9.33 – Rescue the puppy


Nikolas’ POV

I stood, arms crossed, staring down at the puppy who’d occupied most of my thoughts for the last week and beyond. My pockets were filled with treats and I had a leash in case things started to get heated.

The puppy itself looked weary and tired. It was starting to get worryingly skinny, even though I know I’m not the only one feeding it from time to time. It looked up at me, tilting its head and swinging its tail as it recognized me. But there wasn’t much energy in the tail wagging.


“Here ya go.” I said, feeding it a treat. “You’re going to need the energy. We’re going for a trip!”

The pup swallowed the treat up and frantically licked the crumbs off my hand.

I cautiously brought my other hand…


And scooped him up!

Surprisingly there wasn’t much resistance. Guess he didn’t have the energy to fight back.


“Don’t worry bud, I won’t drop you or anything.” I petted his head and he licked my hand in response. “But I’d say goodbye to this place if I were you. I’m going to bring you to a good home, with a bed, and lots of food every day. And people with lots of love to give.”

I’d done it! …sort of.

I really couldn’t let this poor puppy at the riverside any longer so I went to talk to my parents again. And this time I had another idea. The owner of the puppy must’ve had parents or guardians right? They were probably missing this poor puppy.

Pa said it wasn’t even sure if the puppy was really the dead teen’s, and that I would just be causing more pain by going to knock at the family’s door. But I was pretty certain it was, and dad had a feeling it was too. So they agreed the puppy should be returned to its home. They even agreed to let me be the one to take the pup! On one condition.

I needed to bring someone along.


My friends weren’t really up for it. They didn’t want to deal with a grieving family. However, when Salandra heard me talking to Elvis she immediately asked if she could come along. I wasn’t going to say no, especially since I was starting to think I’d have to end up asking one of my parents to tag along.


“Poor thing looks like its starving.” Salandra said, leaning forwards and poking the pup’s nose. It yipped and tried to lick her face. “Aww he’s so cute!” She rubbed its little head.

He really was. I was still a little disappointed that I couldn’t keep him, but he deserved to be with his family. And most definitely not rotting outside where it was gradually getting colder and colder.


The pup’s house was surprisingly impressive. The puppy sniffed the air, but other than that he seemed content to stay in my arms.

Salandra went up the stairs in front of me and knocked on the door.


A slightly disheveled woman opened the door to welcome us.

“Hello ma’m. Sorry to bother you, we just came to drop this puppy off.” Salandra did the talking as I placed the pup down.

I gently pushed him towards the woman, but he thought I was playing with him and kept coming back.


“Why?” She asked, not even glancing at it.

“Um, well…” Salandra nervously glanced at the puppy. “We thought it belonged to the boy who…died.”

The woman snorted, looking up at the sky. “Yeah and he’s not here anymore.”


“But this little guy still is.” I cut in, a little peeved that she still hadn’t looked at the pup.

She finally did then, her mouth twitching. The puppy yipped.

I swear I saw her eyes tear up a little.


“I can’t take this puppy it’s not mine. He took it with him when he left us. It’s just as dead as he is. And I’ve made my peace with that.” The woman snapped.

The puppy rested its head on the ground.


“It’s not dead yet, but it would’ve been eventually if we’d left it by the riverside. Don’t you get it? This dog is still alive, and it just needs a home.” I countered harshly.

She bit her lip, apparently considering it. But we heard the faint sound of a toddler crying in the background and she shook her head. “It’s not mine. Drop it at the pound I don’t care.” She said, grabbing the door to shut it. I used my foot to block the door.

“What if I kept it? Can I keep it?” I asked, clearly and accusingly.

“Sure.” She said, biting her lip again and finally slamming the door when I took my foot away.


“Ugh some people just really piss me off.” I groaned. “What was wrong with that woman?”

“Some people don’t respond well to-” Salandra attempted to defend the woman, but her features twisted in annoyance as well. “I don’t know.” Glad to see we felt the same on the subject. Salandra looked up at the pup who was looking around the balcony, unsure of what to do. “Are you actually going to keep him?”

I shrugged. “It’s up to him.” I looked at the puppy, who looked back at me. “What do you say bud? Want to come live with me?”


The puppy yipped twice and ran up to the edge of the stairs, wagging his tail excitedly.

“I guess that’s a yes.” I laughed. And then it kind of struck me. “Oh shit, dad’s not going to be happy.”

Salandra chuckled and scratched the little pup’s chin.


