9.2 – Spokes in our wheels

Warning : In general Niko has a pretty foul mouth so I’m putting the warning here once…but its probably going to last most of the generation -_-. His bad language won’t ever go much further than a PG rating though


Nikolas’ POV

The darkness of that mysterious basement beckoned. I could easily imagine tendrils of it coaxing me, calling to me.

Because damn it, I was really curious to see what the big fuss was about. ESPECIALLY now that I know that it’s cursed. I mean if someone takes the time to curse something it’s probably really important right?

But at the same time this curse was apparently going to kill me and I don’t know if my curiosity is that strong.

But…isn’t this the first time I’ve ever even heard of a curse? What if she’s testing me? What if there isn’t a curse at all and she’s trying to call my bluff?

I’d like to believe that, but there’s a little part of me that just knows that basement is dangerous in general. If only because of that weird vision I had of that statue.

The girl with the mask tilted her head at me as I failed to respond.


Before I could however, my phone suddenly started ringing. And by ringing I mean ringing. The sound was almost deafening in the palpable silence that had fallen between us. It was almost a relief, albeit one that made us both jump.


And her bring her gun up.

“Don’t answer.” She said, her smirky attitude replaced with one of a cat caught in a corner.

“Whoa!” I took a step back, my hand drifting to my back pocket. She took a step forwards, jerking her gun a little higher.

“DON’T. Don’t you dare touch your phone.” She hissed.


“Jeesus…” I mumbled under my breath as my phone rang again. “What if it’s an emergency? It probably is. Only my da—parents know about this one, and they only call me when someone burned the house down or something.” I said. My too rapid heart had almost made me say dads which in this case would’ve been admitting my lie. Which, you know, I don’t really think would be a good idea at the moment.

“Haha nice try.” She said humorlessly. “Don’t you dare try anything.”


I hadn’t been lying about the emergency part. My dads had agreed to get me a phone on the one condition that it was only to be used for emergencies. Something had happened back home. But what? Did someone get hurt? Did papa prove the doctors right and get that heart attack they’ve been predicting for months now?

I couldn’t not know.

“Look I won’t call the police or anything, I just want to see who’s calling. It could be important.” I said, my hand gingerly going towards my back pocket.

Her gun arm tensed. “STOP!” She yelled, but I didn’t.

“I’m just going to look at the-” My fingers touched my phone.



I jumped like I’d actually gotten shot as the bullet encrusted in the wall behind me. I swear that bullet nearly grazed my ear!

“JEESUS” I screamed, my heart pumping wildly in my ears. That was too close for comfort!

Footsteps echoed in the corridor.


“T? What’s going on?” That man from earlier called out.

My phone uttered its last ring.

“He…he was going for his phone.” She replied, swallowing difficulty.

“Blow my head off for that?” I mumbled under my breath, hand pressed against my chest as my heartbeat started to slow down.

The man let out an irritated sigh. “Get over here we’re leaving.”


“But I didn’t get to go downstairs yet.” She immediately replied, glancing backwards down the stairs in the pitch black darkness.

I kinda want to go back to my own basement now…Wait, no, nearly getting shot wasn’t that scary.

“Gunshot was definitely heard, we’re too close to a police station. Come on, stop wasting time. We’ll try again some other time.” The leader ordered.


Without giving me a second glance, the masked girl pushed past me, while I stayed still, staring down at the blatant mystery.

It took all I had not to go down there. And I mean, how far do I even need to go before this ‘curse’ acts up? Three steps? Five?

I just need to smell it, touch it, feel the walls, anything to give me a small clue to what it held.

It really took all the will power I had not to go down those steps.



“-ringing so I tried reaching for my phone, but she shot at me!” I exclaimed, as the police officer nodded. I couldn’t tell if he was thinking or just plain bored.

“Do you have any idea what they came here for?” He asked.

