8.59 – A different approach

Warning: PG-13, visual gore

Ok so I’m officially out of backup chapters guys! Which means next chapter’s ETA is unknown XD

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No one’s POV

Edmund had flashed what he hoped was his most honest to god charming smile with the idea that he couldn’t really look more ridiculous than Xenia and Erin had obviously thought he looked.

Looking up at Xavier with his ridiculously hopeful smile, the flowers he’d gotten out in the open along with his feelings, he’d expected – no hoped for something different.


To his credit, Xavier’s initial expression had been one of a pleasant surprise.

But, much to Edmund’s worry, the witch’s face had grown a little sad, apologetic…regretful even?

“Yeah, maybe the flowers are a little overboard…” Edmund mumbled. Xavier licked his lips and opened his mouth, clearly about to say something Edmund didn’t want to hear.


“I just picked them up on the way here, it was a last minute thought, pretty stupid now that I think about it,” Edmund rambled on, his cheeks starting to burn again. “Let’s just forget they exist, okay?”

Xavier didn’t respond looking even sadder than when Edmund had brought out the flowers. Edmund was starting to panic a little: What exactly was he doing wrong now?


Maybe it was that…

“Sorry I kind of disappeared for a few months, but to be honest I didn’t see much of anyone at all then. I’ve…I’ve started my career as a writer. I don’t work for my father anymore. I have my own place and…” Edmund said, the pride he felt slipping through his words.

Xavier smiled, looking genuinely happy for Edmund, and that gave him the strength to continue.

“I’m not the same man anymore Xavier. I think you might like this one better.” Edmund admitted, his heart waiting in anticipation of Xavier’s response.


Xavier glanced at the flowers he was still holding in his hand.

“It’s sweet…but you’re right. I can see that you’re a different man Edmund, and so am I. We just aren’t the same people anymore. We can’t just pick up where we left off.” Xavier said, carefully weighing his words.


“I know that-” Edmund began to say.

“It’s great that you’ve finally gotten a hold of your life! But…this is a great opportunity to meet other people?” Xavier said.

“Xavier, I don’t want-

“It’s better off okay?”

And with a small awkward nod Xavier turned around to head back inside.


“Not even a try?” Edmund asked, the flowers feeling heavy in his hand.

Xavier seemed to hesitate, giving Edmund a little bit of hope.

“It’s too late.” He replied. If he didn’t have his back facing him Edmund could’ve sworn Xavier was fighting back a smile.


For a moment, Edmund believed it. He believed it was too late, that Xavier wouldn’t be able to trust him ever again.

But then he thought about it, but really thought about it. They hadn’t become that different, had they?

And after all, he’d managed to betray Xavier’s trust on more than one occasion, a different attitude and a bouquet of flowers wasn’t going to change that fact. If he was serious about this, Edmund needed to win that trust back, to show him the man he was now.


The more he thought about it the more it made sense, the more Xavier’s reaction made sense.

He still had a chance.

And either way he didn’t have anything to lose at this point.


Xavier took in a deep breath, only to realize his three friends were staring at him with curious looks.

“You two are really mean.” He said, gesturing at Erin and Xenia. They rolled their eyes.


A few days later…


“Well hello to you too!” Erin called out as Maxwell sped off running after what looked like a small hamster scurrying in the snow. They’d just picked him up from school and he’d barely cast them a second glance, clearly thinking chasing small animals was more entertaining.

“He’s as polite as Oliver was.” Xavier chuckled.

“Yeah tell me about it.”


“And while you’re at it…” Erin continued with a devious smile. “You can tell me what made you so happy today. You don’t usually have that type of grin when you come back from work.”

Xavier smirked, having expected this question from his friend. “Well, if you must know, I have a date on Saturday.”


Erin suddenly grabbed Xavier’s arm, stopping him from walking any further.


“Pretty sure I don’t need to repeat.”

“You? A date?” Erin asked.

