8.68 – Avoiding that mistake


No one’s POV

Edmund stared at the computer screen, rereading the paragraph again and again as he tried to find the right phrasing. It wasn’t an easy subject to take on and he absolutely wanted to get it right.

As he finally started to decide on a particular phrasing, a patter of footsteps came charging into the study.


“Papapapapapapapapapapa!” Nikita’s little voice called out, nearly charging into her father’s leg. She gripped his leg and shook it, repeating the word over and over again. “Papapapapapapapapa!”

Edmund saved his document, pushed his chair back to pick up his daughter and put her on his lap.


“What is it Niki?”

“Whatchu doing?” She asked, reaching out to test various keys on the keyboard.

“Writing my story.” Edmund replied with a smile, stopping her hands from damaging his keyboard. “What are you doing?”


“Looking for Max ghost!” She exclaimed.

“You having any luck?” He asked. Her cute face scrunched up.

“Nope.” She said, her eyes darting around in case she’d find him in Edmund’s study.

“Well good luck with that. Is daddy still talking with Erin?” Edmund asked, trying to see into the living room. Nikita nodded vigorously.

“Yes!” She said, squirming to get off her father’s lap.


Edmund was used to his toddler doing what seemed like three different things at once, so he let her go without any protest.

Nikita sped off behind the sofa, past her father and aunt, to where she hoped she could find the Max ghost or maybe a bug.


“It’s been a few months now. Think Max is okay?” Xavier asked Erin smoothed out Veronica’s blanket.

Erin nodded. “I hope so.”

Xavier raised an eyebrow.


“I mean, probably.” Erin said. “I still feel so horrible about it. You helped confirm my suspicions with that sense of yours too, but Maxwell still won’t admit that he was feeling left out. If anything him not talking to be how he feels about anything has worsened. But I’m making sure to include him more.” She said.

Xavier smiled.

“Oh god, Xav, if you and Edmund ever have another one, do not make the same mistake I did. I should’ve known something was off. I guess I kinda did, just never did anything about it.” She mumbled.

“Funny you should mention that. We actually have been talking about getting another one.” Xavier admitted.


Erin’s eyes lit up.

“And this is the part where you tell me I get to be the baby momma this time? Pretty sure I fit all your qualifications.” Erin said.

Xavier laughed. “I thought you’d volunteer! It’s still just a thought for now.”


“Not surprised you want another one though. Niki’s an adorable angel.” Erin said. “Isn’t that right? You’re an angel aren’t you Niki?”

“Yes!” Her little voice answered from a few rooms down.

“An eavesdropping one.” Xavier chuckled.

“Nia! Nia!” Nikita’s called out as the front door opened.


Xenia came inside Xavier’s house and picked the toddler up, tickling her until she was giggling uncontrollably.

“Hello you little monster!”

“We’re in the living room!” Erin called out.

Xavier shared a look with Erin. Something felt off about Xenia.


And the two found out Xav was right, when Xenia came to them with fresh tears threatening to spill down her cheeks.

“Xenia!? What’s wrong?” Erin exclaimed.

“Teo and I had a fight…”


“What did that jerk do now?” Erin asked with a scorn.

“I told him I was pregnant.”

“You’re pregnant?” Xavier said.

“What? He got mad at you for that?” Erin exclaimed angrily.

“No. He didn’t. But I started to talk about it, about kids and how excited this made me. But his mood kept dropping and dropping and when I – I’m still not sure what happened, but we were yelling at the end.” Xenia said, trying to keep her voice stable.


“Oh that…Xe think you could watch Veronica for me? I’ll be right back.”


Erin started to march for the front door, but she spun around to catch Xavier looking at her with a knowing smirk.


“Come on smarty pant just spit it out.” Erin said.

Xavier made a quick wave of his hand, releasing enough magic to reveal where Teo had gone off to calm down.

“Thank you.” Erin said, and Xenia finally realized what Erin was going to do. She ran after Erin who was already out the door.

“Oh no you don’t! Erin get back here! Don’t start poking your nose in my relationship!” Xenia said before the front door closed behind her.


Xavier smiled at Veronica.

“Looks like it’s just you and me now.”

“Me too!” Nikita said as she came bouncing in the living room.

“Yes you too.” Xavier said, picking Nikita up.


“How about it Niki? Would you want to be a big sister? Like Max?”

Nikita glanced down at Veronica, and a slight smirk appeared on her face. “Uhuh.”

Erin’s words rang through Xavier’s head…Do not make the same mistake I did.


