9.36 – She’s Beauty She’s Grace

Chapter was not supposed to take this long to make, but it was more of a situation where I didn’t have time to touch sims.

Warning : Dark pictures in the beginning


Nikolas’ POV

I mean, it’s what the books said I could do.

I’m not saying my power is 100% astral projection, but it sounds a whole lot like it, and they said I could float and phase through anything. I’ve phased through all sorts of furniture and doors, but can I phase through the floor? There’s no reason not to.


My hands fell through and the rest of my body followed suit. I didn’t float though, I just crashed right through the floors, into the basement. Good to know I can’t feel pain.

I lifted myself up and looked around. It was dark…we’d closed the lights last time I’d been here and I couldn’t switch any of the lights on in this form.


Dad’s magic was still pulsating at the door, this is the only way I can come check in on my jellybean treasure. I’d done a little bit more research on it. Most of it was a load of bull, but some alluded to the jellybeans mistakenly assumed to be magical. They were just extremely potent medicine. And depending on the color, by smelling or ingesting them you’d have different medicinal effects. It didn’t do anything miraculous like reattach limbs, but they could serve as antibiotics, to stimulate the nervous system, to increase blood pressure, and other similar things.

Well from what I vaguely gathered anyway.


I tried to make my way through the darkness, phasing through the odd fake rock or plant obstacle, till I found myself face to face with rough leathery skin.

I can hear it snoring still. Which meant we planted the jellybean…ah right over here.


I bent down and gestured in front of me till my hands felt a small bush. It had grown! That’s incredible! With just a little bit of water and no sunlight at all…I’m surprised they’re not a common thing.

“Nikolas!” I heard my name being called and I zapped back to my body.


“Yeah pa?”

“We have some visit coming over soon. Everyone is in the living room.”

The moment Nikita saw me she enthusiastically gestured at me to sit down beside her. “Come see this Niko, it’s all over the news.”


I sat down, giving Nato a quick pet as he lay down beside my shoes. He gave my shoelaces a few nips.

“What’s going on?” I asked, staring at scenes of a burning building.

“The other school across town was attacked.” Nikita explained. “A group of people with guns started rounding students up and asking for supernaturals to step forwards. They shot down the ones who did. And when the cops arrived three bombs set off in the school. It’s an absolute wreck.”


“It’s despicable and several steps too far.” Dad said from the kitchen.

I watched the words scroll down the screen: Anti-supernatural terrorist attack on local school.

“Are the students okay?” I asked. I know Nikita knew a few people in that school, and I knew a few from summer camp.

“Most of them. There were still a lot of casualties. They say the students are going to go to your school after the holidays.” Nikita replied. “Makes sense. There’s no way they’ll repair that in time.”


“Charlotte’s daughter was attending that school.” Pa said as the news switched to something else.

“Charlotte?” I asked.

“She’s the visit coming over. We haven’t seen her in several years. Her and her husband moved across the ocean. That’s where they adopted their little girl. They moved back just a year or so ago. They’ve only just recently had time to come visit.” Pa said, glancing outside through the frosted windows at the car that had just pulled up on our driveway.


My parents headed for the door to greet the visitors before they’d even rung the bell.

“We’re a bit early, I hope you don’t mind.” The woman probably called Charlotte said.

“We thought we would hit traffic.” The man, her husband, added.


The four adults started conversing right there on the spot as if they hadn’t seen each other in years (which is exactly what pa had said was the case).

Nikita and I slowly made our way into the entryway to get a good look at the visitors.


“Are those your kids? They’ve grown so much.” Charlotte said, smiling at us.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Nikita charmingly said. I just gave a short wave.

“This is our daughter.” The man said, dragging a teen out from under the doorway. “Go on and socialize. We’ll be here a while.” He told her, needing to practically shove her in our direction.


Her eyes were glued to the floor when she reached Nikita and I, but I recognized her.

I’m surprised I did considering the amount of interaction I had with her at summer camp. But that purple hair is hard to miss…


And so are those eyes.

