8.64 – Happy surprises

It’s more of a short filler chapter…which actually gave me a lot of difficulty. I had a certain amount of information to transmit, and after several tries I somehow managed to present them in a cohesive order…I don’t really like filler chapters, but I think this one was okay lol


3 months later

Maxwell’s POV


Can I just say?

My family is weird. Like weird. Like just….weird. The kids at school talk about the stuff they do and well they all have a dad, and they can’t see ghosts (but really there aren’t that many to even see in the first place so is that really considered weird?), and they don’t have a witch uncle (nobody knows a supernatural these days like am I the only one?), and they have grandparents.

Not that I really paid much attention to it before. It’s only when dad stopped following me around and that stuff started to get weird at home that I really started to realize Josh and Carl were right.

So see, the weirdest thing that happened, is this. Um about two months ago, or three, or…I’m not sure but it was when there was still snow, of that I’m sure!


Anyway, this guy suddenly started showing up at my house. Okay people showing up at home isn’t that weird, there’s always people barging in. Friends of mom and Xavier, and there’s like a bunch. Sometimes my uncle’s family comes to visit too. Now they’re even weirder. Especially that scary vampire guy. Thank god he only comes like every two months or something. Don’t laugh, but I almost peed myself the first time I met him. And all he did was look at me! Imagine if he started talking!


Anyway, so this guy comes from time to time. He just like opens the door, slumps on the sofa or whatever and switches on the tv. Sometimes he even has a bruise or blood on his clothes! He’s not like a stranger really since me and dad found him passed out in the snow before, so I didn’t freak out when I saw him. (It was sooo embarrassing, but I hid in my room the first time mom and uncle brought new friends home)

Ahem, so first time he came into our house, mom sort of lost it. She got really pissed and kicked him out and then I think she kicked herself out? She didn’t come back inside for like twenty minutes and when she did she didn’t look angry anymore.


After that the guy started coming back regularly a day or two every week and always bringing some sort of gift. He brought a gun once which got him kicked out again. I found that pretty funny. But mostly he brings gushy stuff like flowers and chocolate and dvds of really good movies. I think I could kind of like him? If he wasn’t always eating my mom’s face. EW. That and whenever he’s around, mom doesn’t pay as much attention to me which annoys me.

So that’s one weird thing, another weird thing is uncle Xavier.


He was really weird and maybe even a little scary for a little while. He always looked really sick and tired and annoyed and everyone seemed to be acting really timid around him like they were afraid of breaking him. Sometimes he was himself, even showing me some pretty cool spells! But most of the time he was…glum. But he’s better now.


Oh and uncle started bringing home a new friend too. This guy is really cool, I like him! He’s a writer, and he’s really funny, and at least he paid attention to me while everyone was busy being weird! He always brings me weird trinkets when I ask for them. He’d be like really really cool if it wasn’t for his brother.



I HATE him. Xavier and Edmund brought him and me and Emily to the park once and I just looked at him and I just knew I was never going to like him. He has like a really snobby attitude and he’s just annoying, okay? Just really annoying.


Emily can’t see it, she’s too blinded by his stupid charm which I think only works on girls because I can see the real person he is. He’s actually a demon in disguise. Don’t believe me? IT’S THE TRUTH. And I told him that I would find a way to reveal to everyone that he was Satan himself and he just laughed and stuck his tongue out at me. He didn’t even deny it! See? That should be proof enough, but Emily says I exaggerate. I tried explaining to her she couldn’t see his real self because she was a girl but she called me a meanie and stormed off.

Only I can see it. I have to be the hero and defeat the villain!

And it would be so much easier if mom would just let me have a weapon like Evan.


5 months later

Edmund’s POV


And here I thought nothing could surprise me anymore. But it seems the last few months still had a thing or two to throw my way.

For example that guy Traz. Xavier had told me all about him and I’d disliked him from the moment he’d forced Xav to watch his guys bully someone. When Xavier had told me he’d gone to prison though, I didn’t think I’d ever see him! But low and behold, four months ago, just when I was heading over to pick Xav up from work, someone had beat me to it.


I didn’t realize who it was until Xavier had told me himself and I’d been pretty doubtful of this guy, but he seemed to be okay. Or at the very least, he didn’t want to play around with Xavier anymore. Apparently prison had sent his mind on the ideas of love, and Annaliese seemed to be the target for his cupid’s arrow. She didn’t reject him, she was actually pleasantly surprised with his advances.


Speaking of, it’s around that time that she dropped by to see what she could do for Charlotte. Her first attempts didn’t yield much. She was having trouble healing something she couldn’t see, but she could tell that there was something to heal. So with the help of Erin’s power enhancing potion and of Xavier’s spells, she managed to isolate the cells that were going to cause Charlotte trouble in the future and they managed to rectify the problem!

