9.7 – More than meets the eye

Nikolas’ POV

So…I didn’t think this through.


Congrats self, not only did you convince yourself you could cheat without anyone noticing, but you also managed to forget your wand in your tent.

Dang, can this day start off any worst?


Even if I had remembered my wand (These things should come in more practical forms. Not that custom made wands are even a thing anymore. Dad had to buy mine used.) using it wouldn’t have been possible.

I hadn’t really realized that everyone would be watching us. I don’t think I would’ve managed to pull it off.

And either way, it’s not like I’ll need to cheat to win. Not with my opponent.


Even if she’s looking a little too smug for my tastes.

I’m tempted to tell her not to cry when she loses (cause she most likely will), but that would probably be mean in front of all these people.

“Good luck Niko.” Salandra said, with a pre-victory smile.

“You can keep it for yourself, I don’t need it.” I smirked.

Kaan snorted. “Look at this smug bastard.” He said to the girl beside him.


“Alright Archery Champions!” Flo exclaimed as she pulled out her camera. “It’s the first challenge, show us what you can do.”

I hope the counselor already has that riddle ready to go.


Beating Salandra is going to be a piece of cake, but it would help if Zac and Dawn calmed down. Their giggling and whatnot is distracting and disgusting.

Jo, the other counselor, spoke. “One shot with stand still targets, one with moving targets, and in case of a tie, another shot with moving targets. First one to get the apple gets an automatic win, or else we cumulate the points.”


I feel a little less secure without an enchanted arrow…maybe I should’ve practiced more beforehand? It’s too late anyway.

I drew the string so it touched my cheek and I aimed.



I let the arrow fly and to my great surprise and pleasure, it hit the intended target.

“Hell yeah!” I exclaimed.

“A tie already? How exciting!” Kenya exclaimed.


I glanced at Salandra’s target. She hit it too?


Hmph, beginner’s luck. (A little like me.)

“Second shot.” Jo called and we switched the levers on our side, making our targets start to swing back and forth.

“You’ve got this Sal.” Tatiana cheered.

We drew our bows again, and aimed, waiting for Jo’s signal.



My arrow hit one of the obstacles and clattered to the ground. I nearly had a heart attack, until I realized her arrow had missed as well. Holy shit, my heart is beating way too fast. I can’t lose this. Especially not to Salandra!

“Come on Niko, aren’t you better than this?” Zac sneered, and Dawn giggled.


I ignored them and picked up another arrow. It’s a tie, we get another shot.

“Look at her, Sal’s totally got this.” Kaan said and I glanced over, a little surprised to see Salandra smile a bit from the comment.

She actually looks really at ease with a bow.


And really into it too. She actually looks serious? Damn I’m not used to this.

I aimed at my target.

Come on Sal, you were there, if I win I get that riddle. If I lose…



“An apple’s been hit!” Flo exclaimed.

“An apple!?” Kenya exclaimed. “No way!”

“I told you, she totally had it.” Kaan laughed.

I dropped my bow.


Everyone crowded around Salandra, congratulating her and patting her on the back.

“The first challenge is for Kaan’s team!” Flo announced.

I can’t believe I lost. I can’t believe Sal is that good with a bow.

Screenshot-14 Screenshot-15 Screenshot-16 Screenshot-17Screenshot-18

“Nice shooting. Zac might’ve been the better choice though.” Flo said, joining my side.

I clenched my jaw and flicked a bug off the archery set.

Jeesus, all I needed to do was beat Salandra.

I swallowed my humiliation and turned towards her.


“I know I lost, but…can’t you let me have the riddle anyways? I tried at least.” I said with a slightly hopeful smile.

“Haha, haven’t you learned anything? Niko, when I said you needed to win a challenge I never said you specifically, I meant your team. We’ve got the fishing challenge tomorrow, you might have a chance at that riddle then.” She said.

I sighed.




The afternoon brought around more training. It was time for Kaan’s team to train for tomorrow’s challenge, fishing, whilst my team was working on the surfing challenge.

And I really wasn’t into it.


I stared glumly on the other side of the lake.

I know it’s stupid, but I still can’t believe Salandra beat me at the very first challenge. She’s never really been good at anything. I didn’t see this coming at all.

Her two male teammates dropped their fishing poles and scooped her up, feigning throwing her in the lake.


Because of her win, everyone seems a lot more friendly with her…or maybe they were like this before too?

