~ The gift of a clean slate ~





It’s not meant for living things.

A morgue is meant for the dead.


The sound of rushing water echoes and fills the room.

It bounces awkwardly off the walls like a stranger, infiltrating the ear drums of the dead.



The air gushes through the nose, the body jerks as the heart jumpstarts, the muscles contract.


The newly revived rolls onto the floor, the muscles filling with blood, oxygen reaching the brain, all functions returning to normal.

“There there. It’s a bit of a shock I know.” A soothing voice says, stroking the newly warm back. “Let me open a light.”


The eyes burn under the unexpected light and a newly functionable arm lashes out and hits a stomach.


The voice loses her breath and falls on the ground. “Oof!”

The body leans against something and blinks the blood spots out of her eyes. Her heart is still pumping wildly. Her vocal chords manage to utter sounds.

“What’s – I don’t – him

“Calm down…oof that hurt.” The voice says still clutching her gut. She places a hand on the bare shoulder. The golden eyes are too dazed to react.

It takes a few moments, but the excited heart calms down, and her thoughts clear.


“How are you feeling?” The blue-haired woman asked.

“I can’t remember a thing. That can’t be good. My memory is gone.” She laments.

“It couldn’t be helped. You should see it as a gift.”

“Who are you?” The amnesiac asks – no demands.


“It’s a bit ironic I suppose. The one person who can remember me has forgotten me as well.” She sighs. “Sure I’m trying a new look, but it’s not that different is it?”

“How is not remembering anything a gift? It feels like I’ve lost too much by not knowing. I have this pain and I don’t know why.” The woman clutches her hair, grinds her teeth.

“It’s the gift of a clean slate. Believe me, you need it.”


“The grim reaper.” She utters like a curse and a blessing.

“Yes…you remember him?”

Damien. That’s the only name I know.” With a distinct feeling, that it’s the cause of her pain.

“It’s thanks to him that you’re here now. See? There’s nothing to worry about.” The blue lady smiles.

“And my memories?”

“I don’t know. But enjoy this new chance you’ve been given. Don’t waste it.” She replies, climbing to her feet.


“Where is he?”

“I have to go Assaria.” She smiles apologetically.

“Assaria?” The name flashes true in her mind. “That’s me.”

The lady grins. “Maybe you will get them back.”


Assaria Clavez. Alone now, she looks around the room, looking for an answer or a memory.

But there is only the dead here.


“-and some weirder news still, a yet unidentified body was stolen from the morgue last Friday with no signs of forced entry-“


About blamsart

♪They say it's what you make♪ I say it's up to fate ♪It's woven in my soul♪ I need to let you go♪ -- Demons by Imagine Dragons
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5 Responses to ~ The gift of a clean slate ~

  1. magpie14031983 says:

    Totally voted for James (I’m assuming he’s the “lonely vampire”?)

    Wow, Story-teller is the one who brought her back •re-reads that sentence and cringes because of the unintentional pun•

    Wait, this world is from Damien’s tales to Assie isn’t it? So, does that mean that ST is Damien? Or is ST the ST that came before even Damien •brain explodes•

    01:40 here now, so the brain is not fully functional just yet 😦

    Great one shot, as always, are you ever going to get sick of me praising this story?!? Lol good! Cuz I’m never gonna get sick of saying it!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      If there ever was to be a lonely vampire it would be him lol
      Weeeeellllll not really. That’s not what story-teller said.
      Oh my god ST as Damien? Oh my god I love this theory. I won’t confirm or deny it, but I will say that in some way Blams (Velor’s green haired vampire wife) was part of that little group of odd ‘immortals’
      Me? Get sick of praise? Never. My ego would not be able to sustain lack of praise.


  2. Lila Remonn says:

    And wow has it been one rollercoaster of a read. I haven’t seen a legacy with such a complex storyline all throughout the generations! Each generation was so enjoyable to read and were unique in their own way, but also tied with the others with all these cool mysteries. In fact, I don’t know how you manage to think of such complicated and awesome plots for each gen! Your pictures are so cool as well, I love how you’ve edited them for the magic, etc. Your art skills are great, by the way 🙂
    I really liked the characters, too. There are so many but my favourite one is probably Oliver. He was so cute and funny and it was really sad when he died! That part was heart wrenching and I can remember nearly crying for a couple of other scenes too, though I don’t recall which ones haha. My brain is kinda dead from reading so much in little time. And, you’ve built the characters with so much depth and history that it would be really interesting to have one shots for any of them, I bet!
    For this generation I’m finding Nikolas hilarious, his attitude is great even though he can be cocky sometimes. Sal is a sweetie, why does Niko have to be so dense and just kiss her already lmao. I can’t wait to see what Assaria will do as well. Even though I hated her for killing Kyxa, I shipped her and Velor pretty hard (although he seems to be still dead…) and she seems like a cool person if she doesn’t get her memories back *fingers crossed*
    I have really enjoyed reading the legacy and look forward to future chapters ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Oh my god you just sped through that!
      I’m so happy you enjoyed it!
      And well most of the time I go on a chapter to chapter basis -_-‘. It’s pure luck that I’ve managed to weave a story this way 😛 (well that’s not entirely true. i do have a huge white board constantly filled with plot points)
      I knooooow they could be so cute together, but Niko turns a completely voluntary blind eye to it. Plus he’s really dense.
      I put Assaria in gen.1 cause I wanted a bad guy. Never could I have imagined she would play such pivotal roles.
      So am I! I have a bunch of neat things to share with y’all! Stuff I’ve always wanted to write about because it just seems so damn cool.
      Thanks for reading!!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. In Assaria’s case, a clean slate really is a gift.

    Question is, have all the dominoes been picked up only to have them fall in exactly the same manner as before?

    It doesn’t seem like she’s been up to anything all that terrible…just hanging out in graveyards desperate to contact Damien and/or regain some memories, but then again she DID know that bank robbery was going to happen and sent Niko there, so….clearly there’s something happening here. Something…and it doesn’t feel too great….x__x

    Liked by 1 person

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