8.69 – Dance butterfly, dance

Warning: PG-13 Drugs

Oddly well timed for christmas


No one’s POV

Nikita gaped at the little baby boy now using her old crib. She pressed her face against the glass, her breath fogging it up.

“NNiiiikkkkoooooo.” She whispered, and Nikolas turned to look at her with a big wide smile on his face. She giggled. Nikolas giggled in response.


The door to her and Nikolas’ room opened and her cousin Maxwell came inside.

“Niki there you are! Your daddies were wondering where you went.” Maxwell said, peeking at Nikolas who was happily waving his arms around.


Niki squealed when she saw her cousin.

“Where’s da ghost Max? Where’s da ghost!” She exclaimed happily, looking around.

“Right here.” Maxwell said, gesturing behind him. But as much as Niki looked, she still couldn’t see him. “Come on. Let’s head back downstairs.”

Nikita nodded and the two made their way back down to where everyone was gathered.


Snow was coating the ground and Edmund and Xavier were hosting a small get together with their friends for Christmas.

Their house was pretty much in the middle of all the other ones, and it was a pretty nice size to host everyone and their growing families.


Watching Alistair play with Joel, Xavier was hit with a strong kick of old. But not in a bad way. Seeing Erin’s kids, seeing his own two witches, Niki and Niko, Xavier felt happy and proud.

He knew his life was still far from over, but right now it didn’t really matter what was happening to him. He could watch as the children’s own stories began, and for someone who had lived through so much, it was a welcome relief.


So much had happened in a decade. A lot of things had changed.

Xavier could still remember the people they were in high school. He could still remember everything that had happened, but it felt like a different timeline. Like another life.

A decade ago, Erin had still been living under her parents’ oppression. Now she was her own person, with three kids and an ex-sniper boyfriend.

Evan gave them a little bit of a scare there, but Edmund’s idea had worked. It seemed so simple too! Edmund had suggested they use James’ name. He was pretty well known on the streets, if not only as a “stay clear from him at ALL times”. So we spread the word that Evan and his family were under James’ protection. And to that James agreed to spread a little bit of the rumor on his own side as well.

And it worked. James’ name was enough to officially get them off Evan’s back.


Xavier glanced over at the people talking in the kitchen. At Xenia amusing herself with her newly born son, Lucas. At Charlotte frolicking with the detective.

It seems the detective had stopped trying to remember what had happened once he and Charlotte started going out. He still had this weird dislike for Xavier he couldn’t shake though.


Xavier leaned into his husband’s chest, watching as Nikita and Veronica tried to guess what was inside the presents.

Xavier wondered how long it would last. How long would it be before this happy bubble he had got popped? Because knowing his life, it was inevitable.

Death has always followed your footsteps.

There was always this distinct certainty that he was being followed – constantly. But it was also accompanied with the odd feeling that it wasn’t his to worry about.

Ah, nevertheless.


Xavier was happy now, and no matter what life decided to throw at them, him, his family and his friends, could deal with it.

It’s a little funny, Xavier thought himself as he gazed into Edmund’s eyes. All those years ago, on Edmund’s doorstep, if someone had told him “Don’t worry. Though it gets worse before it gets better…the end is definitely worth the wait.” He never would’ve believed it.

But ha, look at where he is now.


Nikita’s POV


“Nikolas!” Papa exclaimed as Niko ran past me with a huge grin on his face.

“Cach me papa!” Nikolas giggled in amusement. I couldn’t help but smile too because of how ridiculous he looked with that huge wad of gum stuck in his hair.

But at the same time I’m not happy that now of all times Niko decides to be his usual brattiness. Just when daddy and papa reveal that they have a surprise for me!


Papa swooped down and caught Niko, only to practically toss him up in the air afterwards.

“Caught you, you little troublemaker!” Papa said, causing Niko to laugh.


Papa took out the big wad of gum from Niko’s hair.

“There, don’t tell me that’s not better now.”

“Again! Again!” Niko insisted, waving his arms around and demanding to be tossed in the air again.

I started to rock back and forth on my heels. I want to see my surprise!

Papa turned and looked at daddy. “Want to show her? I’ll go properly clean this little guy’s head.”

Daddy nodded.


“Soooo, you ready for your surprise Niki?” Daddy asked. I nodded enthusiastically.

“YES! Yes, yes, yes, yes! I’m so excited! And it’s in the exercise room which really makes me hope it’s that! Is it that daddy?” I asked, continuously glancing at the door and wondering why dad hadn’t opened it yet.

He laughed. “Okay, here goes…”

And then he opened the door…


It took me a second or two, but when I saw it I squealed with joy.

“YES!” I exclaimed, much to my daddy’s amusement.

It was exactly what I had hoped. I mean I’ve been talking about it forever, I knew I would get it eventually!


“And it’s the perfect height too!” I added, touching the smooth polished surface of the bar.


“This is going to be so great!” I laughed, jumping with excitement. I couldn’t wait to try it out! There was just a limit to how much I could practice with the kitchen counters.