Tom laughed as Sal fought to get back on her own two feet, making Kaan lose his balance and fall on the ground.


The trio laughed even more.

Geez, what’s so fun about falling on the ground? I rolled my eyes, and leaned my head on my hand.

With obvious resignation, Zac made his way over to the stairs.


It caught me a little off guard considering this guy had been avoiding me ever since we got here. He just doesn’t want to answer all my questions.

“Are you jealous?” He asked, looking down at me.

“Excuse me?”

He gestured at Kaan’s team on the other side of the river.

I shrugged. “It was luck. We still have six more challenges. We can win them all. I’m not jealous of their one win.”

“That’s not-…” Zac trailed off and opted to sit down on the stairs beside me instead.


“If that’s how you feel, why are you sitting here looking like a sore loser?” Zac asked.

I groaned. “That’s cause I am a sore loser.”

“Well it’s pathetic for a team captain. Cheer the fuck up.”


“Question then. My sister got hit by a car on prom night, you know the night the bank robbery happened?” Silence. “I have two pretty solid eye witnesses saying they saw you at the scene. But you were at the bank weren’t you? How did you manage that? Twin brother?” I asked accusingly.

He sighed and passed his hand through his hair. His hand lingered on his neck and he glanced away like it was physically painful for him to be here right now.


“I really wanted to come here last summer. I like this place. It’s got a nice atmosphere.” Zac started as he watched Kenya and Dawn try out the surfing station. “I was really disappointed when I found out I hadn’t stayed for more than a day. I was in a coma last summer. That’s why I couldn’t stay here. I got put into a fucking coma. I was dumb back then. I climbed the roof thinking it’d have a nice view and slipped and busted my head open.”

I kept as quiet as I could, absorbing the story he was giving me, for whatever reason.

“They didn’t think I was going to make it. After two months the doctors told my parents I was never going to wake up. A day later I do, and they call it a miracle.” He said. I waited a few seconds before realizing he was apparently finished.


“That was…um…interesting, but you didn’t answer my question.” I said.

Zac pushed himself up. “Actually, I did.”

How the hell does that answer my question?


“Hey boys! Strip down, it’s your turn to try it out!” Dawn called out.

“We lost this one, but we won’t lose the next one!” Kenya declared. “And we need a champion. Dawn and I have no balance whatsoever.”

“Yeah so get your asses on that station.”

I jumped up. “Balance, that, I can definitely do.”

Dawn chuckled. “Didn’t you hit a tree while balancing on your horse?”

“And I would’ve kept balancing if that tree hadn’t been there.” I countered. Dawn rolled her eyes and shooed us off to change into our swimsuits.

A few minutes later we’d come back.

“Okay girls, we’ll show you how it’s-”


Dawn walked over to me and stole my bandana right off my forehead.

“Hey!” I exclaimed, trying to snatch it back.

“You weren’t actually going to keep wearing that on the surfing station?”

“Yeah I was actually.” I replied.

“This is surfing not fruit ninja.” She snorted. I glared at her.


“My forehead feels naked now.”

“You’ll get it back afterwards you big baby. You look like a retard with that and your swimsuit on.”

Zac headed for the water with a short laugh.


That’s when I caught sight of the intricate design on his back.

“Woah dude, you have tattoos?”

He glanced back. “Yeah so?”

“Aren’t you a bit…I dunno young?”

“I think it’s hot.” Dawn cut in. “Now stop stalling!” She said, shoving me forwards.


Surfing was a lot of fun, but it wasn’t something I’d done that often and I could tell Zac was a lot more secure on his feet than I was.


Still! I lasted pretty damn long before I fell into the water.

But hey, Flo said I just needed my team to win, and I bet Zac is good enough to beat the other team. Unless Dawn wins during tomorrow’s fishing competition first.

Heh, I’ll totally get that riddle before summer ends.



It was a quiet night, with a bit of chitterring and snoring from the nearby tent. It was peaceful, the temperature was comfortable and the time definitely called for it…but I couldn’t sleep.

Random thoughts had decided to seep into my mind and I pretty much knew sleep wouldn’t be an option for a good few hours.


For some reason I couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened at the bank. That weird vision I’d had of that statue…and that time when I touched Aunt Cat’s pregnant belly…and that time just a few days ago with Jesse…I’m still not sure what happened there, but all those instances have something in common.

And then I was thinking about all the weird powers that were emerging. The non-supernatural types they called it. Like that guy on the news who could float without being a fairy.