“Now I’m just getting insulted.”

“Not my goal. I’m just surprised.” Erin admitted. “Well now you have to spill everything. And most importantly who and how!?”


Xavier never got to respond when Maxwell suddenly let out an exclamation of surprise.

“Mom!” He called out.

“Maxwell? What’s wrong?” Erin asked, quickly making her way over.


“Mom! Mom look! There’s someone in the alley! I think I can see blood!” Maxwell said, motioning for Erin and Xavier to quickly make their way over.

At the word ‘blood’ they quickened their pace.


“Don’t get too close Max.” Xavier said as Erin carefully walked over to see who it was.

Her mouth drew open in surprise as she recognized the person on the ground. With his sixth sense and that, Xavier didn’t need much else to figure out who it was.


It was that decidedly unlucky sniper.

Erin turned back to Maxwell. “Let’s go home and from there we’ll call the ambulance.” Erin stated firmly.

“No!” Maxwell countered. “WE need to be the ones to help him!”


“Maxwell! This man should go to the hospital.” Erin affirmed, surprised by her son’s reaction.

“Dad says that we can’t! That WE have to bring him home and help him.” Maxwell insisted angrily.

Erin stiffened at the mention of Oliver.


“If that were true, your father is being stupid.” She snapped. Xavier cast a glance at the sniper. Apart from the obvious facial wounds and bruises, Xavier couldn’t sense anything life threatening.

“I knew you didn’t believe me! But it’s true! Dad says we can’t bring him to a hospital! Only WE can help him.” Maxwell insisted, standing his ground stubbornly.


“I think we should.” Xavier cut in. Erin whirled around.


“Erin calm down. It’s true that his…profession might not make it wise to bring him to a hospital. He doesn’t seem that bad off. I think he just needs some rest and a little cleaning up.” Xavier said.

“I can’t believe I’m hearing this. You do know what he’s done don’t you!?”

Maxwell moved around as if he was trying to see the beat up man, but something was blocking his view.

“Yes. Something he was hired to do. And even with that, when his employers weren’t dead yet, he willingly gave us the antidote to save my dad.” Xavier pressed on.


“Xavier tell me you’re not seriously suggesting this. You told me yourself you were happy the last few months hadn’t been too eventful. Hell, just the fact that this guy shot you should be enough to convince you!” Erin insisted, inhaling sharply through her nose.

“Why are you so against this?”

“Moooommm! We’re the only ones who can help him! We have to be the heroes!” Maxwell insisted, tugging onto his mother’s coat.

“Fine.” She eventually snapped. Xavier and Max exchanged a smirk.



Erin and Xavier were lucky enough to not have an audience as they dragged the sniper up the elevator and into their apartment. They dropped him on the couch.

“Do you think he’ll be okay? What do we do first? Do we clean the blood? Or check for broken bones?” Maxwell started rapidly asking. Erin stopped him.

“You’re going in your room.” She stated.


“Eh? But mom-”

“In. Your. Room.” Erin insisted, and her glare was enough for Max not to dare push any further. He scurried off.


Erin took one look at the sniper before wringing her hands nervously. Xavier waited, and eventually Erin voiced her worries. “How does he do it Xav? He’s never met Oliver, but sometimes Max talks about him and it sounds like the sort of stupid thing he’d say or do.”

Xavier looked away, beginning to doubt something he had established as true for…several reasons.


“Erin…there’s something I haven’t told you yet…”

“I’m not liking the sound of that.” Erin said, eyeing her best friend suspiciously.

“You know that day? When a whole lot of events led to me falling off a building?” Xavier asked.

“Hard to forget.”

“Well, I didn’t free myself from the control of those vampires on my own…First off, understand that my memories of that are pretty fuzzy. Most of everything I remember is of desperately wanted to gain back control of my own body, so when all was said and done I wasn’t sure if I’d even seen right!”

