9.24 – Get a grip

Warning : Gif with bright colors near the middle of the chapter. Seizure warning.




No one’s POV

James still hadn’t gotten over it.

He’d severally underestimated the Weapon. No, even if he’d over-estimated her it wouldn’t have made a difference.

Whatever was causing her to lose control was bigger than even he could handle.


At least Xavier seemed to be fine. He was recovering now, sleeping off the enormous amount of energy he’d lost. They’d put him in Benjamin’s old bed.

James suspected Xavier might have actually lost a bit of his magic, but it might regenerate as he recovers. And either way, he would still be the most powerful witch alive right now.


James examined the Weapon as she listened to the tv, hugging her legs against her chest. It wasn’t just her attitude or her appearance that had changed – he could tell she was even speaking differently.

She’d grown. She wasn’t the same creature he’d interrogated at the police station. She’d gained back some humanity and some speech as well. She’d actually said sorry. A few seconds after they’d pulled her away from Xavier, she’d stopped struggling and collapsed on the ground, apologizing. Good thing too, because the two vampires wouldn’t have been able to hold her for long. Her strength was ridiculous.


Even though he knew she was just as human as the rest of them, James had always defaulted to viewing her as an object, as a weapon. It was easy then, she was a small frightened creature always in the corner of the room minding her own business. Even though it was clear she had the strength to break metal bars, she hadn’t once tried to escape while he held her captive in his basement.

Now she actually seemed to have a personality. James had never understood why his brother Lance had so inexplicably gotten attached to her, but maybe he’d seen who she was before anyone else had.

Kevil pushed himself away from the window and headed for the kitchen, motioning for James to follow him. The vampire finally had something to say.


“Don’t kill her.” Kevil said right off the bat. James rolled his eyes. Everything was hardly always kill or don’t kill. James had learned that a long time ago. It was a mentality that always led to more conflict.

He opened up his computer to type.

‘I wasn’t intending to.’


“Is there some way you could lock her power away?” Kevil asked.

‘It’s more complicated than that now.’ The girl would most likely resist him. He wasn’t even sure if he could kill her right now. He didn’t know how much of a resistance she had to him.


Kevil leaned on the counter, clearly distraught by this news.

James didn’t want a frustrated brooding vampire lurking around his house. Kevil needed to be distracted while he dealt with this. He doubted yard work would work again.

And then James remembered a fear his son had once, after waking from a nightmare. He’d texted his father, just so he could confirm that Assaria was dead. For a moment, he’d doubted it intensely and James had replied without any hesitation at the time.

Why would he hesitate? He had gripped her mind himself and shattered it into pieces. He’d made them gauge their own eyes out. He’d stood there for hours, just sitting on the bridge as if he was waiting for the bodies to move, but they never had. Xavier and him even watched the local authorities bodybag them.

Her being alive was impossible.


Yet…James had seen it in his son’s mind – the doubt was still there. He’d come to trust in his son’s sixth sense.

Her being still alive disgusted James to his very core. It seemed horribly unfair, and for a moment, as the memories of that day came washing back, he wished she was still alive just so he could kill her again.

Let’s imagine Xavier’s sense was spot on and Assaria had somehow managed to survive that. What was she doing? It’d been over a decade a half. Even she wouldn’t wait that long to wreak havoc. Maybe she was hiding? Because she knew she couldn’t go against James?

Somehow James knew he would have sensed her if that had been the case. He’d catch her foul thoughts anywhere. As impossible as it seemed, there was still no denying that something was up.

‘Kevil I need you to do something for me.’


Kevil was unsurprisingly against the idea.

“I’m not going off on some wild goose chase to see if the witch is still alive! She needs me here right now.”

James told him he’d watch over the Weapon, but Kevil wasn’t satisfied. He’d seen it happen as well – he knew James wouldn’t be able to control her in a time of crisis. He might as well just kill her. James sighed. Kevil would be even less capable of controlling that kind of situation.

“Why don’t you go?”


‘I need to be here when Xavier wakes up. It’s been 15 years. If Assaria is alive she isn’t much of a threat.’

Kevil looked defeated. He knew he’d probably have to go on that wild goose chase. It was a courtesy of James’, to allow him to make the decision for himself.

“What are you doing here James? No one’s seen you around since you killed those two vampires. The strongest vampire there is – feared by anyone who knew him – reduced to being a hermit? It’s a pathetic ending. There’s still so much you could’ve done. Did losing the fairy really break you that badly?” Kevil dared to ask.