She looked up from her shoes and her face froze in shock when our eyes crossed.

Those intense purple eyes bore into mine, fear and then disappointment flashing through them.

For some gosh darn reason, I don’t remember her name.


“Hey I know you from summer camp right?” I asked.

She nodded with what looked like a strained smile. “Yeah….small world huh?”


Nato gave a weird cute puppy bark as he bounded over, demanding to be introduced.

We both looked down at him as he wagged his tail.

“That’s Nato…” I introduced, my voice trailing off as I looked at her shoes. What a weird pair of shoes. What a weird pair of familiar shoes.


Ohhh things were coming together in my mind and I was stunned into silence at the idea. I looked at the purple-eyed girl again and willed her to look at me.

Look at me so I can compare with the pair of eyes in my mind. Just look so I can confirm what I already know.

She waved at Nato with a small smile.

Just look up. Come on.

“I know it’s horrible, but I don’t remember your name.” I said, urging her to look up. And she did.


“Tatiana.” She replied after a short pause.

My heart was beating wildly. It was her. It was. It was her.

I can’t believe I didn’t see it before, but there’s absolutely no doubt about it now.


I thought about those eyes for weeks just wondering who they belonged to, and what they’d been doing at the bank. How they could be my age and threaten me with a gun. How they nearly shot me at the top of that cursed stairwell.

She tilted her head and Nikita poked me in the sides. “Can you at least blink, you’re being weird.” My big sister said.


“Right sorry I was just…” Putting two and two together? That means you recognized me at summer camp. That means you recognize me now. You know I was at the bank robbery. You know you nearly shot me. But you’re hoping I haven’t recognized you. Covered up in black from head to toe while your companions weren’t…you clearly have something to hide. You clearly don’t want people to join those two versions of you together.

Which means I’ll probably scare you away if I start asking you what you were doing there.

Which means I’ve got to be subtle…can I be subtle right now? Probably not. My heart’s still beating excitedly. And here I’d thought maybe I wouldn’t learn anything from that bank after the second robbery was such a disappointment. After I didn’t remember enough of their three robber faces to find them.

But she’ll be going to my school in January right?

I’ll have all year to pry the information out of her.


Zac’s POV


“No.” Venkat declared flatly as I made to leave.


“You heard me.”

I glanced at Maelig, who was leaning on the wall, listening to the music emanating from the headphones around his neck.


“You’ve gotta know when you’ve lost man.” Venkat said and I groaned. “You know I support you and your casanova adventures to the max, but this is getting a little extreme.”

Maelig joined in. “He’s annoyed because you keep ditching us to go see your ice queen.”

“And you’ve made no progress at all.” Venkat added with a snarl. “Give it up man.”


“And ruin my perfect reputation?”

“Hopeless.” Venkat said. Then he gave me a quick shove. “Fine run off. Don’t want you here anyway.” Venkat snapped around to Maelig before the orange-haired could speak. “Shut up.”

I headed for the library where the ice queen had gone to study for midterm finals.

She wasn’t the only one there.


Two girls I’ve already dated were chuckling to themselves by a bookcase. They snickered and glanced at Salandra, whispering things that only made them snicker more.

Queenie was doing a pretty good job of ignoring them, looking intently at the books in front of her.

It’s when I got wind of the word mother coming from their lips that she shot up on her feet.


She casually bumped past the two girls, and by bump I mean knocked the book Elaine was holding right out of her hands.

As it hit the floor with a thunk and as Elaine muttered a curse in her direction, she rounded the corner to go search in other bookcases.


To have Elaine and her friend on her case so much, she must’ve humiliated her or something similar. Elaine tried pulling the same things with me when I broke up with her.

I used to think Sal was weak and easily manipulated…but she’s turning out to be my hardest catch yet.


“Library’s no place for your type.” She said in a low voice, plucking a book from the shelf.