“Just get to the point Xav…”


“When Assaria and Velor made me cast the spell that made us invisible…it sent us into the spirit world. And we saw a ghost there, and that ghost was the one to knock Assaria and Velor out and help me gain back control. I’m pretty sure it was Oliver.” Xavier admitted, watching Erin’s reaction closely.

Her silent stare was the worst response she could’ve given him. Xavier decided to add on anyway.

“I think I remember the spell well enough to send us into the spirit world to see if-”


“So you’re saying Maxwell can see into the spirit world?” Erin cut in.

“Oh uh…yeah I guess I am. We could confirm it you know. If what Max says is true, Oliver’s ghost might be here right now.” Xavier said. “If you want…”

Erin tried to keep a straight face on for as long as she could, but eventually it cracked.


“I…I don’t…”

“If you’re not ready that’s okay.” Xavier immediately cut in. He didn’t want to see Erin so conflicted.

“No I’m…I don’t want to hope.” She confessed. “It still feels fresh, but at the same time old…I’m afraid…” Erin was obviously struggling with her words, unsure of what she should be feeling just then.

“Erin it’s okay, forget I said anything.”


“No. Let’s do it. I’m good. I want to see for myself.” Erin almost snapped.


“Yes really. Do it.” Erin insisted.

“Ok.” Xavier said with a small smile. He walked over to the counter and put out the incense, before walking back to Erin.


He flexed his fingers, spoke the incantation, released his magic, and was surprised to find he got it on the first try.

He wasn’t surprised however, to find his magic almost felt slippery between his fingers, and he had to concentrate twice as hard to make sure he didn’t lose control of any fraction of his magic.


Erin’s eyes widened a little as her view of the world changed. Not a lot, but just enough to let her know Xavier’s spell had worked. She had expected something else from the spirit world…and that something else wasn’t feeling like a blob of water held together by an imaginary force.

“So…this is it?”

“Yeah.” Xavier nodded. He could already feel the spell chipping away at his magic. “I probably won’t be able to hold the spell for more than a few minutes.”

“Where is he?” Erin asked, a lump threatening to form in her throat.


“I assumed he’d be around here…” Xavier replied rubbing the back of his neck and casting a look around the ghostless apartment.

A few moments passed and Erin’s patience wore thin. “And here you actually had me believing.”

“Maybe I did imagine it…”

But then, a muffled voice came to them from the inside of Erin and Maxwell’s bedroom.


“….seriously buddy, I’ll be right back…” The ghost said as he walked out of the bedroom through the wall. “…the answer to that question is 45…are you sure? Sometimes the answer sheets are wrong you know…”

Xavier and Erin watched speechless as their old friend finally came out of the wall.


Taking in a deep breath, Oliver flashed them a bright smile. “…hi…” He exclaimed happily, his voice only sounding like a whispery breath.

Erin’s hands moved to her mouth to stifle a cry, believing everything her son had said. Xavier gave a weak smile, feeling happy, sad, and weak all at the same time. The last part mostly because he could feel his magic straining under the spell already.

Erin’s hand reached out like she wanted to touch Oliver, just to really make sure, but she hesitated, her fingers hanging in thin air. Oliver smirked.

“…come here you…” He said, grabbing her outstretched hand and pulling her towards him.


She crumbled in his arms.

“…geez It’s not that bad. It’s not like I give him all the answers…” Oliver chuckled. Erin punched his side lightly before hugging him even tighter. He winced, but smiled and whispered into her hair. “…wish things could’ve gone differently…”

Erin pulled back reluctantly. “You’ve been here all along?”

“…of course! And that’s entirely your fault. Bad Erin…” Oliver teased.


“…I shouldn’t be here. I don’t want to be here. I love seeing you and Max, but it physically hurts being stuck here. And I’ve only Max to talk to…”

“But now with Xav’s spell-”

Oliver cupped her face in his hands. “…Erin, you didn’t listen…”


She bit her lip. “Why is it my fault then?”