Which brought me to thinking about my dad and his sixth sense thing.


I climbed out of my tent, in need for some fresh air.

And then I started thinking about how Niki inherited our dad’s magic hands. Could it be possible I inherited some version of that extra power dad has? Could these vision things actually be coming from me? Am I the cause for them?

That time with Jesse – that other Zac or whatever told me to think as hard as I could about where I’d just been, and to want it just as bad.

Did I really have some kind of power?


I had to test it out. I sat down on the trampled ground and closed my eyes.

Think about a place

Want it just as bad


My heart skipped a beat as I opened my eyes and found myself in an entirely different place – with that same surreal feeling.

“Are you serious!? I did it!” I really have a power! Awesome!

Wait…this place is familiar…


Holy shit

My sister’s room?

I instinctively froze, waiting to see if I’d woken her up, but there was no response.

I smiled as I saw how peacefully my big sis was sleeping. I was kind of worried about how she was doing.

I tiptoed out of her room.


So wait…

Does that mean I can teleport? Doesn’t feel like teleporting (not that I’d know…but my uncle Ben would.)

Well either way…I was at summer camp and now I’m here, it’s gotta be some kind of teleport!


My ears perked up as I heard some muttering coming from my parent’s room.

Worried muttering.

I tiptoed towards their room, peeking through the slightly open door.


My fathers were sitting on the edge of their bed, with pa’ wearing a scary pained expression. I gulped, already pretty much knowing what this was about.

Pa’s hand, which was clutching his chest earlier, loosened up.



“It’s okay, I’m fine now.” Pa assured.

I felt my stomach sink. Pa’s heart problems were real, and by the look on dad’s face, pa’ just had an attack. I glanced at the floor, saddened by the idea that pa’ was in pain.



I glanced up only to have my dad looking straight at me. My blood froze. “UH! Dad, I can explain! I, well, I’m just testing some-”

My panicked reply was cut short.

“Sorry, I just have this feeling we’re being watched…I can’t shake it off.” Dad said looking towards me, but not at me.

He…he can’t see me?

“Is it Niki?”

“No she’s still asleep.” Dad narrowed his eyes as he concentrated on his sixth sense. “But it feels familiar…Niko’s still at camp right?”

Ok I’m out of here.

I’d barely even thought the phrase, that my eyes opened by themselves again, and I found myself back under the stars, with the hard ground underneath me and the snoring in the neighbouring tent.


Every chapter so far feels like a good chapter. I’m loving this feeling 😀

I kind of really like Dawn??

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♪They say it's what you make♪ I say it's up to fate ♪It's woven in my soul♪ I need to let you go♪ -- Demons by Imagine Dragons
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22 Responses to 9.7 – More than meets the eye

  1. magpie14031983 says:

    So, not being familiar with the timing of Prom (here in SA the Matric Farewell/Matric Dance can be held at any time in the school year as per school preference) at first I thought maybe the accident happened BEFORE Prom… But I googled and Prom seems to be in the US Spring… So confusing… If it had happened AFTER Summer Break, then I would be thinking Zac had some kind of out-of-body thing going on… Would definitely explain the 2 places at once situation!

    Niko, when will you learn that cheaters never prosper?!? Go Sal! Niko is so bloody arrogant, just assuming that because Sal isn’t up to his definition of smart, that she wouldn’t have accomplishments in other areas! Jack-ass! But, OMG, what a hot jack-ass without that bandanna *fans self* phew! Is it warm in here?!?

    Ed T_T no, I’m not ready for the mortality of a spouse! Especially not after Kyxa! *sobs* why can’t the entire Gen 8 stay alive until Gen 10! *braces self for what she knows is coming eventually* it would definitely be the end of an era!

    Loving the astral projection thing Niko has going on! But, I’ve always wondered how vulnerable the physical body would be, while the spirit is not quite present and accounted for!
    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Ah yes, well kind of went assuming Prom was at the very end of the school year, right after the last class and right before summer break.
      Lol! Crazy what one bandana can do haha
      *hugs Ed*
      It’d be like sleeping while sitting. Anyody can just walk over and do whatever they want to you. Very vulnerable heh


      • Skcaga6 says:

        Prom is normally about a month to a month and a half before the end of the school year here. Normally end of April, beginning of May. So if you were trying for the US prom timing, you were close. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. autumnrein says:

    Fifth attempt and I could finally finish. I Love Niko’s story. I’m still trying hard to find out what Zac was meaning about being in a coma waking up and being in two places at once. I’m curious to see where that goes.

