9.12 – Glad to see the back of him


Nikolas’ POV

Day of the last challenge and we get extra clouds. To think the challenge almost got canceled because the counselors thought there’d be rain! But it’s just a bunch of clouds for now.

And rain wouldn’t have kept us away from finishing this competition today. Not with the tie we have going on.


You can feel the anticipation in the air. Summer camp is almost over and the winners of the competition are about to be decided…and each team wants to win as bad as the other one.

“No pressure, but you better fucking win this Niko!” Dawn shouted at me. I waved her away. I was going to win this. I put a lot more effort into training (well more than the others) and I’m confident I can break the most boards…even if I’m going against Tatiana, who’s apparently pretty good at anything athletic.

“There’s no time limit,” Flo said. “You have five different boards, each worth different points, and ten attempts in total.


I turned to Tatiana to wish her good luck (she’ll need it I’m sure) when I realized she was practically glaring at me. It definitely wasn’t a nice stare.

I don’t really know much about her. Everyone’s been pretty friendly, but now that I think about it she’s been pretty cold towards me? We never talked once though.

It’s like she’s judging me like some sort of stupid kid, or an imposter? I wonder what I did?

Wow should I even say good luck to a glare like that?


Her purple eyes are surprisingly intense, and oddly familiar? Wait didn’t-

Guess I must’ve stared back too long or something because, confusion flashed across her face and she turned away.

The counselor was just finishing up reminding us to be safe, when I looked back and gave my teammates a thumbsup. They shook their heads. I’m really feeling the lack of confidence here.


During the challenge the whole place was packed with noise because the others were busy cheering us on. Though cheering quickly became bickering.

So while my team was busy having a full blown verbal war with Kaan’s team, Tatiana and I were steadily breaking boards. You had to be careful. With only ten attempts you couldn’t risk hitting the board and not breaking it.


I don’t know how many she broke. Jo the counselor kept coming over to pick up the broken boards to give us room and I wasn’t really concentrating on what she was doing. Unless she was switching to a board worth more points, in which case I usually did the same.

So far, neither had missed an attempt.


Or so I thought, right before my hand painfully ricocheted off the newly placed board. I winced as the pain traveled up my arm and my fingers began to throb. I heard one of Tatiana’s boards break.

Well shit

There was a lot more on the line here than just winning a challenge. I got here extremely confident and after claiming victory to my teammates. What kind of a loser and liar would I be if I lost right here right now?


“Ha! That’s the beginning of the end losers.” I heard Kaan say. My face flushed with embarrassment as I suddenly realized everyone had seen me hurt my hand.

I heard a snort from my left which made me feel even worse.


I have three attempts left. I have to make them count. It’s the last challenge! And tomorrow I’m heading back home, and I’d prefer being able to tell Nikita I won the competition.

I wonder how she’ll react when she finds out Zac was at summer camp too. Is she going to be mad I didn’t beat him up for what he did?


Nah, it’s not her style…don’t think it’s too late though. I’m really just waiting for an opportunity ha. He’s not making this easy! Even if yesterday, he was being-

“Those were your last attempts you two!” Flo announced even though Tatiana and I had already stopped once we’d reached our tenth attempt.


“The results are in, and it was really close.” She said. Everyone’s eyes were on her. Dawn looked the most anxious out of us all. “But, the winner was Tatiana! Kaan’s team wins the competition!”

Cheers from one side and groans from the other. In the middle of my own sigh of defeat, I noticed Dawn reluctantly handing some cash over to Kaan. Guess they had a bet going. And she didn’t win it because I failed. Goddamn it.



I’m actually surprised. I thought I’d be more down if I lost, but everyone seems to have forgotten about the competition already! Of course there’s a few snarky comments, but everyone is laughing and talking and celebrating the end of summer camp. And it’s highly contagious! As in, it doesn’t really feel like that much of a bad thing that I lost?

Still, I’m sure we would’ve won if I’d participated more in the beginning.


Even though the atmosphere is so nice and pleasant (especially with the smell of marshmallows), I have this strange feeling in my chest. It feels sad.

Summer camp was fun, and it’s weird to think I’m heading back home tomorrow.

It doesn’t help that I have this foreboding feeling all of a sudden. Probably because of that vision thing I had…I sure hope Papa is okay.


“Ah! The kitty’s back!” Dawn exclaimed, suddenly running behind me.

“I don’t think it ever left.” Kenya said.

“It’s got such an odd coloring.” Dawn said.

Wow I didn’t even notice there was a cat-

Salandra walked over and sat down beside me.


“Isn’t it crazy? We’re going home tomorrow.” She said, gazing into the fire.