But Xavier wouldn’t. He’d make sure Nikita was smothered in love, that the simple idea that her family didn’t need her anymore never, ever crossed her mind.

Their precious little girl would never feel left out.

And if there was another baby, Xavier would make sure that one didn’t feel left out as well.


Evan’s POV


OKAY. So Erin is pregnant again. That happened. Sort of sprung that on me one night. “Xav’s having another baby, and I’m the baby momma this time!” And all I could think of was: Darn it, the twins aren’t even out of their diapers yet and she’s going to be pregnant again!?

At least she’s not as bad as I thought she’d be. Maybe the fact that she’s not pregnant with twins this time helps. Oh that and the fact a close friend of hers, Xenia, is pregnant as well. They’re only a month or two apart. There was some big drama at some point, which I honestly could care less about, but end story Xenia and her baby daddy got back together, it was all some sort of misunderstanding. I don’t know. Don’t care.

I glanced at the twins.


Now see, I care about those two.

Veronica’s inherited her mom’s eyes and hair, but pretty much nothing else. She’s sweeter than cotton candy and likes to pretend she’s a ghost. And then she’ll chase Maxwell all around the house.


Joel’s inherited a lot from me when it comes to looks, but personality wise it’s probably all from his mom. He’s got himself a nice short temper and absolutely adores pulling at his sister’s hair.

He also loves refusing to eat. And hiding under Maxwell’s bed.


As the two pregnant women got excited when Xavier and Edmund’s baby kicked inside of my girlfriend’s belly, I tried to make eye contact with Xavier.

I had something urgent I needed to talk to him about.


It didn’t take long for his eyes to snap to mine, and he probably just as quickly read my need to talk to him.

His eyes glanced at Erin, but I shook my head.

I couldn’t have her know.

He seemed a little hesitant, but he gave me a small nod.

And then, when the girls went outside to enjoy the last few warm summer days, Xavier motioned for me to follow him and Edmund upstairs.


“What’s up?” Xavier asked, once all three of us were in their temporary work out room.

“Something wrong?” Edmund asked.

“He didn’t want Erin to know.”

“Oh, you thinking of proposing?” Edmund asked.

Okay, so I’d only wanted to talk to Xavier. But I guess with these two, you really can’t talk to just one.


“No, nothing like that.” I said. Proposing? I hadn’t even thought of it. Me getting married? Eh… “It’s a lot more serious.” I said, looking at Xavier in the hopes he’d get the hint…that Edmund wasn’t really suited for this conversation.

But if Xavier got it, he didn’t show it. He held my stare and waited for me to continue.

“Alright. A few days ago, when Erin was out doing some deliveries, an old friend of mine stopped by the condo.”

“Okay.” Edmund said.

“Someone from the mob.” I said. You know, that thing I thought I’d finally put behind me. I thought once I stopped bothering them they’d stop bothering me. But I guess the fact that I was doing so well, wasn’t making them happy.


“I thought you were done with that.” Xavier said with disappointment.

“So did I. My friend took a risk to come and warn me that they had it in their minds to finish me off. And since he knew where I lived, I can guarantee you they know about Erin, Maxwell and the twins.”

“What are you going to do about it?” Edmund asked worriedly.


“That’s why I came here. I need your help Xavier. I need backup.” I said. I wasn’t foolish enough to dive down there alone, and Xavier was the only I knew with enough power to help.

“For what?” Xavier asked cautiously, and I had a feeling he already knew. He just needed me to say it aloud for Edmund’s sake.

“To kill them.” I replied simply.

“No.” Xavier shook his head. “I’m not helping you kill someone.”


“Not even to help Erin? She’s in danger because of me now. I still have my old guns. I just wouldn’t be safe going in alone.” I said. And it’s not like I’m asking him to take a gun and shoot…that would only be if things got too hot.

“There’s a different solution I’m sure.” Xavier said with a determined nod that irritated me – a lot.

“Well okay sure, there’s your dad. We could call him up.” I suggested.

“Uh…no. I don’t think he’d even want to help you. You are the guy that almost killed him. And you’re one of the last two people immune to him because of a bead. Pretty sure he doesn’t like you in general.” Xavier said, definitely against the idea.


“Oh come on, he owes us one now. Remember a few weeks back? He was asking for some sort of potion to destroy magical artifacts because he couldn’t destroy those beads of his? Even though it didn’t work, Erin still made a potion for him.” I said.

“Yeah Erin did. He owes her not you.” Edmund said.

“And that just brings me back to her life being in danger.” I insisted, willing Xavier to just accept.

“If we told her about it, she’d probably have a few different solutions…” Xavier said.


