8.54 – Backfired last minute plans


No one’s POV

Not exactly how Velor imagined he would die.

He’d considered the possibility he’d get mauled by werewolves, killed by his wife in her sleep, or die in a plane crash. Maybe even murdered by James.

But falling off a who-knew-how-many stories tall building after being pushed by a mere witch? That had definitely not made the list.


Yet as he fell, his heart lurching forwards and his feet sometimes painfully scraping against the wall, he didn’t feel scared or in any way panicked.

Maybe he’d had enough? No, there were still too many things he wanted to do.

Maybe he didn’t mind? Dying might be better than the embarrassment of almost dying at the hands of a witch or of finding out James had somehow miraculously survived.

But in both cases, he wasn’t sure how either, him and James, was supposed to survive. Maybe it was fitting.


Maybe he needed to give his life in exchange…to kill that boy who’d given him such a mean glare, almost sensing that they would never get along.

His grandson.

Velor had once fantasized with Blams of having a family. Of raising their own little brats, and then watching them have their own. Things didn’t really work out that way did they?

Instead, in a quest for power, Blams had died, Velor had gotten Carla killed by her own nephew, and now Velor had sacrificed a lot to try and put James down as well.

Did things go wrong? Or exactly as they should’ve?


“This went surprisingly well.” Velor said, shouting one last sarcastic comment at his partner in crime.

Oh shut your trap.” She hissed. Velor could accept his fate, but Assaria wasn’t yet willing to. She’d lived too long to die from a simple fall. Now if she had her witch powers this would be a piece of cake…but she’d make do with what she had.


And what she had was one man she’d dragged off the roof.

She had the knowledge, and he had the power. If she was quick enough she could save all their necks.

Her hand reached out to help her concentrate; the wind whistling past her ears was of no help whatsoever.

Instantly Xavier’s mouth began to move as he spoke the incantation.


Xavier spun around so he was facing the ground, his arm outstretched to help the spell.

Come on” Assaria muttered as she became increasingly aware of the ground beneath her.

Finally, Xavier finished the spell and a gust of wind erupted from his hands and shot to the ground. It became a small whirlpool of wind that caught all three of them and set them down on the ground gently.


Once his feet had touched the ground, Velor burst out in laughter.

“I’m…not a pancake.” He said. His eyes drifted down to Xavier. “What’s he doing?”

What I want him to.” Assaria said.


“It’s hardly the time for magic tricks woman.” Velor snapped.

Assaria rolled her eyes.

“Well if you won’t, I’m going. I’m not waiting for those others to come rushing down.” Velor said. Assaria let out an exaggerated sigh as Xavier finished casting a bubble of anti-mind control around the three, only to start yet another spell.


The fall has either made you soft or naïve. We have the advantage here.

“James is bound to die in a few hours, and we have the witch with your damn special Damien. We don’t need anything else.” Velor snapped.

What about Kord? He betrayed you, don’t you want his death? What of Zyla, and Kevil? And the Weapon? Surely you don’t want to leave it in their hands. Even if it’s dying, there’s still some use in it I’m sure. And Simon? For a vampire his blood sure smells good. Wasn’t he a pureblood? We could have the Weapon strip him of his vampiric side and then feast on him.” Assaria said, giving him a mocking smirk. “Unless, you’re scared. What is it ex-vampire king?


Velor couldn’t well admit that at this moment, having survived a fall to his death, he actually wanted to do something unbelievably plain like grab himself a kid off the streets to feast on in a corner.

“So what’s the witch doing?” Velor asked as he watched an irritating smirk spread on Assaria’s face.

I have three spells I want him to do. So we can be ready for when they do come running out. First is a simple spell to protect us from outside mind control. There are three of them after all, wouldn’t want to be caught off guard. It’s more a precaution than anything else. I wouldn’t put it past James to use his dying breath to off us. Second, is mostly for entertainment. It’s an illusion spell. It’ll give them the image of our mangled bodies on the ground. And third is a spell to cast us in the spirit world to appear invisible.


