8.53 – Not going down without a fight

So…apparently I’m updating every 2-3 days now.

Warning: PG for slight descriptive and visual gore


Xavier’s POV

Hours later, I finally heard some activity in the loft, and that came in the form of the sound of the front door opening.

I sprung up to my feet, my butt sore from sitting down for hours on end, and I pounded heavily on the door.

“HEY! Anyone there!? You going to let me out now!? You’ve got what you wanted from me already!” I yelled, more than fed up with being stuck in this bathroom.

I have to admit, I didn’t actually expect an answer at first.


Don’t worry your little head witch. Your time will come.

The voice that answered through the door was sinisterly amused and laced with victory. It sent a dreadful chill down my spine and I got the impression I’d heard it before, that I’d met this woman before, even though I knew I would remember a voice like that.

“Who are you?” I demanded, jiggling the doorknob again.


“I’m sure our names came up somewhere in your education.” A deep male voice said this time. My sixth sense was acting up, the hair on my neck was standing up and the magic inside me stirred, because even though I didn’t know who they were…everything told me I’d be better off never knowing.

Do the names…” The woman whispered, her lips touching the door. “Velor and Assaria mean anything to you?


The people my dad was running after. The man who was technically my great-grandfather.

And the woman who killed my mother.

I slammed my fist harshly against the door, making it shake in its frame. The anger that flashed through me appeared in the form of a few wisps of magic that escaped from my fingers. But that magic was almost instantly pushed back inside my hand as the anti-magic incense did its work.

“Let me out!” I growled, but it only earned me some truly amused laughs.


Soon boy.” Assaria chuckled darkly.

“We’ll be nice and give you a quick death.” Velor said. My muscles tensed. They were planning on killing me?


Once we get confirmation that James is dead we’ll kill you next.” Assaria informed me.


“Why!?” I shouted. “What did I do? What’s the point of killing me!?”

I heard the faint sound of a nail tracing the doorframe. “It’s really nothing to do with you boy. More what your existence implicates. But if it makes you feel better, let’s say we’re killing you because you saved James the first time around.

“It’s best not to question things like this. Just accept your fate.” Velor snapped.


“No. Let me out now or I’ll break this door down myself.” I said, only half-certain of my ability to.

Laughs erupted on the other side.

“Go ahead, we’ll be waiting patiently on the other side.”

My fists closed tightly in anger, I took a few steps back.

I got an upgrade, just some stupid incense shouldn’t stop me from using my magic. The more I think about it, the more stupid it sounds!

I focused all the magic I could feel in my hands, I forced my magic to seep out of my veins, to stay out of my veins, willing myself to cast a spell. Just a spell to open that door.

What are you doing?


When I thought it was futile, I finally managed it. It was a tiny portion of the magic that was actually coursing through my arms right now, making them throb, but if I could release just a little bit more I’d have enough to do my spell.

A victorious smile spread on my face.

But then the door swung open.


A gloved and clawed hand reached out with alarming speed and I instinctively dropped my magic, taking a step back to avoid that hand. That hand that seemed to be reaching for my soul, for my life force, something dangerous that I needed to stay away from.

With how much my sixth sense was acting up, I was afraid of what would’ve happened had I not stepped back in time.


The hand gripped air and I looked at the face that came with it.

What struck me the most was her eyes. Lizard like eyes.

And I’d only ever heard of that once. Was this who Serenity liked to call Gretel? The Weapon constantly mentioned on the news? The one that could sap your life with a touch?

I gulped.


“This ends now.” A voice that sounded aged with wisdom came from behind Velor.

My eyes drifted from face to face, absorbing all the new people I was seeing. The only person I recognized was the old man in the back, he was the one who’d controlled me.

And well…the vampire with the sword on his back wasn’t hard to identify.


I spotted his glowing white eyes immediately. The white-eyed. The last living white-eyed.

Our eyes met and he gave me a nod as if to say: Don’t worry kid, we’ll get you out of here.

“He didn’t even get to ask: you and what army?” A familiar voice suddenly came from the stairs.


Kyxa was here, with a mighty sword in her hands, followed by three more vampires. Because, clearly, there weren’t enough vampires here. The amount of people I knew was surprisingly low. Yet, I had the weird feeling everyone knew who I was.


“The vampire king beating up the old one. Should make a good impression.” Said the blue-haired one.

Suddenly I felt the intrusion of a mind, one I highly suspected was Velor’s. But almost immediately his attack was temporarily pushed back by another mind. A gentler one.


My eyes met with the pink-haired vampire’s and she gave me a gentle smile, confirming my suspicions.