“I didn’t come for the books.” I said with a smirk, but she wasn’t looking.

She sat down and started reading.


I can’t seem to figure her out. Some days I can tell I’ve said the right words. Other times it’s as if she can’t stand the very fact that I’m breathing. And then there’s days like today where it seems like she couldn’t care less.

And those somehow end up being the hardest days.

Nikolas’ petty threat doesn’t scare me. His little astral thing pisses me off, there’s no doubt about it. He just can’t seem to understand that I’m trying to stay low here. But Nikolas isn’t the most observant when it comes to Sal and I. He doesn’t catch half the times.


I took the seat beside her, pleased that she didn’t get up. “Hey Queenie, whatchu reading?”

“A book.” She replied flatly.

My mouth opened to deliver some lines I had stored away, but…nothing came out.

It’s not because of Niko’s threat! Maybe I’m realizing this really isn’t working on Salandra? Or maybe I just don’t have the energy for it today.

She’d expected me to say something though. “What? No lame pickup line today?”


“Nah, I’ll just watch you today.” I replied.

She frowned slightly, her cheeks becoming a faint red. “Whatever.”

Guess I could’ve worked with that, but I really didn’t mind watching her. She’s not the prettiest in the school, but there’s more than one level of pretty I guess?

I silently cleared my throat, straightening up and pulling away from wherever I was heading off to.


“Your boyfriend threatened me, telling me to back off.” I said nonchalantly.

Her eyes stopped on her page, her grip tightened on her book and she bit her lip. Oh she was not happy with this news.

“I’m not weak.” She muttered under her breath as she kept reading.

No, you’re really not. And I wish you’d stop pinning for Niko.

It really pisses me off.


Elvis’ POV


Oh I have to see this. And Salandra is on the same boat as me on this.

I mean just think about it….Nikolas…working.

HAHA gives me the damn giggles every time. He says it’s all to accumulate cash to get himself karate classes or whatever, but that’s not important. The cool part in this, is reckless impulsive Nikolas who doesn’t really, see never, listens to authority, suddenly becoming a working citizen who has to do what he’s told if he wants cash.

I don’t care that people have been rolling their eyes at me all day, this is pure entertainment.

Had to go through a third party to find out where Nikolas ended up working, but when we did find out, Salandra and I agreed to go crash this café.


We peered at the employee area, grinning like a pair of future troublemakers. Scratch that. Like the Niko fanclub we are.

Nikolas hadn’t seen us yet and he was busy talking to his supervisor. We leaned over our fancy table, trying to get Niko to notice us, but he turned and went into the back.


“He’ll come back out eventually.” I said leaning back. “We’ll just have to chat like actual customers while we wait.”

“How are you Elvis?” Salandra asked.

“Feeling mighty fine thank you. How’s the weather treating you?” I said, gesturing at the frosted window.

She chuckled. “No, I meant, how are things at home? With Dexter.”

She knows how to deflate a mood alright. “It’s fine.”

“He’ll wake up eventually.”

I breathed in slowly. “Some don’t.”


“It’s your little brother. You always used to tell me he annoyed you. He’ll wake up to annoy you again.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised!” I laughed. He wasn’t that annoying. My brother was a little angel. A sleeping little angel. “We can only wait and see for now.”

“You know if you need to talk I’m here right?”

Salandra’s too nice sometimes. “Sometimes I wonder if you’re the big sister I never had.” I teased. She grinned. “That wasn’t a compliment. I take pride in being the eldest!”

“There he comes!”


“What are you two doing here?” Niko asked, his hands on his apron. Yeah, apron. HAHA. He didn’t look angry that we’d shown up, just pleasantly surprised.

“We’re out on a date obviously.” I stated. Salandra kicked me under the table. “That was a joke obviously.”

“I figured.” Nikolas said with a short laugh. Yeah, Sal’s kick hadn’t been subtle.


“You look good in a chemise.” Salandra said with a straight face. Another thing you don’t see Niko wearing often.