James fingers hesitated over the keyboard, his face twitching slightly with discomfort. He didn’t really feel like giving Kevil what he was asking for, but he supposed he owed it to the older vampire, in a way.


‘I did spend a few years grieving. Staying alone in this house was the best thing I could’ve done back then. Who knows what I would’ve done if someone had rubbed me the wrong way?

Eventually, I reconnected with an old friend. I told him the big story, and he gave me an idea to pass the time.’

“What was it?” Kevil asked as James got up from his seat. James motioned for him to follow.


Kevil was led all the way outside, to the ladder that went down to James’ basement. That famous underground jail that had once held a time keeper, an immortal, a vampire and Gretel all at once.

There was a sweet smell emanating from it, and Kevil could hear a radio playing.


The place was already filled with a small crowd – all supernaturals. They weren’t particularly strong, but just enough so that Kevil could sense their magic.

James had transformed his basement into a bar/café place for supernaturals.

“Are you protecting them?” Kevil asked.


Though he hadn’t approached civilization that much in the last decade, he’d still heard about the increasing hate for supernaturals going around – as well as rumors of attacks against them.

James took out his phone.

‘Supernaturals are being targeted by a professional group of people. There’s rumors of them being remnants of a group that called themselves the anti-supernaturals. They’re the ones who started killing white-eyes decades ago. I offer protection to travelers and nomads.’

Kevil was impressed. He hadn’t expected that from James.


‘There hasn’t been news of a search for the last white-eyed, but just in case you should get yourself eye contacts.’ James continued.

Kevil nodded and then sighed in defeat. “I’ll do it. But not for long. I’ll look around and check for trouble. What are you going to do about Gretel? She’s strong physically and mentally. She loses control randomly.”

‘I’ll try and help her control it.’ He typed.


Kevil hated to admit it, but between the two, James was better equipped to help her.

He just couldn’t seem to help it. He had this need to protect her, even if she didn’t need protection.

She still seemed fragile to him.


Ridgevalley, Police station


Nikolas had never felt as frustrated, ashamed and embarrassed as he did now. Getting caught breaking into the police station! When he was supposed to be at home in his room – grounded. Here he’d dared to hope the detective he’d met in Dealer’s Avenue would let him off with a warning (especially after he’d answered “You should’ve just asked” when Niko had explained the reason for his break in), but noooo he thought he should call his pa instead.

He forced Edmund to come all the way down to the police station to deal with the consequences of Nikolas’ actions. Nikolas was too busy fuming over having got caught and fearing the lecture he was obviously going to have, to realize he was getting off easy.


They were going to leave it at a fine to pay, Nikolas didn’t need to stay in a cell for a few nights. The event was written on his record from now on though.

“You can go see Miss Amiot, the secretary is going to have the rest of the information for the fine.” Sebastien explained.

“Thank you very much, this won’t happen again.” Edmund assured his jaw tight. The detective simply smiled in response as his phone began to ring.


“Let’s go Nikolas.” Edmund said, turning to his son. Niko shot to his feet.

“Pa I-”

Edmund raised his hand slightly. “Let’s go home.” He repeated in a cold stern voice.

“You found one?…Who?…What?” Sebastien said on the phone.


Nikolas followed his father, his ear inevitably listening in to what the detective was saying. He couldn’t help it.

“The Klose one huh?… Poor kid.”

Klose. Elvis Klose. Dexter Klose.


Nikolas spun around faster than you could say bad idea. He gripped onto the edge of the half-wall.

“Dexter? Dexter Klose? What happened!? Did you find him?”

“Nikolas!” Edmund said in a you’re doomed voice, but his son ignored him.

Sebastien considered the kid and everything he’d seen him do so far just to get this answer. So he gave him the freebie. “They’re bringing him to the hospital now.”

The news sent Nikolas into shock. The hospital? He’d failed? He needed to go. He needed to go see for himself.

Nikolas glanced at his father, who shook his head slowly. Niko made a face, giving in to his need for confirmation, and raced past his father –out the door.


He hopped onto his bike, cringing as he heard his father call his name. But at this point…could it get any worse for him?

As he rode for the hospital, he pulled out his emergency phone and dialed Elvis’ number. His friend didn’t answer. A call does come in as he rounds the last few blocks.

“Nikolas? Are you okay? Veronica said you got arrested!” Salandra.

“They found Elvis’ brother! He’s at the hospital right now! It’s where I’m heading, gotta go.”

“Wish him luck for me.” She managed to squeeze in before Nikolas hung up.

Niko doesn’t bother locking up his bike, carelessly letting it fall on the ground as he rushes inside. He finds his friend alone in the waiting area.


