9.25 – Undeserved righteousness

It’s Autumn and a new school year has begun! And that means wardrobe change…(Arc 4!)

Warning: Decided to try out a height mod, so lots of sims are going to look shorter or taller than what they’re supposed to. Took me about a year and a half, but I’ve decided to head down this faulty animation road.

Also: Repeat Warning: All chapters have foul language


Jesse’s POV

I hate liars.

I like highschool. Sucks that we don’t have recess anymore, but at least we can decide how we spend our breaks now.

The liar population tripled in highschool.


I like Arthur. He’s the one person who’s never lied to me. Of course he’s ruder than my neighbor’s dog, but at least there’s honesty in that! I gave up all my other friends because of their stupid lies. Telling the truth is apparently a ridiculously hard thing to do.

I didn’t think I’d make any friends when I got to highschool. A minute into any conversation and someone told a lie. Most of the time it was for something really stupid like ‘I didn’t fart’ or ‘I took a shower this morning’, but it didn’t change anything. I hate when someone lies, and I can always tell when they do. Thank my dad for that.

So you know, when Arthur sat down beside me and told me I looked like a dweeb and totally meant it, I decided we’d be friends.


“Hey Jesse, you know how you’re always talking about how happy you are that you haven’t seen your old babysitter yet?”

“Yes, why are you bringing this up? Are you trying to make me paranoid?” I like highschool. Doesn’t mean I like the people in it. And he goes to highschool here. I’ve managed to go a week or two without seeing him anywhere in the school corridors and I thank the grim reaper for that every day.

“Isn’t that him?”

My eyes drifted hesitantly – afraid of what I’d see.


My fears were confirmed.

“Yeeaaahhhh that’s him.” I groaned.

My parents’ friends’ son was in the middle of a commotion. He seemed to be having a heated argument with some random kid, with an audience shaking their head or whispering punch him punch him.


The random kid who’s name I never really took the time to know, was trying to drop out of the subject, but his assailant kept pressing him on.

Arthur and I, reluctantly, approached to hear what was going on.

By the time we’d reached them, the random guy was done trying to avoid the fight.


“You’re a goddamn loser! It was a fucking gum in a stupid plant!” He shouted, sticking an L on his forehead.

The dark red head sighed in frustration. “There’s a fucking tin right beside the plant. Or there’s one just over there. You could’ve kept your fucking gum a little longer no?”

Apparently the answer to that was no.


Sure I hadn’t seen my ex-babysitter around since school started (till now that is), but that definitely didn’t mean I hadn’t heard of him. Mostly under the title: Self-righteous jackass.

He picks fights all over school, but it never gets to the point where he gets himself a suspension. From the rumors I’ve heard he came back from summer vacation with a renewed want to beat people up. He’s rarely seen with bruises or cuts – whilst all his victims always at least have some people trickling from somewhere.

I never really thought of him as a violent person – just someone who didn’t know how to have the right kind of fun and who had no respect for others. But I guess he’s different in school?

The argument was really heating up now – with the kid pissed that the ninja wannabe was on his case, and the latter pissed that the emo kid wouldn’t understand how simple it was to just throw away your gum in the garbage.

It got so heated that the audience started to whisper teacher, someone get a teacher. And then the attacker’s hands formed into fists. Arthur nudged my arm and pointed at a spot of pale blue pushing its way through the crowd…

Only to stand right between the two guys.


Had to hand it to her, she was pretty brave stepping into that mess.

What transpired next could only be described as some kind of super stare contest. The crowd was quiet, glancing anxiously at the clock because break was about to end.

The girl glared – and I really mean glared, gave us all the chills – and he stared back, jaw clenched, hands still in fists.

I was starting to wonder what the hell was going on when the girl decided to break the ice.


“There’s stupid and immature and then there’s picking fights with people over nothing – just because you feel like it, because it’s the only thing you can think to do. Doesn’t that sound familiar?” The girl said. Making an allusion to something that happened last year – before I got to highschool. How unfair of her to not clarify for those of us in the audience who weren’t there.

He stared back silently, still clearly exuding the need to hit something.

But the words must’ve worked, because he released his fists, straightened like he was getting over it, and then walked away from the scene.

The gum guy reached out to thank the girl for interfering, but she rudely ignored him and walked away.

“You’re so mean and stupid.” I muttered at the loser as he passed by. He suddenly seemed to notice my presence.