“It’d be nice to stay here longer. I don’t want to go back home just yet.”

Thinking about it, there’s so much stuff going on at home right now, it was nice to have some sort of break.

“Hey Niko, did you find that treasure?”

My eyes widened as I remembered and chastised myself for forgetting. “That’s right! The treasure!”


I hopped on my feet and sped off towards the back of the cabin, where the shovel was supposed to be. I tried not to run and be subtle about it, but the two pairs of footsteps following me made it clear I hadn’t done a very good job of it.

Zac and Kaan reached me before I could find the shovel in question.


“Right over here kid.” Zac said, pointing at where the shovel was hidden behind the logs.

“Were you trying to go ahead without us?” Kaan asked, looking darn insulted.

“What? Of course not!” I immediately exclaimed. But that’s exactly what I was planning to do. These guys haven’t done squat for this treasure, don’t see why I have to share. Actually I have no intention to.

“Well let’s get going then.” Zac said, grabbing the shovel. I extended my hand, but he didn’t show any sign of being willing to hand it over.


“Get digging Kaan.” Zac said, after dropping the shovel at Kaan’s feet.

“Yeah okay sure, but where? I’m not going to start digging all around the statue.” Kaan complained.

“Niko.” Zac said, shoving me with his foot. I gave him a quick glare.

“I checked it out and the only hints I found were markings on the statue itself. I found two odd ones: one that actually sort of looks like an arrow and another that’s just a squiggly. Might want to check out the arrow one first.” I explained, pointing at a place near Kaan.


Kaan set about digging.

“How the hell are you digging?” I asked with a snort.

“Shut up.” Kaan snapped.

“No, I’m with him, what are you doing?” Zac asked, leaning on the statue.


“Put your legs into it, not your back. Jeesus you’re stiff.” I said.

“It’s not like I have a shit ton of experience in digging. If you guys know so much better how about you do it.” Kaan grunted.

“Nah we’re good.” I chuckled.

About two minutes of digging and teasing later, Kaan’s shovel hit a metal box near the scribble mark.

“Guys! It’s really here!” He exclaimed, dropping the shovel and pulling the box out of the ground. Zac and I joined him as he struggled to open it. “It’s jammed!”


“Pass it over.” I said, taking it from his hands. I grabbed a flat piece of rock lodged in the dirt and used it to force the box.

The box popped open with a cloudy humid mossy air. After waving the thick air out of our faces, we excitedly looked at its contents.

There was a folded piece of paper and an old wrapped piece of candy. I grabbed the paper and Kaan investigated the piece of candy. The yellowed paper crinkled worriedly as I carefully unfolded it and read the crudely, slightly faded, words.

                            HAHA LOSERS

                           Found it first but heres a piece of candy for your effort


The name itself was faded, but whoever it was had written the date as well. The box had been opened over a century ago. And by the looks of it, it was probably just a box filled with candy. Especially considering the lid had an old candy logo on it.

“That’s disappointing.” Zac said.

“I don’t think this candy is eatable.” Kaan said, dropping it back in the box.

I bit my nail, unsatisfied. Not because of the treasure itself, but because I refused to believe this was the treasure in question. Even if everything pointed to it. Still…not everything pointed to it.


I stared at the statue, trying to find something…I just didn’t know what. But weren’t the two last lines to the riddle weird? Maybe the riddler didn’t know what he was writing…but I’m betting he did. Somehow, the treasure being hidden there doesn’t feel like everything is over. And just a box of candy!? No way.


Keep the bark in line

“Bark? Like a dog?”

Lest he trample it

“His paw is lifted up like he’s going to step on something after all.”

And then I saw it. It was incredibly easy to miss, but at the same time surprisingly obvious. It had to be this. It’d be too cool if it was.


No matter what angle you looked at it from the right side, the dog was about to step on something. The roof of the main cabin, a building that hadn’t changed much since it was built.

And if you placed yourself in front of the little arrow scribbled at the base of the statue, the paw definitely lined up right over the chimney.

The chimney.


Haha what a crazy idea really. Really crazy, but it fits a lot better than the random box of candy. And what are the chances? Everywhere you look, the paw is close to stepping on the chimney, but right at the arrow it definitely steps onto the chimney?

The more I think about it, the more it fits.

I took a running head start, jumped, and used the railing on the porch to reach the roof.


“What the fuck are you doing!?” I heard Kaan shout at me.

“The real treasure is on the roof!” I shouted back, pulling myself up. Okay that was a little harder to do than I thought it would be.




“What are you doing up there?”

“Get down here right now!”