Elvis’ parents are off screaming at the doctor, leaving their son to struggle to stay calm.

But it’s hard, so hard, knowing and not knowing at the same time. He barely notices Nikolas arrive and sit on the couch beside him, too concentrated he is on not breaking down into a sobbing mess.


“Elvis?” Nikolas asked, putting a hand on his friend’s shoulder. “Are you okay? What happened?”

Elvis’ shoulders shake as he holds back his sobs. The scene he’d seen before the doctors had pushed him and his family out the door kept flashing through his mind.

“Is he okay?” Nikolas asks, in a lower more calm voice.

Elvis keeps his face hidden in his hands.

“I don’t know.”


“I don’t know.”




A foggy mind coupled with the weight of magic in his veins.

There was no more depressing way for Xavier to wake up at that moment. What a fool he’d been.

It hadn’t worked. And he knew he’d be stupid to try again. He rested his head in his hand, trying not to break down, to keep it together.

But when his father walked in, his shoulders began to shake and tears filled his eyes.

What was he going to do now?


James wasn’t feeling really comfortable in the current situation. He hadn’t had to deal with a crying kid in years – let alone a grown man. He hardly had the desire to go through the whole comfort process.

“It was my last option.” Xavier muttered out.

James felt bad for his son, easily sensing the pain he was in.

“If I go back he’ll die, but if I don’t – I don’t want to be apart from my family.”

‘I have an idea.’ James signed. But Xavier still had his head in his hands.


James gripped his son by the arms and hoisted him up, shaking him a little. He glared at Xavier, trying to convey the message: don’t let your emotions get the better of you.

Thankfully Xavier understood his father’s glare.

‘I have an idea.’ James repeated, now that his son was watching.

“Well what is it?”


‘If too much magic negatively affected naturals, then this must’ve been a large scale problem back in the day. I’d be surprised if they hadn’t found a solution. My parents basement is a treasure horde of the weirdest things you’ll ever find. That’s where the incense that restricted your magical powers came from. You might be able to find something for Edmund there.’ James explained.

It was a good idea, better than anything else he had currently, and Xavier nodded along. Of course it made sense. His grandparents, Simon and Zyla, lived atop a basement filled with magical artifacts and things of old. They preferred to lock it rather than explore it, but they may make an exception for Xavier.

‘Be careful. It’s there.’ James warned.


A device that had caused a lot more trouble than it was worth.

A weird contraption that held the soul and mind of a time keeper. One who was mad with grief.

James had hid it back where it belonged, in his parents basement, where no one was allowed to go. He could’ve kept it by his side…but he hated the sight of it and there were so many people traveling back and forth now, that he didn’t want to risk someone finding it while he was asleep.

Maybe they should’ve destroyed it…but for all they knew the device was just a cage, and destroying it would release the unwanted held inside.

Xavier understood the danger almost as much as James did, and he promised not to go anywhere near it. Just touching it would be enough to cause a lot of unneeded trouble.


Kevil had left to see if he could sniff out any news of Assaria.

Xavier had left to go find a solution in his grandparents’ basement.

There was only the Weapon – Gretel left now.


“You won’t be able to help me.” She said solemnly, picking away at some shards sticking out of the stairs.

James had been gradually noticing her get more and more restless since she’d woken up this morning. He’d expected her to lash out at him eventually. And she did. She gripped the stair she was sitting on, clenched her jaw, and with a guttural noise, spun around to grab onto James and sap all life out of him.


Really good thing he was prepared. The poor thing received a bat to the face, knocking her out cold. Her fingers had barely grazed his jeans. It was a crude method, but he didn’t have a lot of other options in the heat of the moment.

James sighed down at the girl’s body. It was definitely going to be hard, but he doubted it would be impossible.

He was just going to have to wear long sleeves and pants all the time.




End of Volume 1 Arc 3.

So well see…you guys probably haven’t noticed, but I gave myself a challenge for this generation :– Every chapter title needs to be an IDIOM.

So I’ve had some fun discovering new idioms and making a list of over 100 idioms to choose from, but I honestly just really miss coming up with chapter titles of my own ;-;

So this is me justifying and giving myself a reason to give up and go back to what I used to do before. (It was meant to upgrade my English, but I already know most of these! So starting Arc 4 I’m going back to what I used to do! Three arcs isn’t bad.)

Of course if you all simultaneously go ‘nooooooo we liked idiom titles!’ I’ll reconsider lol

Per usual, we’ve got a one shot later this week, and then Arc 4 starts soon after. I’m really excited for it! School year starts up again, and everyone gets a makeover (AND Niki ages up into an adult, finally!). There’s some neat things planned for this one, like every arc really XD.