“Didn’t see you there Jesse! Still so short…” He replied mockingly seemingly having forgotten what he’d just done like three seconds ago.

“I’m not short! I grew!” I said, stomping my foot.

“Good for you.” He said with a very condescending pat on my head.


“You suck Niko!” I shouted after him as he walked away with a laugh. “He’s so mean.” I grumbled to Arthur.

Arthur shrugged. “I want a chocolate bar, can we go to the vending machines?”



Salandra’s POV


I hid behind the lockers, glancing back at the dispersing crowd.

I can’t believe I just did that!

But I couldn’t not. It pisses me off so much when he gets into stupid fights.


I bit my nail anxiously.

I hope he’s not pissed at me. It’s finally gotten back to how it was before. Actually it feels like he treats me more like a friend now than he did before! In other words he listens when I talk.

Ahhh, but now I told him off in front of a bunch of other students, he’s definitely going to be pissed at me. What have I done!?


A group of troublemakers past the corner chattering among themselves. The leader of the group told the rest to go on ahead without him, and then he made his way over to me.

I can’t see Nikolas anywhere…he doesn’t have the right to be angry at me! I’m just worried!

But I did call him stupid and immature, but I didn’t mean it! (but I did a little bit…)


“Are you hiding?” Zac asked.

“Leave me alone, I don’t have time for your crap right now.” I snapped.

He backed up defensively. “Woah, what did I say?”


“Nothing I guess. This time.” I reluctantly admitted. “Sorry.”

“Hey don’t be, I like that fiery spirit.” He said with a flirty smirk. I glared at him.

“Really don’t Zac. I’m not interested. Leave me be.” It didn’t seem to matter how many times I said that, he wouldn’t stop. I’d seen him with dozens of other girls. He always pursued them till they gave up…and then after a week he’d get bored of them. It was really horrible to watch.


“Don’t feel bad for telling that hot head to cool off. It was about time someone did.” Zac said, getting uncomfortably close – per usual.

“I know…but I’m worried.” I muttered through clenched teeth.

“If he hurts you I’ll beat him up.” He said, getting full of himself. I moved away from his towering presence.


“It’s not that!” Niko would never hurt me – not physically.”I just…he’s always had a tendency to get into fights, it is Niko, but it’s different this time. It’s completely pointless!” I was never a fan of him fighting, but I never bothered with it. He actually seemed to be having fun sometimes – oddly enough. But that’s just not the case anymore. Something happened, but I don’t know what it is. “Maybe I’m reading too much into this.”

“Yeah, don’t stress that pretty head of yours.”

“You’re insufferable.”



Nikolas’ POV

I leaned on the wall, waiting for break to finish and for class to start. With mild disinterest, I watched Veronica talking with some girl from her senior class.

Felt a bit like the dark skin and blond hair was familiar, but I didn’t really care much to think about something trivial like that right now.

No. I couldn’t quite get over the fact that Salandra had jumped into my conversation (called me stupid and immature?? like where did that come from??) and compared me to my sister. Nikita, who’d decided to bully Tyzel when he wouldn’t speak to her or be her friend.


I don’t even know why she brought it up! There’s absolutely no relation here. I’m not targeting a single person. I’m not showing that kind of favoritism. I’m just catching people doing stupid things and telling them not to do it. It’s not my fault if it escalates to the point where I have to physically make them realize the logic.

Everyone just pisses me off so much with their little dramas these days. There are bigger things to worry about than the fact that that other girl happens to be wearing the same shirt.


“Wow somebody’s thinking hard.” Said an unimpressed voice.

“Elvis?” I said in surprise. “I didn’t think you’d be back yet!”


For obvious reasons, Elvis had missed the first weeks of school to be with his family and his brother.

“Dexter is still in a coma.” He said. “My parents decided it was pointless for me to not go to school.”

“But he’s doing not so bad right? Do they know what put him in a coma?”


“No. That’s the weird thing. He doesn’t have any bruises or any marks whatsoever. The only weird thing is a mark on his chest. They had to ask my parents if they’d allowed Dexter to get a tattoo!”

“A mark? What kind of mark?” What had that kid in jail said…You have a 50% chance of survival they told me.

“I’m not sure I didn’t get a good look.” Elvis shook his head.

“That’s fine. I’ll just come visit him with you after school-”


“Eh that’s not a good idea…” Elvis cut me off.

“What do you mean?”

“My parents don’t want you coming over – or visiting Dexter. You see…your father talked to my parents.” Elvis said, scratching the ground with his foot.

