell them anyways.

Nantes: T_T


As much as he doth love boasting about his body, mister’s fourth trait is: Never nude.

Oh yeah, he is embarrassed to show more than 75% of his carrot skin.


I think this problem lies with Starbucks and the rubber ducks as well. Which I am sure are also part, if not all, of the explanation as to why this is his last trait: Hydrophobic.

Makes you wonder why he even spends time on his swimsuit at all!

Nantes: If you go to the beach, it doesn’t mean you have to get wet. Geez, everyone knows that.


And finishing off with his outerwear!

Nantes: And that is all dear audience! You poor people, do not worry, you will see more of me if one of the fair Huggings maidens fancy me…which I don’t doubt they will.

I think you’ll need more than that, but who knows? Maybe you’ll last longer than Rham did!

Speaking of…


HI RHAM. Work was good?

Rham: Uh >.>, hi? 😀

Nantes: Hmm, glasses and a watch…futile accessories but at least the colors match?

You’ll love him I’m sure, your favorite color is green after all! Haha

Rham: That’s my favorite color too!

It is? Oh. It is.


Nantes: You look kind of wimpy.

That’s because he is.

Rham: I’m not wimpy! And you’re—you’re—uh —uh—-orange!

Nantes: Yes I am. And proud of it too!

Rham you need to work on your comebacks.


Won’t drag this on any longer than necessary.


So this is my bachelor, Scarlet Nantes!

Though his bright coloring might lead to the confusion that Scarlet Nantes is a berry…such a statement would be false. In fact, Nantes is a


I know, the shame. But he still manages to hold himself with pride. Unfortunately

More specifically, I modeled him after a carrot, the Scarlet Nantes;

Nantes scarlet

You didn’t know there was more than one type of carrot?

Yeah I didn’t either.

So there you go 😀

Here is the dropbox link:

I made this for phyrcracker93, but really, everyone feel free to download him and use him in your stories/legacies/isbis! If you do, I’d appreciate it if you credited me and sent me a link to your story!

Everything not included in the base game:

Kijiko hair:


-Late night shirt

-University pants

Formal (store item):


-Island paradise shirt

-Island paradise shorts

Outdoor wear:

-Shirt (store item) :

-Late night pants

-Seasons shoes


-Showtime: Diva

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9 Responses to Huggs for the insane – Bachelor

  1. Bahaha! I like him! He’s quite the character. I’m sure his traits will be an interesting addition to my game. And no, I did not know there were different types of carrots… but it makes sense. XD

    There may be one small issue though. I don’t know if I have his store items, and I may not be able to check today…

    But if I don’t, I’m kinda too poor to spend money on sim points at this moment. Sorry for the inconvenience… I know you worked hard on him. But I’ll let you know asap.

    (I THINK I have his outerwear jacket… but idk 100%)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. autumnrein says:

    He turned out so great and you go him done so fast! I love him. I did know about different carrots but not that particular one XD. You can grow smaller, rounder carrots in planter pots on a deck and they are delicious!

    He looks so great. I got into this challenge again as well. I really hope both our guys do better in this challenge lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hehe, I might be stealing him for my story. By stealing, i will credit you for the sims. I guess its not stealing, but borrowing. *Knock knock* Who there? Banana… Banana who?
    *knock knock* Who there? Banana.. Banana who?
    *knock knock* Who there? Banana.. Banana who? (this is where people get mad)
    *knock knock* Who there? Orange. Orange who? Orange you glad i didn’t say Banana again?

    I couldn’t help myself, he remind me of that joke.

    Liked by 1 person

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