We were still unsure whether or not her disease would come back, but so far things are looking good. Charlotte’s feeling a lot better too. She found herself someone! And who that someone is really took Xavier, Xenia, Erin, Teo and I off guard when she introduced him at the wedding.

Oops. I’m getting ahead of myself.


Let me just remember that night before I get into that day.

I’d been thinking about it for a long while, and constantly deciding against and for it. Not because I didn’t want to, but because I was afraid Xavier would say no. Seems so ridiculous now.


But eventually I made up my mind and took Xavier out on a starlight date, nervous as hell. He probably knew all along what I was planning on doing with his sixth sense, but he patiently waited without laughing at me too much.


Xavier, I can’t imagine myself with anyone else. You’re wonderful, kind, caring and strong. I love you and thinking back on the times we’ve been apart pains me. Let me be the man who stands by your side. Who gets the wake up to your smile every morning. Marry me?”



The relief and happiness I felt when he said yes was overwhelming. And three months after that – yesterday as it happens – everyone had gathered at the park, during a relatively cloudy day for the vampire guests, to witness our marriage. We didn’t have enough money to do something expensive (especially with the house we bought), but I don’t think anyone minded.


My dad obviously didn’t come, but my mom decided to and she brought Alistair along with her.

And he was so cute in his little suit! He actually managed to keep it relatively clean too while he played with Maxwell, Emily and some of Xavier’s cousins.


Maxwell on the other hand well…Erin should’ve known not to give him a white tuxedo. It’s definitely not reusable. That kid runs around jumping in mud and bushes like it’s the best thing in the world.


I knew Xavier had a big biological family, but I honestly didn’t expect there to be this much. And that wasn’t even all of them! Only four of his aunts and uncles came with their spouses and children. His dad and his grandparents came too. And obviously Charlie and Tina, Xav’s adopted parents, as well. They were absolutely excited! Especially since Charlie had thought Xavier might have preferred to have his biological dad walk him up the aisle. Yeah we had a little bit of fun, my mum amused herself walking me up the aisle as well.

Our friends came too, and even some of Xavier’s university friends. So I got to meet that weird bunch.


We got a few surprises during the wedding.

Like Xenia and Teo coming to the wedding together, arm in arm.

Apparently they’d both been stood up by their dates on the same night and had ended up calling each other to rant. Then they met up to grab and drink and things sort of started up again from there.

Xenia tells us it probably won’t last though. Teo on the other hand told me I had inspired him, and he was going to do his best not to betray Xenia again. We’re curious to see how it’ll turn out, heh.

This next surprise was more for Xavier than I.


His brother and sister showed up at the wedding too, with their respective dates.

Apparently Catarina and her boyfriend were having a pregnancy scare, and Benjamin had grown up into an adult now. He was also knee deep in his studies to become a doctor.

His girlfriend seemed a little freaked out at the wedding, but I think she was just overly shy.

Ah here it is, the couple we really hadn’t expected.


It gave us quite the scare when Charlotte walked in with a man on her arm we clearly recognized. Xenia, Teo, Erin, Xavier and I were in a temporary state of panic when the detective introduced himself. But he didn’t seem to recognize us. Seemed he was a little too enamored with Charlotte for that.

Xavier thinks he might’ve recognized us, but since he’d been fired, he might be trying not to go back into old cases. Either way, it’s nice to see Charlotte happy.


And I can’t forget the best part of it all.

Screenshot-23 Screenshot-24 Screenshot-25

The brightest part.

Screenshot-26 Screenshot-27

The part where I got to call Xavier my husband.


The part where he officially became mine forever.





*dead serious face*

Ten chapters guys.

This is my estimation.

10 chapters.

(+/- 5)

Also. Possibly long overdue Xavmund babies in the next chapter.

P.s. Did not expect the boys (Alistair and Maxwell) not to get along. But whenever I put the two in the same room Maxwell just gets really grumpy and unhappy lol.

P.s.s. That picture though guys (you know which one) took waaayyy too much time. I had to one by one give people appropriate formal wear (you should’ve seen some of them holy) and then I spent too much time placing them in specific little groups, and spent too much time waiting for the opportune screenshot moment. THIS WAS THE EPITOME OF TOO MANY SIMS IN ONE SPOT. I remember now why I haven’t done a big wedding for this legacy yet. I should win some sort of award for this. There was easily 30 sims in that screenshot.

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27 Responses to 8.64 – Happy surprises

  1. lunableddyn13 says:


    Lol, I know I’m getting ahead of myself here, but I can’t wait for Xavmund (for some reason my phone wanted Xavmund in all caps) babies! Woohoo! Will they have a surrogate mother or will there be some freaky supernatural ritual?! Gah, I can’t wait!