“No absolutely not. She’s already stressed out enough as it is. Carrying your guys’ child, two twin toddlers, and a rapidly growing boy. Not even mentioning all the clients calling annoyed because she’s been a little late with the potions. I can’t add that stress on her. I just need to take care of this nice and easy. I still have a rifle, I don’t need to shoot everyone, just a couple of key personnel. But I don’t want to get caught, so I’m just asking for some backup.” I said. It was a simple to do. Why was he making this so hard?

“No. Not when it comes to killing people. I can’t help you with that.” He affirmed again.


“What else am I to do Xavier!? If I leave them be they’ll show up on my doorstep and do things I don’t even want to think about! Give me a solution instead of turning down the best chance I have of finally getting rid of this problem once and for all!”


“I’ve never killed anyone and I never intend to! And I most certainly won’t just stand by and watch you murder people! I have a kid and one on the way, I don’t want to go diving head first into a pit of trained murderers! Evan there has to be another way! We could tell Erin for one!”

Again with the telling Erin!


“Okay, let’s not start losing our tempers.” Edmund said. “Because I think I may have an idea.”

I eyed him suspiciously, still grinding my teeth from my argument with Xavier.

“If it doesn’t work, then we’ll start looking for more extreme measures. But I think it’s worth a try.”

I uncurled my fists.

“Okay let’s hear it.”




THIS CHAPTER – so many things.

First off, we’ve officially tied with James’ total of chapters (it’s always a competition) and considering the heir vote is not the next post, we can assume Xav’s generation has beat the record.

Second off, Jamie’s eyes live on! Nikita inherited them yaaaayyyy!

And third off, Self-blooper: Had Erin and Xav do a ‘share secret’ interaction, and you know how those pop-ups sometimes make you go ‘REALLY NOW?’ in a very sarcastic way ? (Like all those times I get a pop-up saying ‘Xavier Whitelight is gay’ and I’m just like: “oh wow so did not know that. So is not practically the core of gen.8. nope nope”)

Well this time, the pop-up I got was “Did you know Edmund has the photography skill?”

Me: “Wait. What? Are you serious? I didn’t know this. Edmund you went and learned how to use a camera behind my back? What is this?”

But guess what guys.

 Photography blooper

Turns out Erin is a liar. Pfffttt, like I wouldn’t know something like that haha! For a writer your writing skills really suck Ed. Come on. I make you sit on there all day long, what do you do? Chat on social media? Psh


Also! Those of you with stories who want to try and get a little more publicity, it might be worth it to check out this thread in the sims forum: http://forums.thesims.com/en_US/discussion/861629/the-stories-and-legacies-index-submit-your-sites-now/p1

It’s a simple index! You just fill out the form and the admin of that thread checks for updates themselves and puts your story on the list. 🙂


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  1. Senkime says:

    Awww more babies and got darn it Evan. Yay for the assistance on story publicity.

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  2. magpie14031983 says:

    Yay Xeo-boos *smustles* and Xavmundith-boos are sooooooo cute!
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  3. autumnrein says:

    So many babies. Babies everywhere. I love it! Imagine at a birthday party if all of them started crying at once. It would be a mad house!

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  4. quackermole says:

    They are all so cute!! Is it too early for me to ship Jokita?? Yeah… Probably…
    Evans really stuck this time, hey? Eddie better have a solution cause i dont want Xav killin’ or Erin dyin’… And Xeo babies!! Yay!

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  5. “You’re an angel aren’t you Niki?”

    Hahahahaha how freaking cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! She really is an adorable little angel! I love how active and curious she is, running about looking for something cool and interesting all the time and seeking cuddles from her daddies and just *grabs tissue box* I love them all so much!

    “Pretty sure he doesn’t like you in general.” LOLOL. Snorted into said coffee when I read that line. Right? James likely rather loathes Evan XD BUT I’m in agreement with Xavier that there must be a different solution. Besides, if Evan kills them well, it’s the freaking mob, they’ll just send more people and now they’ll be REALLY pissed. So it’s not just about protecting lives…it also literally wouldn’t even accomplish Evan’s goals, which is to keep himself and his family safe.

    Ooo hmmm, Edmund with the save again? Although it was a close call and required his dad’s assistance, it WAS Edmund’s idea that freed Erin from being pinpointed as being the murderer of her parents, and Edmund has only gotten sharper and more knowledgeable since then, so I have pretty good hopes that his idea will work. *fingers crossed* Everything is so lovely right now. I’d hate for them all to get caught in such a dangerous situation!

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