I shook my head. “Nope, just that it was in the employee section.” I said. I kind of neglected (and I wasn’t the only one mind you) to tell the police about the basement. I’ve heard about the police’s inability to deal with anything supernatural from a lot of places. Mostly from my aunt Erin. My dads detective ‘friend’ they talk about sometimes also apparently tried (and failed) to deal with some supernatural problem. They just aren’t trained for that I guess.

The officer scratched the back of his head for a few seconds.


“Well that’s all I need from you three. You can head on home.” He said.

“Finally!” The red head dude exclaimed.

“It’s getting late, do you guys need me to give you a ride home?”

I shook my head. “Nah it’s fine, I’ve got my phone. I can call my parents.”

“What about you two?”

Salandra and the dude who’s name I can’t recall, said they didn’t need a ride also.

As the officer headed out, Salandra hopped up from her seat.


“So what’d you see?” The red dude immediately asked, casting me a serious look.

“Nothing.” I rapidly replied.

“Don’t lie to me kid.” He snapped condescendingly.

Hey come on, he’s just a year ahead of me.


“I swear, I didn’t even get to go in the basement.” I said with an annoyed sigh.

Salandra shifted on her feet, clearly anxious to head back home.

The guy shook his head. “Aren’t you curious though?”

“Well obviously-”


“What are we waiting for then?” He asked, springing up from his seat.

Do I want a reason to punch him? Or follow his lead? Jeesus I don’t know yet.

Salandra piped up then, probably when she figured I was about to agree. There’s no reason not to now right?


“It’s getting late…won’t we get into trouble for snooping?”

The guy turned to her then. “This kind of trouble is nothing. But if you don’t wanna come blue eyes that’s fine. Your pretty ass can wait here.”


The door to the bank swung open.

“What are you three still doing here? Out you go.”

Well so much for that.


“Hey wait up!” I called out to the dude. He was already heading off without so much as a glance.

“What do you want?” He halted his steps an half-turned towards me.

“What’s your name?” I get the feeling it might be better if I stop referring to him as ‘red-head’ dude.




“Niki’s little bro, yeah I know.” He interrupted with a roll of eyes. He set back to walking with a short lazy wave. “Bye now.”


“That was so scary…” Salandra muttered, scrapping her feet on the ground. “I really thought they were going to shoot you like a dozen times.”

“I think it was actually kind of cool. Apart from the gun shooting.” I said as I whipped out my phone. “I wonder what happened…”


Salandra leaned over as I froze, reading the text dad had left after I hadn’t replied.


“It…” I had to reread it. “Niki got hit by a car.”



I thought for sure I was going to get grounded when I got to the hospital.

I mean, I’ve been avoiding my parents for the last two days, being pretty irritable, and now I hadn’t answered the emergency phone.

But dad didn’t even mention it, giving me the time to take in the fact that my big sister was lying on a hospital bed.


I still felt the need to apologize. I felt horrible. As if the fact that I hadn’t answered the phone helped contribute to Niki’s injuries.

I probably babbled out something incomprehensible about a bank robbery and about how I should’ve gone to prom in the end, before dad cut in.

“She’ll live.”


“But she got hit by a car? What happened? How bad is it? Who did it?” I spouted out a flurry of questions, glancing at my unconscious sister. Unconscious couldn’t be good.

Dad placed his hand on my shoulder.

“We don’t know Niko. The car hit her right outside of your school. A boy named Tyzel called the ambulance and made sure she was okay until we came over.” Dad explained.

Suddenly I liked Tyzel even more.


Pa’ spoke up. “She’s got a lot of bruises from the fall and fractured knees from the impact. The doctors said she’s going to need to be in a wheelchair for a little while, but with time and therapy she’ll be back on her feet in no time.” He said, parting some of her hair from her face.

“But…” I swallowed. “Is she in a coma?”


Dad smiled. “No, no. She dozed off an hour ago.” I sighed with relief.