Gotta hand it to her. She really made it sound natural even though she was wringing her feet under the table.


“Ugh. There are too many buttons on this.” Nikolas said. “And they wouldn’t let me wear my bandana. Something stupid about a safety hazard?”

Salandra’s eyes drifted down to Niko’s wrist. “You’re still wearing my gift?” A clear pleased undertone in her voice.


“Of course!” Nikolas grinned. “There wasn’t anything in the rules saying I couldn’t.”

I drummed my fingers on the table as they exchanged pleasantries.

After some smiles, Nikolas announced he needed to get back to work.

“I’ll be right back.” I told Salandra as I got up and followed Niko.


“Is this it man?” I asked, slumping onto a stool as Nikolas started putting away some plates. “Is this what I’m supposed to be? The damn third wheel?”

“What are you talking about?” He absently asked as he worked.

“Stop playing innocent.” I grumbled. “I’m playing innocent while you two are frolicking each other with looks and smiles.”


“Frolicking? Dude what the hell are you talking about?” Nikolas asked again. This time I had his full attention.

I sighed for a very long time. “You know. You and Sal.”

“Are you going to make me ask a third time?” He snapped.

“Geesus – I thought you at least low key realized it. I know goddamn flirting when I see it man.” I thought we had this thing where for some reason you faked not knowing what was going on. Not that you actually didn’t.


“What? No, no that’s-no. She doesn’t even like me that way!” Nikolas spouted out, seemingly unable to form a coherent expression let alone a phrase.

“Let me just rehinge my jaw for the utter nonsense you just spouted.”


“Ugh, I’m working right now.” He rolled his eyes.

“No no no you’re trying to make me believe you’re not clueing in to how she acts around you?” I asked. If we weren’t in public I would’ve slammed my hands on the counter from this nonsense.

“She’s like that with everyone. That’s just Sal.” Niko waved it off.

“Um no. Do I have a fancy name bracelet?” I said, trying to shove my wrist in his face. A bit difficult over a counter.

“That’s not a good point.” Nikolas said, clearly looking more and annoyed. Okay I guess that is a pretty weak one.

“Right, well then here-”


Nikolas looked at something behind me and gave it a short wave. I looked back to see Sal waving at us.

I turned back to Niko, opening my mouth to give him quite a torrent of examples of Sal’s obvious affection for him, but he cut me off.


“Look Elvis. Sal and I are just friends. Good friends. I thought you knew this.”

What a fucking dork. This is painful.





Sal’s just too charming for her own good.

that title be one hell of a pun y’all



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41 Responses to 9.36 – She’s Beauty She’s Grace

  1. magpie14031983 says:

    I adore Sal! Niko! Get your head out your ass! Wake up and do something, idiot! Lovable idiot… Who always looks so much better without that bandana!
    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

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  2. Iomai says:

    I’ll admit it, I screamed when I seen Seb in the background pretending not to be hot…. *ahem* I mean… yeah the Sebastien Fantasy Club has only one member, so what!? Soooo, what’s Zac trying to be low key about? I think that flew over my head lol.

    Elvis is obviously on the ship, why won’t it sail??? Blind date Elvis, think blind date… pleaaaaase!!! (ಥ﹏ಥ)

    Liked by 1 person

    • magpie14031983 says:

      I’ll join the SFC as well! And now I’m reading that as football club and not fangirl club lol
      Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

      Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      You mean two members!
      (it’ll be explained in further detail in the next chapter, but Zac wants to keep his whole teleporting thing secret. What with people blowing up schools because they don’t like supernaturals…its justified)

      If he wasn’t before HE IS NOW.
      Blind date was not in my plans but….Elvis has heard your pleas. Now we’ll have to see if he’ll try and dare both 😛


  3. Lila Remonn says:

    Gahhhhh wake up Niko! Elvis, you gotta set them up somehow and knock some sense into that dense head of his! I’m counting on you Elvis >.>