My eyes swept across the room, and then I looked up at my dad with a smirk. “Nobody else is using the room, everything is here and just begging to be used and I finished my homework this morning…can I try it out?”

Daddy smiled and gently ruffled the top of my head. “Yeah you can. Have fun, we’ll call you down for supper.”

Yes! I fist pumped and ran off to my room to get dressed in what would now be known as my dancing clothes.


I loved dancing. I thought it was beautiful. But not any dancing obviously. Like the dancing aunt Erin and daddy randomly do when a song they know comes along, isn’t pretty. That’s just weird.

No, I like graceful dancing! Coordinated and precise. Not waving your arms around for no reason!

When I first saw it on tv and made my interest known, papa suggested he teach me what he knew. Like the waltz.

And then I wanted to learn how to dance ballet, and hip hop, and tango, and tap dancing, and flamenco, and – well at that point both papa and daddy didn’t know enough (see nothing) to teach me. So they agreed to sign me on for some dance classes and they bought me a few dancing manuals.


I can just see it.

It’s what I’ll do when I grow up.

I’ll become a professional dancer of all the possible types of dances out there and I’ll travel all over the world to show them what dancing really is.



I followed Ingrid out of the classroom as the school bell rang, telling us all to go home.

I, however, apparently wouldn’t be going home just yet.

“You’re probably going to get in trouble for not wearing shoes again.” Ingrid laughed.

“It’s not my fault they got caught in the mud puddle! …again.” I smirked. Shoes were uncomfortable. Unless of course I’m walking outside with all the rocks and stuff, then I NEED shoes.


“You’re so funny sometimes Niki. You’re not even waiting inside the class even though the teacher told you to.” Ingrid said shaking her head with a smile. Ingrid was always picking on everything I did like it was a bad thing, but it was always so obvious she thought I was cool.

I shrugged. “It’s just weird and awkward. I’ll wait till everyone comes out.” I said, glancing at the last few students coming out of the classroom. One of them caught my eye a little longer than the rest.


Ingrid elbowed me in the ribs excitedly, nearly causing me to double over.

“Stop it!” I whispered, pushing her hands away.

“It’s Deeevvooonnnn” She said in a sing song voice.

“I know…” I said, looking at the boy with the dreamy locks.

“I heard he can sing too you know.” Ingrid said, waggling her eyebrows at me. “Can you imagine it? He could sing and you could dance to the music…”


“I knew that too actually.” I said, glancing away from my friend.

“Aww that’s so cute!”

“Shh! He’ll hear you!”

“He’s already turned the corner it’s fiiinnneeee.” Ingrid said. “And even if he did that’s a good thing no? You have to tell him you like him Niki!”

“Ahhh I don’t know…” I said, wringing my hands nervously. “He probably doesn’t like me.”

“Nah, everybody likes you Niki.”

A small smirk worked itself up on my face. Well it is true. I haven’t met anyone who hasn’t liked me yet.

The door opened and the teacher came outside.


Ingrid gave me a small wave and left.

“Ah there you are.” Mr.Lysan said.

I smiled. “Just saying goodbye to Ingrid. Why did you want to see me?”


“It’s about your Me, Myself, and I paper you handed in, but don’t worry it’s nothing bad.” Mr.Lysan said.

I wasn’t worrying. That paper was easy!

“I noticed you have a lot of interest in dancing?” He asked.

“Oh yes!” I exclaimed. “I’ve been practicing a lot with ballet lately because my dads bought me a ballet bar. Let me show you!”


And before he could reply, I happily performed a quick pirouette (and nearly fell down! But I managed to hold it till the end.).

He nodded in approval with a kind smile and even clapped for me at the end. With a grin, I bowed.


“Mrs. Bolain and I are responsible for the dancing show at the end of the year.” Mr.Lysan explained. My eyes started to widen. “And we were looking to see if there was another student that would like to dance on stage.”

The smile broke through on my face and I squealed before he’d even asked me. Of course I’d heard about the dancing show. Every year it was incredibly impressive (well I thought so) with all sorts of dance styles. Last year I really wanted to join, but I never knew how! They never put up recruitment posters or anything.


“Yes, yes, yes, yes!”

Mr.Lysan chuckled. “Well then, here,” He said handing me a form. “Have your parents sign this and we’ll see you in the small gym after class next Tuesday. Bring some gym clothes.”

I took the paper and hugged. “Will do sir!”


No one’s POV


Niktia came back home to the surprise of her parents having been replaced by Maxwell, Alistair and Emily…only to remember that Xavier and Edmund had gone to see a few friends and asked Maxwell to babysit Niki and Niko.

Seems signing that form would have to wait a little while.

“—just a little bit? A quick puff?” Nikita heard Emily say.

“Max’ll probably chicken out.”


“Look who’s come back from school Niko.” Maxwell said, as he picked up Nikolas.

Niko turned around in Max’s arms and grinned at his big sister.

“Hi Niko! How is it still not having homework??” She asked, tugging at his feet.

“Hey! It’s Niki! Good old Niki!” Uncle Alistair exclaimed and she grinned.