The others had noticed me on the roof.

“Just give me two seconds!” I shouted at them as I ran up the roof, avoiding the more slippery steps.

“Fuck fuck fuck” I heard Kaan chant to himself as he climbed on the roof as well, using his little wings to help him as much as they could.

I reached the top of the roof, balancing on the beam and heading for the chimney as Kaan managed to join me. Flo was still continuing to shout at me to get the fuck down and Jo had run off to get a ladder.

I just gotta confirm I’m right okay? They’d never let me on the roof to check anyway.

I reached the chimney, and without hesitation, dug my head in to search for any sign of treasure.


“Kaan!?” Flo yelled. “Both of you get down here!”

“It’s ok Miss. Flo! I’ll get him to come down!” Kaan shouted back.

“Good luck with that.” I said only to him as I noticed a peculiar slot inside the chimney.

“Just come down here, do you know how stupid you’re being? This is worse than the horse thing.”

“Stop bluffing, you came up because you believe me about the treasure. And Zac would’ve come to if it weren’t for his coma thing.” I said absent mindedly.



My fingers closed around the tip of a small bag. I pulled it out, liberating a little bit of dust. Inside the bag was a note.

                          I hope you used a ladder

                          – Christian Hans


The man who founded Camp HanzenHall…

Behind the note was the treasure itself – a bean. A rainbow colored bean. I checked to see if there was more behind the note.

                       Have fun gardening


I popped out of the chimney triumphantly.

“I was right!” I exclaimed, hopping on one foot.

“Fuck fuck this is high.” Kaan mumbled. “Wait there was really something in there? What was it??”

“Nothing you need to know about.” I stuck out my tongue. Kaan, looking a bit pissed off, tried to take the bag from my hands. “Ha no you-” I swung my hand backwards, but the rest of my body swung forwards, my feet slipping on the roof tiles.



Zac’s gotta be laughing at me right now for being stupid enough to make the same mistake he did last summer.

I stumbled down the roof, frantically trying to grab onto something to stop my fall. My fingers would catch on to the roof tiles, but would only painfully get scratched.

With my adrenaline pumping, and everyone’s screams, I managed to grab onto the edge of the roof just as I was flying off it. My body swung with the momentum, but all my force was put into keeping my hands locked on the edge.


I hung there for a few more moments just to make sure I’d really made it, that I hadn’t been swung into the lake to hit my head and drown, or worse – thrown right into the bonefire.

Eventually I dropped, once my bleeding fingers ached too badly and my arms felt like they’d been ripped apart and everyone’s hands were on me and dragging me down.


“Ha I’m alive…” I muttered a little shakily.

Everyone started shaking their heads and calling me all sorts of names, but I just laid my head on the stairs and waited for my breath to come back.

All that for a rainbow colored bean, ha




Next day…


It’s our last day, and everyone is saying their good-byes and getting ready to leave. And Kaan is being a jackass.

“Kaan!” I said angrily as he persistently walked away from me. “You said you would.”

I grabbed his arm to force him to turn around.


“I said I’d tell you if you won the competition. But guess what? You lost.” Kaan snapped.

“Yeah, but then you said you’d tell me if I let you guys see the riddle.”

“If you shared. You won’t even let me see what you found.”


“I never promised to share, it’s got nothing to do with this!” I shouted angrily. “All I want is some information, doesn’t change crap for you!”

“Give me the real treasure and I’ll tell you.” Kaan said, crossing his arms.

Oh my god what a bastard.


I slammed my fist against his jaw, unable to keep looking at his stupid face any longer. It’s pretty simple! If you say you’re going to do something, do it.


“You probably don’t even know as much about curses as you bragged about anyway.” I said, shaking my head with disgust.

“Nikolas Whitelight!” Someone yelled.

“Kaan!” Someone else exclaimed.

And then Flo grabbed my arm as if I was going to keep beating him up, but I wasn’t going to. Not only because my previously hurt hands were already complaining, but also because there’d be no point to it.

I pulled my arm out of her grip.


Flo sighed as Tatiana and Tom helped Kaan up.

“I’m certainly not going to miss you.” She said, shaking her head.


An hour later dad arrived with the car. Papa probably stayed home to take care of Niki.

“Thanks again for the ride Mr.Jales.” Salandra said, smiling at my father. Her parents couldn’t come pick her up so she was tagging along again.


“Did you guys have fun? You were lucky, the weather was nice for the last few weeks.”

“It was really fun! I lost the competition, but I found the treasure!”

“You did? Wow congratulations! Was it a good one?” Dad asked.

“Bah it’s okay, I’m not too sure exactly what it is.” I said with a shrug.