“…you’re holding me here…”


“…I’m flattered you care so much, but…”

“Of course I do, you idiot!” She snapped, her eyes pricking with tears. Not again…

“…I died Erin. You need to let me go. You need to move on, for both of us…” Oliver said.

“Well I don’t want to.” Erin stubbornly said. Oliver chuckled.

“…you know…” He began to say as he made his way over to the sofa.


“…I didn’t insist on having this man brought here because I wanted to see you angry. Even though that’s always a plus…” Oliver said with a teasing smirk.

“Oh no you don’t! You don’t get to do this!” Erin almost growled, which only made Oliver’s smile grow wider.


“…it’s not like I chose just anybody obviously, and he’s not perfect but he fits most of my requirements, and the fact that he already knows what happened to your parents helps avoid an awkward conversation later on…”


“…and he could use some guidance as much as you could I’m sure, sure you’re angry at him but isn’t that how it starts with you? I’m just kidding, if get angry you might actually hurt me even if though I’m technically dead…”


“…this is me trying to say I really don’t care, I want you to be happy so move on, find someone else, and even though you’re seeing me now, I’m not actually me, I’m just a really strong imprint that can’t seem to go away! But I think you two could be a compatible match, I made sure to look into his background to make sure…”

“Oliver! You don’t get to choose for me.”


“…I know, just consider this a suggestion then…”

“It’s your fault Max isn’t doing so well on his homework isn’t it?”

“…I suppose my advice may not be the best considering my own grades I admit…” Oliver said with a chuckle. A small smile formed on Erin’s lips.

“I missed you.”

“…yeah I know…”

“I need to ask, about Max-”


But Erin never had the chance to ask her parenting question as Oliver suddenly vanished from her sight, and she was thrust out of the spirit world along with Xavier. She turned around to ask Xavier what had gone wrong, only to find him on the ground.


He was panting heavily, looking pale and sick, and with an apologetic smile on his face.

“Sorry Erin, I tried to hold it as long as I could.” He wheezed out.

“Oh my god you idiot.” Erin exclaimed, heading to Xavier’s side. “You should’ve told me it was this demanding!”


“Well to be fair, I did say I could only hold it for a few minutes.” Xavier replied, color slowly returning to his cheeks. “Hey, we could always ask Maxwell to be an owl if you still have things to ask Oliver.”

Erin shook her head. “No. I don’t want to ask him something like that. It wouldn’t be right. Now come on, let’s get you to your bed.”


“There now, you’re all nice and comfy-” Erin said, almost pushing Xavier onto his bed.

“Really Erin, I’m feeling better already, good enough to even cast the spell again! I don’t think I need to nap-” Xavier tried to protest, but Erin shushed him.

“Shut up, you’re comfortable yes? Okay you have ten minutes to continue that conversation we started earlier.”

“Excuse me?”


“You know, the one about your date?” Erin said.

“Are you serious?” Xavier felt the need to facepalm.

“Yes.” Erin said with a serious expression.

“After what just happened? The fact that Maxwell is waiting in the other room, or that there’s a wounded guy on the couch, or that we just saw Oliver’s ghost doesn’t seem more…I don’t know, prioritary?” Xavier asked.

“Please, Maxwell is doing his homework, that sniper is passed out, and we’ve just dealt with Oliver. Now we can move on to you. Chop chop, what’s his name?” Erin said, an excited smile spreading on her face.

“Geez, alright!” Xavier chuckled and nodded. He had a feeling Erin was more searching for a way to get her mind off things than anything else. “I just know you aren’t going to like it, but well here’s how it went…”


Earlier that day…


Xavier had just finished a rather demanding day. Him and his colleagues hadn’t managed to meet the predetermined deadline, and they’d suffered the consequences of it. Though, to be fair, there weren’t a lot of people who would’ve been able to meet that deadline. But the company had suffered a significant employee loss in the last month or so. The Pallen corp. had suffered a blow, and the outer divisions were receiving the brunt of it.