Pretty much coincides with real life, summer is ending pretty soon too! if it hasn’t already

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19 Responses to 9.24 – Get a grip

  1. quackermole says:

    Poor Xav 😦
    I feel really sorry for Gretel. She seems so human… But the way she has to be treated because of the powers she doesn’t choose to use ;_;
    THAT’S SO COOL THAT JAMES IS SHELTERING NOMADS AND TRAVELLERS!! So awesome! There’s just something about that I LOVE! I liked the sneaky Bachelor challenge cameos too!
    Nice to see Seb again 😉
    They found Elvis’ brother?! SO MANY QUESTIONS!
    Great chapter, can’t wait for the makeovers! And Niki FINALLY as a YA! Wooo.

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      It’s never been easy for her.

      I know right!! James doing something for the betterment of others….Heehee I wanted to try and plug a few somewhere.
      It’s always nice to see Seb *pats his head*
      It will be wondrous, Nikolas looks cool in fall clothes

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  2. Iomai says:

    *drools over Seb* *ahem* I mean, yaaay sexy detective! My god, Dexter, what did they do to you?? And James, doing something nice for others, hooray! But bat to the face? I know I shouldn’t laugh but I the image of that action mixed with many zombie movies simply betrayed me. My my, so much went on in this chapter but I loved it! I still hate seeing Niko’s face beat up, it was so perfect.

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  3. magpie14031983 says:

    To idiom or not to idiom? Meh, whatever blows your hair back lol it’s your story so do your thang 😉

    I saw absolutely none of this as my yhdffdsdrfslcb BB decided it wasn’t going to log on to WP. But, as per usual, images are brilliant but not 100% necessary! The writing always blows me away!

    Hehehehe bat to the face hehehehehe I’m sorry, I just find it classic that the Big Bad King of Vampires had to take someone out with a bat roflmfao bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha it’s almost like poetic justice XD

    Xav, I’m glad you’re alive and still magical, but, you doofus! Why didn’t you use your brain and come up with the same idea James did! I still don’t think its the supernaturals/magic making the “normals” weak/sick/whatever… Maybe I’m seeing a conspiracy theory where there isn’t one, but wouldn’t it be totally great PR for the anti-supernatural group, if they could lay the blame for every last bad thing, at the feet of the supernaturals! So people just have bad hearts. It sucks and it sucks some more, but that’s just life… Bitch that it is! Same with other maladies…

    Geezus! Has it been 15 years already O_O fracking hell… Wait… I’m confused… Xav helped James with the thing where Kyx was killed BEFORE he hooked up with Ed again, didn’t he? And Niki is what? 18? So… Shouldn’t it be like 20 years?!? Crap, I dunno… •brain explodes•

    I did manage to see the gif, by clicking on it’s link in the mail I got, poor Dex… I wonder wtf they did to him! And I love how Niko was all “its not like I could get any more grounded” lol true that. In for a penny and all that jazz. Besides, friends come first…

    Can’t wait for Arc 4 and also more of Max’s BC! #Destiny4TheWin
    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!


    • magpie14031983 says:

      Yay, my BB finally played along •smustle•

      Man, Seb just keeps getting more and more smexy as the time goes on, even with his odd beard/facial hair/mutton chops/whatever (makes me think he’d be a really awesome werewolf!). With your lore, since supernaturals are declining, hectically, is it possible for a supernatural to have a child with a “natural”, who is essentially supernatural, just without the glowy eyes or magic or whatever? Cuz, then, my bet is on Seb having a Were mom or dad!

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  4. Livvielove says:

    JAMES!!!! JAMES JAMES JAMES!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥
    ahem, anyways.
    Niko goes and gets himself into trouble.
    We get a glorious look at K-EEEEEVIL and Gretel… And man I wish there was something we could do for Gretel… And Sallie!!!
    Oh my sweet Sallie! I love her so much! 😦 Don’t break my sweet Sallie!

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    • blamsart says:

      I needed this chapter. I needed the closure so much. I needed to know James, after losing Kyxa, had managed to find something to occupy himself. Imagining him sulking in his all day was breaking me.

      “don’t break my sweet Sallie!”