“Hey maybe Niki could babysit Niko…” Alistair said casting the two other teens a look.

Emily bit her lip. “Yeah…Niki wanna babysit your baby brother?”


“Actually I can’t, I want to go practice my dancing! I’m going to be dancing in front of the whole school at the end of the year!” Nikita said, giddily sharing her news.


Before anyone could comment, Nikita set about showing off some moves she’d learned during her dance lessons.

Emily gave her a quick clap and Alistair stared intensely at Max.

“Coommmeee on Max, not like Niko’s going to say anything.”

“Yeah,” Niki nodded, even though she didn’t have the slightest idea of what the teens wanted to do. Probably play video games or something. “I’d rather you bring Niko with you than having him bother me while I’m trying to practice.”

“Okay fine. But outside.” Maxwell eventually agreed and the three teens made their way up to the roof balcony as Nikita retreated to her favorite place in the house.


She enjoyed all the forms of dancing she was learning, but ballet was quickly becoming one of her favorites for now.

As she warmed up and practiced the moves her mentor had told her to, she daydreamed about what it would be like to dance on stage, with everyone watching in awe as she twirled and twirled


and twirled…



Alistair has a mustache now it seems.

Yeah we’re still technically in generation 8, but I feel like that first part sort of concluded it for Xavier. Now it’s all about the children 🙂 (apparently I needed that closure)

Niko got Jamie’s hair. Ahhh I’m just so happy now. Jamie lives on ;-;

Oh and Niko also has Ed’s mom’s eyes, which I was a little surprised about. I never thought about the combination, but I like it on this little boy!

Ending this chapter with a picture of a toddler Lucas!


He’s got his mum’s hair and eyes, but so far he seems to inherit his daddy’s facial features 😉


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17 Responses to 8.69 – Dance butterfly, dance

  1. quackermole says:

    Ooooh… That seemed quite ominous at the end. Bad Max and co for not looking after the kiddies properly!
    I am very excited about Niki dancing!! XD

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  2. Senkime says:

    Really you three, you are supposed to be responsible when it comes to toddlers. Yay for Nikita to getting that dance part and the couples looks so cute together.

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  3. magpie14031983 says:

    OMG XEO-BOOS!!!! Lucas is perfect! *le sigh* makes me wanna go back and play the Cross family again but alas, TS4 holds my heart now!

    I love the Xavmund kiddies! Niki is gorgeous and Niko with Jamie’s hair is too handsome for words! It’s going to be so hard to vote for an heir! Part of me is going to want to vote for Niko just because of the hair lol the heir with the hair XD

    Max! Naughty boy! Don’t you know peer pressure is a bad thing *looks shiftily around*
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    • blamsart says:

      I was leaning towards Niki but then Niko was born! No favoritism from me this time around either XD
      Tsk tsk Max (though really he only felt hesitant cause it was at his uncles house lol)


  4. autumnrein says:

    Gosh Max is turning out so handsome! Hopefully they’ll keep a watchful eye on the kids even though they are doing their recreational… activities… lol. Whose daughter is Emily? Or is she just a friend.

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  5. Moon Mirage says:

    Joel is actually the cutest. Also, did Erin have another kid ?

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  6. *reads first few sentences* *immediately dies*

    THAT’S SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “Nniiikkkoooooooo.” hKJFDhfksdfhdkfhfsjfks. Nikita that precious little munchkin child I just want to hug her and Niko to pieces! Freaking cutie pies!

    And ah, clever Edmund. A way to enlist James’ help without him having to really even do anything, haha. Guess his reputation certainly comes in handy, eh? 😉

    “But ha, look at where he is now.” INDEED!!!!!!!!!! *cries stupidly and hugs Xavier and Edmund to pieces too* I just want to hug everyone apparently, lmao. No complaints here! XD

    Awwww, a little dancer!!! I love the little magic effects you added to the pictures. It looks so lovely and graceful. I suppose then Nikita’s magic is still a little unstable? Or maybe it’s guided heavily by her emotions, and when she gets all caught up in her dancing she can’t help but let loose a little bit of it. As lovely as it though, I can unfortunately see it potentially causing her problems in the future if she doesn’t gain better control of it…particularly because of all these anti-supernatural movements >.<

    AND WHAT THE HELL!?!?!?!???!?!!? It is one thing entirely to make choices that put yourself at risk, but to put at risk the life of a BABY!??!?!?! What the hell are you thinking, Maxwell!??!? *yanks that beanie off his head and whacks him with it* Not that I exactly want him off using drugs anyway, but if you feel that damn compelled at least have the TINIEST SHRED OF SENSE not to bring a BABY along with you! You couldn’t just stay in for one dang night when you had to watch him and then go out with your friends on an evening you weren’t?!?!? Oh I could just scream I’m so furious. Niko. Is. A. BABY. A BABY!!!!!!! FDKJFHKSFHSFDKHDSJKFHSJDKFSL.

    *angrily stomps off to next chapter*

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  7. Skcaga6 says:

    I know she is only a friend of the boys, but did you notice how much Emily looks like Jane/Gretel/Weapon?

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