    As for Maxwell and Alistair, they kind of seem like Edmund and Xavier when they were kids. Kind of. But Maxie, Alistair is a really nice kid! Speaking of Alistair, I’m pretty surprised that Edmund’s mum came to the wedding, but it was a pleasant surprise nonetheless.

    Can’t wait for the next update (as always)! 😃

    Liked by 2 people

    • blamsart says:

      Freaky supernatural ritual?? Hahaha! *suddenly male pregnancy can be justified*
      So it’s not just me? I had the same feeling. Even though Max is Erin’s kid. It’s amusing.
      Well her husband may be a stubborn jerk that she practically worships for some reason, but Ed is still her son. And I entertain the idea that though Leopold would’ve died before setting foot at that wedding, he would’ve still liked to hear a snippet or two of how Edmund is doing. If only to mock him.


  2. magpie14031983 says:

    OOOOOMMMMMMGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs off speechless away from the feels*

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Senkime says:

    Yes yes Xavdmund gotten married while Ever and Tran are forming. Oh happiness and Charlotte is healthy for a bit longer and has a man 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. magpie14031983 says:

    Ok, now that my heart and mind and tears and feels have all caught up with each other *happy tears* *more happy tears* *OMG so many happy tears*

    That was just… Perfect! All of it! Ever, and Xeo and Xavmund… *sobs* I just wish… Nope, not going there…

    Yeah, Alistair and Max really does remind me of Xavmund in the early years…

    *sorry, I went there* Kyxa and Oli *whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*


  5. quackermole says:

    DID YOU SAY XAVMUND BABIES!!!!!! *goes back up to check* XAVMUND BABIES CONFIRMED! *does happy dance*
    AND THEY GOT MARRIED!! ^_^ I am so happy for them, because they deserve it so much! And I am glad to see (I assume) that Xavier has given up the alcohol,cutting and weird incense, making him feel much better.
    I LOVE EVER!! Evan seems really sweet! Now I’m excited for Ever babies! Haha. it was really cute to see Maxwell’s opinion on everything…. But not liking Alistair? That was a wee tad unexpected! XD

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Xavmund babies!! *flails* Yes it is confirmed!

      Yes, Xavier has give up those three things, and yes he definitely feels a LOT better now. After all he’s got Edmund to call his own XD

      Yeah, for a cold-hearted sniper, Evan is actually a sweetheart.

      Heh heh, don’t tell him I said, but I think he’s just jealous because Emily likes Alistair. *Maxwell walks in* *coughs* I mean, Alistair just looks so annoying you know?

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Senkime says:

    I just notice in the picture of Ben and Cat with their dates, that Traz and Anna are flirting.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. autumnrein says:

    A wedding! Yess!!!! I can’t believe they’re married. I love it. And that Edmund stayed with him through the entire withdraws from alcohol and other things. I’m so happy!!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Wooo! Loads of events all in one chapter! Not too weird to see that Maxwell might bump heads with Alistair because sometimes you just don’t get along with a person, but to think that Alistair is Satan and wishing that he had a weapon to defeat him is more than a little alarming. I mean hopefully it’s just a childhood thing, but….I dunno, a little disconcerting!

    And hmm Annaliese and Traz together? I dunno….I hope Traz really has changed. I quite like Annaliese and would hate to see her hurt! Maybe prison put things into perspective for him though.

    And they saved Charlotte! Wow! And she’s with the detective? A little worrying, but it’s good that so far he shows no sign of suspicion! Xenia and Teo back together again, Catarina possibly pregnant, and look at Benjamin! He looks so grown up now and his girlfriend is stunning. She’s the one who shot him though, yeah? LOL. I’ll have to take a look at the “What about the others?” page to see what exactly transpired there, lmao, but I already love it XD

    OHHH and you didn’t think I wasn’t going to gush it about it, right? XAVIER AND EDMUND GOT MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *screams for 9432890 years* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! That proposal was so cute and I about died at that picture of Edmund holding Xavier closely after he said yes! Look how happy they look! *ugly cries* And the actual wedding goshhhhhhh look how handsome they both look and how HAPPY. And, and, and that photo of Xavier looking up at Edmund after, presumably, making love? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, my heart!! There is so much warmth and genuine care between those two and you can always, always see it! My heart is so, so happy!!!! Finally. Finally. FINALLY!!!!!!!! Lol. Now excuse me while I go and dance around for a bit. This happy is just far too much to possibly contain! <333333

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      I was so pissed at the lighting for that marriage! There was not enough sunlight to shine on those cuties XD

      Liked by 1 person


        On that note, omgggg in-game lightning is so frustrating sometimes. I have noticed that using the invisible buy debug lights and of course just using photo editing tools to brighten pictures helps a lot though.


        Liked by 1 person

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