“I can understand the first two, but…don’t you have a simple spell that just makes us plain invisible? Do you have to send us into the ghost plane?” Velor asked, watching as Xavier began casting the third spell.

The invisible spell is just a camouflage spell. It’s rather lame, and all you need is for someone to bump into you and you’re made. This spell gives us the attributes of a ghost. That means passing through things. Imagine…you materialize your hands in someone’s body…no one can survive that.” Velor still looked rather reluctant.


“Any ghosts in this ghost plane of yours?”

Are you dumb? Obviously. There are hundreds of ghosts still roaming around. Oh you look so worried. They aren’t going to do anything. If we can’t see them, they aren’t even that strong to begin with! Ghosts are just imprints left behind by people with strong attachments, or people who couldn’t let go. Most fade with time. They’re all rather docile, they won’t care much for our presence. We won’t be in the plane for very long anyway. We might not even see one.

“I’m not a child. I don’t need reassurance.” Velor snapped. Assaria shrugged as Xavier finished the spell, sending all three into the ghost plane.


“Oh no…”

“Simon, he’s…”




Erin stared at the scene the spell was feeding her as her body began to tremble. From sadness, fear, or anger she couldn’t tell. Her voice caught in her throat and she moved forwards to go to his side, wanting to reach what she thought was Xavier’s dead body, but Edmund stopped her. “Erin it’s…” But he let her go, not finding a reason to hold her back.

She dropped to her knees, cursing Xavier’s name, cursing everything she could think of.

Edmund buried his face in his hands as his shoulders began to shake.


Oh, isn’t this adorable?” Assaria chuckled. “No time to waste, come along.

Velor narrowed his eyes at the four, shaking his head. Xavier was as normal as you could get in this family. He wasn’t worth feeling so distraught over.


Assaria moved over to Erin, shoving her ghosty hands inside her head.

Pick your victim.” She smirked. “When you’re ready Xavier’s going to drop this spell for two seconds. Just long enough to put a hole in their heads. We can off them one at a time.

Velor made a move to take care of the closest one, Edmund, when another ghost appeared.


He stood beside Erin and Edmund, giving the two vampires a cold dark stare. Velor hesitated.

“What’s this?”

A ghost, just ignore him.


“…must be my lucky day…” The ghost said, his voice just a whisper in the wind.

“Do they usually speak?”

Yes, they do in the ghost plane. Now are you done wasting time?


“…these are my people…” The ghost said looking at Xavier, Edmund and then finally Erin. His eyes drifted from Assaria to Velor. “…and you’re in my world now…”

The words left his lips in a whispery threat and then he lunged forwards.

His ghostly hands shot out and gripped both their necks tightly, swinging them both onto the ground with tremendous force. They hit the ground hard enough to daze them for a good few seconds.


The ghost took this opportunity to walk over to Xavier, who was still being controlled by Assaria, considering she wasn’t unconscious. The ghost shook his head.

“…geez Xavier. It’s like you’re just asking to be bullied, all the freaking time…”


“…snap out of it man…” The ghost said, slapping Xavier across the hard. “…I’m counting on you here…”

It was all Xavier needed thanks to Assaria’s temporarily weakened state. Xavier gained back control of his body, releasing all the spells that were already beginning to strain his magic.

Erin, Edmund, Simon and Zyla looked up in surprise as the spells dissipated, revealing that the three were still very alive and breathing.


Velor and Assaria groaned, forcing themselves to get up and ignore the pounding of their heads.

“Ghosts don’t do anything huh?” Velor grunted.

Shut up.”

Xavier quickly made his way to his friends’ side, who still hadn’t understood what had quite happened. On his way over he pulled Erin up and brought her over to where the others were standing. Seeing the look on his face, Erin knew better than to start asking questions.


Just as Assaria and Velor were recovering, Xavier began a spell he’d done a couple times now. He quickly cast it, and a invisible bubble formed around the five, protecting them from any mental assault that could come their way.

Xavier had cast too many demanding spells in too short of a period, he could tell that he wouldn’t be able to make a successful spell while continuously supporting this new shield.