Xavier was lost in his thoughts, already daydreaming about the hot cocoa he’d make once he and Erin had gone to pick Maxwell up from school, when out of nowhere, someone ran into him.


“I’m so sorry! Are you alright?” The man asked, reaching out to help steady Xavier so he didn’t fall face first in the snow.

“Yeah! It’s okay, you just caught me by surprise…” Xavier’s words trailed off as he recognized the voice, and as he looked up, the face as well.


“I still feel really bad, can I make it up to you over dinner?” The red headed man asked, trying to fight a grin. He extended his hand. “I’m Edmund.”


Xavier couldn’t help, but smile.

The hand was an offer. Let’s start over.

He grasped Edmund’s hand and shook it. “Xavier.”





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  1. autumnrein says:

    *sobs about Oliver*. *Cheers for Edmund*, *sobs about Oliver*, *Cheers again*. I think I’m getting a complex lol.

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  2. Senkime says:

    Oh my god, so adorable! I’m in the same boat as Autumn. *joins the We want Oliver club*

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  3. magpie14031983 says:


    I’m gonna miss Oli when E finally let’s him go! I’m so sad that it hurts him to stay! He is so beautiful! Inside and out (although not that great at homework lol)…

    I love Ed’s approach! Its absolutely perfect! *le sigh* gonna be interesting when Ed discovers that E’s potential new beau is his first boy-on-boy kiss from his childhood! I’m so glad we get to be a fly on the wall for that 😀
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    • blamsart says:

      Yeah well it’s not natural…Erin’s going to have to sit down and talk to Maxwell as well when that happens. I mean the kid practically sees Oliver everyday.
      Ed’s finally learning how to do things! I like this Edmund a lot more (and pretty sure Xav feels the same way).
      Yes indeed, that meeting’s going to have to happen, I didn’t place those tiny flashbacks at the beginning of the generation for nothing! (speaking of that was what? 11 months ago? holy hell)


      • magpie14031983 says:

        Wait? We’ve been with Xav for a YEAR?!? Wow O_o so how long were we with James then?!?
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        • blamsart says:

          NOT A YEAR YET *crosses fingers* Maybe I can manage to finish it before then? God I don’t want to have spent a whole year on a generation DX

          James’ generation was five months long! Xav’s already easily doubled him!


          • magpie14031983 says:

            How long we got before its a year? *challenge* bet you can’t finish before then 😛 (what makes you think I want more chapters?)
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  4. lunableddyn13 says:


    Sorry, moi is just really happy with this chapter. It’s good to know that Edmund really is being truthful about wanting to start over with Xavier, as it means that he has finally grown up enough to realize how idiotic he was being.

    But Erin, Oliver’s right. I know my mum would be heartbroken if she found out that my brother’s soul was still tied to this plane of existence just because she couldn’t let him go. Because if you love them, then you have to trust you’ll see them again and just let them leave.

    Please update again soon!

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  5. quackermole says:

    OLI OLI OLI OLI OLI OLI OLI OLI OLI OLI OLI OLI OLI OLI OLI OLI OLI OLI OLI OLI OLI!! Nooooooo. Please stay! *sobs* I miss you…. Why’d you have to bring it all back?? ;_;

    But Edmund and Xavaiar; SO CUTE ^.^
    I love love love love love it!
    I can’t wait for their date. I’m glad they’re taking it slowly… but please not tooo slowly – I want those babies!

    Awesome chapter!

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  6. Yes, Edmund, you do need to win his trust back—you do need to SHOW him the man you are now. And you better, because you two have been in love and separated for far, far too long. My heart can only take so much…..