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      For the dedicated readers(*wink**nudge**cough* magpie) I’ve actually given out all the clues needed to figure out a pretty accurate answer to the Zac mystery. It involves going back to read some of the chapters of the other generations though. Otherwise, y’all can wait till Niko figures it out. He will eventually 😛

      Liked by 1 person

      • magpie14031983 says:

        Well, this “dedicated reader” is totally not going back to reread lol especially since you didn’t specify WHICH chapters. In case you haven’t noticed, there are a crap-load of them O_o not that I’m compalining, mind, but phew, just the thought makes me break out in hives! Plus, I like to enjoy the story and not really analyse it lol 3:35am here and I’m responding… Yeah, I’m dedicated lol *yay me*
        Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

        Liked by 2 people

        • blamsart says:

          Good to know 😛
          Even though I’ve given all the clues, doesn’t mean I necessarily want everyone to figure it out right away XD
          3:35am? Then you’ll probably be asleep when I post the next chapter in 2 hours 😉


          • magpie14031983 says:

            Yup, I was totally asleep lol I didn’t stay up until 3am though. I slept around 10-ish and then woke around 3-sh and then slept again from 4:30-ish and now I’m awake again at 7:25 lol
            Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

            Liked by 1 person

  3. yimiki says:

    I finally caught up! =D

    Heh, Niko seems a bit thick-headed. I can tell you’ve got great things for him in store, though. Can’t wait to find out what it is!

    Out of all the previous, my favourite heir was James. He had some mighty good-looking kids, too! ^^

    Liked by 1 person

    • magpie14031983 says:

      James was (is and will always be) awesim! He’s one kick-ass mute, fangless Vamp! I adore him (as you could probably tell from my comments) but, James without Kyxa is just… Really, really sad… I have to admit that I’m glad he lost her AFTER his gen was done and not during his gen cuz that would have gutted me! As it was, I started crying when I read that chapter!

      Xavmund was (is and will always be) one of my favourite generations (even if I did vote for Kitty-Cat to be heir… That was how I voted wasn’t it, Blams?) But, Xavier by himself just lacks some of the gravitas of James, definitely a case of where 2 is better than 1 lol each generation has been getting better and better. I think once Blams finishes this story, we are all going to be lost and (s)he will have to start a NEW story with the gen 10 heir lol or one of the spares that never really got much screen time (I’m thinking of Mincia and Aliska here) or maybe a story about Gretel, now that she’s “free”… Oooo and Serenity! Man, there’s so many stories I’d like to read… Pretty much every spare from every generation, and then some! I really need to find a pronoun I can stick to with regards to Blams lol this “(s)he” business is getting old…

      And… That was me rambling on… And I don’t even have sleeping tablets to blame it on this time roflmao “hollow bottom” roflmao

      Peace out! Mwah!
      Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

      Liked by 1 person

      • blamsart says:

        I had so much fun writing James’ character. It’s the type of character I adore and I always wanted to write, and I think that’s one of the main reasons why his gen was so good.
        And yeah, Xav on his own, even though he went through some impresive character developement, he was kind of meh. It was the combination of him, the obstacles he faced and everyone who surrounded him that made that generation good. Pretty darn emotional too, what with Erin, Oliver, and just all those people okay, just all those people.
        I actually think Niko’s gen is going to best James’ tho, mainly because I’m going to be introducing an element in Nikolas’ generation that is another weak spot for me when it comes to writing. Actually there are going to be several elements that are my personal favs in storytelling. I kind of consider this my ‘last gen’ since Gen.10 is going to be short (well my version of short), and it’s probably going to be longest both in word count and chapters. (I would not be surprised if I reached 99…actually I think it would be pretty darn sweet if I ended the gen at exactly 9.99) I just want to ramble on and on about this gen gaahhh.
        Yeah, spare spin offs would be cool….if I’d saved any spares to the bin >_>. There are a couple that I found in some of my old saves (aka Serenity) but most died of old age in all my old saves.
        Dunno if I’ve said this already, but I’ve been planning my next story since gen.7 (well, I got the idea and then shelved it because I want to finish this one first duh). I already got the title and the main characters LOL. I’ll say this tho, it’s going to be a ‘sorta-not-really-but-technically-kinda-totally’ sequel to Light the way to heaven.
        You can just refer to me as Master, or Majesty, or Dragon that works too. haha, im jk, just dub me FeelsBringer


    • blamsart says:

      He definitely can be when it involves other’s “feelings”.
      oh yes I do, so many fun things that I’m getting impatient to the point that if I had that kind of superpower I’d just write the entirety of this generation this weekend.