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Livvielove says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who saw Seb, that was fantastic!
    Also this line:
    “Let me just rehinge my jaw for the utter nonsense you just spouted.”
    I died laughing. That was great. Elvis… I wasn’t sure on him at first, but I’m growing to like him more now.
    Poor Niko, he’s got it so bad he doesn’t even see it. The denial is fierce in that one.
    “Good Friends.”
    Ezzie and Quinn are “good friends” too… XD
    Though the longer Niko takes to get off his butt, the more I’m starting to cheer for Zac a little. I feel like Sal may just yank that player out of his playable-zone…

    Liked by 1 person

    • magpie14031983 says:

      Don’t even whisper about a Salzac ship! I am sinking it here and now! Niksal WILL sail! The Nik portion of it just needs to take his head out his arse long enough to see what’s right in front of him! Even if he’s not into all the physical stuff (fly the Ace flag if that’s your thing, Niko!) He still loves her and she loves him and they could adopt or inseminate beautiful children together! I’m pretty sure Sal would take Niko any way she had to as long as she knew he loved her!
      Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Livvielove says:

        I’m totally on board with Niksal, I am. I’m just wondering if Niko is going to spend forever just staring off into space while Zac becomes an increasingly better person with each chapter.
        As long as my Sallie gets happiness. That’s all I want.

        Liked by 1 person

        • blamsart says:

          How long can Sallie last? Before something makes her realize maybe Niko will never like her?

          (dramatic pause)
          STAY TUNED FOR ARC 5-6 maybe even ARC 7

          Liked by 1 person

          • Livvielove says:

            I really love that dramatic soap-opera voice I read your comment in.
            “Will Niko ever pull his head from his ass? Will Sal ever find true love? Will a random woman burst into the room and whisk Kevil away on horseback? Find out next time on Light the Way!”

            Liked by 1 person

            • blamsart says:

              Fan theories:

              “Elvis will attempt the surgery of Niko’s head-from-ass removal along with his nurse, Veronica!”
              “Sal found something! They call it false hope!”
              “We hear Kevil’s soulmate is a buff 7 foot tall lady!”

              The legitimacy of some of these is questionable. But there’s truth in all of them!

              Liked by 1 person

              • Livvielove says:

                Kevil’s soulmate *is* a buff 7 foot tall lady, right? XD
                I’m dying with laughter. Oh gods.
                Well, if Elvis is even half the surgeon James is… I’m sure Niko will be fine.
                (That was still the most BA chapter for James EVER).
                Just “Imma control half of twinbrook now. Kay. Imma become a doctor and *rip this bead out of you.*”
                Can we bring Kyxa back from the dead? Pretty please?
                That man is too amazing for words.

                Liked by 1 person

                • magpie14031983 says:

                  ^^^^ that! ‘Nuf said
                  Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

                  Liked by 2 people

                • blamsart says:

                  YOu know what
                  I appear to be feeling very generous with reader suggestions
                  If I remember…
                  Keep an eye out in Arc7…..NOT PROMISING ANYTHING buuuuttt

                  Liked by 1 person

                  • Livvielove says:

                    YES YES YES YES YES.
                    By the way, no idea why I’m just now getting notified of your response.
                    That’s all I have to say though, so it’s not like I have anything useful to say.
                    YES YES YES YES YES.

                    Liked by 1 person

                    • blamsart says:

                      THAT’S COOL. Had to go reread the comment XD

                      (don’t mind me in my corner breathing sighs of relief/excitement/pride because I edited the HELL out of *that* screenshot. I didn’t expect to, but mmm I kinda like how it turned out!!! Plus I’m so done with working on it!!
                      ANYWAY keep a look out, imma go take the last like 3 screenshots and finally post this chapter when my game stops being freezy.)