    ON THAT NOTE, OLIVER!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahh! You know when we saw him in the spirit world back there I was realllly hoping that they’d be able to go back into it on their own and talk to him, and look! Xavier remembered the spell and they were able to do just that! Oliver is just as he’s always been =) *hugs him too* hehe. Ah, but as much as I’d love for them to be able to keep in contact, Oliver really is just a strong imprint and not really there…so it would be best to let him move on, especially since staying here has been painful for him ;______;

    And OHHH a new beginning for Edmund and Xavier! Hooray!!!!!!!!!!! Although omfg, I totally have a rough draft scene written out in which Isaac reintroduces himself to Augustus, a scene that parallels the first time they met doing that project and ah! Nope! Scrapping it! I’ve already felt bad about the similarities so far here even though they were obviously unintended since I’d never even read any of this before and fjdkfffadsdjks. No more similarities! Lol. Luckily I’m pretty sure there won’t be anymore…I think, lol. Gah! XD At least there are far more differences than there are similarities x___x lol *face palm*

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    • blamsart says:

      I did notice the similarities!
      (but I mean some of them couldn’t be helped lol)
      I just find it really cool that our minds ran on such similar lengths

      If Isaac does that I’d die no matter that Ed pulled a similar stunt ITS A WONDERFULLY CUTE GESTURE (and Isaac would prob pull it off even better than Ed and be all mushy and blushy and cute)

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      • Haha yes that’s true, our minds apparently do!

        But hahaha idkkkkkk. It might end up in there, it might not. Truth be told I have SOOOO many random little tidbits jotted down in word documents and in my phone and more than half of it probably just gets lost/dropped x____x

        Mostly though, since Gus’ story is technically a side-arc that I want to/semi-need to wrap up as quickly as possible, I’ve been really thinking hard about what NEEDS to be in there and what doesn’t and the more I include for Augustus the more I technically have to include for Gemma since their parts go back and forth and ahhhh. I feel pretty overwhelmed, lol.

        I’m continuously impressed by how quickly you get these updates out. Like the ones I’m reading now were all posted two days apart? And I sift and work through a single chapter for months. Arghhh, lol. I know I need to not compare, but I do wish I could figure them out and get them out faster x_______x

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        • blamsart says:

          “How do you make such quick updates? *passes mic over*
          Me: hhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm maybe that’s cause I always take the first draft? EDITING TO THE MINIMUM
          Reason: why i’ll prob never publish a book really. All that editing process that needs to be done would kill me.

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          • Ahh you know, that probably is a major contributor to my current issues. I used to always take the first draft too, editing to the minimum. Like I remember when I came back from my like, two year disappearance to continue James’ story I released those chapters lightning fast, but 1.) I was doing minimum editing, 2.) the chapters were shorter, 3.) I relied on in-game interactions more often than poses, and 4.) I didn’t edit my photos. And slowly as I wrote Joanne’s generation, everything changed and I can’t seem to go back to how it was. Which isn’t an entirely bad thing I guess, but it’s killer when it comes to actually getting stuff posted!!!! Each change just makes the process longer x___x And on the one hand, I love the result so much more; but on the other, the slowness is making me want to scream in frustration, lol. I guess maybe I need to figure out how to start streamlining my writing process!

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            • blamsart says:

              I say first draft, but…I’ve basically done all the thinking and scene imagining and fixing in my head already. So when it comes to putting things to paper/word it does so on its own? And I usually don’t feel any need to fix anything. (well sometimes there are minor things I’ll add or substract later)
              Hmmm i do do minimum editing, my chapters are sometimes hurtfully long with a lot of building and posing needed, and I love editing my screenshots…
              I guess this really concludes to me having NO LIFE and this story being 24/7 hobby for me.
              yes sounds about right.

              I mean in the end, to each their own pace! Our brains may be all composed of the same matter, but they don’t all work the same way! The achievement of perfect quality (*winks at you*) takes time and effort! Lots of planning and dedication, and lots of thinking.