“Xavier, head down with Simon and Zyla, your grandparents by the way. We’ll take it from here.”

Two against four? That’s rather unfair for you guys.” Assaria said.

“Don’t get cocky now.” The blue-haired vampire smirked as Zyla reached over and grabbed my arm. Dragging me away from the mess this was about to become.


Simon led the way, and I followed with Zyla behind me urging me on.

“I think you’re the one being cocky. Did I hear you proclaim yourself as vampire king? Please.” Velor scoffed, and I tried to look up to see what was going on, but Zyla and Simon pulled me out of the loft and down the elevator.

“Shouldn’t we help them?” I asked worriedly as the elevator doors closed.

Simon placed a hand on my shoulder. “It’ll be fine. They can hold their own.”


Upon exiting the elevator, I was literally ambushed by Erin as she lunged forwards, holding onto my neck tightly.

“You f*cking idiot! Getting shot wasn’t enough!?” She cursed in my ear.

I was unbelievably happy to see my friend, after who knows how many hours alone in a damn bathroom but…

“We’re going to need to talk later.” I warned her and she stiffened. She pulled back.

“Aw f*ck you remember. Are you really going to give me a lecture?” Erin whined, but my eyes had caught on to something else.


“Edmund?” This was more than a surprise. I remember when I was being controlled…I’d been so happy to hear that Edmund wanted to talk, he wanted to apologize, and at the same time so frustrated that I couldn’t do a thing about it, trapped inside my own mind.

A smile tried to spread on his face, and he opened his mouth like he was about to say something, but then he closed it again.

“If it wasn’t for Mr.Business-man, Kyxa wouldn’t have been able to find you as soon as she did.” Erin supplied.

“It’s good to see you’re okay.” Edmund finally said, looking relieved that he’d finally managed to say something. I smiled back, but this really wasn’t the time.


“Speaking of, we need to get back up there and help them out.” I said, turning to my…vampire grandparents. They look my age…this is unbelievably weird.

“Annnddd you’re being dumb again. Getting shot and kidnapped wasn’t enough.” Erin said, rolling her eyes.

“That’s classic Whitelight right there.” Simon said to Zyla with a smirk. She smacked his arm.

“Not the time.” She hissed. “Xavier, it’s not a good idea. They can hold themselves.”


“I’m not weak. I’ve got more power than any witch in the world,” I said, knowing full well this was the truth. “They had me temporarily incapacitated because of some artifact they had, but I can hold my own as well. I want to help, not because I feel indebted, but because I can help.”


Both vampires looked away, trying to hide the proud smiles spreading on their faces.

“Don’t know about you, but I’m pretty damn convinced.” Simon said with a smirk.

“James isn’t going to like this.” Zyla said. Simon didn’t need anything else, he leaned over and pressed the up button.

“Thank you.” I said. Erin reached for my arm, but I intercepted her hand. I gave it a small squeeze before slipping into the elevator.


Maybe I should’ve thought about it more…considering I only knew bits and pieces about everyone of these people.

But, the fact is, my main motivator for going upstairs was an impression. One that began in the elevator and only amplified as I met up with Erin and Edmund.

The impression that I needed to be up there, to prevent something horrible from happening. That, as capable as everyone was, their enemies were just as capable, with just as many tricks up their sleeves. That this battle could end in several ways and in none of them did everyone come out intact. That if I didn’t make my way back up those stairs, one of the worst scenarios possible would take place.


I reached the top step, took in the scene before me and was suddenly flooded with information on what was about to happen.

I had little doubt all this information was thanks to my sixth sense.


On one side of the room, Assaria was fighting against the blue-haired vampire and the vampire who’d controlled me yet switched sides at the last minute. All three were battling for one thing: control of that lizard-eyed girl.

Even I could tell she was a valuable asset, and each side was determined to get her with them. But it was clear that Assaria was stronger than both of them. The two wouldn’t last very long.


On the other side, Kyxa had her scary sword up against Velor’s throat, looking like all she wanted to do was chop the smirk off his face.

The reason why she hadn’t done so yet was simple. Velor had insurance.


He’d taken control of Kevil, and the white-eyed had his own sword pressed against Kyxa’s back.

If she went for Velor’s throat, she’d get chopped in half. For now, everyone was in a standoff, but you could tell it wouldn’t last long. Kyxa was growing impatient and at any point now she would decide that she’d end Velor’s life if it meant ending her own.