It’s always the unexpected with you Whitelights.” Assaria growled.

Before any side could make their move, someone joined the party.


Benjamin teleported from the loft, in between the two parties, ignorant of what had just gone down.

“Guys! We need your help upstairs!” Benjamin exclaimed before he’d even finished teleporting.


“The others have started waking up, but we need help to carry dad and mom and-” Benjamin rambled off still painfully ignorant of the danger he’d put himself in.

The worried four tried to warn him and tell him to leave or get in the bubble Xavier had created, but instead they watched Benjamin’s eyes widen as Assaria took control of him.

See you later.” Assaria said with a wink as she grabbed Benjamin and Velor’s shoulder. Benjamin did his best to fight against her control, but he’d been taken off guard and his hand drifted up to his amulet.

And then the three teleported away.


Benjamin kidnapped. James shot. Kyxa drained. The Weapon impaled.

What a mess.

What a mess it had all become.


Hard chapter to force into reality -_-‘

Xavier has been my heir for a long time now…and I’ve been remembering everything that he went through in elementary, high school and university. What he’s going through now in Ridgevalley…I’m realizing how much he’s lost and how much he’s gained, seeing how much my boy has grown. (though really I’ve been with this heir 11 months now. ELEVEN!)

I dunno, just been feeling like a really proud parent these days. *sniffles*

Proud of Ollie too, may he forever rest in peace

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9 Responses to 8.54 – Backfired last minute plans

  1. autumnrein says:

    Ok, when I saw Oli I got chills. Seriously got chills. He is still incredible. I hate to ask, because he is your character, but is he a character you would ever think about uploading for download at the end of the generation? He is my hero lol.

    I think we are going to start seeing a big change in Velor’s attitude about the entire situation. He seemed pretty comfortable about dying and really reflected on his family and life. I know people probably think a lot of things when they are confronted with death but I hope some of his thoughts will stick with him after the fact.

    Thanks for posting this!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. magpie14031983 says:

    Oli!!!! Oh I still adore you! Way to protect your people! Seems like that stupid ex-witch-now-vampire doesn’t know all about the supernatural like she thinks she does! *sigh* I miss Oli but I’m so glad he was dead so he could do this! *that sounds horrid Steph!*

    I hope Xav remembers that ghost plane spell so that Erin can see Oli again! Or would that just prolong the grieving? I dunno, if I had the chance to see my Gran and Oupa again even if only as a ghost, I’d take it in a heartbeat!

    Wait, if the weapon can drain the power, isn’t it possible that Gretel could also give it back? Maybe with her drying breath she could revive Kyxa?!? Or am I hoping for too much now? OMG Kyx and James are gonna be so pissed when they realise Assaria has Benji! I refuse to think in terms of them being dead/dying! I refuse!

    I agree that Velor might actually be of some use now, I think his epiphany as he was falling to his death might have actually shook a few leaves off the evil tree! How weird would it be if almost dying was the catalyst for Velor suddenly turning into a slightly decent guy? *I am not going to say good because I think that would be stretching it*

    Blams, next chapter please!!! I can’t wait til Saturday! Or heaven forbid, Sunday!
    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

    Liked by 2 people

    • blamsart says:

      You’re not the only one to question yourself on whether the Weapon can give as well. Velor did the same when he wanted to see if the Weapon could revive Blams. Of course he never had the oppurtunity to test it out.
      I’m really loving posting the chapters so often, but I’m also starting to get scared…there’s a specific chapter I wrote that literally broke me and it’s coming up fast. Rereading that to post it is going to be harsh -_-
      Unless something happens I’m planning to have it up on Saturday…


  3. quackermole says:

    OLI!! *does happy dance for a minute*
    Wow… wow… wow… shame Velor and Assaria had to live…. real shame.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Livvielove says:

    ❤ ❤ ❤
    Oh Xavier… you're cute… but not quite like your daddy… still… nice job. (thumbs up)
    (coughs) I have my priorities in line. I swear it.

    Liked by 1 person

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