9.26 – Learn your place


No one’s POV

Highschool had ended half an hour earlier – which gave Edmund half an hour to relax before the door swung open to let in his excited daughter.

If it hadn’t been for her knees, Nikita would’ve been jumping all over the place. “Today was so much fun!”


Edmund saved his work and closed the cap on his computer. He’d temporarily relocated his ‘study’ to right beside the front door. It felt childish and impractical, but it was the only option Edmund could think of right now. He can’t hear the door open from his study, when Nikolas decides he wants to leave the house.

He was having trouble dealing with Nikolas –the boy didn’t seem to understand what grounded meant.


For a first day of work, things definitely could’ve been worse.

“-and I know I’m just a prop assistant for now because my knees aren’t completely healed yet, but it felt so good to be surrounded by these people dancing! I missed that kind atmosphere! God I just want these knees to heal!” Nikita exclaimed, gesturing at her knees. “I think you’ve had enough rest you guys!”


“Before I forget,” Edmund began, after a few minutes of Nikita excitedly recounting everything of her first day. “Xavier’s going to call after supper.”

“Good! I want to tell him about my first day too.” Nikita grinned. “Where’s Niko?”

“In his room.”


“Sulking I bet. He’s being such a big baby about this whole grounded thing.” Nikita said with a small disappointed sigh.

“I’d rather have him in his room than out there getting into fights again.” He said.

“He’s still fighting in school you know.”

“Yeah.” Edmund sighed.


“Grounding isn’t enough. You should homeschool him. Treat him like a Rapunzel.” Nikita said with a small smirk.

Edmund chuckled slightly and shook his head. “That would just make him hate us and isolate himself more. That’s not what I want him to learn.”

Nikita groaned. “Can’t wait till he stops being a spoiled brat.”

Nikolas’ POV


Spoiled brat?



Fuck you Nikita. My bad for talking to you! I can’t believe you went and told pa I still get into arguments with people at school. I thought you were the one person who might understand, just a little bit. But you’re just like Maxwell. You hit adulthood and now you’re boring and adulty.

As my sister I at least expec- nevermind. You know what, just nevermind.

There’s no point in trying to explain things to you adults.


Pa went as far as to park himself in front of the door to make sure I don’t run off. It’s not like I sneak out to go join the Talent Troupe or smoke pot!

I’m tired of being cooped up in this house – I need to leave. Don’t care where, just somewhere else.

I can’t go through the front door, but maybe I could make the jump off the roof porch.


But with this height…even I have to admit I probably wouldn’t make the fall. I’m not ready to break a leg over this.

I could probably make it while I’m astral projecting (for lack of a better term, I’ve decided to officially adopt this one), but there wouldn’t be much point to it. Plus that cat is standing guard. Still can’t seem to notice it easily. I have to consciously search for that green creature.

I don’t know why it won’t come inside the house, but I’m not complaining.

I went back into my body.


For now let’s just call it training. I rolled my eyes – obviously not good training. Beating up high school kids, whom I’m evidently a lot stronger than, isn’t going to help me get better.

But that’s why I want to take tae kwon do classes. The ad I’d taken from Dealer’s avenue was plastered on my wall, just to remind me of my goal. I refuse to find myself in another similar situation – bleeding and defeated on the ground. So there’s really only one course of action to take to avoid another beat up.

Thing is with classes…you need to pay for that and I don’t necessarily have a lot of cash to spend. I need income, but I’m still 15. I’m not old enough to get a job and get a good pay out of it. But my birthday is next month. I just need to wait one more month. One month to figure out how I’m even going to get to these classes if I’m grounded.

Pa won’t even let me take my morning jog anymore! Though that was a pretty smart move.

Someone knocked on my door before stepping inside.


“Sulking?” Niki asked with a much too large grin. “Oh Niko I just got back from my first day of work and it was-”

“A lot of fun, yes, yes I know. Niki help me get out of here, you owe one.”

“Owe you one?” My sister snorted.


“All those times you used to sneak out? And I never tattle taled!” I said. Contrary to what you just did.

“Pretty sure I made up for that with all the covering your ass I’ve been doing lately.” Niki shot back with a shake of her head.

“Please Niki, I can’t take being locked up in here all day.”

“Didn’t you have school today?”

“Pllleeeaaassseeee” I pleaded, and she took a long inhale.

“I do have some shopping to do…maybe I could convince pa to let you tag along?”


Pa thought it was such a good idea that he decided he was going to join us.

And here I’d planned in sweet talking my sister into forgetting I existed for a few hours.

Ugh I’m going to be stuck shopping with these two.



We spent hours shopping for an enormous amount of stuff that barely fit into the car. There were so many clothes and groceries and books and a bookcase, that we had to stuff a bunch of stuff with me in the backseat. The trip just kept getting worse and worse. Pa constantly had a watchful eye on me while Nikita piled things up in my arms because who needs shopping carts right???

And now, just when I thought we were finally heading home, Niki spotted a museum and insisted we should go check it out and then pa was all ‘yeah been wanting to go there’ and then it was all ‘yeah let’s go there’ and I had no say whatsoever.


There wasn’t much interest to be had.

Well…maybe in different circumstances I could’ve liked the trip. I usually enjoy reading history books. The past has its own attractions – especially in a time of battles, knights and princesses.