I could almost see the scene unveiling before me. Kyxa would chop Velor’s head off with one clean swing. Then Assaria would give up the control of the Weapon to make sure Kevil killed Kyxa. The two other vampires would control the Weapon, but – don’t ask me how I know this, just an impression – the white-haired girl listens to the white-eyed first. Assaria would control Kevil to control the girl, to then kill the two vampires.

And then she’d notice me and kill me.

Overwhelmed by the possibility of all of that happening, I reacted one of the only ways my body knew how.


My magic surged from my toes to my hands, and then out of my body with a single purpose. Sleep.

It was the only thing I could think of in a matter of seconds that would fix everything.

The magic seeped out of my fingers and filled the room, successfully sending everyone into a deep slumber.


Okay. Not everyone.

Three of them stayed standing, all for different reasons that had no relation to my ability to cast a spell.

My luck that Kyxa was one of them right?


Kyxa and Assaria looked at me in susprise.

“Xavier! I thought I told you to go with Simon and Zyla.” Kyxa asked, though I could tell she was happy I had, on some level.

There were too many people standing up anyways.” Assaria said, lifting her nose up.

And then the teenage girl, caught in the middle of it all, lunged towards Kyxa, no doubt controlled by Assaria.


Kyxa’s reflexes were sharp however, and her sword came up to meet the young girl. It passed through her abdomen effortlessly, and the lizard-eyed teenager barely uttered a gasp as the large sword cut through her body.


You could tell this wasn’t the death Kyxa had hoped for.

The young girl looked up at Kyxa as her body shuddered from the hole inside her stomach. She gave her a sad almost pitiful look. Yes, pitiful. It didn’t seem like she was sad for herself, for having been stabbed to the point of almost being cut in half…she was pitying Kyxa.


And that was because, as much Kyxa had gotten Gretel, the girl still had managed to touch the fairy’s skin.

Kyxa’s eyes grew heavy as her energy was sapped and she fell to the ground in a heap. The Weapon followed suit as the sword slipped out of her body, leaving a gaping hole.


My heart was beating wildly in fear as Assaria’s bright eyes drifted up to mine.


At this point, anything my gut told me to do, I did. And either way, it was the only logical move in front of an enemy who could use mind control.


Thanks to Kyxa, I rapidly cast an anti-mind control spell. It was similar to the one I’d cast in the hospital, but this one was only around my mind.

And boy, if I’d waited another millisecond I would’ve lost control again.

The moment the spell locked into place, I felt my mind attacked by Assaria’s.


It was violent, harsh and hard to stand up against. She was ruthlessly hitting and breaking my mental shield, laughing sadistically all the while.

I had to keep replacing the broken parts, supplying them with an incredible amount of magic to keep my shield standing. But she was too strong, attacking too quickly, and I couldn’t fill up the holes quickly enough.

Will this be the 1%? What could possibly save you now…


It was too much!

I couldn’t bear it anymore! My body was straining under the effort it was taking to supply my weak mental shield. I could feel her poking through, aiming to harm rather than control, her sadistic voice gripping my heart with fear.

It was imminent. I was going to lose. I couldn’t hold it up anymore.

“Stop it!” I yelled as my arms shook and my head pounded painfully.

A laugh was all I received.


It’s over boy.



Evan’s POV

I slipped the one poisoned bullet into my gun, I wouldn’t need more than one.

My fingers trailed the familiar barrel. It was a gift I’d received…my first and only one.


Point and shoot

There was no simpler command.

It was engrained in my core.

Point and shoot

Doesn’t matter who, doesn’t matter why, because it all does for someone else. I’m just here to do what they can’t.


Point and shoot

This is my last job, I’d told myself. The last one…only because I would need the little extra cash boost to get away to China or something of the like. It’s the only reason.

Not because the pressure of a trigger was all I had ever known. Not because, as much as I hated the lifestyle, getting a clean hit against a tough opponent still sent thrills of victorious excitement down my spine.



Not because risking my life, barely avoiding getting singed by a burst of uncontrolled magic, was exciting as hell.



No one’s POV

And then it happened. Xavier’s shield cracked into a million pieces, leaving the place wide open for Assaria to walk in. She could do what she wanted. She could just as much control him as she could kill him. And he had a feeling the latter pleased her more.

But she didn’t.

And then Xavier realized he wasn’t alone anymore.


James and a boy with black hair just like theirs had magically teleported in front of him.

“Ahoy, the cavalry has arrived!” Exclaimed Benjamin, a curious dragon amulet hanging off his neck.

But most importantly…Assaria was scared.


Oh she was absolutely terrified.

James!” Just as she fearfully uttered the word, Velor began to wake thanks to her mental urging, pushing himself up off the ground.