“Did you practice your magic?” The mood suddenly went from joyful to worryful. It was that question.

“Uhhh….” I’d completely forgotten about that. “Um yeah you know, a spell or two.”

Dad gave out a small sigh and began his usual speech about how important it was for a witch to practice with their magic every single day – all of this right in front of Salandra!


I zoned out about two words in, preferring to admire the view of RidgeValley.

Ah civilization, books, electronics, my friends


And Niki




This kid makes me so happy, I predict it’ll be hard to prevent him from breaking his neck in the future. What a perfect little protagonist.

This concludes the end of Volume 1 Arc 2!

I’ll post one of the One Shots next week, and then after that Arc 3 begins.

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17 Responses to 9.12 – Glad to see the back of him

  1. raymondsanti says:

    Yay he finally found the treasure! That was a clever spot to hide it 😉 I wonder what this rainbow bean grows….

    Liked by 1 person

  2. magpie14031983 says:

    Huh, I knew she was the chick from the bank! Didn’t I say that?!? Didn’t I?!? Wait, did I? I know I thought it, but, it would suck if I never actually typed it and posted lol

    I had a vague idea that the treasure was in the main building, not because of the riddle, but, mainly because (as Niko said) it was the one thing that had never really changed. But, I was never 100% certain. I wonder where that little rainbow bean is going to lead him next?!?

    I can’t wait to see where we go next! And to get to see Niki too, is gonna be cool. I missed that child!

    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Lmao pretty sure you called it haha XD
      Well seen then!
      I can’t wait either! I keep feeling like Arc 2 was just a sweet arc Niko can look back at in years and be like “HAHA when things were that simple” And I guess the next arcs are a little bit like that too, but it’s not as much ‘in its own world’ as arc 1 was.

      Okay but really, every time i reply to your comments I feel like I’m just stuffing it with me excited for the next chap/arc, telling you guys itll be great, and going crazy over my own characters. Is it too much info? Do I need to reign myself in? lol


      • magpie14031983 says:

        Reign yourself in?!? Reign yourself in?!? Are you freaking nuts?!? If you change anything at all I’m going to revolt, go on strike, toi-toi as we say here in SA!

        Just think, if you’re that eager about the next arc when you know what it is, how much more eager us know-nothings are feeling! So get cracking HRHotSS!

        Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

        Liked by 1 person

        • blamsart says:

          *protects head expecting something thrown from screen*
          LOL good to know! Didn’t think it was that much of a deal, but then I was talking to myself “yo blams you’re kind of really always going on and on about this like this might be more inside stuff than they want”
          I actually think I might be getting some form of writer’s block BUT NO PANIC it’s more like a: usually I got no problem, stuff just comes rolling out of my fingers. But for Arc 3, 4, 5 and so on I have a thousand and one ideas but they just won’t settle so I’m not sure yet if that idea goes in arc 3 or 5 or whatever XP, it’s a bit frustrating cause I had all day to think about it but my brain was all “nope”, so it’s more of a “i have to force myself to think now” kind of writer’s block.
          Also doesn’t help that the horses in my game are all over the place right now it’s not even funny. We’ve got horse butts hanging on the walls.
          And now I’m going through the process of realizing I don’t even need all these horses in my household right now.


          • magpie14031983 says:

            Geez, I’m only on chapter 4 and I’ve already got writer’s block lol so I feel your pain. Although, I think it might be more a case of “too damn lazy to edit the collage shots again” lol I really shoved myself into a corner with that! I seem to have a collage that needs to be done in EVERY DAMN CHAPTER! Wtf was I thinking?!?

            Anyway, nuf bout me. You just keep doing watcha doing and we’ll keep reading and then when you reach Gen 10 we will start a petition for the story to continue indefinitely lol no pressure ;-D
            Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

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            • blamsart says:

              Now see, adding some fancy light shows when Xav loses control is long but fun for me. Doing collage shots like you did in the last one…don’t think i’d have the patience -_-
              Sooo that’s why we don’t have another chapter
              I shall keep doing what I’m doing, and hopefully you all shall keep reading (and maybe new peeps will join in on the way).
              Pressure? What pressure? I feel no pressure 😛 (for there shall unfortunately technically be no gen.11)


              • magpie14031983 says:

                Lol well, that and the fact that RL has been kicking my ass lately lol doing the collages was fun, it just took so damned long to do. Plus, I’ve definitely discovered a bias in my outfit screenies lol the problem with so many bloody kids!