“Are you se-” I finished my sentence with a groan. “Of course, of course he did. He probably called everyone he knows to make sure the whole world knows I’m grounded for life.” Where did that gum kid go? I need to hit something.


“Well can you at least take a picture for me?” I asked.

“Niko my brother is in a coma.” He said.

“I’m not being disrespectful or anything. I think that mark could be the reason why he was kidnapped in the first place. And why he’s in a coma.”

“I don’t know man. Sounds like a stretch. How could a tattoo make you comatose?” Elvis frowned.

“Maybe it was something else. But the mark definitely has something to do with it.” I insisted. Like I’m definitely sure the flame kid’s mark has something to do with his ability to burst into flames.

“Ok I’ll do my best. But try not to get beat up again okay? I don’t like having that on my conscience.”

“I won’t.”

“Or sent to jail because apparently you almost got arrested and no one told me.”

“I said it won’t happen again! I got this Elvis.”



Or so he says…

True story: In the beginning, when Nikolas and that kid are arguing back and forth, Salandra got pissed at the other guy! She made a wish to go insult his face and to go chat with Nikolas.

niko has such pretty eyes

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14 Responses to 9.25 – Undeserved righteousness

  1. magpie14031983 says:

    Niko, you Doof!

    Sorry, I can’t be my usual verbose self. I just finished reading the latest chapter of LivvieLove’s Reapers and, well, read it and you’ll see T_T

    I missed Sal. Seems like we’ve gone ages without seeing her.
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  2. cynanyx says:

    Oh, Niko. You… you character, you.
    Hey, Sal got a makeover!
    This was a fun chapter.

    And then there’s those two kids in the background in that one picture, casually making out…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lila Remonn says:

    Gosh, Niko needs to calm down before some kid actually manages to beat him up and embarrass him! I’m glad Sal stepped in, he did need some telling off. She’s one of my favourite characters in this generation! I kinda think she and Zac would make a cute couple if he didn’t act and dress like such a player. Then they could make Niko jealous and make him realise that he likes Sal, haha.
    Ah poor Dexter. I wonder what is up with the tattoo thing… maybe anti-supernaturals are trying to attack supernaturals with them… or maybe it’s the other way round…
    Great chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Well considering who his parents are, and the fact that it was Erin who bore him…I suppose they just forgot to give him common sense in the process XD
      Zac and Sal?
      Well I won’t deny that I see it as well.
      Supernaturals fighting back? hmmm

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  4. Iomai says:

    Ah Niko’s beautiful face. My baby is back! Welll second baby lol. Salandra is still pretty adorable even without her old hairstyle. And Jesse… you poor soul you. Still short lol still angry at the world.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. quackermole says:

    I LOVE THE MAKEOVERS! They look fab! It took me ages to work out who Jesse was, lol >.<
    GO SAL! You tell Niko! Honestly, that pretty-eyed-kid needs to think before he does -_- Ahh well, he wouldn't be Niko if he did XD
    Ooooh, mysterious tattoo!

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  6. raymondsanti says:

    I see Niko still likes fighting… But hey, Sal intervened! She’s becoming more confidant. But whyyy won’t Niko notice her so they can get together I’ve been waiting so long 😑 Lol, I wonder what Elvis’ brother’s tattoo is

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  7. Ooooooh, did you give Niko a new skin? He looks positively lovely! Adoring his new outfit and those little freckles too. He’s more adorable than ever! I’d pinch his cheeks, but he’d probably punch me, LOL. Anyway, he looks great and Salandra does too! She looks more mature now—seems more like it too standing up to Niko like that in the middle of the hall. Good for her! Even if she does have her regrets about the incident, lol. It’s tough standing up to a friend, but it’s good she did it before that escalated any further.

    I mean, Niko’s right, how freaking hard is it to toss your gum out properly?! But to start a fist fight over it…ahhh, how about not x____x Again, good intentions, good heart, bad methods, lmao. And the fact that he feels frustrated as hell lately doesn’t help a bit. I totally get the frustrations…but maybe channel that into your tae kwon do classes or something, o__o

    Anyway, everyone looks fantastic really and I’m super excited about this arc! Well and nervous, but that’s a given at this point, isn’t it? XD

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      I DID ISN’T HE SO CUTE? I’m finally downloading skins.

      What usually leads to fist fights is Niko realizing they just won’t LISTEN to him, so if they won’t listen…

      Makeovers are fuuunn

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