              I’m a spontaneous writer. When I sit down to write (in the right mood, with the right jotnotes, the right music and the right amount of patience of course), I’ll vomit the words out onto my doc like I’m describing a movie I’m watching RIGHT NOW. That’s just how I am. I lose a lot of description here, and I tend to focus more on a character’s thoughts and spontaneous reactions.

              I don’t know exactly where I was going with this, BUT there ain’t just one type of writer.
              And sometimes it’s also all a matter of balance with that annoying thing called RL.

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              • No life? No!!!!!! Your life is fully enriched with your artistry and amazing talent and the fact that you’ve created something like this is REALLY FREAKING COOL and you should be PROUD!! How many others can say they’ve created something so awesome in their lives? NOT MANY. Just as there isn’t any one type of writer, there isn’t any one type of life to live either.


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                • blamsart says:

                  WELL YES THERE’S THAT
                  But socially EXTROVERTLY speaking I has no life
                  Not that you’ll ever hear me complaining
                  I am SUPER proud very very SUPER proud. My brain creates beautiful things for my own enjoyment and all I have to do is sit for a few hours to make chapters!

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              • You talking about being a spontaneous writer though made me start thinking about what kind of writer I am and hmmm….I don’t think I was always this way, but I feel that as of late I’ve been a slow, methodical writer? I get random word vomit sometimes that I’ll jot down the bare minimum of in a word document or my phone, but when it comes to the actual full writing I feel like it takes me forever to get into the right mindset. And then once I’m there I’ll write like a paragraph, daydream, check other stuff, come back, write some more, read over what I’ve read, edit, drift off again, finish the scene, then re-write the scene from scratch based on the original version…..*dies just thinking about it* But lmao, I mean, I guess in the end it all works out?!?! Jeez! XD

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      • Ohhh and in the scene Isaac was actually pretty smooth about it and it was Gus who ends up flustered because in that situation, Isaac was mostly in control of the conversation. It’s when Gus catches Isaac off-guard that he gets embarrassed and flustered himself…i.e. blushy and cute! XD So hope for Augustus catching him by surprise if you want to see more of that 😉

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        • blamsart says:

          WELL YES Isaac would be smooth and then Gus would do something and Isaac would NOT be smooth
          ISAAC flustered is the cutest thing really

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          • LOL, yup! That’s exactly how it goes.

            And I know, right? The best part is I didn’t even know he could get like that. Like originally my conceptualization of his character was always smooth and even a bit cocky, and then all Augustus did was BE HIMSELF and Isaac was unbalanced and shy and I think I literally screamed, lmao. Who knew? WHO. KNEW?

            I think though that it might take more to catch Isaac off-guard nowadays….Hmm, I guess I’ll see. Also, well, challenge accepted, lololol. What would jt take now? Or will he surprise me all over again? XD

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            • Oh ho ho!!! I realize I just answered my own question. What would it take? Well the same as last time: Augustus being fully himself again….Augustus not being so careful in his selection of words and Augustus not being as guarded as he is now. And what would it take for Gus to get there? Only the most simple and yet, for him now, the most difficult thing in the world: Trust.

              And the trust between Isaac and Gus has blown up into a million pieces ahahahahaahaa *nervous laughter* *cries*

              BUT even though he’d probably say otherwise I don’t think he’s fully gained trust with Patrick either so….therein lies the potential. Who will end up gaining it? Hmmmmmm.

              Andddddd suddenly your comment section turns into where I think through my mess of ideas! Lol.

              *waves hands dramatically around head* But yes, things are happening up here, yessssss XD

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    • blamsart says:

      Me: *relooking at that last pic of that chapter* AND THEN YOU HAD 500 PRETTY BABIES AND LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER *gushes*
      I wish gosh, 500 little eddie’s and xav’s? gaawww
      (of course things are NEVER that simple aosifjdk)
      Fun fact: That scene was almost completely annihilated by a drunk taxi driver.

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