      • Livvielove says:

        I seriously love James though. His attitude is just…incredible. I feel awful that he lost Kyxa and that no one seems to care about it.
        “He’s James. He’ll recover.”
        So I’m *super* glad he took on this angry/dark persona for himself. I love that people are afraid of him.
        They should be, dammit.
        James has become that trope wise-old-scary-dude-that-acutally-is-a-softie-at-heart.
        ‘Cept I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have a heart right now. XD He’s just soft because of the *memory of his heart*
        I still get Kyxa’s death. It makes sense. Sad sense, but sense. James feels like the hermit now.
        Gods, and here I thought he couldn’t resemble Majnun anymore… XD

        Liked by 1 person

        • blamsart says:

          My original idea was to have James live in a fancy ass pensylvania type castle by the time Xav was a child, and to already be worldwide known as a fearsome legend you don’t want to cross and Xav was supposed to stumble upon this castle and learn to be a mighty warrior and try to resist the dark side —

          and well that’s just an example of things veering off. Realistically wise it was not realistic with how things were moving.
          I rambled off, but yeah James the hermit 😛 He’s a tough lad and I kind of wished he’d been born earlier.
          “memory of his heart” *chokes on feels*

          I JUST WANTED TO SAY I really appreciated all the wonderful comments to my story. To know my characters are loved is always a treat.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Livvielove says:

            Oh, almost pulled a Dracula for James… I love it. XD
            I honestly love how things turn out.
            My initial plan was to have Esmerelda and Quinn be at each other’s throats when they ran into each other in the Reapers that first time.
            I fully expected them to meet during the trial, blow up at each other. Esmerelda would smack him, Quinn would kiss her, and it’d be like usual for them… XD
            Quinn saw her, had the appropriate anger, then Esmerelda went and… *cried* and that was when it all fell apart. XD
            *Raises glass to you* cheers to plans falling apart.
            Majnun’s entire existence was because he was a plan that went awry.

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  5. There that second picture and the first sentence beneath it: That was all I need to BREATHE after seeing Xavier fall to the ground. He’s okay. He’s okay. He’s okay. *hugs pillow to chest* Thank goodness he is OKAY.

    Oh wow. Well then. Count me in as just as impressed Kevil. I hadn’t expected that from James either. I mean I totally admit we’ve seen a massive change in him, but this is rather unprecedented. And awesome. Really awesome. Supernaturals need safe havens now more than ever.

    Oh my god, Niko. Ugh, this is painful for my mind because on the one hand I really truly get Niko’s investment in this and want to know, but on the other I can feel so viscerally how powerless and even despairing Edmund must feel right now. His heart is giving him issues, his brother is locked in the grasps of a fairly severe addiction, his husband is gone, and god Niko just won’t listen to a word he says and for a parent, that’s pretty much the height of fear—not knowing what your child is getting into and what shape they’ll come out of it this time…if they even do.

    It’s incredibly selfish of Niko. Incredibly so. All he’s thinking is that his punishment can’t get much worse at this point really and yeah, that’s true, but he’s not seeing for a second that this goes so much further than getting grounded—the impact on his papa goes so much further.

    Gahhhhh, Niko, I get it, and this is awful and I really hope Elvis’ brother will be okay, but also….gahhhh, Edmund. Sending all the patience and soothing thoughts in the world his way. He’s really going to need them…because when Niko is on a mission, for better or for worse, he’s a tough one to stop!

    AND BACK TO XAVIER. GOD. I need to send a million soothing thoughts his way too…soothing thoughts, and hope. There must be something out there! Yes, see! James is thinking exactly along the lines as I was thinking. If this was a common problem back then, then surely someone must have discovered some means of combating it? I mean I know you said relations between supernaturals and naturals were highly discouraged then because of this, but we all know highly discouraged doesn’t mean it never happened, so surely there must be something?!

    UM OKAY JAMES. GLAD YOU HAD THE BAT I GUESS BUT LET’S THINK OF A NEW METHOD PLEASE!? Yikes. Poor Gretel. I hope in the end James can help her…while simultaneously minimizing brain damage.

    Whew. Looks like I’ll be entering this 4th arc with fingers and toes crossed!!!

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    • blamsart says:

      Poor Edmund
      I was here behind the screen tearing my hair because, boy would I not want to have a child like Niko right now lol. I wouldn’t know how to deal with that kid.

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      • magpie14031983 says:

        You do realise that you have now cursed yourself to have a child like Niko?!? The Gods have heard your desire not to, and have decided to grant the opposite lol as is oft the Will of the Gods!
        Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

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        • blamsart says:

          AHHHH NOOOOO
          That would be the most awful of curses
          I’d lock my Niko-child in his room and never let him out, i’d be too scared he’d jump off a freaking building because a treasure map told him to!


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