  4. savantestarr says:

    Ooh nice, Niko can astral project. That’s totally a witch thing to do, see I’ve seen Charmed and they could do that too. Pretty easy to abuse like James and his mind power if Niko ever figures out what it’s called.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Hmm. A coma….Hmmm. Told he was never going to wake up; a day later he does and they call it a miracle. Hmmm. A coma like Sariel’s? Sariel’s coma was linked to the time keepers. Zac’s ability seems to have something to do with time traveling. Coincidence? Although, never mind, I went back to that time ripple chapter and just realized now that Zac says, “Ha! It did sort of work!” after finding out the Niko he was talking to was 15, so that means the fact that they had time traveled was a SURPRISE to him. Maybe the time thing comes later? Maybe at first Zac can just…travel? Would explain how he got to the bank so quickly after being at the sight of the crash I suppose.

    The time thing though. I wonder….Niko can do this astral projection thing (as other people have been calling it…I still like mental teleportation lmao)….Could you astral project to a past memory if you were concentrating hard enough on it? MAYBE NIKO WONDERED JUST THAT AND WHEEDLED ZAC INTO TRYING IT OUT AND IT WORKED.

    And all those tattoos Zac has…OMG coincidence that Zac has a dragon tattoo on his chest that looks similar to the shape of Benjamin’s teleporting amulet? Or does it? UGH. I’ve been going back through chapters and now I can’t seem to find a picture of Ben wearing the darn thing. Well…I could have sworn it was a dragon-like shape. I’ll hold a tentative hypothesis that it’s relevant, lol. Makes me wonder about the tattoos on Zac’s back though and whether they’re magical or not like Kyxa’s. On that note *has a long moment of sadness again for Kyxa* T__________T

    OH AND IF YOU THOUGHT I WASN’T ABOUT TO MENTION WHAT NIKO SAW BOY ARE YOU WRONG! WHAT IS THIS!? EDMUND HAS HEART PROBLEMS! DON’T YOU DARE SINK MY SHIP! *openly sobs* Their relationship is so freaking special I just *cries even more* I hope he’ll be okay ;_______;

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Well a day later…more like 2 months later
      As for Sariel’s coma, it was caused by something UNKNOWN
      Zac’s coma was entirely caused because he fell off a roof and onto his head. For all intents and purposes he was supposed to stay comatose, his brain gave up and went to veggie state….yet he woke up…


      See what I mean by I’m not done torturing my Xav ;-;

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh my god. Oh my god!!! Maybe he was experimented on?!? Hans camp…likely a Hans hospital….plus Kyxa’s tattoos were from experimentation too! Wahhhh!!!!

        Oooh! Okay good I didn’t make up that they were the same shape, lol. Eeeee!!!

        But *cries again and hugs Xav to protect him* Babyyyyy T___T

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh! And the “day later” thing, I meant a day after his parents were told he was never going to wake up, he woke up. And and yesss Sariel’s coma the details are still unknown, BUT it was at the very least linked to William because she fell into a coma when she gave birth to him and didn’t wake up until the timekeepers had infiltrated William’s mind. But I suppose the timekeepers weren’t around at his birth…probably…maybe…arghhhh…I feel like I’m thinking all this stuff into circles trying to figure it all out. I need to CHILL and just keep reading, lol. I can’t help it though! I get anxious to find out and I can only read so fast! XD

        Liked by 1 person

        • blamsart says:

          oH so you finally decided to follow my blog: says my notifications

          I cannot WAIT to answer this

          Liked by 1 person

          • No, no, my friend, correction: I finally decided to RE-follow your blog, lol.

            I started following it a long while ago, but I hadn’t even begun to read your story yet and yet my Reader was filled with all these updates of yours–updates I couldn’t read yet and were filled with potential photo spoilers. SO, I unfollowed you until the time came that I felt caught up enough that seeing updates for your blog in my Reader wouldn’t overwhelm/spoil too much for me. And since I’m nearing that point…I went ahead and did it ^_^ Hehe. And it feels so good to do so!!!!!! ❤

            Liked by 1 person

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