~ A meeting to transcend generations ~

To allow more recovery time from last chapter, and because next chapter jumps ahead a bit so I consider this the ‘inbetween arcs’ or ‘inbetween parts’ or whatever I’m calling it now *breathes* Here’s that oneshot I talked about a few weeks ago. This is the one that won 🙂


The beginning of time is a hard concept to describe, because for there to be a beginning, there would necessarily have needed a nothing to precede it.

And when you gaze upon the wonders of the world, with their greens and their pinks and their yellows and their blues…how could a nothing possibly ever have existed?

On a beautiful spring day, with the soft bristling of leaves and the scurrying of animals, a young woman was thinking those very same thoughts.


Truly who could resist sprawling out among the plants and the wildlife? To feel the sun on one’s face, the bugs scurrying along one’s legs, the soft graze of leaves in one’s hair?

Well this young maiden most definitely could not. An ideal world was where she had no chores to do at home to assure her family’s survival, it was where she could lay here among what was a life and certainly not something that could have an origin such as a nothing.


“Hello.” A kind face and a kind word. Hello wasn’t a word often used to greet someone. Only the most respected family…only the Hans family could even utter that word. It was a word made of promises, a word to welcome and invite. A cherished and revered word, yet such a simple one.

The young maiden’s eyes drifted from the trees overhead to meet the eyes of her greeter. Her eyes widened at the sight of the bright eyes staring back at her with unveiled curiosity. Custom demanded that she kneeled before him and demanded forgiveness for having sprawled in such an untimely fashion. It was importantly so considering he was the Hans family’s prestiged son. The man with eyes whiter than snow.


But the woman was hardly one for customs. And though she received quite the various punishments for her outlandish acts and comments, she persevered in what she did best: being herself

She propped herself up, watching to see what the honorable son of the Hans’ would do in response to her behavior. Even if she wanted to, there wasn’t much she could do to pardon her carefree behavior anyway.


The bringer of gifts smiled at her intense gaze. He laid beside her amongst the colorful flowers.

“My name is Hansel.” He said. She understood the words, but they seemed odd and heavy with a tone no one spoke with. She had heard rumors of this, that his eyes had given him a different speech, a speech meant for the future.

She opened her mouth, and spoke her name as softly as if she had whispered it. “Whitelight.”


“If I may, you have the most stunning eyes I’ve ever seen.” He said leaning back comfortably. She smiled and did the same. Had she found a soul similar to hers? One prone to countering the rules set around them?

It sure would seem so as Hansel talked to the strong flower of the hidden pond in a way you were only allowed to with your closest family members.


Even more so, Hansel spoke to her in a way no one ever did to anyone. And thus began a love story that would intertwine their souls for generations to come.

It was a simple meeting in which a gifted white-eyed man fell in love with a rebellious crimson haired maiden. A meeting to transcend generations.


It was, in the end, the first true love this new world had ever known, one that blossomed along with the flowers, hidden among the plants.

As pure as it was, it was a love that would not be left alone to blossom. In the middle of its bloom, its petals would be harshly plucked and tossed away to drift in the wind. Their love would produce a delicate fruit, only for it to be poisoned and tossed away as well.

As much as they were certain that their fates were bound together by something stronger than the strength of their comrades, one day they would be torn apart, split into two halves. And then later, in the form of a hot headed witch and a carefree man, their souls would temporarily meet again to officially bind themselves together.


But for now, being together under the sun’s rays and the chattering of the birds, was an easy thing to make into reality.


You all know where the Whitelights get their recklessness now

Short and simple 🙂

Not all the one shots are going to be like this -_-‘

So if you liked, feel free to go ahead and vote for the next one!

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