      • blamsart says:

        Salzac is just really one sided XD

        (spoilernotspoiler) If Nikita wasn’t Niko’s big sister he might’ve properly noticed Salandra already.
        (He won’t admit it, I don’t think he even realizes it, but he totally checked her out in 9.18. Physical wise…)
        Sounds like Sallie dear


    • blamsart says:

      (*whispers* now did annoy recognize who he was dining with? */whispers*)

      Suffering a family drama has made him more attuned to what’s happening around him. He used to always be on his cellphone :/

      I didn’t want to believe it so soon at first, but yeah Niko’s got it pretty bad.
      Good friends is better than ‘that girl who keeps hanging out with us’? I’m just happy their relationship is evolving!

      *eyebrow waggle* mmhhmmm I don’t think it’s entirely ALL about his ‘record’ anymore…

      Liked by 1 person

      • Livvielove says:

        I totally can’t even tell. Fully admit it.
        I just know she’s got Agnes’s hair. XD
        I feel bad for Elvis, he’s gone through a lot.
        Niko does have it bad, and that’s ok. I’m saying the very same thing about another character of mine and I’m realizing that it’s kind of hilarious to write a character who’s really got it bad but is in denial about it.
        “Denial about what?”
        Nothing, Quinn. Go back to what you were doing.
        “I’m not in denial.”
        You are so much more than you know.

        *waggles eyebrows back at you, but my eyebrows don’t do that, so it just looks like I’m raising and lowering them strangely*
        Zac! Dare I say that he’s actually *catching the feels?!*

        Liked by 1 person

        • blamsart says:

          Understandable though. You will eventually 😛

          It isssss
          It makes more so many unthought of comments on their part…

          *mine don’t either, but when I lift them up and down my ears move, so I guess i should say* *waggles ears*
          Le gasp. Yes. I do believe Zac is coming down with such a horrible condition.

          Liked by 1 person

          • magpie14031983 says:

            I so want to say the woman is Millie, but, why would a long-dead heir be making a cameo in Niko’s generation? The only other person I would recognise with hair that red is Rosahelminth, but, I have the same doubt as with my Millie guess. At least give us a clue from which Gen we should be guessing lol
            Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

            Liked by 1 person

            • blamsart says:

              Haha nooo really not dead heirs XD
              Her first appearance was in Niko’s gen. Just a few chapters ago. But it was dark so…
              But really her presence there is just an extra tidbit of info you guys don’t even know about yet. But when you discover who it is, it’ll definitely make you wonder why she’s talking to our Seb.
              And how CLOSE Niko is to danger…


          • Livvielove says:

            Poor Zac… he may want to get that checked out. It’s contagious, you know.
            Hahaha, you know, mine do too. We’ll be posting weird comments on each other’s stories like *waggles ears* and one day people will stumble on it like WTF?

            Liked by 1 person

  5. cynanyx says:

    Mmhm, Niko. Keep fooling yourself. You can’t be clueless forever…

    But that pun in the title killed me though.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. raymondsanti says:

    I liked this chapter! Come on Nikooooo, how many times can I say it… Sal likes you!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. TATIANA!!!!!!!!! OH HELLO THERE! Adopted, eh? And by Charlotte and the detective? *breaks into song* IT’S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL!! Well, hopefully this is a chance to learn more about her!

    Oh, shit. Seb is in that café talking to one of the people who were in the graveyard with Assaria! ONE OF THE PEOPLE ENLISTED TO FIND NIKO FOR HER. Not sure if high-ponytail is trying to elicit information from Seb or if Seb is working with her or what, but it looks like she just found Niko. Oh damn.

    Gahhh well, on a bright note, Niko looks freaking adorable?!?! That’s it, I cannot resist! I MUST PINCH HIS CUTE LITTLE FACE. LOL.

    But oh my god. “Let me just rehinge my jaw for the utter nonsense you just spouted.” YEAH, ME TOO, ELVIS! *throws a cabbage at Niko’s head* HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Indeed. What a fucking dork. PAINFUL, LOL.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. skcaga6 says:

    I have never wanted to smack sense into one of your characters as I do with Niko. This is getting frustrating.

    Liked by 1 person

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