Yeah so I decided to just jump into it. I mean, what happened happened, and I don’t think it’d be good for the puppy if I tried to keep it in secret. Where would I even keep it? Definitely not outside. It’s about to snow any time now.

And if dad and pa decided the pound was the best place for the little guy…well then I’d try my hardest to convince them otherwise.


I walked in the house, completely ready to fight and list out the whys and hows, when I noticed we had company.

It’s not uncommon for my parents to have friends over (aunt Erin is practically always here when I’m at school), but this particular visitor didn’t come often.


The woman who somehow brought Jesse into the world. Traz can pull up someone’s profile by looking at them and Annaliese can heal minor injuries. And on top of that they’re both people who like being involved in things, so they’re always going about, trying to defend supernaturals mostly. It’s why I was stuck babysitting Jesse most of the time.

“I thought you two had gotten past this.” Annaliese said with a sad shake of her head.


Dad noticed me holding a puppy. “Nikolas.” Was all he said. The other two adults looked at me, before pa brought Annaliese into the kitchen.

Dad walked towards me, but he didn’t look angry. Guess he knew I had some questions to ask.


“Dad what’s going on?” I asked, as the puppy squirmed in my arms.

“It’s your father’s heart, he-” Dad began solemnly.

“But what about the potion? I thought you’d gotten some miracle recipe?” I blurted out, panic suddenly erupting in my chest. “Are you going to leave us again?”

“Nikolas no.” He cut me off.


“The medicine is having an effect. Your father is protected from the effects of my magic now. But his heart took a lot of heavy damage. He’s experiencing heart failure.”

I can’t swallow.

“But don’t worry.” Dad said, putting a hand on my shoulder. “The doctors say it’s still early, and they have medicine to prescribe in need. And as you can see, we asked Annaliese to come and help his heart muscles heal. Your father’s going to be okay, he just needs to be careful from now on.”

This feels like déjà vu.

But if dad says it’ll be okay…and that he doesn’t need to leave…


“Who’s this?” Dad said, lightening the mood and gesturing at the puppy. It found dad’s hand gestures apparently fascinating.

“Ah sorry dad, I know you said no pets, but…” I told him what happened. How we’d gone to the family’s house, but she just told us to drop it off at the pound. I know a cute puppy like this would probably get adopted quickly, but then again – and I secretly really really wanted to keep it.


“Please dad? Can we keep him? I’ll take him with me on my jogs. I’ll pay for his food. I’ll take care of everything I swear!” I pleaded as he looked at the pup, who sniffed the air.

Dad exhaled slowly. “I’m glad you decided to come tell me, instead of deciding you could keep him in secret.” I grimaced. I did come pretty close to not telling him. “It’s good to see you’re learning something.”

I gave a nervous smile.


“Okay, I’ll talk to Edmund about it.”

A grin exploded on my face. “Hear that buddy?”

“You will take care of everything. You have a message on the machine about an interview for a job, so you should have money to pay for food and necessities. We’ll probably take care of veterinary charges to make sure he’s okay.” Dad explained with a serious face, as I enthusiastically nodded along.


“Don’t get too excited there’s nothing official yet.” Dad said. “But…you might want to start thinking of a name.” He added with a smile.

“Thanks dad! You won’t regret it!” I affirmed.

Dad scoffed in amusement.


A few days later…

No one’s POV


Knock knock

Pitpat pitpat


“Hello? Edmund? Xavier?”

“Mom! Look, it’s a puppy!”


“I hope you don’t mind that I brought Jesse with me. No one’s at home right now so…”

“It’s no problem at all. Nikolas is beside the fireplace right now with Veronica.”


Veronica had originally called Nikolas to share some of her last minute plans and bounce ideas off him for the Halloween party. The conversation ended up getting so long that Nikolas just told her to come over here with all her notes.

“A lot of people are going to be there though,” Veronica said. “So far, there’s Salandra, Elaine and her friend, Elvis, Lucas, me, you, Joel said he’d come, but he didn’t want to participate in the murder mystery thing, and there are a few peeps from class who really want to come. There’s going to be at least ten people!”

“House is going to be packed!”

“Which is why I thought the main action should be outside, but if the weather gets too cold I have a backup plan.” Veronica said pulling out some papers.


“You guys are hosting the party?” Jesse exclaimed.

“So when you coming tomorrow?” Nikolas asked, ignoring his cousin.

“After lunch, I have to go pick up some more supplies first.”