                Are we ever going to see more of the cowplant in the secret basement of the house? We never really did get an explanation for why its even there lol
                Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

                Liked by 1 person

                • blamsart says:

                  Haha same, but there’s such a lack of clothes for kids. I can’t imagine with TS4 and it’s lack of customizable colors and designs too.
                  Hurr hurr since you asked and I’m apparently in a telling mood, we shall! We’ll see a lot more of it in Arc 3 actually. Unless I get struck with some kind of instant inspiration for some rad out of the box cool new idea (it happens. A lot actually. Ruins my plans), then Cowplant stuff should be fully explained next arc.

                  Liked by 1 person

                  • magpie14031983 says:

                    Well, it wouldn’t be a Sims game if the outfits for kids weren’t restricted lol but, I actually like most of the EA clothing options in TS4, which is more than I could say for TS2 and TS3. The lack of colour customization does suck, but you get used to it after a while to the point where you either don’t notice it anymore, or you install CC colours for favoured outfits lol

                    Yay! More cowplant! I had my first one ever in TS4 and my stupid Sim went fishing and stayed out with her camping gear and when I got back, it was dead *sob* really cute skeleton though lol
                    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

                    Liked by 1 person

                    • blamsart says:

                      Haha true that
                      Yeah I heard the TS4 cowplant could actually die!
                      It’s so weird compared to the cowplants that live forever in TS3…unless you starve them of course.


  3. Ica says:

    Well I thought it was in the horse… But I was close !! Can’t wait for the next Arc! And hmmm Rainbow Bean eh? The first thing I thought of was the Magic Jelly Bean Tree. Can’t wait to see what’s next!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Yeah it was pretty close! It wasn’t that easy, you had to really notice the way I positionned the statue each time it was in a shot to catch it.
      Well it would seem it’s a generation of pulling out unique sims stuff; cowplant…;P


      • magpie14031983 says:

        Well, you’re 1 up on me because I never had a definite idea of where it was. Sure, I had suspicions that it was in the Main Cabin, but never more than that! And even then, it was more because that’s the one place people wouldn’t look lol or if they did look, they would expect it to be under the floor or in the walls or ceiling. And that’s a bit too obvious for our Blams ;-D never would have guessed the chimney!

        Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

        Liked by 2 people

  4. Purple eyes…the girl from the bank!?!? It would explain why she’s so insanely athletic. How ODD though…to go from bank robbing to attending summer camp? And she’s not a new member, so I can’t even say that she’s only there because Niko is there and was sent to spy on him. How odd, odd, odd. Maybe she’s a fairly “normal” teen who is waist deep in “family business”? Being specially trained to be one of them…leading missions. Hah. I don’t know. Not sure what to make of that o____o She could even be related to the person in the bank….dunno, dunno. Another mystery!!

    NIKO YOU CRAZY FUCK! LOLOL. OH MY GOSH! Coming back with a LADDER would have been the safer, more intelligent thing to do, but ahhh gotta love Niko’s impulsivity XD Thank goodness he didn’t crack his head open. Yeesh! Makes me wonder though….was this why Zac climbed onto the roof too, but he’s since forgotten about it due to memory loss surrounding the time of the incident? Or is that just a coincidence? Anyway, hooray, he got the treasure!!! A rainbow bean, eh? And happy gardening? The jelly bean plant maybe? LOL EFF THAT PLANT IT CAN KILL YOUR FREAKING SIM. Some treasure. “Here, have a plant that might poison you to death.” Clearly this Hans fellow was quite the character. Hell, the whole Hans family seems to be comprised of a number of characters, that’s for sure.

    And ahhh, the end of summer camp! Nikoooooooo, your father’s right—practice that magic! Though it doesn’t seem to bubble up in Nikolas like it did with Xavier. Not yet anyway. But if it ever does well…let’s hope Niko remembers Xavier’s wise words.

    End of Arc 2! I’m slowly, but surely catching up ^_^ Anddddd Niko makes me happy too XD His recklessness might give me continuous heart attacks though. I feel like a parent LOL. But since Niko is a bit childish, it kind of brings out that feeling in me XD Good thing so far he seems to be, well, kind of lucky? Things don’t always go his way, but he’s managed to not get severely hurt yet, so let’s just hope that keeps up, lol. What a perfect little protagonist indeed =)

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      It’s in his genes XD
      He’s such a delight to have around. Still don’t know how he’s still alive. He’s testing the Reaper. (he’s a little calmer right now though……..who knows how long that’ll last)

      Niko’s magic is pretty weak so it probably won’t ever bubble up as long as he practices once a week or even every two weeks.
      Xav has so much he needs to use it AT LEAST once a day lol.

      Liked by 1 person

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