But if her knees are fractured…doesn’t she have a dance competition tomorrow?

“She’ll be discharged sometime tomorrow. Edmund and I are going to stay till then, but if you want you can go home and get some sleep.” Dad said.

Being alone in that house? Leaving my sister here? And I just left a crime scene…an event I kind of want to share – yeah no, I’m not going home.

Dad must’ve seen the answer on my face. “Okay then. Stay here, your pa and I are going to get some snacks.”

I grabbed a chair and dragged it over to Niki’s bedside as my dads left the room.


“What, I leave you alone for one night and you get yourself-” But I couldn’t finish my attempt at humor and my phrase trailed off. I could feel it too well, the pain Nikita is going to be in when she realizes she can’t dance anymore. Not professionally. Not like she imagined.

Who? Who did this to her? And if dad doesn’t know who it is means it was a hit and run. WHO!?


“I promise Niki. I’ll find them and make them regret this.” I forced out, my hands curled into tight fists.

I’ll make sure the message gets passed down.

You don’t mess with this family.



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6 Responses to 9.2 – Spokes in our wheels

  1. magpie14031983 says:

    Whooooooo!! Niko can be bad-ass! Seeing some promise for this generation lol 😉

    *sob* Niki *sob* T_T

    The freaky moving statue still kinda creeps me out, so I’m kinda hoping we don’t see it for a while, even though I REALLY WANNA KNOW WHAT’S IN THAT BASEMENT!
    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

    Liked by 2 people

    • blamsart says:

      Oh I hope so. This generation is going to be a blast of amusing challenges and Niko sometimes managing to be pretty bad ass like his grandpa.
      And I can’t wait to show you guys because that basement took me a little while to do! But that’s for later. Niko’s focused on other things now XP


      • magpie14031983 says:

        As it should be! His beloved sister did just get hit by a car and will need extensive physio just to be able to walk again, let alone dance as her passion would dictate!

        I’m sorry?!? What?!? I thought I heard you say someone was as bad-ass as James?!? JAMES?!? Oh heeeeeeelllllllll no! No one is as bad-ass as James! Which is as it should be! Last thing we need is competition for our favourite golden-eyed vamp! (Sorry Alec lol)
        Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

        Liked by 1 person

        • blamsart says:

          Oops 😛
          Well Niko is definitely going to /try/ to be as bad-ass as James, and in a way he might manage it…but it won’t be James bad-assery, it’ll be Niko bad-assery. Get what I’m saying?
          (Poor Alec. He tried, but he never had a chance *pats head*)


  2. autumnrein says:

    Aww Nikki!!! That is so sad. It reminds me of ‘The Currious Case of Benjamin Button’. The dancer in that movie was hit by a car and wasn’t able to dance professionally anymore. So sad.

    Man I like Niko’s character though. So cool!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. “He…he was going for his phone.”

    “Blow my head off for that?”

    LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. Niko, you have NO filter, do you?! The thought just pops into your head and out your mouth like a Pez dispenser! Hoo, boy. He’s a riot! …well, until he gets himself or someone else seriously hurt with that. Yikes!

    Ohhh and ahh, yeah, that promise to seek vengeance—definitely going to get himself or someone else hurt. Still though, I’d love nothing more than to see the bastard driver who hit a teenaged girl and DROVE THE HELL OFF without a second glance behind bars, at the very least. Ugh!!

    But hmm, how’s Niko going to react when he realizes Zac and company essentially drove her off that curb and into traffic? I mean, it was an accident, but still. AND they freaking ran off too. Tyzel was the only one who stuck around and called an ambulance, thank goodness for him, seriously. And then Zac not only runs off, but also ends up in a bank that just got robbed!!!! Well, shit, I can at least sympathize with the fact that Zac had one helluva night, but…running off when he saw Nikita get hit? That puts a sour taste in my mouth…and I imagine it would in Niko’s too.

    Liked by 1 person

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