“I want in.” Jesse insisted with a stubborn pout. Nikolas rolled his eyes at him.

“Okay, you can come to the party,” Nikolas said. “but you can’t play the mystery game.”

“That’s not fair!”


“Sorry Jesse, but it is pretty last minute. I’d have to change a bunch of stuff to include you.” Veronica added, gesturing at all her paperwork.

“Whatever.” Jesse mumbled. He couldn’t argue when he could tell someone was telling the truth.

A furball stumbled between Jesse’s feet, sniffing and playing with the laces on his shoes.


Jesse bent down to pet it.

“I can’t believe you got a puppy.”

Nikolas leaned over his chair, grinning as the pup wagged his tail at him. “Yeah! I’m lucky. His name’s-”

“Let me guess, Lucky?” Jesse snorted. Nikolas scowled.

“No. It’s…”



Nato in question looked up at Nikolas and yipped, just barely recognizing his new name, merely just responding to his voice.

“Nato.” Jesse repeated in a monotone voice.

“Be grateful, he almost called him Natos.”

“But that sounds like nachos.”

“Exactly!” Veronica exclaimed.


“Oh come on guys it’s not that bad. I was actually going for a nickname to-”

“If you say it like nayto it sounds a bit like the end of tornado.” Veronica added and Jesse snorted.

“Oh you know what nevermind.” Nikolas groaned.

“Nato…poor puppy. I would’ve called you something better like…Jasper!” Jesse said, petting the puppy.


“Niko, Niko, I can’t keep it to myself anymore, you haven’t told us anything. Did the…you know, did the jellybean grow?” Veronica asked in a low voice as Jesse squealed when Nato tried to playfully bite his hand off.

“I don’t know. I haven’t really been able to ch-”

“Jellybeans?” Jesse snapped back around.

“Jesse will you stop getting into our conversation?”

“Stop talking about interesting things then!” Jesse exclaimed in an usually high voice.

Nikolas gritted his teeth…and then saw something.


His dad had appeared in the kitchen, giving him a look. A are-you-getting-in-trouble­ look. It would be just perfect for him to get in trouble the day before the party. Oh and in this case that would mean his dad would learn that Niko had once again omitted to tell him something. Yes, Nikolas hadn’t really told Xavier about his jellybean experiment.


Nato yipped for attention, tugging at Jesse’s laces again.

“Puppies seem to love you Jesse! Too bad not everyone can have a dog.” Nikolas said with a casual shrug.

Jesse didn’t notice that Nikolas had changed the subject. He stared down at the cute puppy.


It didn’t take more than that for Jesse to run off to where his mom had gone.

“Mom! Why can’t we have a dog??”

“Well that was easy.” Nikolas muttered to Veronica only.

Realizing his current main source of attention had gone, Nato went to pull on Niko’s laces.


Nikolas scooped him up and threw him up in the air once.

“You’ve already gained a lot more weight! Isn’t life much better now?” Nikolas asked, gently headbutting his puppy.

Nato had trouble sleeping at night. He’d spend it whimpering or yipping.

They were tying to housebreak him, but it didn’t stop him from peeing on the couch.

When Niko took him out for a small walk it was mandatory that they spend ten minutes by the bridge – just sitting there.

If you couldn’t find him that was because he was busy having a full blown out battle with everyone’s shoes.

But he brought a special kind of energy to the household. A lot of comic relief too.

So far, Nikolas wasn’t regretting the puppy. At all.


Same day, 11pm


Edmund watched his husband as he got ready for bed. They could faintly hear the puppy whimpering downstairs.

Xavier rinsed his mouth and looked at Edmund. “What?” He asked.


“I’m happy you were a little lax on Niko.” Edmund said, hugging Xavier from behind.

“You were the one who grounded him.”

“I know, but I didn’t know what else to do.” He said, resting his chin on his husband’s shoulder. “He wouldn’t talk to me. But I’m not surprised he talked to you.”

Xavier frowned.


“You’re just as close to Niko as I am.”

Edmund smiled. “I know that. We share a taste in video games and I guess he got my skills in school. But you share magic. Niko is a lot more adventurous than we ever were. He’s also a kid who won’t let himself be undermined, he pushes things through till the end. He gets involved out of pure curiosity in all sorts of things I never did at his age. But that you did. I’m just the father who writes about magic. You’re the one who lives it. It’s only natural that he’d have more ease talking to you about these things.”


Xavier shook his head sadly. “I wish he’d inherited your keen mind.” Xavier said with a chuckle.