Back then it was a totally normal thing to have a sword at your hip! How cool would that be? Guns seem lame and unpredictable. It’s way too easy to pull the trigger. You have more grip on a sword, more control, and it looks cooler.

I’d want a katana, you know like a ninja sword. Thin, but sharp and deadly.

I started making sword noises as I faked battling against the old statues.


I eventually wandered towards what looks like a gift shop, hoping to maybe find a katana or two on sale. Not that I had my wallet on me (pa took it for as insurance) or would I even have the money for it if I did…but didn’t mean I didn’t want to browse.

There was a cashier there, next to an espresso machine, and I had to do a double a take. If it hadn’t been for the hair, I probably wouldn’t have recognized her.


Salandra was cursing under her breath, pressing a bunch of buttons while the machine spat out paper.

Salandra? No it’s definitely her. No one else has that kind of hair. Unless she has a twin sister? That seems really unlikely though.


She looked up and her eyes were wide like she was in a fight-or-flight mode.


“You work here?” I asked, really more surprised that she worked at all. Seems so fragile…can’t really see her doing any kind of work.

“Sort of… I mean! Yes? I do. Today.” She spat out.

I snorted. “You don’t sound convinced.”

“It’s just for now.” A weak attempt at a smile tried to force herself on her face. She glanced around awkwardly, obviously uncomfortable.


“I didn’t mean to attack you.” Maybe I’d just taken her by surprise? “Just didn’t expect to see you working here. Almost didn’t recognize you without all the-” I vaguely gestured at my face, halfway through wondering if it was really that interesting to start pointing out makeup. Especially since if I looked a little closer I could see she was wearing lipstick and eyeliner, so she technically did have makeup on. The pertinence of me conversing was beginning to go down.

Salandra’s cheeks matched her shirt.

“Do you want to buy something?” She half-murmured, that forced smile trying to crawl it’s back on her face.


“Not unless you guys sell swords. I probably have to get back.” I said. Any minute I was going to hear my name screeched because I’d dared to leave the pack. With a casual wave, I made to leave, but something made me stay.

“Um, about this morning…” I began, hesitantly.


She hadn’t glared at me like that this morning since elementary school – and maybe that should’ve been some kind of sign. But Salandra shouldn’t feel the need to jump into my fights. I have it under control, and she shouldn’t be trying to protect those people. It wouldn’t do much.

“Don’t interfere like that again.” I said, maybe a little more like a command than I should’ve. “It’s not your place or your problem. You could get in trouble.” I added, so she’d know it was for her own good that I was telling her to back off next time.


“Wigged out cause a girl stood up to you?” Zac’s mocking tone appeared.  What was he doing here?

“Zac!” Salandra hissed between her teeth. Zac dropped a small bag of chips on the counter.

“I brought chips.”

“I said I didn’t want anything!” Salandra said in a low voice. “Go away.” She told Zac, and a small smirk appeared on my face.


“Both of you.” She added, looking at me as well.

Is she chasing me away??

Zac was the one with the smirk this time.

“I’m working.” She said, pointing to the exit. Zac left with a shrug and I followed suit.


Zac at the museum? No doubt about it, he’d only come here to bother Salandra. Just like that time at summer camp.

“You have got to stop bothering her. Didn’t you get the message already?” It’s because of his girl-bothering tendencies that he got my sister hit by a car. Hadn’t he learned his lesson?

“I’m not the only one.” He said, looking at me like I was the one getting on her bad side. Delusional much?

“What is that supposed to mean?” I asked, but Zac was glancing at something behind me.


I had a feeling I’d just lost all house leaving privileges.

This was seriously unfair. When was dad coming back? He needs to come home soon so he can fix this whole grounding thing.

I’m sure he’d see how ridiculous this was getting.

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10 Responses to 9.26 – Learn your place

  1. Lila Remonn says:

    Sometimes I just want to slap some sense into that boy haha… I love his voice and hilarious teenage boy thoughts but…*knocks on Niko’s head* hello? is anything in there? I’m with Niki and Edmund on this one, he needs to learn his lesson. Maybe when Xavier comes back he can show that the other two are right. Spoiled brat, heh I agree!
    And Zac came just to bother Sal? Or maybe he likes her, Niko… >.>
    Great chapter 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      I beat this kid up in a forgotten alley, but he got up with a worst attitude than before.
      He’s such a teenager it’s adorable, but I pity Edmund so much. He’s such a handful geez.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. magpie14031983 says:

    No words SMH

    Liked by 1 person

  3. raymondsanti says:

    Haha I love the way Niko sees things XD Zac and Sal… Ooooh Niko, you need to make a move right now! What if Zac and Sal get together and then you realize you like her and aaagghhh

    Liked by 1 person

  4. quackermole says:

    I agree with Niki and Ed, but I can understand how Niko feels. Being holed up in the house under such scrutiny (don’t get to use that word much :-P) would be driving him crazy, and probably more likely to want to break out. That’s how I’d feel, anyway.
    Niki looks so GROWN UP! *sniffles* I’m so proud XD
    I hardly recognised Sal at first, either, without the makeup…. Zac seems substantially fishy….

    Liked by 1 person

  5. skcaga6 says:

    Niko was a good boy this time. He cannot be in more trouble. He only visited the gift shop and ran into Sal and Zac. He may have gotten angry, but he didn’t hit anybody this time.

    Liked by 1 person

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