James didn’t waste any time, he took a step forwards, already battering their minds with ten times the strength Assaria had.


But two steps in, and a second away from beating those two, James crumbled to his knees with a gasp of pain.

“Dad!” Benjamin exclaimed, hesitant to go to his father’s side as victorious grins started to spread on Velor and Assaria’s faces. The tables had turned in their favor.

“What’s happening? What’s wrong?” Xaver asked as fear gripped him again.


“I-I thought I heard a bang…I didn’t think…dad got shot!” Jayjay said.

James was clutching his side, trying to regain his senses, to finish off Velor and Assaria, but he couldn’t. Normally his hatred for those two would surpass the pain from a gunshot wound to the side, but…not when it came from a poisoned bullet.

His skin was already getting clammy and his vision blurry. The poison was making its way into his system and he was seconds from passing out.


He got to you in the end. We really chose a good one.” Assaria laughed, relief flooding her face.

“Almost seems too good to be true. The mighty James, defeated by a bullet.” Velor said, chuckling along, like they had finally vanquished their enemy.

But Xavier wouldn’t believe it. James wasn’t dead yet! But even as he thought those words, James was losing consciousness fast.


“Leave him alone!” Benjamin yelled.

We weren’t going to do anything, but watch him die child. Are you trying to control me? Hmph, you’ve barely the strength of a fly.

“Just to be on the safe side however…” Velor said as he bent down to pick up Kyxa’s sword.

“No! Stop!” Xavier said, knowing full well his words wouldn’t do anything. But what spell could he use? The sleeping spell didn’t work on Assaria and she already beaten his shield…


Voices drifted up from just down the stairs.

“Erin! Stop!”

“Xavier! Where are you!?”

“Is everything okay?”

Zyla, Simon, Edmund and Erin had come up as well, and that only served to make Xavier panic. He was facing two foes with a strong ability for mind control, and their only defense was Zyla, Benjamin and his own magic. But he could tell they wouldn’t be able to last. All the enemy had to do was control Edmund, or Simon, or Erin, or himself, and it would all be over.

Xavier had to do something. There had to be something he could do before it got to that point.


And so, something he did. He brought his hand up and transferred the thought Push into his magic.

It did the job. Every time he thought the word, loudly and clearly, a shockwave burst out of his palm and hit the two square in the chest, causing them to take a step back.


On the fourth hit, Xavier took a little more time to gather his magic, giving Velor and Assaria the opportunity to fight back.

But just as Assaria grabbed hold of Xavier’s mind, he’d already released his magic and sent them crashing through the window, breaking it into tiny fragments..


Xavier let out the breath he’d been holding as Assaria and Velor disappeared out the window to what Xavier hoped would be their deaths.

He didn’t have the time to feel bad about actually murdering two vampires, because his feet had started to move on their own. Assaria still had her grip on his mind, and she wasn’t falling off a building without a price.


Xavier tried to reach out, tried to fight back, and his friends and family tried to grab his outstretched hand, but it was useless.

His feet had tripped over the edge.



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  1. magpie14031983 says:

    OMG where do I even start O_O

    1) Gretel – no poor kid…
    2) Kyxa – hopefully Gretel didn’t get a good enough grip to do much damage! Plus Kyx has all those magical tatoos so maybe one of the will help!
    3) James – you’re stronger than measly poison!
    4) Xav – OMG NO!!!!

    Ok this was brief cuz I’m at work and have to go to a meeting now!
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  2. quackermole says:

    I love. Obviously Xav an’t die because he’s the heir, right?…. right?……… right?

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    • blamsart says:

      …let’s hope Assaria doesn’t manage to hit that 1%…

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      • quackermole says:

        But..but..but we don’t have any Xavmund babies yet… Or any babies… But Xavmund babies would be especially nice 🙂

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        • magpie14031983 says:

          Assaria will not prevail! Xav will live another day, maybe Serenity will do her little time jumping thing and use her magic to save the day! Or maybe… Hmm, I’m running out of ideas, but I have faith Blams will pull some hectic irons out of the fire for us in the next chapter! Fear not, there will be Xav-boos!
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  3. autumnrein says:

    I like this posting every 2-3 days. I think you should keep it up lol. This was an awesome chapter and now I am in complete shock waiting for the next chapter. I have a funny feeling someone is going to sacrifice their life to save Xavier. I hope Velor bursts into flames after he hits the ground. I want him to feel the pain of landing first.

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  4. Skcaga6 says:

    Can I vote Max has heir if Xav bites the dust?

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