“That’s something I had to find myself. I think we can agree I didn’t have much of one in highschool.” Edmund chuckled.

“It’s crazy when you think back on it…what we had to go through at his age…” Xavier said. There were too many things to count. “I’m glad our children don’t have to go through that.” He’d do anything to make sure that stayed true.

“Speaking of,” Edmund said. “About what we saw in our own basement…”


“Yeah, I’m…I’m not sure what to do with that.” Xavier admitted. He’d never had to deal with something like this. “It doesn’t a pose threat though. It’s sleeping for now, and maybe indefinitely. There are more pressing matters to worry about.”

Edmund didn’t need to ask, Xavier was clearly referring to his condition. He gave a small sigh. “Xavier…” There wasn’t much to say.


“How am I still getting surprised by how easily things can spiral off?” Xavier asked to no one in particular. “I thought we were done with this…but I guess I was blinded by some careless hope.” He said, pressing his hand against Edmund’s heart. “I’m sorry I couldn’t see it coming.”

“I’m not dead yet.” Edmund said, stroking his husband’s cheek.


Xavier stood silently as Edmund made his way over to their bed.

“You’re right.” He whispered. But the house was quiet enough now that Edmund heard every word. “Whatever happens, you won’t die before me.”


“A prediction?” Edmund asked with a still face, feeling a lump forming in his throat. Was it one of those sixth sense things?

“A certainty.” Xavier replied, just as quietly.

“I hope that’s not the case. I wouldn’t be able to bare it.” Edmund admitted.

“It’s late.” Xavier said, climbing into bed. “It’s not the time for these sort of thoughts.”


Easier said than done.

Xavier couldn’t tell if it was his own desire or his sixth sense telling him Edmund wouldn’t be the first to die.

But his sixth sense was telling him something. It was telling him to watch out, something was coming, and people would suffer. Something soon, something later and something else, bigger and even more dangerous.

It’s a horrible thing…knowing something is coming, but not knowing where to look to catch it in time. Only knowing enough to not be surprised when the wave came crashing down.




*tea cup in hand, pinkie up* HAHAHAHAHhahahah ohhhhhh ohhhh ohhh xav my darling

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23 Responses to 9.33 – Rescue the puppy

  1. Lila Remonn says:

    Omg the puppy is so cute *.* I’m glad that Niko got to keep Nato, even though I find it sad that the woman was so rude, but perhaps she has a good reason… *shrugs*
    And nooo Edmund >__< I want you and Xav to grow old and happy together and see the grandchildren…

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      The woman was…yes she was a little rude, but it was the words of a grieving mother. She buried the dog with her son, and to have IT come back and not her son when they left together…its awfully unfair. And as much as she could keep him, she can’t allow herself that kind of grieving. She has a family still left alive to support. (I could go on about this woman, but she most likely won’t appear in the story ever again)
      The grandchildren!! Think of the grandchildren Edmund! What of the grandchildren…god knows they’ll need a healthy stable couple somewhere in their lives.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Iomai says:

    “Jesse squealed when Nato tried to playfully bite his hand off.” Playfully, yes of course. The name he gave him reminds me of Noctis… Nato/Noctis idk why but it does xD
    EDMUND NOOOOOO!!!!! You can’t, you will not!! Neither of you will!!! What are you planning Blams!?!

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Is there any other way for a dog to bite someone’s hand off? Lol
      To be honest I really wanted to name the puppy Noctis. It’s literally the first thing that came to mind.
      But i was trying to yell that across the house as if i was calling a dog and it didn’t roll off too well.
      Then again, Nato doesn’t either haha! But hey, Nikolas was actually pretty proud of that one. It’s a nickname of a pretty fancy name actually…I’ll probably end up revealing it later.
      *low chuckle* sooooo many things. toooo many things. (sometimes i have this weird sad laugh when i plan these things because i cant wait but at the same time you know i kind of can)

      Liked by 1 person

      • Iomai says:

        Lol I think Noctis should be a name of a hawk or raven or some interesting bird (because I name birds weird names like Carl, Paul, and Sam)
        I laugh at things I write too and ‘cry’ even though I know what’s going to happen, I’m just not ready to do it, then I get over it and publish chapters and marvel at my own mind of evil lol

        Liked by 1 person

        • blamsart says:

          OOh yes, sounds perfect for a bird!
          It’s come to the point where I get an innocent thought like “what’s Xavmund at right now” or “i bet THIS could kill james”
          and then I smother myself with a pillow because I know this just means Im about to try and put sticks in their wheels again and it has the potential to be very painful.
          you know when you post a really sad chapter? and you’re obviously really sad but you’re also grinning like mad thinking about how sad this is making your readers?
          ah to be a writer

          Liked by 1 person

          • Iomai says:

            Omg I get thoughts like “Well, I already messed up their life a little, might as well do more, Ezra’s gonna hate me buuuuuut…”
            I know how that feels. I got a flash of inspiration and I mentally kicked myself but still wrote it. Putting your loved characters through torture, sometimes painful, sometimes grand to see them grow.
            Shhhhhh, don’t kill James, let him live. We love him xD (I’m exactly like that with Genesis he dies but just comes back stronger)

            Liked by 1 person

  3. quackermole says:

    *ahem* I love the puppy! It is very cute. Is it going to have anything to do with the creepy cat??
    That Halloween Party sounds like it’s going to be cool!

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      With the cat? hmm *shrugs*
      AND IT IS. I’m spending waayy too much time on it. I haven’t even begun writing! I’m just scounging the net for halloween cc, and it is sadly lacking in teenage costumes ;-;

      Liked by 1 person

  4. raymondsanti says:

    NATO .< Don't hurt Xavier! Or Ed… Or anyone preferably. I don't want anyone to dieee

    Liked by 1 person

  5. magpie14031983 says:

    OMG you are an evil cow lol a brilliant cow, a sim-story-savant cow, a wordsmith cow, but, an evil cow none the less lol I can almost see you sitting in a chair with a white cat on your lap, stroking its fur and mwahahahahahaha-ing at us 😛 I’m not sure though whether you’re a James Bond villain, an Inspector Gadget villain, or an Austin Powers villain yet lol if my suspicions are correct, you’re a wonderfully macabre conglomeration of all three! Yup, I brought out the triple barrel syllablic words for this lol 😉 don’t ever change, Hun! I might have to stalk you until you changed back ❤
    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. savantestarr says:

    The chapter is about the puppy but the name you gave it keeps giving me luls. You see in Japan Natto is a food made from fermented soy beans, it’s apparently really sticky and doesn’t smell nice. The two sound exactly the same so now every time I read it, I’m going to be thinking fermented soy bean dog.

    Liked by 1 person

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  8. (Wrote this comment as I was readinggggg. But maybe this notice isn’t needed—you’re probably used to how my comments are by now! XD)

    RESCUE THE PUPPY!? Yes, yes, I like this chapter already and all I’ve read is the title, LOL.

    Ohhhh. It is sad how the owner reacted, but also understandable, in a way? The puppy would only be a constant reminder of the boy she lost. So I know she reacted harshly, but….I get it too. Hopefully Niko’s parents say yes, because the puppy certainly seems to have taken a liking to their son! Plus I’m all for assigning Niko this responsibility. It could help!! :3

    OH WHAT!? No! Edmund! Oh…he’s still protected, but the damage from before was severe. Oh my god. I can’t swallow either. But…if Xavier is hopeful and doesn’t seem too worried, then…*takes a steadying breath* I hope the medicine and Annaliese’s powers are enough 😦

    But, but, on the bright side Xavier let Niko keep the puppy!!! That was such a cute scene by the way. I really love how Xavier and Edmund are such involved parents. There’s sort of a long history of fairly absent parents in this legacy, whether by choice or not, things always seem to happen to pull them apart. Not in this case though. Aside from the few weeks Xavier was absent, both he and Edmund have been with Nikita and Niko every step of the way, and I really enjoy seeing that. I’m going to go ahead and give a huge THANK YOU to Tina and Charlie for that, at least partly….they were such wonderful parents to Xavier that it serves as a great base to model his own parenting after. And with Edmund, well, he certainly learned the parent he did NOT want to be, and that was valuable too!

    Nato!!! Aw, that’s adorable, hehe. Goes with the kids really. Niki, Niko, Nato. Adorable ❤

    WHAT!? AND NOW I’M CRYING!? NO FOR REAL MY EYES ARE ALL TEARY WHAT THE HELL!? I WAS SMILING A SECOND AGO! Oh godddddddd. Can I even bear it if anything happens to them? I don’t think I can. I love them far too much. The wave may come crashing down, but together they can claw their way back to the surface again, right? Gahhhhhh *hugs self tightly* I really, really hope so.

    Liked by 1 person

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